2/11/16 RTIR E-zine: Trump, Year of the Monkey, Congo Children

February 11, 2016

01. Bernie Sanders’ Biographer
02. Why We Can’t Get Trump Out of Our Heads
03. Gong Xi Fa Cai! The Year of the Monkey
04. Take Back Valentine’s Day
05. Psychic Valentine Advice
06. How to Get What You Want in Bed
07. 5 Things NOT to Do On Valentine’s Day
08. Find Unconditional Love this Valentine’s Day
09. Valentine’s Day and ‘the One That Got Away’
10. Love- and Weddings – are in the Air
11. Medical Mistakes Skyrocket
12. The Forgotten Children of the Congo
13. What Nobody Tells You about Retirement
14. 2016: the Year of the Franchise?
15. Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

1. ==> Bernie Sanders’ Biographer

Who is Bernie Sanders? Ask Greg Guma. In 2013, Guma
wrote the piece ‘One-Man Show: What Happens If Bernie
Runs for the Presidency?” which tracked his rise from a
third party candidate to a major force in state
politics and projected a similar trajectory on the
national stage. Guma, who’s known Sanders for decades,
says many people are now trolling around for dirt on
Bernie, but it’s unlikely to stick. “We ran on the same
ticket in 1981 — both he and I were about to run for
mayor of Burlington and we decided he’d run for mayor
and I’d run for city council. He barely won that
election — his first after many defeats — and that
propelled his political career.” He adds, “If it
becomes a national security election, I doubt Bernie
could adjust his campaign — his record is at best
muddled on that. If the media were serious, they’d ask
him about the military budget.”  Guma is the author of
numerous books including, “The People’s Republic:
Vermont and the Sanders Revolution (1989).” Contact him
at (802) 540-2545; mavmedia@aol.com, @proverbialG

2. ==> Why We Can’t Get Trump Out of Our Heads

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is the topic of
conversation in countless social interactions these
days. We all know that he’s loud and speaks his mind
and that could be why we can’t get him out of our heads
– right? Maybe, but Debbie Silverman says that’s not
why we find him so engaging. She says, “Donald Trump is
in our heads because he allows us to experience an
untapped feeling.” Silverman says, “The problem other
candidates have is that most are
functioning within the old belief that our political
system is business as usual. With the exception of
Bernie Sanders, who is also tapping into repressed
feelings, other candidates are ho-hum and do not allow
real, naked feelings to surface.” She’ll discuss how
business experience will ‘trump’ political savvy in
this election, and explain the big difference between
voter apathy and voter engagement. Debbie Silverman is
a human behavior specialist and the president of
Consumer-Perspective LLC. Contact her at (954)
610-1403; Debbie@Consumer-Perspective.com

3. ==> Gong Xi Fa Cai! The Year of the Monkey

Chinese New Year is the most important festival in the
calendar for the Chinese all over the world. It occurs
on the new moon of the first lunar month, which is
actually the second new moon after Winter Solstice.
With celebrations in full swing this weekend invite
Deanna Won to explain the history and meaning behind
the colorful, traditions and festivities. The retired
USAF Colonel-turned holistic health coach can also
share why the holiday is an ideal time to clean and
start new projects. Won says, “Because of the shift of
energies from the old year to the new year, the Chinese
Lunar New Year marks the perfect time to clean out the
old and bring in the new.  It’s a great time to tap
into the new energies of the year to make new changes,
whether in one’s character development, or spiritual,
emotional, or physical health.”  Colonel Deanna Won,
USAF (Ret), is the Founder of Keynotes to Life, LLC.
She is a speaker, leadership consultant, and holistic
health coach.  Contact her at (571) 309-7888;

4. ==> Take Back Valentine’s Day

Who’s sick of feeling bad about Valentine’s Day because
you’re single? You’re not alone. In fact, Alena Chapman
says, with more than half the population single, there
are a lot of folks who feel left out on the holiday.
She says, “It’s hard to ignore Valentine’s Day but
there are lots of ways to make it YOUR day!” She’ll
share 5 things you can do to take back Valentine’s Day
and make it your own, whether you’re single or not.
Alena Chapman is an author, mentor and speaker who has
been involved with the study of self-improvement and
development for over two decades and has helped
hundreds of clients to discover happy and purposeful
lives. Her book is “You Can’t Escape from A Prison If
You Don’t Know You’re In One: What Is Blocking Your
Freedom?” Contact her at (260) 450-1044 (cell); (260)
638-3142 or alenamariechapman@gmail.com

5. ==> Psychic Valentine Advice

Want to know if your current love is ‘the one’? Will
you ever find your soulmate? Professional clairvoyant
medium Lisa Caza will take calls and help your
listeners decipher the love clues around them. Caza
will also explain how you can change your energy and
attract your soulmate. Lisa Caza is regularly featured
on the nationally syndicated Outer Limits of Inner
Truth radio show. She has appeared on numerous psychic
websites and has made many appearances on radio talk
shows.  Contact Ryan McCormick at (516) 901-1103; (516)

6. ==> How to Get What You Want in Bed

There will be a lot of candle-lit dinners, jewelry and
chocolates this weekend, but when the lights go out and
the evening ends, more than a few people will wind up
disappointed and frustrated about what went on between
the sheets. Invite clinical sexologist and relationship
coach Dr., Claudia Six on your show to share ways to
navigate this tricky area and make sure everyone’s
getting what they want in bed. She’ll also take
listeners’ questions and share stories. Dr. Claudia Six
has an M.A. in counseling psychology and a PhD in
clinical sexology.  Her upcoming book is “Erotic
Integrity: How to be True to Yourself Sexually.”
Contact her at (415) 453-6218; claudia@drsix.net

7. ==> 5 Things NOT to Do On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most emotional days of
the year. Yes, it’s a day about love, but it can also
bring up all the ‘poor me,’ negative emotions as well.
Leslie Strong says, “On this one day, every year,
millions lose their power and all their senses in the
hopes that someone will make all their dreams of love
and knights on white horses come true. As someone who
got proposed to on a white horse, even that is not all
what it’s cracked up to be!” Leslie will run down the
top 5 things no one should do on Valentine’s Day,
including drinking and texting! From managing
expectations to being narcissistic, Leslie says no one
should be a Valentine’s Day victim. Leslie’s career has
including corporate work in diversity, attraction and
retention of women, and gender communications.  She is
now a leadership coach and the author of “The YOU
Factor: A Handbook for Powerful Living.” Contact her at
(416) 458-4292; (917) 746-0103 or

8. ==> Find Unconditional Love this Valentine’s Day

Everyone wants to be loved for who they are but most of
us need help when it comes to loving and being loved
unconditionally. Relationship expert Kindi Gill
explains how the judgments we make (my wife spends too
much money, my husband never helps with the chores),
even those we don’t express out loud, hurt our ability
to love unconditionally, and what we can do to silence
our inner critics. She’ll share a quick No-Yes
technique to transform the harmful judgments we make,
and reinforce the one’s that serve our relationships,
take the pressure off the desire to experience a
perfect Valentine’s Day, outline the silver lining in
relationship struggles and offer tips for making every
day feel like Valentine’s Day. Gill is a family
transformation coach, professional speaker and author
of the upcoming book “How to Have a Loving, Peaceful
and Happy Family Life: The Five Secrets to Feeling
Whole.” Reach her at (778) 558-5110;

9. ==> Valentine’s Day and ‘the One That Got Away’

What would happen if you reconnected with your high
school or college sweetheart, the one that got away?
Many of us wonder but Prissy Elrod found out, 31 years
later. Her story is the perfect romantic tale for
Valentine’s Day. When Prissy’s husband died at 50, her
college sweetheart sent a sympathy card and they began
writing and emailing each other. When they met again in
person, at a crowded hotel, they instantly recognized
each other and are now husband and wife. A charming
Southerner and humorist, Prissy can talk about finding
your happily ever after this Valentine’s Day, her rule
of three for dating and more. Her memoir is “Far
Outside the Ordinary,” and that describes her too.
Reach her at (850) 528-2972; prissy@elrod.com.

10. ==> Love – and Weddings – are in the Air

About a third of engagements take place from
Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. And then there’s
Valentine’s Day, where more than a few people will pop
the question. It’s prime wedding planning season with
the search on for everything wedding related, including
the perfect wedding gown. Rani St. Pucchi, creator of
the world-renowned St. Pucchi Fashion Design House in
West Hollywood will discuss the growing trend toward
risqué wedding gowns and why nude is the new white for
brides. She’ll share tips for finding the best gown for
your body type and discuss veils, colored wedding gowns
and tiaras. Despite having no formal training in
fashion, Rani St. Pucchi is famous for designing the
wedding dress worn by “Phoebe” on the finale of the hit
television show Friends. Rani is the author of several
upcoming books including “Unveiling: A Celebrity
Fashion Designer’s Story.” Contact her at 310-990-3912;

11. ==> Medical Mistakes Skyrocket

A recent study found that most people will encounter a
medical mistake or delayed diagnosis in their lifetime,
sometimes with fatal consequences. More than 200,000
people die each year due to medical errors and
researchers at the Institute of Medicine say the
problem is likely to get worse as healthcare becomes
more complex. Dr. Carol Gunn says Americans should be
angry and outraged that medical mistakes are the third
leading cause of death in America! Invite her to share
how medical culture needs to change, what patients must
do if their symptoms are being ignored, and why it’s so
important to share stories of medical errors. Carol
Gunn, M.D., practices medicine in Portland, Oregon.
She’s been speaking out about issues pertaining to
medical errors since the death of her sister Anna who
died last year at a large teaching hospital after her
cardiac symptoms were repeatedly ignored. Contact Dr.
Carol Gunn at (503) 542-0080; CarolGunnMD@hotmail.com

12. ==> The Forgotten Children of the Congo

In February as Americans celebrate Black History Month,
Victorine Ngangu hopes to focus attention on the plight
of the more than 4 million orphaned children in the
Democratic Republic of the Congo, many of whom are
living on the streets with little food, shelter,
schooling or hope. Ngangu has a special affinity for
these children because she too was an orphan in the
Congo. Ngangu came to the U.S. when she was a teenager,
and graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2002.
In 2008, she incorporated the nonprofit Help Children
of Africa, to provide food and clothes for the orphans
and street children. Contact her at (310) 341-3891;

13. ==> What Nobody Tells You about Retirement

Where do most people learn about retirement planning?
Most don’t learn it in school, or from our parents, so
in essence, we’re learning on the street! Invite
financial adviser Rodger Alan Friedman on your show to
discuss the reasons many people don’t get the right
kind of retirement advice, and how to build a
relationship with an adviser that will work for your
individual needs. Friedman will talk about the biggest
risk facing retirees today, why being your own
financial adviser is a big mistake, and how to make
sure your relationship with your adviser is a truly
beneficial one for you. Listeners will also get access
to a free 17 page special  report on retirement
planning. Rodger Friedman is the author of “Forging
Bonds of Steel.” Contact him toll free at 1-844 -3- my-
plan or 1-844-369-7526 or

14. ==> 2016: the Year of the Franchise?

Did you know that franchises will add another 278,000
jobs to the economy this year? Or that over the past
five years they have added 20 percent more jobs to the
economy than businesses in general? Get the facts about
this increasingly popular way to go into business from
Tom Scarda, author of “Franchise Savvy: 6 Strategies
Pros Use to Pick Top Performing Franchises.” He’ll talk
about the prospects for record growth in the franchise
sector this year, which franchise areas are growing the
most and leaven the discussion with a look at
regulations that could make operating a franchise more
difficult. Fourteen years ago, Scarda quit his job
working for the New York Subway system and Long Island
Railroad to buy a smoothie franchise, which he sold
five years later at a considerable profit. Contact him
at (516) 322–1435; Tom@TomScarda.com

15. ==> Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Just before Valentine’s Day 2008, Kristen and Jessica
Bardwil lost their mother, Pamela Bardwil, to
pancreatic cancer at age 54. The disease has also
claimed the lives of Luciano Pavarotti, Patrick Swayze
and Steve Jobs. In an effort to be proactive, each
Valentine’s Day weekend they organize a 10k/5k/1k race
to honor their mother and raise money for research to
fight the disease. What started as a small community
affair has turned into a hugely successful event, so
far funding $700,000 dollars for pancreatic cancer
research nationally. Invite Kristen and Jessica to
discuss their determination to help others avoid the
tragedy they experienced, the importance of early
detection and why pancreatic cancer is so difficult to
diagnose and treat. The sisters will also share how
keeping their mother’s legacy alive by giving back to
the community has helped them.  Kristen and Jessica are
founders of the Lustgarten Westlake Village Pancreatic
Cancer Research Walk/Run. Contact Catherine Jayne at
(310) 738-5101; JCStrategies@gmail.com

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