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08/31/17 RTIR Newsletter: Harvey, Dunkirk and Runyan’s an Uber Driver?

01. Harvey Leadership – History Repeats Itself 02. Hurricane Aftermath – First Water, Next Deadly Mold 03. How Your Business Can Help Harvey Victims 04. When All Your Records Are Under Water 05. Post Harvey, A Fossil Fuel-Free Railway System? 06. Harvey: NOW Can We Talk About Climate Change? 07. Transgender Soldiers Can Stay… for […]

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07/27/17 RTIR E-zine: Transgender Military, World Travel, Soul in Health

July 27, 2017 01. Oh the Irony: Trump, Transgender & Truman 02. Trump to Transgender Military: Return to Hiding 03. Who’s Deciding Your Healthcare? 04. How Govt. Policies Really Affect Your Health 05. Psychic on The Great American Eclipse 06. Cruisers Rank Best Destinations 07. How to Beat the Online Travel Booking System 08. World […]

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07/25/17 RTIR E-zine: Summer Custody Shuffles, Alzheimer Prevention, Dream Jobs

July 25, 2017 01. Wray for FBI – Only Russia Matters 02. Holy Land Tensions Continue to Build 03. Medical Coverage Isn’t Enough 04. Singer’s Death May Aid Male Sex Abuse Survivors 05. Surviving the Summer Custody Shuffle 06. Cyber Attack – What Would Happen? 07. The IRS Can Take Your Passport!? 08. The Summer […]

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07/18/17 RTIR E-zine: OJ Hearing, Cyber Dangers, Preventing Alzheimer’s

July 18, 2017 01. The Worship of Personal Responsibility 02. Medical Coverage Isn’t Enough 03. Do Govt. Policies Really Affect Your Health? 04. Trump Crazy? No, but 25th Amendment Talk Is 05. The Partisan Divide About College 06. OJ Hearing: Will they Cut the Juice Loose? 07. Real Dangers of a Cyber Attack 08. Vacationing […]

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07/13/17 RTIR E-zine: Shark Week, World Travel, Millennial Job Hunting

July 13, 2017 01. Trump’s Empty Promise of War Savings 02. HRC Launches $26M Political Expansion 03. Sleeveless Women Banned from Congress? 04. Sharks are Everywhere (On TV, Anyway) 05. Privacy Concerns Drive 1st Adult Search Engine 06. Vacationing with Family: Rules of Engagement 07. World Travel – Would You Survive an Attack? 08. New […]

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07/06/17 RTIR E-zine: North Korea, Family Reunion Month, Soul’s Role

July 6, 2017 01. Averting Catastrophe: Best North Korea Option 02. Another Cuban Missile Crisis? 03. What Does North Korea Want? 04. My Medicaid: My Life 05. Should Millionaires Decide Our Health Care? 06. Women Send Silicon Valley a Message 07. Got an Agent? They’re Not Just for Celebs Anymore 08. July is Family Reunion […]

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