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Pills Can Kill: Preventing the 4th Leading Cause of Death in America – Medication Mishaps

Did you know that more Americans die from accidental prescription drug overdoses than in motor vehicle accidents — and 100 drug-related deaths happen every day? How can we prevent these kind of tragedies from affecting people we love? Ask medication expert Dr. Louise Achey. “It’s not what drugs you take but how you take them […]

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Could Your Listeners Pass This Expert’s Credit Card Quiz?

Odds are your listeners have more than one of them in their wallets but how much do they really know about using credit cards to their best advantage? You’ll find out when you have Howard Dvorkin, CPA, author, consumer debt and personal finance expert, as your guest. Known for his clear and concise advice and […]

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Meet the Characters of The Wizard of Dark Street

Wizards, Faeries and Evil-Doers Harry Potter has Ron and Hermione, Bilbo Baggins has Gandalf the Grey, and now there’s Deacon – a talking raven with an encyclopedic brain and the newest, trustiest, bestest friend forever – to 12-year-old wizard Oona Crate, and star of the Wizard of Dark Street book series. Created by film and […]

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5 NLP Techniques Parents SHOULD Use on Teens

Dealing with moody, back-talking and distant teenagers can be exasperating for parents who often wonder what happened to the sweet little boy or girl they used to have. What can parents do to improve their relationships with teens? Find out when you interview Gaye O’Brien, whose experience as a longtime teacher and neuro linguistic programming […]

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How to Save Big Bucks on Your Student’s Spring Break Travels

Free Bag Check, Room Upgrades and Cheap Airfare Cancun? It ain’t cheap. Fort Lauderdale isn’t free. And Vegas can be very, very expensive. So when your son or daughter comes to you and says they’re planning a spring break getaway, it’s easy to start panicking – and totaling up fees that could make college room […]

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