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Why Blacks Need to Know About African Society Before Slavery

February Is Black History Month Among last year’s critically acclaimed and most watched movies was 12 Years a Slave, an unsparing look at one man’s forced servitude during pre-Civil War times. While no one can argue that the slavery story isn’t an important one, Catana Tully, a retired professor of ethnic studies, would like to […]

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Do the Show Most Media Won’t Do: How to Wipe Out Judicial Fraud!

You won’t read about it in the newspapers or magazines, but you can discuss it on your show when you interview author and free-speech advocate Lev Tsitrin, founder of the newly formed Coalition Against Judicial Fraud ( Unafraid to publicly state that American justice is neither blind nor balanced and that judicial fraud remains unchecked […]

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What Madonna and Britney Spears Can Teach Us About Success

It’s Obviously Not About Talent… Did you ever wonder how singers like Madonna and Britney—with, arguably, only moderate talent—manage to become so successful, spanning decades with millions in record sales? Some “one-hit wonders” have great talent, yet we never hear from them again. How does someone rock to the top? Interview Dayna Steele, who spent […]

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5 Critical Secrets to Surviving Health-Care Reform

While politicians argue about who’s to blame for the Obamacare mess, one thing is clear: Our health-care system will never be the same and all of us have to cope with those changes right now. To cut through the myths and confusion, your audience needs the advice of industry insider and health insurance coach Jim Skinner. […]

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The Biggest Surprises That Still Lay Ahead for Those Who Need to Sign Up for ObamaCare

The Clock Is Ticking The March 31 deadline is coming up fast yet many Americans have yet to sign up for the mandated health care coverage required under the Affordable Care Act. And, believe it or not, many people remain unaware of the penalties they will face for not doing so. Whether they are procrastinators, […]

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