04/13/17 RTIR E-zine: Summer Beaches, Preventing Allergies, Stress Awareness

April 13, 2017

FR: Lauren Healy and Chris Morabito, Editors, Radio-TV
Interview Report Newsletter

01. How Will Gorsuch Swing Supreme Court?
02. The Greatest Story Ever Told – What Churches get Wrong
03. Best Family Summer Beaches 2017
04. Tales of a Celebrity Talent Agent
05. How Calling 911 Could Kill You
06. Achoo! Prevent Allergies before they Start
07. Pets Get Spring Allergies Too!
08. Politics and Your Mental Health
09. Sesame Street, Power Rangers-New Faces of Autism
10. Trump’s VAX/ Autism Claims Divert Attention
11. The Future of Medical Marijuana
12. Spring –Time to Clean Out Your Cubical
13. Business ‘Wisdom’ Debunked
14. April is Stress Awareness Month
15. The Great Debate Over Saying ‘Hello’

1. ==> How Will Gorsuch Swing Supreme Court?

Law professor and author Marjorie Cohn recently wrote
the piece “Gorsuch Would Use ‘Originalism’ to Affirm
Right-Wing Agenda,” which notes, among other things,
that right-wing judges, like Neil Gorsuch and Antonin
Scalia, avoid “originalism” when it goes against their
agenda. As for how Gorsuch will affect the court, she
says, “It turns out that elevating Gorsuch to the
Supreme Court and achieving deregulation are
inextricably linked. During his confirmation hearing,
Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee
challenged him on his pro-business positions. Minnesota
Sen. Al Franken pressed him on a case — that of the
now-infamous ‘frozen trucker’ — in which the judge
reached what Franken characterized as an ‘absurd’
result.” Cohn is professor emerita at the Thomas
Jefferson School of Law. Her books include “The United
States and Torture: Interrogation, Incarceration, and
Abuse.” Contact her at marjorielegal @gmail.com,

2. ==> The Greatest Story Ever Told – What Churches get

John Stahl says churches have been getting the
resurrection story wrong for decades, yet year after
year they show a drama where Jesus comes out of the
tomb. He says, “That never takes place anywhere in the
Bible! The stone in front of the tomb was rolled back,
not so Jesus could get out of the tomb, rather, so we
could get inside.” Stahl says it was another way of God
inviting us in, to be a part of the greatest story ever
told and that it’s part of the larger message that it’s
not enough to talk about our faith, we have to live it.
Invite John to discuss the Easter story and other
stories from the Bible that show and share God’s love
and how it ties to our everyday lives. John Stahl is a
businessman and pastor. His book, “Just JESUS Them,”
comes with a warning symbol that it’s not your average
devotional, and is actually a ‘DO’-votional. Contact
him at (330) 283-3990; jstahl@lcinetworking.com

3. ==> Best Family Summer Beaches 2017

I know it’s only April, but if you want a summer beach
vacation, you gotta do something—now! Just in time for
vacation planning, Family Vacation Critic –
TripAdvisor’s family travel site – is out with its list
of the best beaches for families across the U.S. From
Long Beach Island, New Jersey to Coronado Beach,
California, there’s a beach for everyone, all across
the country. Lissa Poirot, editor-in-chief of Family
Vacation Critic, says choosing an ideal beach for
families can be quite difficult. “Families are looking
for beaches that are not only safe and clean, but also
those that offer a level of convenience that meet the
needs of those traveling with various age groups.
Nearby accommodations, restaurants and attractions – as
well as cost – all add to a beach’s appeal for
families.” Beaches on the list include well-known
summer surf spots as well as small, hidden gems worth a
visit. And, Poirot can share insider tips for getting
the most of a beach vacation. Contact Aubrey Manzo Dunn
at (609) 583-0054; Aubrey@familyvacationcritic.com,

4. == > Tales of a Celebrity Talent Agent

Until she burned out, Karin Roest jetted around the
world with such celebrities as Pitbull, Britney Spears,
Macklemore and others whose names she is forbidden from
mentioning. She negotiated multimillion-dollar
contracts with top Hollywood managers and lawyers,
catered to their crazy whims and once found herself
walking into a room full of cash. Karin can talk about
those heady days as well as how they literally drove
her to a monastery to save her sanity. These days
Karin’s mission is helping people to be “Purposely
Famous” (famous for a good purpose or cause), to get
clear on their contribution to the world, and to use
their diverse experiences to build their own brand. In
addition, Karin can share some of her own life story
which also included sneaking in and out of war zones
and spending a year in total silence. Reach her at
(646) 801-8944 or support@karinroest.com

5. ==> How Calling 911 Could Kill You

When is it best to give robbers what they want? To wait
for police to arrive? Or to fight back against
terrorists and other perps? Chris Bird, former British
Army officer, former San Antonio Express-News crime
reporter and author of “Surviving a Mass Killer
Rampage,” will discuss your options depending on the
circumstances in which you may find yourself. Bird, who
recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Washington Times
on this subject, will share some startling truths about
why being armed may be your best option and waiting for
the police your worst in an active shooter scenario.
He’ll reveal why the mantra “run, hide, fight” is now
being adopted by more law enforcement officials who
once advised the more benign “call 911.” Bird’s book
has been endorsed by a retired Texas Ranger captain and
retired CIA officer. Reach Bird at (210) 308-8191 or

6. ==> Achoo! Prevent Allergies before they Start

We may love that winter is over but millions of
Americans dread springtime and the sneezing, coughing
and wheezing that ensues. Stop and smell the flowers?
Many people can’t even go outside! Dr. Jim Roach, a
leading integrative practitioner, says many people
reach for antihistamines to get through the season, but
that comes with its own risks. “Antihistamines can
cause all sorts of problems including brain fog,
urinary retention, acid reflux and constipation. And
they may, as anticholinergics, even promote dementia.”
Dr. Roach will explain how to prevent allergies with
probiotics, zinc and vitamin D and ways to treat
allergy symptoms that actually have beneficial side
effects! Jim Roach, MD, has appeared on numerous radio
and TV programs. He’s a speaker, consultant, educator,
researcher, and widely sought clinician with patients
from across the country. He is also author of “God’s
House Calls” which discusses spiritual near-death
experiences of his patients and seeks to de-stigmatize
spiritual experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at (859)
846-4453 (office); jproach@aol.com

7. ==> Pets Get Spring Allergies Too!

Did you know that animals can also suffer from spring
allergies? Invite veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan to share
natural treatments for spring allergies in pets. She’ll
also reveal non-toxic, natural ways to fight fleas and
ticks and ways to help pets who suffer from
thunderstorm anxiety. Dr. Morgan says many people don’t
realize some fresh fruits and vegetables can be harmful
to animals. She’ll run down which are safe, and what to
avoid. Dr. Morgan has been a practicing veterinarian
for more than 30 years. She is the author of several
books and is co-host of a podcast on holistic pet care.
Contact Dr. Morgan at (609) 202-0999; (856)881-7470 or

8. ==> Politics and Your Mental Health

No doubt about it–one’s values and outlook on life can
lead to greater emotional well-being–or cynicism and
unhappiness. There are key differences in philosophy
between Republicans and Democrats on the right way to
conduct one’s life and create optimal conditions for
the majority of people. Which ways of thinking improves
psychological health? Which impede personal growth?
According to psychologist Dr. Paul Coleman,
“Emotionally healthy people meet life’s challenges
head-on with determination and creativity, bounce back
from defeats, extend themselves for others, and view
life as positive and meaningful despite adversity.” In
30 years of practice he’s noticed that the people who
are the most stressed, most unhappy, and whose
relationships get most complicated, must change their
outlook and approach to life in key ways. Which changes
are more aligned with a Democrat or Republican
philosophy? Have your listeners take the quiz and
decide! Paul Coleman, Ph.D., is the author of 12 books
including “Finding Peace When Your Heart Is in Pieces”
Contact him at (845) 546-1206

9. ==> Sesame Street, Power Rangers-New Faces of Autism

Sesame Street producers say they created Julia to help
explain autism spectrum disorder to millions of viewers
and present accurate portrayals of the condition on
screen, countering decades of stereotypical depictions
of autistic people. Many households nationwide with
autistic family members are hoping Julia, along with an
autistic Power Ranger revealed in a new movie earlier
this month, will change the way next generations of
children view autism. Invite Jeanne Beard, founder of
the National Autism Academy to answer listeners’
questions and help them understand what autism is.
Jeanne Beard is the mother of a 20-year-old autistic
son and the author of “Autism and the Rest of Us: How
to Sustain a Healthy, Functional and Satisfying
Relationship with a Person on the Autism Spectrum.” The
National “Autism Academy provides on-line education and
support to parents of children with autism. Contact her
at (630) 542-1191; jeanne@nationalautismacademy.com.

10. ==> Trump’s VAX/ Autism Claims Divert Attention

According to Colleen Barry, a professor and chair of
health policy and management at the Johns Hopkins
Bloomberg School of Public Health, the falsehood that
vaccines cause autism has regained traction since the
election of President Donald Trump, and she says this
misinformation may leave Americans blind to a real
risk. “The risk of getting drawn into an outdated
debate about vaccines and autism is that advocates and
policymakers will spend their time and resources
fighting on that flank and could miss the window to
respond on proposed cuts to critical services for those
with autism coming from the other direction. Those who
care about preserving and expanding services for people
with autism need to pay attention to the conversations
in Washington around the ACA repeal and threats to IDEA
to make sure important protections and guarantees are
not lost.” Barry co-wrote an editorial on the subject
in The New England Journal of Medicine. Contact her at
(410) 955-3879; cbarry5@jhu.edu

11. ==> The Future of Medical Marijuana

Donald Trump has said his administration would “do”
medical marijuana and let states decide about
legalization for themselves. But US Attorney General
Jeff Sessions has made it clear he opposes marijuana
legalization. “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” he’s
on record saying. So many are now wondering what
Sessions will do about marijuana policy and whether
he’ll enforce federal marijuana laws. Chronic pain
expert Cindy Perlin says many will suffer without
access. “Twenty-nine states and the District of
Columbia now have medical marijuana access and millions
of chronically ill patients are getting relief for the
first time from this miracle plant.” Perlin will
discuss how medical marijuana works and what type of
conditions it treats, as well as the current political
climate and what can be done to protect and increase
access. Perlin is a licensed social worker, certified
biofeedback practitioner and chronic pain survivor who
has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. She’s
the author of “The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments:
The Best and Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.”
Contact her at (518) 439-6431; cperlin@nycap.rr.com

12. ==> Spring –Time to Clean Out Your Cubical

It’s been four months since you made your New Year’s
Resolution. Has anything changed? Did you lose weight?
Did you plan a vacation? Are you still working a job
that you hate? It’s estimated that 86% of Americans
dislike their job and feel stuck. Tom Scarda says
spring is a great time to clean out your cubical and
make a career change. “Now that the dust has settled
from first quarter layoffs and you know where you
stand, are you prepared to face the next round of
layoffs?” Scarda, a franchise expert, will discuss
about to go from employee to employer and from signing
the back of your check to signing the front. You’ll
learn the biggest dangers facing novice buyers and five
questions to ask yourself to know if franchise
ownership is for you. Tom Scarda is the author of
“Franchise Savvy: 6 Strategies Pros Use to Pick Top
Performing Franchises.” Contact him at (516) 322–1435;

13. ==> Business ‘Wisdom’ Debunked

The customer is always right. Or is he? You can’t
change horses midstream! Or can you? Jack Quarles will
expose the fallback notions decision makers gravitate
to that don’t always serve them. He says, “The defining
notion is usually a short sentence and often reflects
some inside knowledge: ‘They’re the best in the
business.’ ‘We’re different—that won’t work here.’
‘The customer is always right.’” He’s on a mission to
help companies increase their bottom lines by
increasing their vigilance against expensive sentences.
Jack Quarles is a bestselling author, international
speaker and trainer, and founder of Buying Excellence,
a company that helps businesses choose the right
solution and vendor for them. His latest book,
Expensive Sentences, is part of a planned series of
books on expensive sentences in other fields such as
education, parenting, and financial planning. Contact
him at (703) 944-9676; jack@buyingexcellence.com

14. ==> April is Stress Awareness Month

We all know that stress is a killer but most of us are
too busy getting through our days to do something about
it. With April being Stress Awareness Month, it’s time
to get a grip on what is driving us crazy, raising our
collective blood pressures and making us sick. Who
better to pass on insights than Tami Gilbert, who was
abandoned by her parents as a teenager and once worked
three jobs at the same time to put herself through
college, earning a master’s degree in nursing and an
MBA? Gilbert will discuss the role faith, sticky notes,
downtime and letting go can play in a healthier you. As
a bonus, she can also explain what you should know if
you are hospitalized, finding yourself attended by
nurses coping with their own feelings of being
unappreciated, overworked and overwhelmed. Her book is
“Courage to Persevere: A Compelling Story of Struggle,
Survival and Triumph.” Reach her at 312-218-1744;

15. ==> The Great Debate Over Saying ‘Hello’

No one thinks about it but why do we answer the
telephone by saying “hello” and greet people on the
street using the same word? And while we are at it, why
do we say “goodbye” when we are about to hang up or bid
farewell to the person we just ran into? Word lover
Susanna Janssen, a newspaper columnist and former
college professor, has thought about this and has the
answers. She’ll cheerfully trace the origins of “hello”
back to the 1400s and will also reveal why if Alexander
Graham Bell had gotten his way we’d be saying “ahoy.”
She’ll also share the back story for goodbye, which
dates from the 1500s, and why parting used to include a
reference to God. If there is time, she can also share
the origins of some other popular expressions that we
take for granted. Janssen is the author of
“Wordstruck!: The Fun and Fascination of Language”
Reach her at (707) 272-1351 or sjanssen106@gmail.com

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