12/7/17 RTIR E-zine: Christmas Angels, Minority Women, Franken’s Resignation

December 7, 2017

01. Did Trump Derail Mid East Peace?
02. Tick Tock – Affordable Care Sign-Up Ending!
03. Net Neutrality Protests Verizon Today
04. Classic Christmas Specials Live On
05. Nat Geo Series: Dian Fossey
06. Insider: Celebrities, Maharishi and Meditation
07. Senators Call for Al Franken to Resign
08. Give Listeners an ‘America The Beautiful’ Quiz
09. Is a 2017 Leftover Car a Good Deal?
10. New Queens of Start-ups: Minority Women
11. Best Holiday Wine Picks
12. Holiday Pastries without the Guilt
13. Do You Hear Christmas Angels?
14. Find the Magic of Christmas Again
15. The Power of Touch: Babies, Massage & Health

1. ==> Did Trump Derail Mid East Peace?

President Trump yesterday officially recognized
Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordered the
State Department to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel
Aviv. John Quigley, a professor emeritus of
international law, says, “This breaks from the view of
the international community since 1947 that the status
of Jerusalem is not resolved. It would further erode
the U.S. position as a negotiator for Israeli-
Palestinian peace, since the status of Jerusalem is one
of the issues to be decided in Israeli-Palestinian
negotiations.” Professor emeritus of international law
at Ohio State University, Quigley’s books include “The
Statehood of Palestine: International Law in the Middle
East Conflict” and “The International Diplomacy of
Israel’s Founders: Deception at the United Nations in
the Quest for Palestine.” Contact him at

2. ==> Tick Tock – Affordable Care Sign-Up Ending!

Time is running out to sign up for medical coverage
under the Affordable Care Act, but you might not know
it and the refusal of Trump administration officials to
promote it is likely to have a major impact. “The
administration is not hiding the fact that they don’t
want people to sign up for health coverage,” said Lori
Lodes, a former top CMS official and co-founder of the
group, Get America Covered. “With less than 10 days
left before the December 15 deadline, they still
haven’t engaged in the very basic public education that
is needed to help people sign up for coverage. The Open
Enrollment period is half as long and there are no TV
ads and a fraction of the digital outreach—but they
also refuse to use the basic tools of their positions
and of the federal government to get the facts out.”
Lori Lodes oversaw outreach & education for Medicare,
Medicaid & ACA marketplaces in the Obama
administration. Contact her at @loril. Interviews with
experts in your market/area are also available. Contact

3. ==> Net Neutrality Protests Verizon Today

Pro-net neutrality groups are planning protests at
Verizon stores around the country today. The US Federal
Communication Commission (FCC) votes to roll back net
the rules next Thursday, Dec. 14th. Net Neutrality was
designed to ensure Internet service providers treat all
web content equally by preventing providers from
throttling, blocking, and paid prioritization—”fast
lanes” for sites that pay, and slow lanes for everyone
else. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is a former Verizon lawyer
and Mary Alice Crim of the Free Press Action Fund says,
“His plan is expected to contain a ‘total repeal’ of
Net Neutrality protections, posing a grave threat to
the future of freedom of expression, access to
information, and small businesses particularly for
communities of color and low income communities.” Free
Press is a media democracy advocacy group. Contact Tim
Karr at tkarr@freepress.net; @freepress

4. ==> Classic Christmas Specials Live On

Before cable TV and computerized animation, millions of
kids waited all year to see their favorite holiday
classics like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-
Nosed Reindeer. But the shows remain classics as
parents now share them with their children, or indulge
in some nostalgia. Invite Rankin/Bass Productions’
official historian/biographer Rick Goldschmidt to share
trivia about the Christmas specials including who made
them and how they did it. He’ll also tell you which
special is the longest running, highest rated TV
special of all time. Goldschmidt is the author of
several books including the new, 20th Anniversary
Edition of his acclaimed “The Enchanted World of
Rankin/Bass.” Rick is also the lead singer and
guitarist for the band The Starving Artists and has
recorded with members of Gin Blossoms. Contact him at
(708) 476-1964; rickgoldsc@aol.com

5. ==> Nat Geo Series: Dian Fossey

National Geographic’s three-part miniseries, Dian
Fossey: Secrets in the Mist, is airing now, offering an
intimate account of the life and legacy of the iconic
primatologist, 32 years after her violent murder. The
series tells Fossey’s life story from her childhood to
her work in Rwanda, where spent 18 years studying and
protecting the mountain gorilla population there, and
reveals details of her relationships—with both humans
and gorillas. Director Zara Hayes can discuss the
series, surprising new information on Fossey’s murder,
and what has happened to the gorillas she worked to
protect. Dian Fossey: Secret in the Mist airs
Wednesdays at 9 EST this month on the National
Geographic channel. Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at
(703) 646-5137 or Megan Bonomo at (703) 646-5188.

6. ==> Insider: Celebrities, Maharishi and Meditation

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi made Transcendental Meditation a
household word in the 1960s as a spiritual guide to the
Beatles and many other celebrities. Invite Susan
Shumsky, an insider who spent 22 years in the ashram
and six years on Maharishi’s personal staff, to share
stories and secrets about the charismatic guru and his
celebrity disciples. She’ll talk his relationship with
the Beatles, Deepak Chopra, Mia Farrow, her sister
“Dear Prudence,” and Mike Love of the Beach Boys and
discuss why people believe that seeking enlightenment
at the feet of a spiritual master is a romantic,
quixotic experience, but can actually be frustrating,
shattering, and devastating. Susan Shumsky has spent 50
years teaching thousands of people meditation, prayer,
affirmation, and intuition. She’s written more than a
dozen books and done more than 1,000 media interviews.
Her latest book is the memoir “Maharishi & Me: Seeking
Enlightenment with the Beatles’ Guru.” Contact her at
(917) 992-5175; divinerevl@aol.com

7. ==> Senators Call for Al Franken to Resign

Joyce Short, a sexual assault survivor and author,
doesn’t wonder “What were they thinking?” when she
hears stories about Al Franken, Matt Lauer, Harvey
Weinstein, Bill Cosby and others. She’s studied the
issue and can clearly explain the difference between
‘consent’ and any other form of agreement. It’s not
what most people, including sexual predators, think!
Short is fighting to embed the real definition of
consent into the penal code of every state and
jurisdiction. Joyce Short is the author of “Carnal
Abuse by Deceit” and “Combating Romance Scams, Why
Lying to Get Laid Is a Crime.” She blogs at
CombatingRomanceScams.com (a Federal Prosecutor
recently used her blog to lock up a serial rapist).
She’s been awarded a “Woman of Distinction” honor by
the NY State Assembly. Contact her at (917) 517-8572;

8. ==> Give Listeners an ‘America The Beautiful’ Quiz

Bet you didn’t know that Monday is National Mountain
Day! Can you name America’s Mountain? Do you know the
story of how it inspired our national anthem, “America
The Beautiful”? Can you explain how National Mountain
Day, Dec. 11, is celebrated? You’ll be able to do all
of that as will your listeners when you interview Andy
Curry, an expert on America’s Mountain, which is Pikes
Peak, a national park with a fascinating, quirky
history. Pikes Peak is the second most visited mountain
in the world, after Mt. Fuji in Japan. Curry can also
talk about what may happen to our national parks under
the relaxed rules being contemplated by President
Trump. Curry is a native Coloradan who operates the
website Pikes Peak For Sale. Reach him at (719)
375-3950; pikespeakforsale@gmail.com

9. ==> Is a 2017 Leftover Car a Good Deal?

Thinking about buying a 2017 leftover? The end of
December—and even New Year’s Eve—are known as prime-
time to buy a new car, with dealerships offering high
incentives to move last year’s models. But how do you
make the most of this opportunity? Find out from
Patricia Davis, author of the new book “Going Broke Is
No Joke.” Davis can touch on ways to get pricing and
performance information, discuss under what
circumstances it is better to pay cash, finance or
lease a car and whether it is better to take a cash
rebate or lower interest rate. She holds an MBA from
Stanford, a master’s degree in personal financial
planning from Golden Gate University and a certificate
from Georgetown University’s Stonier Graduate School of
Banking and Finance. Reach her at (301) 249-2261 or

10. ==> New Queens of Start-ups: Minority Women

You might be surprised to find out who the fastest
growing group of business owners are? Marketing expert
Claudia Newcorn says 79 percent of women-owned firms
launched over the past nine years were founded by women
of color and as of last year, there were an estimated
1.9 million African American women-owned firms, and
just under 1.9 million firms owned by Latina women.
Invite Newcorn to discuss what’s fueling this
phenomenon as well as what minority women can do to
avoid having their new businesses fail within the first
two years. She can also explain where to find the
highest concentrations of women’s business start-ups
and much, much more. Claudia Newcorn, MBA, is an award-
winning strategic marketing consultant and author of
“Zipline to Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to
Accelerate Your Sales & Profits.” A favorite of media,
she once hosted her own TV show. Reach her at (209)
204-0502; Claudia@ZiplineToSuccess.com

11. ==> Best Holiday Wine Picks

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or you’re
bringing wine to the event, how do you know what to buy
and how to serve it? Winemaker Susie Selby will help
listeners choose the best wine for an open house or
family gathering and discern between “in-law” wine vs.
“best friend” wine. You’ll learn how to find the best
wine values, impress any wine snob, and please yourself
during this fabulous food-based holiday season. Wine
lovers will love to hear Susie’s recommendations but
more importantly, everyone can pick up everyday tips to
buy and enjoy wine. A winemaker for more than twenty
years, Selby is an expert on food and wine pairings.
She’s the proprietor of Selby Winery. Contact her at
(707) 975-0988 (CA); selby@selbywinery.com

12. ==> Holiday Pastries without the Guilt

For some of us, the holidays are all about the
pastries. But let’s face it, after a heavy meal, who
can afford the calories? Paula Shoyer’s got some great
ideas to shave calories and still enjoy what you love
most. Paula, known as “the kosher baker,” has a passion
for pastries, and can explain how to balance lighter
main courses with delicious desserts, share super easy
1-bowl cakes that will feed a crowd, and tips for
making traditional Jewish challah, babka and rugelach.
Paula Shoyer graduated with a pastry degree from the
Ritz Escoffier in Paris, and does cooking and baking
demos around the world. She is a freelance writer,
competed on Food Network’s Sweet Genius, and has
appeared on TV many times. She’s written several books
including her latest “The Healthy Jewish Kitchen.”
Contact her at (301) 404-8998

13. ==> Do You Hear Christmas Angels?

Christmas is the season of angels. Everywhere you look
there’s an angel, twinkling lights, and bells. It’s
just the magic of the holiday, right? Sue Pighini says,
“Angels are all around us every day (right over our
right shoulder) but they can especially be felt at
Christmastime.” The former corporate executive says, “I
have had several angelic encounters that saved my
life.” She’ll cover such things as trusting your
intuition and conquering the fear of the unknown.
She’ll also share her own story of a life transformed
after she was struck by lightning. Now a transformation
life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and intuitive
healer, Sue will explain what an angel is, how everyone
has their own angels, and how to communicate with them
for guidance. Sue is the author of “Expect the
Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters
and the Soul of Skye,” about her life-long
transformation to help others reinvent their lives.
Contact her at (941) 685-7159; sue@SuePighini.com

14. ==> Find the Magic of Christmas Again

According to singer-actress Renae Baker, who has been
making the Christmas spirit a career for the past 20
years, it’s time to call a truce on the “War on
Christmas” because bullying people into saying “Merry
Christmas” is damaging the holiday spirit. Instead, she
wants us to remember that Christmas can stop wars,
which happened briefly in the Civil War and Franco-
Prussian War. She’ll explain why Christmas does not
need saving but can, instead, save us. In this feel-
good show, Renae will talk about ways the Christmas
spirit can ignite joy and goodwill and bring our
divided country closer together. Renae can also share
the history of Christmas carols, Charles Dickens’
contribution to Christmas and her thoughts on the new
movie “The Man Who Invented Christmas,” and why she
believes more people are in danger of losing their
Christmas spirit this year. Renae, who can sing on your
show, runs the caroling company I S.M.I.L.E in New York
Productions, whose Broadway trained singers include
Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and atheists. Contact her
at (917) 509-9022; ismileny@gmail.com

15. ==> The Power of Touch: Babies, Massage & Health

Neuroscience now verifies that from conception through
about age 6 human brain growth is at its peak. Science
also shows that human touch is an essential part of our
cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.
Robert Toporek says, “The power and importance of touch
in human growth development cannot be overstated.” The
author of “Hands-On Parenting” will explain the many
benefits of baby massage, from increased motor skill
development to social development and even better
digestion and gas relief. But Toporek says massage is
also your child’s best defense against the damages
caused by tension, stress, and life’s traumas. Toporek
has been working with babies, children, and their
families since 1966 when he began working in a refugee
village in Vietnam. He is a Rolf practitioner, taught
by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the creator of Rolfing, and her
son. Contact him at (484) 744-1868;

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