12/6/16 RTIR E-zine: Standing Rock, The Generation Gap, Disappointing Holidays

December 6, 2016

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01. Standing Rock Victory?
02. Trump Cabinet: Party Time for the Corporate Elite
03. American Idol Winner, Taylor Hicks
04. All-Time Favorite Christmas Specials
05. Hark! Do You Hear Angels?
06. Dreams Behind the Music
07. Ripley’s Strange Holiday Stories
08. Ranger Rick Turns 50
09. A Franchise ‘Trumps’ a Job Now More Than Ever
10. From Trump Frump to Personal Growth Opportunity
11. Bridging the Other Divide – The Generation Gap
12. Face the Holidays with Grace
13. Avoid Another Disappointing Holiday
14. Don’t Argue, Collect Family Stories Instead
15. Lick Holiday Weight Gain Like a Dog or Cat

1. ==> Standing Rock Victory?

Months-long protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline
project bore fruit this week when the U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers denied a permit for installation of the
pipeline beneath the river that serves as the water
supply for the Dakota Sioux and others. Dr. Ellen Moyer
says, “Though a major victory has been achieved, the
final outcome of the nearly complete pipeline project
is by no means certain. This story involves a myriad of
fascinating issues – water supply protection, fossil
fuel infrastructure expansion at a time when we should
be weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels, the rights of
indigenous people, environmental review and permitting
processes, and the power of peaceful protest.” Dr.
Ellen Moyer is a registered professional engineer with
30 years of environmental consulting experience, a
regular contributor to The Huffington Post, and author.
Her latest book is “Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves:
How to Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World.”
Contact her at (413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com.

2. ==> Trump Cabinet: Party Time for the Corporate

President-elect Donald J. Trump has been filling his
cabinet with people of wealth and power, in contrast to
his campaign claims to ‘drain the swamp’ of Washington
insiders. According to Public Citizen president Robert
Weissman, “What’s going on with the Trump
administration is beyond fixing with ethics policies.
We are witnessing the wholesale takeover of government
by an extremist faction of the corporate class.” He’ll
share a list of landing team members and their prior
affiliations, and you’ll see exactly where things are
heading under a Trump administration. Weissman says,
“Trump voters hoping for anti-establishment, anti-
insider politics are in for a rude awakening. It’s
party time for Corporate America.” Weissman just wrote
the piece “What Populism? Trump’s America Is Party Time
for the Corporate Elite.” Contact Rick Claypool at
rclaypool@citizen.org, @Public_Citizen

3. ==> American Idol Winner, Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks launched his career as one of the most
popular American Idol winners of all time. Since then
he’s appeared on Broadway, spent time in residency in
Vegas, written a book and even opened his own
restaurant, Saw’s BBQ and Juke Joint, in Birmingham,
AL. Invite Taylor on your show to talk about Idol, his
varied career, or his new gig as the host of State
Plate, a new food and travel TV series airing Fridays
on INSP Network. He’s also got a new single and CD due
out in January. Contact Harlan Boll at (626) 296-3757;

4. ==> All-Time Favorite Christmas Specials

Before cable TV and computerized animation, millions of
kids waited all year to see their favorite holiday
classics like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-
Nosed Reindeer. Invite the Rankin/Bass Productions
official historian/biographer Rick Goldschmidt to share
trivia about the Christmas specials including who made
them and how they did it. He’ll also tell you which
special is the longest running, highest rated TV
special of all time. Goldschmidt is the author of
several books including the new, 20th Anniversary
Edition of his acclaimed “The Enchanted World of
Rankin/Bass.” Contact him at

5. ==> Hark! Do You Hear Angels?

Christmas is the season of angels. Everywhere you look
there’s an angel, twinkling lights and bells. It’s just
the holiday, right? Sue Pighini says, “Angels are all
around us every day (right over our right shoulder) but
they can especially be felt at Christmastime.” The
former corporate executive says, “After being struck by
lightning and having a near death experience, I have
had several angelic encounters that saved my life.” Now
a transformation life coach, clinical hypnotherapist
and intuitive healer, Sue will explain what an angel
is, whether everyone has their own angels, and how to
communicate with them. Sue is the author of “Expect the
Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters
and the Soul of Skye,” about her life-long
transformation with the help of her angelic guides.
Contact her at sue@SuePighini.com

6. ==> Dreams Behind the Music

Overnight ‘dream downloads’ have played a key role in
the rise to stardom of Sting, Beyoncé, the Beatles,
Billy Joel, Taylor Swift and many, many more successful
music artists. In fact, Craig Webb says over 20 Grammy
wins can be linked directly to dreams. Invite Craig on
your show and hear how Bono dreamt music that led to
collaborations with Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan
(including Roy Orbison spontaneously arriving at his
door the night after he dreamt music for him), to how
numerous artists received dream help from deceased
family and colleagues including Stevie Wonder whose
just-deceased mother came in a dream to urge him not to
take a year off to grieve her death, as he had informed
his business manager and agent. Webb will reveal the
surprising dreams that have shaped our culture from
iTunes’ most-downloaded song, to life-saving
nightmares, to beloved Christmas carols, as well as how
anyone can benefit from the same powerful process. Webb
has made more than 1,000 media appearances, and
consults for Fortune 500 corporations, A-list
celebrities and feature films. His latest book is “The
Dreams Behind the Music.” Contact him at (514)
990-2113; cw@craigwebb.ca

7. ==> Ripley’s Strange Holiday Stories

Ho-ho-holy cow does Ripley’s Believe It or Not! have
some strange holiday stories to share with your
audience! The company’s new book, Ripley’s Believe It
or Not! Unlock the Weird! is full of fun holiday facts,
feats and even bizarre gift ideas. Talk with Ripley’s
own wise man Edward Meyer about these holiday stories
and more: Did you know the song Jingle Bells was
originally written for Thanksgiving? Find out about a
company that built its holiday tree out of beer kegs –
300 of them! Learn about a perfume company that sells
fragrances that include dirt and funeral home. How
about a belt buckle that costs $550,000? You can also
ask Meyer about his latest Ripley’s acquisition – the
Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday JFK” dress he bought at
auction for $4.8 million; it’s the most expensive dress
in the world! Contact Frank Wolff at (407) 339-0879;

8. ==> Ranger Rick Turns 50

Since 1967, the National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger
Rick magazine has introduced millions of children to
the wonders of wildlife and nature. Timed to its 50th
birthday, media personality, award-winning author and
naturalist David Mizejewski is offering tips to help
kids foster a love for the great outdoors. David
starred in TV shows on NatGeo Wild and Animal Planet
(Pet Talk, Are You Smarter Than, Backyard Habitat), and
is a regular guest on Conan, The Today Show, The Wendy
Williams Show, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood
Live, CNN, Fox & Friends and many more. He’s the author
of “Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard
Wildlife” and a blogger for Animal Planet, Huffington
Post and National Wildlife Federation. Contact John
Angelo at john@premieretv.com.

9. ==> A Franchise ‘Trumps’ a Job Now More Than Ever

Since the November 8th, election, stocks have been
breaking records. The biggest gains have been in
smaller companies that have to do with construction and
American’s everyday lives such a Kroger’s. Trump’s
administration is focusing on reversing heavy
regulations on small business and helping to spur
business growth. Is it time to position yourself to
catch the wave of economic growth with your own
franchise? Franchise expert, Tom Scarda, CFE, will talk
about the upside of the franchise industry and how
certain industries within franchising are bracing for a
catapult effect of growth. Tom will also reveal the
franchise industries to avoid during a Trump
administration. Scarda is a dynamic speaker,
entrepreneur and author of “Franchise Savvy” and “The
Magic of Choosing Uncertainty.” He’s been featured in
dozens of magazines and newspapers and is a sought-
after radio and TV guest. Contact Tom Scarda at (516)
322-1435 (NYC); tom@tomscarda.com

10. ==> From Trump Frump to Personal Growth Opportunity

A lot of people are still having a hard time with the
election results. They voted for Hillary Clinton and
are afraid of what’s next. Jack Beauregard suggests
using this as an opportunity to find your true self.
“You can take the uncertainty and fear created by this
backward paradigm shift to Trump’s America and use it
as a catalyst. Use the chaos of the next four years as
an opportunity to rethink and reframe your life!” Jack
Beauregard is founder of The Successful Transition
Planning Institute, where he teaches a unique
methodology to help business owners, professionals, and
corporate executives connect to their authentic selves
so they can create successful and fulfilling new lives.
His new book is “7 Principles for Living with
Authenticity: Finding Your True Self When Facing Life
Changes.” Contact him at (617) 267-9727;

11. ==> Bridging the Other Divide – The Generation Gap

We are a nation divided in the wake of this
presidential election in which the popular vote winner
and the Electoral College winner were from different
parties. As hard as that divide is to negotiate for
America, there is often an even greater divide at home
with sometimes painful and far-reaching consequences,
points out Laura Lyles Reagan, a sociologist, youth
development and parenting expert. The divide she refers
to is the one between teens and their parents that is
sometimes called the generation gap. According to
Reagan, the keys to closing the generation gap between
teens and parents are mutual respect and tuning into
each other’s communication style. Relating to each
other becomes less about control or directing and
correcting behavior and more about uniting to solve
problems. She’ll discuss how to talk so your teen tunes
in and how to listen so your teen “opens up.” Laura
Lyles Reagan, MS is a sociologist and teen and parent
relationship expert with more than 20 years in the
field of youth development and parent education. She’s
the author of “How to Raise Respectful Parents.”
Contact her at 956-250-3689; laura@lauralreagan.com

12. ==> Face the Holidays with Grace

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can
also be the most stressful. The holiday season can
gift us with family and financial stressors, or invoke
feelings ranging from overload to isolation. So, how
do we face the winter holidays with grace and prepare
to greet the New Year with a smile? Anne Jolles has a
way for us all to give ourselves the priceless gifts of
joy, hope and gratitude. She’ll explain how listeners
can recharge their batteries with her simple yet
powerful techniques. Jolles created the Grace Trail to
help her cope with the worry of having a son in combat
in Afghanistan. Since then, the concept has guided
thousands. Plymouth, MA is the site of the original
path, but Grace Trail can be walked anywhere, from the
comfort of your kitchen, at the office or any outdoor
spot. Anne is an award-winning life coach and TEDx
speaker. She is the author of “Grace Trail: Find Your
Footing and Move toward the Life You Were Meant to
Live.” Contact her at (781) 878-8589;

13. ==> Avoid Another Disappointing Holiday

Enjoying a memorable and meaningful Christmas season
doesn’t just happen, according to Tina Albrecht. The
author and mother of three young children says if you
usually wind up frazzled, wrung out and disappointed
this time of year, it may be time to rethink some of
your holiday traditions. “Let’s face it, if we don’t
approach the Christmas season knowing what we want to
do and experience, the commercialization and chaos will
overrun us and we’ll be left feeling, well, run over.”
Albrecht says the first and most important step is to
decide what you want to experience this holiday season.
Invite her to share a three-step plan for bringing
families closer during the holidays without the stress
that gets in the way. Tina Albrecht is the author of
“FHEasy: A Year of Weekly Teachings and Devotionals.”
FHEasy refers to family home evenings, a religious home
teaching concept practiced by LDS families like
Albrecht’s. Contact her at (970) 588-3702;

14. ==> Don’t Argue, Collect Family Stories Instead

This holiday season, as families gather around, instead
of making small talk (or arguing over politics), Robb
Lucy suggests using the time to share family stories.
The author of “Legacies Aren’t Just for Dead People”
will share ways to get the conversation started, how it
can bring families closer, and how the stories
collected will be part of your family’s legacy. He’ll
discuss what a legacy is, why it’s not just packaging
up all your wealth and divvying it up to the kids.
He’ll describe how anyone, especially parents, can
create the most important legacy they could ever give
their families — and it only takes about an hour.
“Society says we should ‘leave’ a legacy” says Lucy.
“But the happiest and most productive people in the
world are those who ‘live’ their legacies” he says.
Note: Lucy is publishing a new edition of his book in
January with this new title: “How Will You Be
Remembered? A Guide for Creating and Enjoying Your
Legacies Now.” Contact him at (604) 874-7700;

15. ==> Lick Holiday Weight Gain Like a Dog or Cat

Worried about holiday weight gain? Take some cues from
dogs and cats. So says Carlyn Montes De Oca, author of
the upcoming book, “Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse:
An Animal Lover’s Guide to a Healthy, Happy and
Extraordinary Life.” As an animal-human health expert,
Montes De Oca will point out the habits dogs and cats
routinely use that you should adopt when confronted by
tempting holiday goodies. For example, she says you
should practice being finicky, walking away from your
food and coming back as cats do, drinking more water
because you may truly be thirsty and not hungry and
going out for a brisk, playful walk after your meal
instead of falling asleep on the couch. Montes De Oca
is the founder of The Animal-Human Health Connection,
which focuses on bringing awareness to the many
powerful ways that animals enhance human health,
happiness, and longevity. Reach her at (415) 306-1853
or modernalchemyacupuncture@gmail.com

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