12/19/17 RTIR E-zine: Environmental Review, Beatles Guru, A Better You

December 19, 2017

01. FCC Agenda: Corporate Power over Democracy
02. Tax Plan Erases the American Dream
03. Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Jake Bernstein
04. Feeling Frazzled? Find the Holiday Magic Again
05. Salute! Best Holiday Wine Picks
06. Have Peace this Holiday (No Matter What Happens)
07. Music to Help Bust the Holiday Blues
08. Are You a Bad Gift Recipient?
09. Real-Life Inclusion: Autism-Friendly Holidays
10. The Holidays Can Be Lonely
11. 100th B-Day of Beatles’ Guru
12. Year-End Environmental Review
13. 5 January Health Checks… for Businesses
14. Worst Resolutions If You Have Aging Parents
15. Get a Better Relationship with Teens in 2018

1. ==> FCC Agenda: Corporate Power over Democracy

Victor Pickard says the FCC’s decision to kill net
neutrality marks the triumph of a deeply undemocratic
agenda. “By allowing internet service providers to slow
down or block content, charge discriminatory prices,
and create a tiered internet of fast and slow lanes,
the FCC has privileged corporate power over democracy.
The FCC’s decision will hurt everyone except large
cable and telecommunication companies like Comcast and
Verizon.” He adds, “This isn’t deregulation; it is
reregulation by giving internet service monopolies the
power to censor online content and limit our access to
the internet. History will not look kindly on this
FCC.” Victor Pickard is an associate professor at the
Annenberg School for Communication at the University of
Pennsylvania. He is the author of “America’s Battle for
Media Democracy: The Triumph of Corporate
Libertarianism and the Future of Media Reform.” Contact
him at vpickard@asc.upenn.edu; @VWPickard

2. ==> Tax Plan Erases the American Dream

Although the Republican tax plan is still in the
process of becoming law, Joseph Ellis says the plan
repudiates the social contract that laid the
foundations for the American dream for much of the 20th
century. He says, “That social contract was a bargain
brokered between capitalism and democracy. Corporate
America would be permitted to pursue its profits in the
marketplace on the condition that wealth was
distributed to assure a robust middle class. The
economic pie would grow in accord with capitalistic
principles, while the pieces of the pie would be shared
in accord with democratic principles.” But, he adds,
“In our new Gilded Age there is no need for negotiation
between two sides. Capitalism has bought democracy.
There is no social contract because there is no such
thing as ‘we the people,’ only winners and losers, or
in the Ayn Rand formulation, givers and takers. The
American Dream has become, well, a dream.” Joseph Ellis
is an American historian who won the Pulitzer Prize for
his book, “Founding Fathers.” He is the author of the
forthcoming “American Dialogue: The Founders and Us.”
Contact him at info@JosephEllisHistorian.com or
Gabrielle Brooks at (212) 572-2195;

3. ==> Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Jake Bernstein

On April 3, 2016, media organizations around the world
began publishing stories drawn from the confidential
archives of a Panamanian law firm. The firm was one of
the largest providers of offshore shell companies, a
key player in a secret economy that fuels trillions of
dollars in tax evasion and criminal activity. The trove
of documents, now known as the Panama Papers, included
evidence touching on everything from arms trafficking
to oil and gas exploration to international soccer.
Jake Bernstein, a member of the international team of
reporters who broke the story, has continued to report
on the documents of the Panama Papers, exposing how
shell companies operate, how the ultra-wealthy use them
to evade taxes, and how they provide cover for illicit
activities on a massive scale. Invite Bernstein to
describe this shadow economy and its link to Wilbur
Ross, secretary of commerce for President Donald Trump.
A two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist,
Bernstein’s new book is “Secrecy World: Inside the
Panama Papers Investigation of Illicit Money Networks
and the Global Elite.” Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at
(703) 646-5137 or Megan Bonomo at (703) 646-5188.

4. ==> Feeling Frazzled? Find the Holiday Magic Again

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy,
peace, and love, yet all too often, that couldn’t be
further from the truth. For many people, this is a
season of stress, anxiety, over-indulgence and
frustration leading to exhaustion. Invite Craig and
Jenny Dumnich to show your listeners’ how to find the
magic of the holiday season again. This husband/wife
team says you shouldn’t just try to survive the season
when you can actually thrive and enjoy it. From
learning to say no to setting realistic expectations
and letting go of perfection, they’ll share ways to
stay healthy, focused and able to really connect and
celebrate with family and friends. Craig and Jenny
Dumnich are business owners and parents to five
children. Former corporate managers, they now teach
customized solutions for clients using movement,
nutrition and mindset techniques. Contact Jeff Lazarus
at strutt3081@aol.com

5. ==> Salute! Best Holiday Wine Picks

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or you’re
bringing wine or champagne to an event, how do you know
what to buy and how to serve it? Winemaker Susie Selby
will help listeners choose the best wine for an open
house or family gathering and discern between “in-law”
wine vs. “best friend” wine. You’ll learn how to find
the best wine values, impress any wine snob, and please
yourself during this fabulous food-based holiday
season. Wine lovers will love to hear Susie’s
recommendations but more importantly, everyone can pick
up everyday tips to buy and enjoy wine. A winemaker for
more than twenty years, Selby is an expert on food and
wine pairings. She’s the proprietor of Selby Winery.
Contact her at (707) 975-0988 (CA);

6. ==> Have Peace this Holiday (No Matter What Happens)

OMG! There are presents to buy and wrap. Holiday
parties to give and go to. Relatives coming to visit.
People who will insist on sharing their unpopular
opinions with you. If you’re wondering how you are
going to get through it all without a meltdown,
breakdown or feeling down, it’s time to call in Dr.
Calm. That’s Kiran Dintyala, M.D. He’s a board-
certified internal medicine physician with a master’s
degree in public health and the author of the upcoming
book “Calm in the Midst of Chaos.” This experienced
radio and TV guest can offer six tips anyone can use to
have more peaceful and meaningful holidays no matter
what happens. In addition, he can also share seven
gifts you can give friends and loved ones that cost you
absolutely nothing but will matter more to recipients
than anything you could ever buy. Contact him at (860)
375 0446; stressfreerevolution@gmail.com

7. ==> Music to Help Beat the Holiday Blues

It’s well-known fact that the holiday season can be
high-tide for depression. Between Christmas shopping
overload, missing loved ones from holiday seasons past
and the shorter daylight cycles, many people find this
time of year especially difficult. Invite Keep Music
Alive’s Vincent James on your show to learn how
sufferers from the holiday doldrums can utilize some of
their favorite non-holiday music to help keep their
emotions balanced. Vincent is the co-founder of Kids
Music Day, Teach Music Week and co-author of the book
series “88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life.” Contact
him at (610) 812-5231; vincent@keepmusicalive.org

8. ==> Are You a Bad Gift Recipient?

During the holidays it’s all about giving, and most of
us are great at that, but what about receiving?
Relationship expert Laura Doyle says many people are
awful when it comes to receiving gifts. She’ll discuss
why some find it so hard to accept gifts, how to become
a better gift recipient, and how in allowing someone to
give you a gift, both of you benefit! Doyle has
appeared on the Today Show, Dateline NBC, Good Morning
America, The View and The Factor. She has an Amazon
Prime web series titled Empowered Wives and is the
author of “The Surrendered Wife”, “The Surrendered
Single” and “The Empowered Wife.” Contact Kathy Murray
at (949) 729-9843; kathy@lauradoyle.org

9. ==> Real-Life Inclusion: Autism-Friendly Holidays

‘Tis the season for family gatherings and the whole
thing is a recipe for high-stress, but when you throw
Autism into the mix, things take on an added challenge.
Jeanne Beard can share simple adjustments and
understanding that can help you connect with kids or
adults on the autism spectrum. “From allowing the
individual more time to process, to dimming the lights
and noise, you can make your holiday gathering more
autism-friendly. That understanding alone will be a
great gift of love and acceptance to the individual
with autism and their family. This type of genuine
understanding and care is the number one wish on the
list of the moms I speak with every day.” The mother of
2 sons, one diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and
one diagnosed with ADHD, Jeanne Beard is the founder of
the National Autism Academy. She’s the author of
“Autism & The Rest of Us: How to Sustain a Healthy,
Functional and Satisfying Life with a Person on the
Autism Spectrum.” Contact her at (630) 542-1191;

10. ==> The Holidays Can Be Lonely

Millions of people spend the holidays alone, and
lonely. Loneliness is known to cause high blood
pressure and disintegrate our physical and mental
strength, and in some cases lead to suicide. Tony
Selimi, a cognition and human behavioral expert, says,
“Loneliness is like the air, you don’t see it, but you
always inhale it.” Invite him on your show to share
seven things you can do to break through holiday
loneliness, how to tell if someone you know is
suffering, and ways you can help. Tony Selimi is the
author of “#Loneliness: The Virus of Modern Age” and “A
Path to Wisdom: How to Live a Healthy, Balanced and
Peaceful Life.” Contact him at +44 78 1717 4708;

11 ==> 100th B-Day of Beatles’ Guru

In 1967, about 100,000 young adults gathered in San
Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district. Many were runaways
or tourists, but they found togetherness and utopia,
even for just one “Summer of Love.” Invite Shumsky to
share what happened and how it was the start of the
spiritual path for many baby boomers. January 12th is
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s 100th birthday. Shumsky will
share her story of following the Maharishi for 22
years. She’s lived in India, the Swiss Alps, Fairfield
Iowa, and other secluded places studying with the man
who made Transcendental Meditation a household word,
and for six years, was part of his personal staff.
You’ll hear how Mia Farrow, the Beatles, Donovan, and
Mike Love visited the ashram and will learn the real
reason the Beatles left as well as fascinating details
about Maharishi’s personal life and odd business
ventures. Susan Shumsky is the author of “Maharishi &
Me: Seeking Enlightenment with the Beatles’ Guru.”
Contact her at (917) 992-5175; divinerev@aol.com.

12. ==> Year-End Environmental Review

“This year has featured some major blows to the
environment – and therefore to our health and wellbeing
– including attacks on our climate, public lands, and
air, water, and food quality. However, we’ve also had
numerous wins for the environment this year as people
increasingly push back,” says Ellen Moyer, Ph.D. She’ll
review this year’s good and bad environmental
developments and remind listeners that they have the
power to help shape what happens. “Though we sometimes
forget, you and I are the ultimate human superpower,
because we vote and we buy things. Our purchases make
up two-thirds of the US economy, and people literally
do what we pay them to do. If we give a little more
conscious attention to what we want people to be doing,
we can use our dollars and votes to steer things toward
greater human and environmental health and prosperity.”
Ellen Moyer is a registered professional engineer with
a B.A. in anthropology, an M.S. in environmental
engineering, a Ph.D. in civil engineering, and 30 years
of environmental engineering experience. A regular
contributor to The Huffington Post, her latest book is
“Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to Thrive
While Creating a Sustainable World.” Contact her at
(413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com

13. ==> 5 January Health Checks… for Businesses

With January approaching, many of your listeners are
thinking about their health and fitness. But those who
are in business for themselves should also be focusing
on wellness checks to keep their company’s competitive
edge. So says marketing pro Claudia Newcorn, who notes
that too many companies fail to check their business’s
pulse opting to react to the market instead of leading
it. Claudia can discuss smart marketing tactics to use
in the New Year to propel business to new heights and
five business health checks to make. Listeners who
don’t have their own business may get ideas to share
with their bosses to make themselves look good (and to
ensure that their jobs don’t go away). Claudia Newcorn,
MBA, is a strategic marketing consultant and the author
of “Zipline to Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies
to Accelerate Your Sales & Profits.” A favorite of
media, she once hosted her own TV show. Reach her at
(209) 204-0502; Claudia@ZiplineToSuccess.com

14. ==> Worst Resolutions If You Have Aging Parents

It’s resolution time yet again. While we think about
ways we can do better, it also pays to stay away from
resolutions that are misguided or may even make us
miserable. Carol-Ann Hamilton has a top ten list of
resolutions to avoid if you have aging parents. For
example, she’ll explain why you should not vow to visit
your relatives more often, call more frequently, do
more than you currently do or rescue your siblings from
having to deal with Mom and Dad. It will all be part of
a larger discussion of how much caregivers owe their
parents and what distinguishes resolutions we believe
we should do from the intentional support we choose to
offer. Carol-Ann is the author of “Coping with Un-cope-
able Parents,” and the only child of a demanding,
inflexible, formerly alcoholic father. She encourages
the type of honest discussion that lets adult children
share thoughts they often hide. Contact her at (905)
822-2503; carolann@carolannhamilton.com

15. ==> Get a Better Relationship with Teens in 2018

Many of your listeners wish they got along better with
their teens. The idea of having fewer arguments, better
communication and fewer worries can be more than
wishful thinking when you interview Dr. Kevin Fell and
his son Austin. Kevin is a father-turned-psychologist
who in his first semester of graduate school fielded a
call from Austin asking for help. For the next five
years, they lived as college roommates while Kevin got
his Ph.D. in psychology and Austin transformed from a
high school dropout, felon, and suicidal teen into a
college grad, loving dad, and thriving professional
with a clean record. Today, Kevin and Austin consult
with parents to help them reconnect, repair their
relationships, and solve problems with even the most
difficult teens. Contact Austin at (913) 208-7075 or

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