12/15/16 RTIR E-zine: Keeping Resolutions, Christmas Carols, Emotional Eating

December 15, 2016

01. Trump & Aleppo – Will He Shift Policy?
02. Legendary Impersonator Rich Little
03. Roof Trial – The Problem With Gun-Free Zones
04. Give Listeners a Christmas Carol Quiz
05. Make it A Made in USA Christmas
06. Emotional Holiday Eating – Why it Feels Good
07. Peak Performance Expert Helps Make Resolutions Stick
08. The Benefits of Smoking Will Ruin Resolutions
09. Ways to Save the World in 2017
10. Hark! Do You Hear Angels?
11. Don’t Forget Fido! Holiday Safety for Pets
12. They’re Back! The Nest is Full Again
13. Post-Election Health Issues Are Real
14. Are You Committing These Top Relationship Mistakes?
15. Dreams that Inspired Music

1. ==> Trump & Aleppo – Will He Shift Policy?

A new deal to evacuate civilians from east Aleppo has
been reached, rebel officials said late on Wednesday,
after a day of intense shuttle diplomacy and violent
bombardment in the opposition enclave. So what’s next?
Investigative journalist Reese Erlich says, “The Assad
forces have apparently taken control of opposition held
areas of Aleppo after four years. It is clearly a major
military victory, but does this significantly alter the
political landscape? The war is likely to continue.” He
says, “The key element to watch, is whether the Trump
administration will shift policy to favor Russia and
Assad and whether Turkey will continue its de facto
alliance with Assad. If so the political balance will
shift towards Assad.” Erlich has reported from Syria
six times and has visited all the surrounding
countries. He’s the author of “Inside Syria: The
Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can
Expect.” Contact him at ReeseErlich2@hotmail.com

2. ==> Legendary Impersonator Rich Little

Rich Little is the master mimic of more than 200 voices
and at 78, he’s still touring the US and Canada. He’s
even launching a new project, a humorous show based on
his book “Little by Little,” featuring more than 30
characters. “This is really not a biography,” says
Little, “but more of a humorous glimpse of the people
I’ve impersonated and some of the funny stories that
happened along the way.” Invite Little on your show to
share stories and his all-time favorite voices. Rich
Little’s got a voice for every president from John F.
Kennedy to Barack Obama— and now Donald Trump. A little-
known fact about Little: He’s also an artist who’s
sketched many of the celebrities and politicians he’s
imitated. Contact Harlan Boll at (626) 296-3757;

3. ==> Roof Trial – The Problem With Gun-Free Zones

With Donald Trump’s opposition to gun-free zones and
Dylann Roof currently on trial for killing nine church
members in a gun-free zone in Charleston, now is a good
time to visit the issue of whether gun-free zones
encourage or discourage gun violence. That’s a
discussion Chris Bird, former British Army Officer,
former San Antonio Express-News crime reporter and
author of “The Concealed Handgun Manual” now in its
sixth edition, is primed to lead. Bird will tell you
that the biggest problem with gun-free zones is that
they are not free of guns and are favorite targets of
terrorists and killers. He can touch on slow police
response times, the corrosive effects of political
correctness and what to do if you ever find yourself on
the wrong end of a gun. Bird’s latest book is
“Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage: When Seconds Count,
Police Are Still Minutes Away.” The book has been
endorsed by a retired Texas Ranger captain and retired
CIA officer. Reach him at 210-308-8191 or

4. ==> Give Listeners a Christmas Carol Quiz

Can your audience members identify what inspired such
favorite Christmas carols as “Joy to the World,” “Hark
the Herald Angles Sing” or “It Came Upon a Midnight
Clear”? They will be able to after an appearance by
David Pedersen. He can share such tidbits as which
carol was the first to be broadcast in space and what
holiday was “Jingle Bells” originally supposed to
celebrate. This year, not only will your listeners
listen to and sing carols but they will also come away
with insights that will give them the ability to keep
Christmas in their hearts all year long. He’s a retired
corporate executive, bible study leader and author of
“Take Time For God’s Word.” Contact him at (630)
408-1079; davidapedersen@aol.com

5. ==> Make it A Made in USA Christmas

Want to show your pride and support American-made
goods? “Buy American!” says Todd Lipscomb, founder of
MadeinUSAForever.com. He says it’s not only possible to
make it a Made in USA Christmas, it’s very important
for our economy. Todd is an Asia business expert who
was so haunted by what he learned there, that he has
become a leader in the American-Made effort. A veteran
of hundreds of interviews, he is a popular, interesting
guest and the author of “Re-Made in the USA.” Call or
text Todd at 949) 547-1788; Todd@MadeinUSAForever.com

6. ==> Emotional Holiday Eating – Why it Feels Good

We do a lot of eating through holidays, some of it
good, and some of it not-so-healthful. Let’s face it,
we’re stressed out, tired and dealing with family we
rarely see. Is it any wonder so many people put on a
few pounds during the holidays? Renee Jones says, “We
often stuff down our feelings and follow them with a
food chaser. If you can stop for a moment and hang out
with those feelings, you can push out the cravings and
get what you really need.” After 40 years on a diet to
counter her emotional eating, Renee finally overcame
the triggers of comfort eating and freed herself from
that yo-yo. She’ll share a 4-step process for dealing
with the drive to use food for comfort, as well as
surprising shopping tips, and what you should – and
don’t need to – look for in food ingredients. Renee
Jones is a counselor with an international private
practice serving clients in the U. S., United Kingdom,
Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Australia, and
New Zealand. Her new book is “What’s Really Eating You?
Overcome the Triggers of Comfort Eating.” Contact her
at (817) 938-6250 (TX); renee@packyourownbag.com

7. ==> Peak Performance Expert Helps Make Resolutions Stick

Year after year, people make New Year’s resolutions
they’ll never keep. Akram Alashari, M.D., says the
problem isn’t with the resolutions, it’s the way people
approach them. “Every year people are faced with the
same dilemma,” Dr. Alashari says. “Making New Year’s
resolutions is supposed to be fun and exciting, but
more often than not the process turns into an
additional stressor, headache, and hassle.” Invite the
author of “The Power of Peak State” to share a few
simple tips that will make all the difference and help
listeners accomplish their New Year goals. Akram
Alashari became a physician at 23 and did his surgical
residency training at the University of Connecticut. He
completed fellowship training in trauma surgery and
surgical critical care at the University of Florida.
Alashari is the youngest double board-certified surgeon
in the United States. He is the author of The Power of
Peak State and creator of the upcoming program, “Peak
Performing Parents: How to Get Your Children to Achieve
Straight As.” Contact him at 407-617-4795 or email

8. ==> The Benefits of Smoking Will Ruin Resolutions

With New Year’s fast approaching, many people will once
again be setting their New Year’s resolution to quit
smoking. In fact, the CDC says that 7-out-of-10 adult
smokers want to quit for good. Sadly, only 4 – 7% will
be successful. But it’s not their fault, they don’t
know the benefits that are holding them hostage to
smoking. As a therapist working in hospitals for 25
years, Carol Richard got tired of seeing so many of her
patients fail. In 2011 she became a Tobacco Treatment
Specialist. Combining science with practical
strategies, and surprising, highly relatable visuals
(M&Ms, screwdrivers, and duct tape), Carol provides an
engaging discussion and offers “tools” to help people
quit for good! She is the author of 13 books on stress
& wellness including “The Benefits of Smoking: WHY It’s
So Hard to Quit & WHAT You Can Do About It!” Contact
Carol at (609) 462-7643 or Carol@WellYOUniversity.com

9. ==> Ways to Save the World in 2017

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you think about some
of the environmental and health challenges facing the
world today. But environmental consultant Ellen Moyer,
Ph.D., says, “Whether we like it or not, or know it or
not, our small actions repeated day after day add up to
huge impacts! Consumers inescapably weigh in on a vast
array of issues every day. We make a difference with
each bite we take.” She’ll discuss how healthy eating
is nearly impossible for many people who simply can’t
afford it because of the unfair advantage. industrial
food production enjoys over organic food production.
She’ll share easy but powerful ways to significantly
improve your health and the health of our environment,
and the best way to use your resources (money and
otherwise) wisely. Dr. Ellen Moyer is a registered
professional engineer with 30 years of environmental
consulting experience. She’s a regular contributor to
The Huffington Post and has presented more than 100
seminars in North America and Europe. Her soon-to-be-
released book is “Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves:
How to Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World.”
Contact her at (413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com

10. ==> Hark! Do You Hear Angels?

Christmas is the season of angels. Everywhere you look
there’s an angel, twinkling lights and bells. It’s just
the magic of the holiday, right? Sue Pighini says,
“Angels are all around us every day (right over our
right shoulder) but they can especially be felt at
Christmastime.” The former corporate executive says,
“After being struck by lightning and having a near
death experience, I have had several angelic encounters
that saved my life.” Now a transformation life coach,
clinical hypnotherapist and intuitive healer, Sue will
explain what an angel is, whether everyone has their
own angels, and how to communicate with them. Sue is
the author of “Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic
Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of Skye,”
about her life-long transformation with the help of her
angelic guides. Contact her at sue@SuePighini.com

11. ==> Don’t Forget Fido! Holiday Safety for Pets

As you’re decorating the house for the holidays and
preparing for family gatherings, don’t forget to
include your pets in your plans. Got a cat and a
Christmas tree this year? A new puppy and some
poinsettias? Diane Rose-Solomon will help you pet-proof
your house for the holidays. Whether your hosting a
crowd this year and have a skittish pet or are taking a
road trip with your four-legged friend, Diane will run
down the biggest holiday pet hazards and share tips to
keep everyone (including Fido) happy and healthy this
holiday season. Diane Rose-Solomon is a certified
humane education specialist, animal advocate and pet
lover. She is the author of several fiction and non-
fiction books including “What to Expect When Adopting a
Dog.” Contact Kathleen Kaiser at (805) 607-6717;

12. ==> They’re Back! The Nest is Full Again

For many families, December means Winter Break, with
houses full to the brim with college kids home for a
few weeks. Add to that visiting relatives, holiday
parties and all the stress that comes with the holidays
and—well, that could be a powder keg. Invite Laura
Lyles Reagan to share ways to have a happier holiday–
with less fighting—and enjoy your family time.
According to Laura, a sociologist, youth development
and parenting expert, the keys to closing the
generation gap are mutual respect and tuning into each
other’s communication style. Laura Lyles Reagan, MS is
a sociologist and teen and parent relationship expert
with more than 20 years in the field of youth
development and parent education. She’s the author of
“How to Raise Respectful Parents.” Contact her at
956-250-3689; laura@lauralreagan.com

13. ==> Post-Election Health Issues Are Real

It’s inching closer to Inauguration day and still, Dr.
Kathleen Fry says she’s getting calls about post-
election-related ailments. “I have had numerous calls
from my clients suffering from fear, anxiety or bouts
of depression. One woman told me that she hasn’t been
able to stop crying; another can’t sleep and tells me
‘my nervous system is shot’.” Invite Dr. Fry, a
homeopathic physician, to share simple, inexpensive
remedies that are easily available and really work.
She’ll also discuss simple stress reduction techniques
that can help listeners ease their anxiety and sleep
better. Kathleen Fry, MD, CTHHom is the author of the
upcoming book “There’s a Remedy for That!” and
“Vitality! How to Get It and Keep It: A Homeopath’s
Guide to Vibrant Health without Drugs.” Contact her at
(480) 695-1383; drkathi@drkathifry.com

14. ==> Are You Committing These Top Relationship

Want to avoid an unpleasant break up or to stop
dating—or marrying—the same type of person over and
over again? Many people want to know why their
relationships aren’t more satisfying but don’t know
where they are going wrong. Christine B.L. Adams, a
psychiatrist and coauthor of “Living On Automatic: How
Emotional Conditioning Shapes Our Lives and
Relationships,” can help. She has identified the most
common mistakes people make that send them to her
office and will share them on your show. They include
making snap decisions about others, applying double
standards for themselves and their mates, and
projecting onto others the characteristics they want
them to have. Reach her at 502-473-0093 or

15. ==> Dreams that Inspired Music

Overnight ‘dream downloads’ have played a key role in
the rise to stardom of Sting, Beyoncé, the Beatles,
Billy Joel, Taylor Swift and many, many more successful
music artists. In fact, Craig Webb says over 20 Grammy
wins can be linked directly to dreams. Invite Craig on
your show and hear how Bono dreamt music that led to
collaborations with Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan
(including Roy Orbison spontaneously arriving at his
door the night after he dreamt music for him), to how
numerous artists received dream help from deceased
family and colleagues including Stevie Wonder whose
just-deceased mother came in a dream to urge him not to
take a year off to grieve her death, as he had informed
his business manager and agent. Webb will reveal the
surprising dreams that have shaped our culture from
iTunes’ most-downloaded song, to life-saving
nightmares, to beloved Christmas carols, as well as how
anyone can benefit from the same powerful process. Webb
has made more than 1,000 media appearances, and
consults for Fortune 500 corporations, A-list
celebrities and feature films. His latest book is “The
Dreams Behind the Music.” Contact him at (514)
990-2113; cw@craigwebb.ca

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