12/13/16 RTIR E-zine: Trump’s Cabinet, Family Stories, Ringing in 2017

December 13, 2016

01. Trump Cabinet Pick – Exxon Chief to Head State Dept?
02. Should You Trade on Trump’s Tweets?
03. Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Glenn Frankel
04. Mick Jagger-Baby Daddy at 73
05. Roof Trial – Gun-Free Zones Must Go
06. New Year Show – Saving the Planet Starts in the Kitchen
07. Rudolph, Frosty, Heat Miser: TV Christmas Specials
08. The Nest is Full Again!
09. HoHo Hold the Line on Holiday Shopping Debt
10. Don’t Forget Fido! Holiday Safety for Pets
11. Adele, Selena, Zayne – Everybody’s Anxious
12. Face the Holidays with Grace
13. Don’t Argue, Collect Family Stories!
14. Why You Won’t Achieve Your Goals in 2017
15. What’s Really in a Hot Dog?

1. ==> Trump Cabinet Pick – Exxon Chief to Head State Dept?

President-elect Donald Trump is moving closer to
nominating Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tiller son as his
Secretary of State. And the AP reports that the Trump
team has discussed bringing John Bolton, former U.S.
ambassador to the United Nations under George W. Bush,
on as a No. 2 to Tillerson. Invite investigative
journalist Steve Horn to discuss what the duo would
mean for the energy industry. “Trump has made it clear
via his cabinet appointments that energy, and
specifically the promotion of climate change-worsening
fracked oil and natural gas, will be central to the
ethos and mission of his administration. In this way,
it’s a continuation of the Obama Administration’s ‘All
of the Above’ energy policy, but with a twist: people
who actually work directly for the industry may have a
seat at the Cabinet table meetings.” Steve Horn is a
freelance investigative journalist who writes for
Desmog. The DeSmogBlog Project began in January 2006
and quickly became the world’s number one source for
accurate, fact based information regarding global
warming misinformation campaigns. Contact Horn at
steve@desmogblog.com, @SteveAHorn

2. ==> Should You Trade on Trump’s Tweets?

Donald Trump loves to tweet. Sure he stopped for a few
days before the election but now that he is President-
Elect, his tweets are back and some of them are moving
stock prices. Should you trade on Trump’s tweets?
Invite Peter Cohan to talk about what’s going on, and
what that means for investors. “If one were inclined to
try to anticipate Trump’s tweets and trade on them —
which I am not — one could look at the companies
planning to move jobs out of the U.S.. According to
Time, Trump will ask chief of staff Reince Priebus for
a list of companies that have announced plans to leave
the United States. As Trump said, ‘I can call them
myself. Five minutes apiece. They won’t be leaving.
O.K.?’ And Trump could tweet about these
conversations.” Peter Cohan has appeared on ABC’s Good
Morning America, CNN, CNBC, PBS’s Wall $treet Week, and
New England Cable News (NECN). His latest book is
“Hungry Start-up Strategy: Creating New Ventures with
Limited Resources and Unlimited Vision.” Contact him at
(508) 460-9348 (MA); (508) 361-3805 (cell) or

3. ==> Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Glenn Frankel

Glenn Frankel is a longtime Washington Post reporter,
editor and bureau chief. His latest project explores
the Hollywood blacklist and the making of the classic
western High Noon. Frankel says the film is known for
the memorable performances by Gary Cooper and Grace
Kelly, but what many people don’t know is that it was
written by Carl Foreman, a former Communist who
intended it to be a parable about the Hollywood
blacklist. He’ll explain how, during filming, Foreman
is forced to testify before the House Committee on Un-
American Activities about his former membership in the
Communist Party. He’ll share stories of some of
Hollywood’s most talented writers and producers and how
they navigated the era of Hollywood’s Red Scare.
Frankel’s new book is “High Noon: The Hollywood
Blacklist and the Making of an American Classic.”
Contact Johanna J. Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137

4. ==> Mick Jagger-Baby Daddy at 73

Mick Jagger’s representatives say the rock legend has
welcomed the birth of his eighth child. Jagger, the 73-
year-old front man of the Rolling Stones, was on hand
Thursday at a New York hospital when girlfriend,
Melanie Hamrick, gave birth to the couple’s son.
According to a statement, both parents are “delighted”
and “mother and baby are doing well.” Invite Dr. Frieda
Birnbaum, a NY psychologist to discuss having kids when
others your age are retired! Dr. Birnbaum has been
featured on Oprah & 20/20 as the oldest woman in the US
to have twins. Having been a 60-year-old mother of two
newborns, she can provide parenting advice to Jagger
and discuss society’s double standard toward women &
men who have children later in life. Dr. Birnbaum is
the author of “Life Begins at 60: A New View on
Motherhood, Marriage, and Reinventing Ourselves.”
Contact Ryan McCormick at (516) 901-1103

5. ==> Roof Trial – Gun-Free Zones Must Go

With Donald Trump’s opposition to gun-free zones and
Dylann Roof currently on trial for killing nine church
members in a gun-free zone in Charleston, now is a good
time to visit the issue of whether gun-free zones
encourage or discourage gun violence. That’s a
discussion Chris Bird, former British Army Officer,
former San Antonio Express-News crime reporter and
author of “The Concealed Handgun Manual” now in its
sixth edition, is primed to lead. Bird will tell you
that the biggest problem with gun-free zones is that
they are not free of guns and are favorite targets of
terrorists and killers. He can touch on slow police
response times, the corrosive effects of political
correctness and what to do if you ever find yourself on
the wrong end of a gun. Bird’s latest book is
“Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage: When Seconds Count,
Police Are Still Minutes Away.” The book has been
endorsed by a retired Texas Ranger captain and retired
CIA officer. Reach him at 210-308-8191 or

6. ==> New Year Show – Saving the Planet Starts in the Kitchen

It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of
environmental problems like climate change and health
problems like obesity and chronic disease. But Ellen
Moyer, Ph.D., an environmental consultant, says there
are five powerful steps you can take in the coming year
(and to come) to significantly impact your own health,
the health of other people, and the health of our
environment. Moyer is the author of the soon-to-be-
released book “Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How
to Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World.” Invite
her to discuss the issue of affordable, healthy food
and the best way to use your resources (money and
otherwise) wisely. Dr. Ellen Moyer is a registered
professional engineer with 30 years of environmental
consulting experience. She’s a regular contributor to
The Huffington Post and has presented more than 100
seminars in North America and Europe. Contact her at
(413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com

7. ==> Rudolph, Frosty, Heat Miser: TV Christmas Specials

Before cable TV and computerized animation, millions of
kids waited all year to see their favorite holiday
classics like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-
Nosed Reindeer. Invite the Rankin/Bass Productions
official historian/biographer Rick Goldschmidt to share
trivia about the Christmas specials including who made
them and how they did it. He’ll also tell you which
special is the longest running, highest rated TV
special of all time. Goldschmidt is the author of
several books including the new, 20th Anniversary
Edition of his acclaimed “The Enchanted World of
Rankin/Bass.” Contact him at rickgoldsc@aol.com

8. ==> The Nest is Full Again!

For many families, December means Winter Break, with
houses full to the brim with college kids home for a
few weeks. Add to that visiting relatives, holiday
parties and all the stress that comes with the holidays
and—well, that could be a powder keg. Invite Laura
Lyles Reagan to share ways to have a happier holiday–
with less fighting—and enjoy your family time.
According to Laura, a sociologist, youth development
and parenting expert, the keys to closing the
generation gap are mutual respect and tuning into each
other’s communication style. Laura Lyles Reagan, MS is
a sociologist and teen and parent relationship expert
with more than 20 years in the field of youth
development and parent education. She’s the author of
“How to Raise Respectful Parents.” Contact her at
956-250-3689; laura@lauralreagan.com

9. ==> HoHo Hold the Line on Holiday Shopping Debt

According to a consumer survey by the National Retail
Federation consumers plan to spend $929 on holiday
gifts this year vs. the $882 they said they would spend
last year. With many people in the mood to spend and
retailers eager for them to do so, help your listeners
stay on budget and avoid falling into a holiday debt
trap. Linda Levesque will share secrets to smart
shopping online and in stores and reveal the sneaky
ways retailers try to lure you to buy more. Linda is a
financial planner and the author of “The 5 Minute
Wealth Plan: How to Save Today for a Richer Tomorrow.”
Contact her at (416) 412-8018 in Canada, (239) 689-6693
in FL; linda@levesquewealthplanning.com

10. ==> Don’t Forget Fido! Holiday Safety for Pets

As you’re decorating the house for the holidays and
preparing for family gatherings, don’t forget to
include your pets in your plans. Got a cat and a
Christmas tree this year? A new puppy and some
poinsettias? Diane Rose-Solomon will help you pet-proof
your house for the holidays. Whether your hosting a
crowd this year and have a skittish pet or are taking a
road trip with your four-legged friend, Diane will run
down the biggest holiday pet hazards and share tips to
keep everyone (including Fido) happy and healthy this
holiday season. Diane Rose-Solomon is a certified
humane education specialist, animal advocate and pet
lover. She is the author of several fiction and non-
fiction books including “What to Expect When Adopting a
Dog.” Contact Kathleen Kaiser at (805) 607-6717;

11. ==> Adele, Selena, Zayne – Everybody’s Anxious

Have you noticed? Celebs, friends and colleagues are
all of a sudden sharing how they feel. Even an
embarrassing thing like anxiety! Are more people
getting anxiety or are more people talking about it?
Psychotherapist Jodi Aman says anxiety is now an
epidemic in our culture. She’ll explain what to do if
you have it, how to know if you need help, and what you
need to know to understand, prevent and stop suffering
from anxiety and stress. Afraid of flying? Dread
holiday parties? Need help setting personal boundaries?
Jodi can share ways to deal with anxiety triggers and
talk with friends and colleagues about anxiety that
will make everyone feel better. Jodi Aman is the author
of “You 1, Anxiety 0.” Contact her at (585) 233-8979;

12. ==> Face the Holidays with Grace

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can
also be the most stressful. The holiday season can
gift us with family and financial stressors, or invoke
feelings ranging from overload to isolation. So, how
do we face the winter holidays with grace and prepare
to greet the New Year with a smile? Anne Jolles has a
way for us all to give ourselves the priceless gifts of
joy, hope and gratitude. She’ll explain how listeners
can recharge their batteries with her simple yet
powerful techniques. Jolles created the Grace Trail to
help her cope with the worry of having a son in combat
in Afghanistan. Since then, the concept has guided
thousands. Plymouth, MA is the site of the original
path, but Grace Trail can be walked anywhere, from the
comfort of your kitchen, at the office or any outdoor
spot. Anne is an award-winning life coach and TEDx
speaker. She is the author of “Grace Trail: Find Your
Footing and Move toward the Life You Were Meant to
Live.” Contact her at (781) 878-8589;

13. ==> Don’t Argue, Collect Family Stories!

This holiday season, as families gather around, instead
of making small talk (or arguing over politics), Robb
Lucy suggests using the time to share family stories.
The author of “Legacies Aren’t Just for Dead People”
will share ways to get the conversation started, how it
can bring families closer, and how the stories
collected will be part of your family’s legacy. He’ll
discuss what a legacy is, why it’s not just packaging
up all your wealth and divvying it up to the kids.
He’ll describe how anyone, especially parents, can
create the most important legacy they could ever give
their families — and it only takes about an hour.
“Society says we should ‘leave’ a legacy” says Lucy.
“But the happiest and most productive people in the
world are those who ‘live’ their legacies” he says.
Note: Lucy is publishing a new edition of his book in
January with this new title: “How Will You Be
Remembered? A Guide for Creating and Enjoying Your
Legacies Now.” Contact him at (604) 874-7700;
14. ==> Why You Won’t Achieve Your Goals in 2017

Leave it to other experts to tell you how to keep your
New Year’s resolutions this year. Tami Gilbert will
tell you why you won’t achieve them. She’ll turn this
oft-discussed topic on its ear by sharing the five
reasons why all but 8 percent of your listeners will
not reach their goals no matter how good their
intentions are. Among them are setting goals just to
please someone else, not having a clear, step-by-step
plan and not taking responsibility for your
distractions. Tami will artfully wield a little
negative psychology to nudge your audience back on
track. She’s a high achiever herself having worked
three jobs to earn both a master’s degree in nursing
and an MBA. She’s also the author of “Career CPR:
Meaningful Strategies to Resuscitate or Nurture Your
Career” and “Courage to Persevere: A Compelling Story
of Struggle, Survival and Triumph.” Reach her at
312-218-1744; info@tamigilbert.com
15. ==> What’s Really in a Hot Dog?

Of all the food we eat, nothing sparks more rumor and
speculation than the ingredients in a hot dog. But
contrary to common beliefs that hot dogs include
“everything but the oink,” today’s wieners are made
from exactly what is listed in the ingredients
statement on the package. Well, guess no more! The
National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) has a new
searchable Hot Dog Ingredients Guide that allows users
to find ingredients they see listed on favorite package
of hot dogs, and learn why it’s in there. NHDS’s Eric
Mittenthal says, “Hot dogs taste great because of their
ingredients and we want people to know what is used to
make them and why. Each manufacturer has its own
recipes, but as consumers seek more information about
their food, the guide will be a helpful tool to better
understand hot dogs and how they are made.” Contact
Mittenthal at (202) 587-4238; (404) 808-8396 or

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