12/05/17 RTIR Newsletter: GOP Tax Bills,Healthier Hanukkah, Stopping Rape Mentality

December 5, 2017

GOP Tax Bills: What’s Really in There?
02. Newsweek: Kushner Funded Illegal Jewish Settlements
03. Are You Prepared for a North Korea Attack?
04. Stars of ‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars’
05. Top Holiday Shopping Mistakes
06. How to Avoid a Holiday Spending Hangover
07. Is There Proof of Bigfoot?
08. Healthier Hanukkah Recipes
09. New Queens of Start-ups: Minority Women
10. #NotMe Movement – Fighting Back
11. What Magic Word Will Stop Rape Mentality?
12. New Help for Chronic Pain Sufferers
13. Hands-On Parenting: Benefits of Kid Massage
14. Great Show: One Moment that Changed Your Life
15. The Clairvoyant Gourmet – Get Grandma’s Recipes


1. ==> GOP Tax Bills: What’s Really in There?

Trying to unravel who wins and who loses in the new tax
overhaul plans? Tax expert Richard Kaplan says, “A
leading principle of these tax ‘reform’ bills — both
the House and Senate versions — is clearly to reward
donors to the Republican party. It lessens taxes on
businesses, especially capital intensive rather than
labor intensive business. In contrast, people who work
for a living are not seeing much benefit, in some
cases, they may see increases, especially because of
the end of state and local taxes write-offs.” Kaplan
can discuss the new tax-favored category of income
called ‘pass-through’ income, as well as how the plans
would affect Medicare and Medicaid. Richard Kaplan
holds a chair at the University of Illinois School of
Law and is a leading expert on taxation. His books
include “Advanced Taxation” and “Elder Law.” Contact
him at rkaplan@illinois.edu

2. ==> Newsweek: Kushner Funded Illegal Jewish

Chris Riotta is a reporter at Newsweek covering the
Trump administration and first family. He just wrote
the piece “Jared Kushner Failed to Disclose He Led a
Foundation Funding Illegal Israeli Settlements Before
U.N. Vote.” Invite him to discuss the piece in which he
writes, “The latest development follows reports on
Friday indicating the White House senior adviser
attempted to sway a United Nations Security Council
vote against an anti-settlement resolution passed just
before Donald Trump took office, which condemned the
structure of West Bank settlements. The failure to
disclose his role in the foundation — at a time when he
was being tasked with serving as the president’s Middle
East peace envoy — follows a pattern of egregious
omissions that would bar any other official from
continuing to serve in the West Wing, experts and
officials told Newsweek.” Riotta has written several
recent pieces for Newsweek. Contact him at
chrisriotta@gmail.com, @chrisriotta

3. ==> Are You Prepared for a North Korea Attack?

In light of recent North Korean missile tests and
Iran’s announced intent to position naval ships near
the U.S., Robin Burk, Ph.D., MBA, says it’s prudent for
all of us to take steps in case of attack. Imagine what
it would be like to live with no electricity, no
internet, no cell phone reception and no idea when any
of that might return. Burk explains the cascade of
other failures that an electromagnetic pulse attack or
grid failure would bring. She offers important steps
you can take now to plan for potential attacks and
disasters that could badly disrupt the systems we often
take for granted. Burk’s message is all the more
powerful because of who she is: She was in charge of
the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s interdependent
networks research and is an expert on network science.
The DTRA is an organization tasked with safeguarding
national infrastructure against weapons of mass
destruction. Burk has been featured in Wired, on MSNBC
and on dozens of radio shows. She is the author of the
book “How to Thrive in an Uncertain World.” Contact
her at (703) 346-4448; robin.kowalchuk.burk@gmail.com

4. ==> Stars of ‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars’

In the WE TV hit series Marriage Boot Camp Reality
Stars, reality TV’s biggest stars endure extreme
couples’ therapy, pushing themselves to the limit with
physically, mentally and emotionally draining exercises
to see if their relationships are worth saving or if
it’s time to call it quits. Speak with two of this
season’s stars — Juelia Kinney (Bachelor in Paradise)
and Kailyn Lowry (Teen Mom 2) to find out about their
experiences in the house, the most difficult part of
this intense couples’ therapy, and how they’re doing
today. Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars is now in its
ninth season. WE TV is owned by AMC Networks. Contact
John Angelo at john@premieretv.com.

5. ==> Top Holiday Shopping Mistakes

The holiday spending season is here and Mitchell Walker
has some advice before you head to the mall or go on a
cyber shopping spree. He says a little planning and
creativity can keep you from racking up bills that will
come back to haunt you in January. Walker, author of
the “PouchPlan Budget,” will share spending tips and
the top 5 money mistakes people make during the
holidays and how to avoid them. You’ll also learn the
one thing to do this shopping season that will bring
you huge financial gains rather than financial pains.
Mitchell Walker has owned 5 businesses, served as the
CFO of a community college and as a County Commissioner
and City Councilman. The PouchPlan was developed based
on his expertise, but more importantly, was put to the
test and proven by Mitchell and his wife Suzanne over
20 plus years as they raised their blended family of
seven. Contact him at (903) 563 3396(TX);

6. ==> How to Avoid a Holiday Spending Hangover

According to economists, this holiday season will be
robust as confident consumers freely open their
wallets. But how can people avoid going overboard,
ending up with a holiday spending hangover they’ll be
coping with well into the New Year? Patricia Davis
knows. Invite her on-air ASAP to discuss ways to have a
jolly time without spending your last dime. She’ll
cover everything from creative ways to give thoughtful
presents that don’t cost a lot to why re-gifting is not
a dirty word. Davis is the author of “Going Broke Is No
Joke.” She holds an MBA from Stanford, a master’s
degree in personal financial planning from Golden Gate
University and a certificate from Georgetown
University’s Stonier Graduate School of Banking and
Finance. Reach her at (301) 249-2261;

7. ==> Is There Proof of Bigfoot?

Everyone has heard of Bigfoot, the extremely tall, ape-
like creature that walks like a man and has been
sighted numerous times over hundreds of years. Native
Americans have more than 60 ways to refer to this
creature, including Sasquatch. But most people don’t
know that one U.S. city actually believes that Bigfoot
exists, as does the state in which the city is located!
Interview Andy Curry, who lives in that city (Colorado
City), where enough Bigfoot sightings have taken place
that the Colorado legislature actually mandated a sign
be placed on the road leading to Pikes Peak warning
people to beware of the creatures. “People think the
sign is a joke,” Curry says, “but it’s not. Pressure
from local citizens and visitors who have seen Bigfoot
led to the sign’s erection.” Curry can share Bigfoot
lore and sightings and whether he (and park rangers)
believe Bigfoot is real or a case of mistaken identity.
Curry is a native Coloradan who operates the website
Pikes Peak for Sale. He’s also an expert on the
national park and its fascinatingly quirky history.
Contact him at (719) 375-3950;

8. ==> Healthier Hanukkah Recipes

Looking forward to your favorite family recipes this
Hanukkah, but dreading the calorie content? Invite
Paula Shoyer to share easy ways to lighten up
traditional holiday food without sacrificing taste.
Paula, known as “the kosher baker,” has a passion for
pastries, and can explain how to balance lighter main
courses with delicious desserts, share super easy 1-
bowl cakes that will feed a crowd, and tips for making
traditional Jewish challah, babka and rugelach. Paula
Shoyer graduated with a pastry degree from the Ritz
Escoffier in Paris, and does cooking and baking demos
around the world. She is a freelance writer, competed
on Food Network’s Sweet Genius, and has appeared on TV
many times. She’s written several books including her
latest “The Healthy Jewish Kitchen.” Contact her at
(301) 404-8998

9. ==> New Queens of Start-ups: Minority Women

Can you guess who the fastest growing group of business
owners are? If you said, women of color, you deserve a
high-five. As marketing expert Claudia Newcorn will
point out, 79 percent of women-owned firms launched
over the past nine years were founded by women of
color. As of last year, she notes, there were an
estimated 1.9 million African American women-owned
firms, and just under 1.9 million firms owned by Latina
women. Invite Newcorn to discuss what’s fueling this
phenomenon, what minority women can do to avoid having
their new businesses fail within the first two years,
where you’ll find the highest concentration of women’s
business start-ups and much, much more. Claudia
Newcorn, MBA, is an award-winning strategic marketing
consultant and author of “Zipline to Success: Fast-
Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your Sales &
Profits.” A favorite of media, she once hosted her own
TV show. Reach her at (209) 204-0502;

10. ==> #NotMe Movement – Fighting Back

There’s a reason #metoo took off. But Susan Harrow, a
media coach and martial arts expert, says it’s now time
for a #notme movement. Invite Harrow to discuss a
simple two-step system (that takes just 60 seconds)
that a woman can use in any situation to prevent sexual
harassment or assault. She’ll share ways to head off
harassment before it happens, deal with it on the spot,
and how to be heard by HR. Harrow created ‘True Shield:
Verbal Self-Defense for Girls,’ a course that teaches
young women how to protect themselves in difficult and
dangerous situations. Her newest offering is a woman’s
empowerment course to help prevent sexual harassment in
the workplace, in social situations and at school.
Contact Susan Harrow at harrowcom@prsecrets.com Skype:

11. ==> What Magic Word Will Stop Rape Mentality?

Joyce Short, a sexual assault survivor and author,
doesn’t wonder “What were they thinking?” when she
hears stories about Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, Bill
Cosby and others. She’s studied the issue and can
clearly explain the difference between ‘consent’ and
any other form of agreement. It’s not what most people,
including sexual predators, think! Short is fighting
to embed the real definition of consent into the penal
code of every state and jurisdiction. Joyce Short is
the author of “Carnal Abuse by Deceit” and “Combating
Romance Scams, Why Lying to Get Laid Is a Crime.” She
blogs at CombatingRomanceScams.com (a Federal
Prosecutor recently used her blog to lock up a serial
rapist). She’s been awarded a “Woman of Distinction”
honor by the NY State Assembly. Contact her at (917)
517-8572; short.jm@aol.com

12. ==> New Help for Chronic Pain Sufferers

The opioid crisis was caused in large part to doctors
over-prescribing pain medicines. But patients suffering
from chronic pain are still hurting and many don’t know
where to go for help. Chronic pain expert Cindy Perlin
will discuss safe, effective pain relief and more
importantly, how to find it. She says, “Too many people
suffer needlessly for too long. There are safe and
effective treatments for chronic pain.” Perlin has
created a new resource for pain patients, an online
treatment directory of alternative pain treatment
providers, recommended products, informative articles
and inspirational stories. Cindy Perlin is a licensed
clinical social worker, certified biofeedback
practitioner, chronic pain survivor and the author of
“The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and
Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.” She is in
private practice for over 25 years and has been a guest
on numerous TV and radio shows. Contact her at (518)
439-6431; cperlin@nycap.rr.com

13. ==> Hands-On Parenting: Benefits of Kid Massage

Neuroscience now verifies that from conception through
about age 6 human brain growth is at its peak. Science
also shows that human touch is an essential part of our
cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.
Robert Toporek says, “The power and importance of touch
in human growth development cannot be overstated.” The
author of “Hands-On Parenting” will explain the many
benefits of baby massage, from increased motor skill
development to social development and even better
digestion and gas relief. But Toporek says massage is
also your child’s best defense against the damages
caused by tension, stress, and life’s traumas. Toporek
has been working with babies, children, and their
families since 1966 when he began working in a refugee
village in Vietnam. He is a Rolf practitioner, taught
by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the creator of Rolfing, and her
son. Contact him at (484) 744-1868;

14. ==> Great Show: One Moment that Changed Your Life

Ulrich Kellerer has spent decades working in many
facets of the fashion industry with much success. But
he says in one moment his life changed and he found his
deeper calling, as a storyteller to the elderly. Invite
Kellerer to share his story and why for one hour per
week, he leaves his showroom of “princesses who have
been to Paris, Rome and Milan” and heads to the nursing
home where his mother lived in the years before her
recent passing. He says, “One hour a week changed and
transformed me and will transform anyone. In my fashion
business I’ve been working 30 years to help people look
good on the outside. For the last four years I have
worked to help people feel good on the inside.
Everybody can and should do something to give back.”
Invite your listeners to call in and share their own
stories of one moment that changed their life. Ulrich
Kellerer is featured Jack Canfield’s “The Soul of
Success.” Contact him at Ulrich.kellerer@t-online.de

15. ==> The Clairvoyant Gourmet – Get Grandma’s Recipes

Wish you could remember Aunt Judy’s pumpkin pie recipe?
Maybe your grandma made the best holiday cookies but
you can’t recall the secret ingredient. For a fun show
invite psychic medium Janie Boisclair to channel
holiday recipes from the spirit world! Listeners can
call in and uncover the dishes and traditions from past
generations who’ve passed away. The spirits seem to
especially want to connect with Janie through her sense
of taste and smell, since for years every reading she
has given has had some type of food element. Through
her readings, she brings back missing ingredients, lost
family recipes, joyous meal-time memories from the
other side, and memories that need to be revisited for
therapeutic reasons. She can even connect with spirit
guides who offer insight on what foods are needed to
balance your Chakra energy system. Contact Emily
Maloney at (661) 255-8283; emily@steveallenmedia.com

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