11/30/17 RTIR Newsletter: North Korea, Perfect Holiday Gifts, Chronic Pain

November 30, 2017

01. Trump’s Fiscally Irresponsible Tax Plan
02. North Korea’s Latest Threat
03. Are Men Clueless on Sexual Harassment?
04. Revolution Song: A Story of American Freedom
05. Is There Proof of Bigfoot?
06. The Science of Picking the Perfect Gift
07. Keep Holiday Spending in Check
08. This Holiday Pass the Family Stories
09. Healthier Hanukkah Recipes
10. How to Pick the Perfect Holiday Wines
11. New Resource for Chronic Pain Patients
12. How to Get Out of the Hospital Alive
13. Inspiring Show – Light Your Life on Fire
14. Millennials, Men and Kids: The New Caregivers
15. Bust Life’s 5 Biggest Bullshifts
1. ==> Trump’s Fiscally Irresponsible Tax Plan

Ivan Eland says Donald Trump’s tax overhaul will blow a
hole in the federal deficit with huge unneeded tax cuts
during a time when the American economy is already
expanding. He says, “Trump and the Republicans are more
concerned with ‘winning’ something—anything—so they can
all be re-elected in 2018 or 2020, instead of doing
what’s best for the nation. As Reagan and George W.
Bush demonstrated, enacting massive tax cuts while
federal spending continues to go north was in their
self-interest in getting re-elected but harmed the
country in the long term. Unfortunately, Trump seems to
be even more self-interested and less civic-minded than
his reckless predecessors.” Ivan Eland is senior fellow
and director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at the
Independent Institute. He spent 15 years working for
Congress on national security issues, including stints
as an investigator for the House Foreign Affairs
Committee and Principal Defense Analyst at the
Congressional Budget Office. His latest book is “Eleven
Presidents: Promises vs. Results in Achieving Limited
Government”. Contact Kate Brown at (202) 213-7051;

2. ==> North Korea’s Latest Threat

Imagine what it would be like to live with no
electricity, no internet, no cell phone reception and
no idea when any of that might return. In light of
recent North Korean missile tests and Iran’s announced
intent to position naval ships near the U.S., Robin
Burk, Ph.D., MBA, says it is prudent for all of us to
take some steps in case of attacks. Burk explains the
cascade of other failures that an electromagnetic pulse
attack or grid failure would bring. She offers
important steps you can take now to plan for potential
attacks and disasters that could badly disrupt the
systems we often take for granted. Burk’s message is
all the more powerful because of who she is: She was in
charge of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s
interdependent networks research and is an expert on
network science. The DTRA is an organization tasked
with safeguarding national infrastructure against
weapons of mass destruction. Burk has been featured in
Wired, on MSNBC and on dozens of radio shows. She is
the author of the book “How to Thrive in an Uncertain
World.” Contact her at (703) 346-4448;

3. ==> Are Men Clueless on Sexual Harassment?

Matt Lauer’s firing comes six weeks after the first
stories broke alleging Hollywood producer Harvey
Weinstein of a decades-long pattern of sexual
harassment, and the list of men accused of similar acts
keeps getting longer. Why do they do it? And why are
there so many men? Peggy Drexler says one possible
explanation is a deeply ingrained, hard to shake and
society-wide sexism that teaches men that women are
less dominant. “Another explanation is that we still
have a hard time defining (or agreeing on) what
constitutes sexual harassment and assault. We need to
do a better job making damn sure every single man —
and woman — is clear about what constitutes
inappropriate behavior. That’s hopefully what the
current conversation will do. In addition to holding
men accountable for their past actions, it will open up
dialogue so that misunderstanding is no longer an
acceptable excuse.” Peggy Drexler is an assistant
professor of psychology at Weill Medical College of
Cornell University and a former gender scholar at
Stanford University. She’s the author of “Our Fathers,
Ourselves: Daughters, Fathers, and the Changing
American Family” and “Raising Boys Without Men.”
Contact her at @drpeggydrexler

4. ==> Revolution Song: A Story of American Freedom

For an interesting take on the American Revolution,
invite Russell Shorto to discuss America’s founding
through the stories of six extraordinary figures of the
American Revolution. Shorto says, individually, they
represent both the radical promise and shocking failure
of “freedom.” He’ll discuss how the combination of
idealism and necessity, ambition and courage, greed and
honor drove the men and women of the revolutionary era,
shaping America’s national independence and forging a
new sense of what it meant to be a free individual.
Russell Shorto is an author and contributing writer to
the New York Times magazine. Contact Johanna Ramos-
Boyer at (703) 646-5137 or Megan Bonomo at (703)

5. ==> Is There Proof of Bigfoot?

Everyone has heard of Bigfoot, the extremely tall, ape-
like creature that walks like a man and has been
sighted numerous times over hundreds of years. Native
Americans have more than 60 ways to refer to this
creature, including Sasquatch. But most people don’t
know that one U.S. city actually believes that Bigfoot
exists, as does the state in which the city is located!
Interview Andy Curry, who lives in that city (Colorado
City), where enough Bigfoot sightings have taken place
that the Colorado legislature actually mandated a sign
be placed on the road leading to Pikes Peak warning
people to beware of the creatures. “People think the
sign is a joke,” Curry says, “but it’s not. Pressure
from local citizens and visitors who have seen Bigfoot
led to the sign’s erection.” Curry can share Bigfoot
lore and sightings and whether he (and park rangers)
believe Bigfoot is real or a case of mistaken identity.
Curry is a native Coloradan who operates the website
Pikes Peak For Sale. He’s also an expert on the
national park and its fascinatingly quirky history.
Contact him at (719) 375-3950;

6. ==> The Science of Picking the Perfect Gift

It’s an age-old question. Do shoppers pick out a gift
they think someone might like, or do they purchase
exactly what the recipient has asked for? According to
behavioral economist George Loewenstein, “If you like
dark chocolate and loath milk chocolate, it’s very
tempting to give dark chocolate, even if the gift
recipient’s tastes are opposite to yours; it’s very
difficult to imagine that another person would enjoy
receiving a gift that you would hate.” Behavioral
economists tackle problems using a distinct fusion of
economics and psychology working to understand why we
eat unhealthy food, pay women less than men and even
how to give the perfect gift. Invite Loewenstein to
share four science-backed tips to help avoid gift
disasters and raise the odds everyone on your gift list
will love what you give them. George Loewenstein is a
professor of economics and psychology at Carnegie
Mellon University and is co-founder of the field of
behavioral economics. Contact Shilo Rea at (412)
268-6094; (412) 260-0675 (cell) or shilo@cmu.edu

7. ==> Keep Holiday Spending in Check

The holiday spending season is here and Mitchell Walker
has some advice before you head to the mall or go on a
cyber shopping spree. He says a little planning and
creativity can keep you from racking up bills that will
come back to haunt you in January. Walker, author of
the “PouchPlan Budget,” will share spending tips and
the top 5 money mistakes people make during the
holidays and how to avoid them. You’ll also learn the
one thing to do this shopping season that will bring
you huge financial gains rather than financial pains.
Mitchell Walker has owned 5 businesses, served as the
CFO of a community college and as a County Commissioner
and City Councilman. The PouchPlan was developed based
on his expertise, but more importantly, was put to the
test and proven by Mitchell and his wife Suzanne over
20 plus years as they raised their blended family of
seven. Contact him at (903) 563 3396(TX);

8. ==> This Holiday Pass the Family Stories

For most families, a good portion of the holidays are
spent with friends and relatives who may or may not be
on their best behavior and may, if left untended,
insist on turning the holiday table into their own
political soapboxes. But, according to Robb Lucy, a
little planning can help people avoid standing
helplessly by as their dinner table devolves into a
political battlefield. In fact, Lucy maintains, there
is a way to turn this year’s Hanukkah and Christmas
dinners into priceless opportunities for laugher,
listening and learning new things about friends and
family members. The author of “How Will You Be
Remembered?” will share ways to get the conversation
started and how it can bring families closer. He’ll
also discuss what a legacy is, why it’s not just
packaging up all your wealth and divvying it up to the
kids, and how anyone can write their own legacy letter
that tells the world the values you lived by, and the
story of how you lived each value. A journalist,
writer, and producer, Robb Lucy is the author of the
“How Will You Be Remembered: A Guide to Creating and
Enjoying Your Legacies Now.” Contact him at (604)
874-7700; rlucy@createmylegacy.com

9. ==> Healthier Hanukkah Recipes

Looking forward to your favorite family recipes this
Hanukkah, but dreading the calorie content? Invite
Paula Shoyer to share easy ways to lighten up
traditional holiday food without sacrificing taste.
Paula, known as “the kosher baker,” has a passion for
pastries, and can explain how to balance lighter main
courses with delicious desserts, share super easy 1-
bowl cakes that will feed a crowd, and tips for making
traditional Jewish challah, babka and rugelach. Paula
Shoyer graduated with a pastry degree from the Ritz
Escoffier in Paris, and does cooking and baking demos
around the world. She is a freelance writer, competed
on Food Network’s Sweet Genius, and has appeared on TV
many times. She’s written several books including her
latest “The Healthy Jewish Kitchen.” Contact her at
(301) 404-8998

10. ==> How to Pick the Perfect Holiday Wines

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or you’re
bringing wine to the event, how do you know what to buy
and how to serve it? Wine lovers will love to hear
Susie Selby’s advice, but if you only know wine by red,
white and pink, you’re also in luck. A winemaker for
more than twenty years, Selby is an expert on food and
wine pairings. She’ll help listeners choose the best
wine for an open house or family gathering and discern
between “in-law” wine vs. “best friend” wine. You’ll
learn how to find the best wine values, impress any
wine snob, and please yourself during this fabulous
food-based holiday season. Susie Selby is the
proprietor of Selby Winery. Contact her at (707)
975-0988 (CA); selby@selbywinery.com

11. ==> New Resource for Chronic Pain Patients

The opioid crisis was caused in large part to doctors
over-prescribing pain medicines. But patients suffering
from chronic pain are still hurting and many don’t know
where to go for help. Chronic pain expert Cindy Perlin
will discuss safe, effective pain relief and more
importantly, how to find it. She says, “Too many people
suffer needlessly for too long. There are safe and
effective treatments for chronic pain.” Perlin has
created a new resource for pain patients, an online
treatment directory of alternative pain treatment
providers, recommended products, informative articles
and inspirational stories. Cindy Perlin is a licensed
clinical social worker, certified biofeedback
practitioner, chronic pain survivor and the author of
“The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and
Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.” She is in
private practice for over 25 years and has been a guest
on numerous TV and radio shows. Contact her at (518)
439-6431; cperlin@nycap.rr.com

12. ==> How to Get Out of the Hospital Alive

Every year in the U.S. some 70,000 people die from
MRSA, strep and other hospital-acquired infections.
That’s more deaths in one year than American troops
killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Former
surgical nurse Jeanne Dockins says sadly, most of these
deaths are preventable. Dockins spent more than 30
years as a surgical nurse at a level I trauma center.
She’ll share how her sister became a paraplegic from an
infection acquired during back surgery. Oral DNA
testing (like a fingerprint) confirmed the strep
infection came from the mouth of a surgical technician
and was passed through the technician’s mask to the
surgical site. Dockins on your show to learn how to
quickly knock out an infection without antibiotics, why
gum disease is so dangerous to your overall health, and
how to heal MRSA with an FDA-cleared product. Jeanne
Dockins, RN, BSN, CNOR, has appeared on numerous radio
talk shows discussing how to survive a hospital stay.
Through her Mastery of Self-Healing website, she
empowers people to take responsibility for their own
health and healing. Contact her at (419) 960-5460;

13. ==> Inspiring Show – Light Your Life on Fire

Sue Pighini knows what it is like to have been struck
by lightning; when it happened to her at age 28, her
clothes melted. She also knows what it is like to move
32 times, survive cancer, a brain aneurysm and to be
held-up at gunpoint. All of those experiences, as one
might imagine, led her to live her life differently. In
her case, to live fearlessly, saying no to the status
quo and embracing change. “I believe everyone should
live their life as though they were on fire,” Pighini
says. “That means making your life count by embracing
new challenges and jettisoning the word ‘regret’ from
your vocabulary. When you do that, you will add new
people, new excitement and new skills to your world.”
After 25 years in corporate America, Sue is now an
author, motivational speaker, transformational life
coach, certified intuitive healer and horsewoman. She
operates the Livin’ the Dream Ranch, in Virginia, where
she uses horses to help transform people’s lives. Her
newly released audiobook is “Expect the Extraordinary:
Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of
Skye.” Contact her at (941) 685-7159;

14. ==> Millennials, Men and Kids: The New Caregivers

According to Dr. Camille Superson, 40% of millennials
are now caregivers, 45% are men, and about 1.4 million
children between ages 8-18 are now in this role.
November is National Family Caregivers Month and
Superson says these unsung heroes need help. “Many
don’t know where to begin or how to juggle work, school
and family, along with the ongoing demands of
caregiving. They need valuable resources to help them
but they’re often hard to find, especially if you don’t
know where to look, what’s available, or what you
qualify for.” A former caregiver herself for over a
decade to two bedbound parents, and author of the book
“Essential Resource Guide for Caregivers: Save
Time…Save Money… Save your Sanity!”, Dr. Camille
Superson can provide a wealth of information to help
caregivers and their families find the tools they need.
She’ll also offer hope to the ongoing struggles
caregivers face every day. Contact her at (630)
888-2895 (cell); camillesuperson8@gmail.com

15. ==> Bust Life’s 5 Biggest Bullshifts

We are all raised to believe they are true. What’s
worse, they end up shaping our lives, all too often for
the worse. But what if these long-lived beliefs are
nothing but lies? Get ready for a fun and thought-
provoking show that will turn your audience on their
heads and teach them how to create lives bigger and
better than they ever imagined by replacing old beliefs
with new ones. Megan Smith Gill will explain what she
calls “life’s biggest bullshifts” and how to bust them
once and for all (Psst! It’s the secret to living your
best life!) Megan Smith Gill is the author of “Give A
Shift: 10 Simple Steps to an Abundant Life.” Contact
her at (203) 822-4949; bookmegan@megansmithgill.com

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