11/29/16 RTIR E-zine: Electoral College, Strange Holiday Stories, Bad Bosses

November 29, 2016

FR: Lauren Healy and Chris Morabito, Editors, Radio-TV
Interview Report Newsletter

01. The History of US/Cuba Relations
02. Electoral College is a Modern Day Travesty
03. Exit Polls Sow Doubt About the Vote Count
04. What Trump Could Do with Executive Power
05. Holiday Retail Trends and Issues
06. Keep Out of Holiday Debt
07. Prepare for a Post-Election Market Crash
08. Dreams Behind the Music
09. What Now? Dealing with Uncertainty
10. A Franchise ‘Trumps’ a Job Now More Than Ever
11. Good News about Bad Bosses
12. Ripley’s Strange Holiday Stories
13. Bridging the Divide – The Generation Gap
14. Lick Holiday Weight Gain Like a Dog or Cat
15. Why You Should Unplug this Holiday Season
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1. ==> The History of US/Cuba Relations

A page in Cuba’s history has turned with the death of
its revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. So what happens
now on the communist island? And what will a Trump
presidency mean for US/Cuba relations? The Caribbean
nation is at a crossroads. Fidel Castro’s successor
Raul Castro has said he himself plans to stand aside in
2018. But first, emerging once and for all from his
elder brother’s shadow, Raul faces the challenge of
driving forward economic and political change. Invite
journalist Keith Bolender to discuss what happens next
and what that means for U.S./Cuba relations. Keith
Bolender is a freelance journalist and author of
“Voices from the Other Side: An Oral History of
Terrorism against Cuba.” Contact him at (647) 989-9683,
(905)760-9684, bolodive@gmail.com

2. ==> Electoral College is a Modern Day Travesty

Most Americans voted for Hillary Clinton, but Donald
Trump will be the next President of the United States.
It’s the second time in the last 16 years, in a country
purporting to be the world’s greatest democracy, that a
significant oddity has occurred: the triumph of a
majority for one candidate in the obsolete electoral
college vote over a majority for different one in the
popular vote. Ivan Eland says, “Despite learning in
school about the electoral college vote, most Americans
are still uncertain about what it is and how it relates
to the popular vote. The overwhelming majority believes
that the person who wins the most votes from voters
should win the election and that no person’s vote
should count more than another’s. Thus, Americans were
perplexed in the 2000 and 2016 elections why this
didn’t happen, but most passively accept the system as
it is.” Ivan Eland is the author of several books
including “Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents
on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.” Contact him at
(703) 282-3484 (cell); ieland@independent.org,

3. ==> Exit Polls Sow Doubt About the Vote Count

Hillary Clinton’s campaign said Saturday it will take
part in efforts to push for recounts in several key
states, joining with Green Party candidate Jill Stein,
who has raised millions of dollars to have votes
counted again in Wisconsin. According to David Moore,
“The sample sizes for the battleground states are all
quite large, so the discrepancies (the ‘red shifts’)
for North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are all
statistically significant…. Had Clinton won the three
states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina,
as the exit polls suggested, she would have won with
277 electoral votes. And much of the outrage at the
polling industry would have been obviated. …” He adds,
“So, what does it mean that the exit polls — like the
pre-election polls — predicted a Clinton victory, while
the vote count came to the opposite conclusion? One
meaning seems obvious: We cannot be confident that the
declared winner of the Electoral Vote is the real
winner.” David Moore is a senior fellow with the Carsey
Institute at the University of New Hampshire. He is a
former vice president of the Gallup Organization and
managing editor of the Gallup Poll. His books include
“The Opinion Makers: An Insider Exposes the Truth
Behind the Polls.” Contact him at dmoore62@comcast.net

4. ==> What Trump Could Do with Executive Power

According to Peter Van Buren, “The dangers many are now
predicting under the Trump administration did not start
on November 8. The near-unrestrained executive power
claimed by the Obama administration, and issues left
unresolved from the Bush administration, will be handed
to the president-elect.” Invite Van Buren to discuss
what that means, including the use of torture. “The
president has not specifically outlawed secret prisons
and renditions, just suspended their use. And Obama
never closed the extra-legal prison at Guantanamo Bay,
Cuba, as he promised. He could have, simply by
depopulating it regardless of what Congress might have
said.” Peter Van Buren is a 24-year veteran of the
State Department and author of “We Meant Well: How I
Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the
Iraqi People.” He just wrote the piece “What Trump
Could Do with Executive Power” for The American
Conservative. Contact him at
petermarkvanburen@yahoo.com, @WeMeantWell

5. ==> Holiday Retail Trends and Issues

Invite Noelle Nelson to talk about holiday retail
trends and issues. Nelson, an expert on marketing and
consumer behavior will discuss ‘Black Friday Creep’,
whether the Thanksgiving Day shopping trend is here to
stay, and how and when consumers are doing their
holiday shopping this year. Nelson is assistant
professor of marketing and consumer behavior at the
University of Kansas School of Business. She is the co-
author of several articles and working papers on
consumer behavior and marketing issues. Contact George
Diepenbrock at gdiepenbrock@ku.edu

6. ==> Keep Out of Holiday Debt

According to the latest holiday shopping survey by the
National Retail Federation, holiday sales are expected
to increase 3.6 percent this year with consumers
spending $655.8 billion. More than six in 10 shoppers
plan to buy clothing and accessories, 56 percent plan
to give gift cards and 44 percent plan to give books.
But holiday shopping can easily get out of hand.
Experian’s Rod Griffin says, “What consumers don’t
realize is that after the merriment of the holidays,
they won’t be having such a happy new year, because
they will be saddled with debt. With a little bit of
planning, consumers can save themselves a lot of stress
and put themselves in a better financial position in
2017.” Griffin will discuss ways listeners can enjoy
the holiday, give meaningful gifts and still stay on
budget. Griffin is director of public education for
Experian. Contact Corynne Randel at

7. ==> Prepare for a Post-Election Market Crash

The majority of the 12 regional Federal Reserve banks
voted to raise interest rates during their two most
recent meetings. Yet, the Fed board decided to hold the
discount rate steady and kept the main benchmark
interest rate unchanged. Could the fact that this is a
U.S. presidential election year have anything to do
with this? Did you know that the sub-prime crash of
2008 and the dot-com crash of 2000 both occurred during
U.S. presidential election years? Politics, the stock
market and our personal finances are linked in ways
that few people truly understand, according to
financial life coach, investor and certified financial
planner Roel Sarmago. Invite Coach Roel to share five
ways people can financially protect themselves and
profit from the inevitable global market crash that
will happen after the U.S. presidential election. Coach
Roel worked in the mutual fund industry and is now a
real estate investor, options trader and entrepreneur.
He is the author of “Undiscovered Riches: Find Your
Hidden Wealth.” Contact him at (647) 494-7880
(Ontario); roel@coachroel.com

8. ==> Dreams Behind the Music

Overnight ‘dream downloads’ have played a key role in
the rise to stardom of Sting, Beyoncé, the Beatles,
Billy Joel, Taylor Swift and many, many more successful
music artists. In fact, Craig Webb says over 20 Grammy
wins can be linked directly to dreams. Invite Craig on
your show and hear how Bono dreamt music that led to
collaborations with Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan
(including Roy Orbison spontaneously arriving at his
door the night after he dreamt music for him), to how
numerous artists received dream help from deceased
family and colleagues including Stevie Wonder whose
just-deceased mother came in a dream to urge him not to
take a year off to grieve her death, as he had informed
his business manager and agent. Webb will reveal the
surprising dreams that have shaped our culture from
iTunes’ most-downloaded song, to life-saving
nightmares, to beloved Christmas carols, as well as how
anyone can benefit from the same powerful process. Webb
has made more than 1,000 media appearances, and
consults for Fortune 500 corporations, A-list
celebrities and feature films. His latest book is “The
Dreams Behind the Music.” Contact him at (514)
990-2113; cw@craigwebb.ca
9. ==> What Now? Dealing with Uncertainty

The one thing everyone can agree on in the aftermath of
the election is that the future is TBD…To Be
Determined. The question on everyone’s minds is “now
what?” How can we best navigate through these
uncertain times? Brenda Reynolds can share 5 tips for
helping you take control of a situation that feels out
of your control. Whether it’s the transition our nation
faces, your own personal transition or a change in your
business world, she’ll explain what you can do to find
greater clarity and confidence. Brenda Reynolds is a
transitions expert, consultant, speaker, and founder of
BKR Consulting. She’s worked with clients nationwide
and in 2008 applied her expertise to her own challenges
when the economy took a nosedive and so did her life,
leaving her a divorced mom of two. She is author of
the upcoming book, “TBD—To Be Determined, how to Find
Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times.” Contact her
at (610) 639-5722; brenda@bkrconsult.com

10. ==> A Franchise ‘Trumps’ a Job Now More Than Ever

Since the November 8th, election, stocks have been
breaking records. The biggest gains have been in
smaller companies that have to do with construction and
American’s everyday lives such a Kroger’s. Trump’s
administration is focusing on reversing heavy
regulations on small business and helping to spur
business growth. Is it time to position yourself to
catch the wave of economic growth with your own
franchise? Franchise expert, Tom Scarda, CFE, will talk
about the upside of the franchise industry and how
certain industries within franchising are bracing for a
catapult effect of growth. Tom will also reveal the
franchise industries to avoid during a Trump
administration. Scarda is a dynamic speaker,
entrepreneur and author of “Franchise Savvy” and “The
Magic of Choosing Uncertainty.” He’s been featured in
dozens of magazines and newspapers and is a sought-
after radio and TV guest. Contact Tom Scarda at (516)
322-1435 (NYC); tom@tomscarda.com

11. ==> Good News about Bad Bosses

If your audience members have a bad boss, as many
people do, they often fail to see the good news; short
of leaving for another job, there are ways to make your
situation much more tolerable. So says Cindy Hochart,
whose three decades of corporate experience includes
time spent as vice president and regional director for
a large health insurance organization. Having worked
for both good and bad bosses, Hochart can explain what
you can say to a bad boss that can turn things around,
the difference between employment and slavery and how
to rewrite your brain to have a better day at work.
Hochart is the author of “Find Your Burning Bush.”
Reach her at 816-588-8735;

12. ==> Ripley’s Strange Holiday Stories

Ho-ho-holy cow does Ripley’s Believe It or Not! have
some strange holiday stories to share with your
audience! The company’s new book, Ripley’s Believe It
or Not! Unlock the Weird!, is full of fun holiday
facts, feats and even bizarre gift ideas.Talk with
Ripley’s own wise man Edward Meyer about these holiday
stories and more: Did you know the song Jingle Bells
was originally written for Thanksgiving? Find out about
a company that built its holiday tree out of beer kegs
– 300 of them! Learn about a perfume company that sells
fragrances that include dirt and funeral home. How
about a belt buckle that costs $550,000? You can also
ask Meyer about his latest Ripley’s acquisition – the
Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday JFK” dress he bought at
auction for $4.8 million; it’s the most expensive dress
in the world! Contact Frank Wolff at (407) 339-0879;

13. ==> Bridging the Divide – The Generation Gap

We are a nation divided in the wake of this
presidential election in which the popular vote winner
and the Electoral College winner were from different
parties. As hard as that divide is to negotiate for
America, there is often an even greater divide at home
with sometimes painful and far-reaching consequences,
points out Laura Lyles Reagan, a sociologist, youth
development and parenting expert. The divide she refers
to is the one between teens and their parents that is
sometimes called the generation gap. According to
Reagan, the keys to closing the generation gap between
teens and parents are mutual respect and tuning into
each other’s communication style. Relating to each
other becomes less about control or directing and
correcting behavior and more about uniting to solve
problems. She’ll discuss how to talk so your teen tunes
in and how to listen so your teen “opens up.” Laura
Lyles Reagan, MS is a sociologist and teen and parent
relationship expert with more than 20 years in the
field of youth development and parent education. She’s
the author of “How to Raise Respectful Parents.”
Contact her at 956-250-3689; laura@lauralreagan.com

14. ==> Lick Holiday Weight Gain Like a Dog or Cat

Worried about holiday weight gain? Take some cues from
dogs and cats. So says Carlyn Montes De Oca, author of
the upcoming book, “Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse:
An Animal Lover’s Guide to a Healthy, Happy and
Extraordinary Life.” As an animal-human health expert,
Montes De Oca will point out the habits dogs and cats
routinely use that you should adopt when confronted by
tempting holiday goodies. For example, she says you
should practice being finicky, walking away from your
food and coming back as cats do, drinking more water
because you may truly be thirsty and not hungry and
going out for a brisk, playful walk after your meal
instead of falling asleep on the couch. Montes De Oca
is the founder of The Animal-Human Health Connection,
which focuses on bringing awareness to the many
powerful ways that animals enhance human health,
happiness, and longevity. Reach her at (415) 306-1853
or modernalchemyacupuncture@gmail.com

15. ==> Why You Should Unplug this Holiday Season

“In an age when people are never without their
smartphones, headphones and tablets, silence has become
scary,” says Andro Donovan, a leadership development
specialist. She says we are no longer accustomed to the
sounds of silence and have lost the ability to connect
to who we really are. She’ll discuss how noise and
distractions became 21st-century addictions and how to
use the holiday season to get unplugged, enjoying a
restful respite that allows you to be fully present in
your loved ones’ lives. Andro Donovan is best known for
her life-changing retreats which take place around the
world. “Motivate Yourself: Get the Life You Want, Find
Purpose and Achieve Fulfilment” is her first book.
Contact her at +4407711238410; andro@trend.co.uk;
andro@androdonovan.com; Skype: andro.donovan1

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