11/22 RTIR E-zine: Ralph Malph at Christmas, Shopping Tips, Protest Protocol

November 22, 2016

01. Donny Most: Swingin’ Down the Chimney
02. Ranger Rick Turns 50
03. What Time is Dinner? (and other Thanksgiving Fights)
04. Don’t Argue, Collect Family Stories Instead
05. Black Friday Shopping Tips
06. Expect Protests to Be the New Norm
07. Is Bad Parenting to Blame for Protests?
08. Turn Trump’s Election into Personal Growth Opportunity
09. Depressed & Afraid -There’s a Remedy for That!
10. Eat all You Want this Holiday & Not Gain
11. College Scholarships for So-So Students?
12. Trump Won but You Still Won’t Have $ to Retire
13. Why You Should Unplug this Thanksgiving
14. Make America Peaceful Again: Yoga
15. The Clairvoyant Gourmet – Get Grandma’s Recipes

1. ==> Donny Most: Swingin’ Down the Chimney

Donny Most is best known for his role as Ralph Malph on
the television series Happy Days. Today he’s still
performing, but today it’s doing a cabaret act with a
7-piece band. And just in time for the holiday season
he’s come out with Swingin’ Down the Chimney, a new CD
featuring holiday standards. Invite Donny (or sometimes
Don) to talk about his ‘Happy Days’ experience (he
originally auditioned for the role of Ritchie
Cunningham), his famous co-stars, his role as “ginger
supremist” Rusty Pillsbury on ‘Glee’, or voicing a
number of cartoon characters. Contact Harlan Boll at
(626) 296-3757; h.boll@dcpublicity.com

2. ==> Ranger Rick Turns 50

Since 1967, the National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger
Rick magazine has introduced millions of children to
the wonders of wildlife and nature. Timed to its 50th
birthday, media personality, award-winning author and
naturalist David Mizejewski is offering tips to help
kids foster a love for the great outdoors. David
starred in TV shows on NatGeo Wild and Animal Planet
(Pet Talk, Are You Smarter Than, Backyard Habitat), and
is a regular guest on Conan, The Today Show, The Wendy
Williams Show, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood
Live, CNN, Fox & Friends and many more. He’s the author
of “Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard
Wildlife” and a blogger for Animal Planet, Huffington
Post and National Wildlife Federation. Contact John
Angelo at john@premieretv.com.

3. ==> What Time is Dinner? (and other Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving. The all American tradition of turkey,
football and family get-togethers. Which often
translates into family fights. From bickering over a
dinner time to choosing which family gets a visit this
year, holidays don’t always bring out the best in
families where old roles and rituals never seem to die.
Tom Gagliano says, “Returning home and rekindling the
family dynamics we grew up with can be stressful. No
matter what identity we have tried to shape for
ourselves in the outside world, many of us are forced
to face the roles we were set up to play in childhood
when we go back home.” Gagliano will discuss ways to
navigate family functions without dread, how to change
your role in the family, and why families make us so
crazy! Tom Gagliano, MSW, is a mentor, speaker and the
author of “The Problem Was Me.” Contact him at (732)
266-4952; gags17285@aol.com

4. ==> Don’t Argue, Collect Family Stories Instead

This Thanksgiving, as families gather around, instead
of making small talk (or arguing over politics), Robb
Lucy suggests using the time to share family stories.
The author of “Legacies Aren’t Just for Dead People”
will share ways to get the conversation started, how it
can bring families closer, and how the stories
collected will be part of your family’s legacy. He’ll
discuss what a legacy is, why it’s not just packaging
up all your wealth and divvying it up to the kids.
He’ll describe how anyone, especially parents, can
create the most important legacy they could ever give
their families — and it only takes about an hour.
“Society says we should ‘leave’ a legacy” says Lucy.
“But the happiest and most productive people in the
world are those who ‘live’ their legacies” he says.
Note: Lucy is publishing a new edition of his book in
January with this new title: “How Will You Be
Remembered? A Guide for Creating and Enjoying Your
Legacies Now.” Contact him at (604) 874-7700;

5. ==> Black Friday Shopping Tips

And they’re off! Holiday shopping has begun and if
we’re not careful far too many of us will end up
spending way too much. Money expert Linda Levesque has
the advice your listeners need to spend wisely without
breaking the bank. With advice for Black Friday, online
shopping and mall shopping, she has seven tips to
offer. She’ll discuss what to watch out for on Black
Friday, and tricks retailers use to get you to spend
more (malls use subliminal selling while online deals
do it by counting down time). Linda is the author of
“The 5 Minute Wealth Plan” where she shows you more
ways to save all year long. Reach her at (416) 412-8017
or linda@levesquewealthplanning.com

6. ==> Expect Protests to Be the New Norm

Carol Richardson says, “When the majority popular vote
does not elect a president, and the president-elect has
expressed hate towards large portions of the US
population, protesters are speaking up and will
continue to speak up to express what is needed in a
healthy democracy. America has become an oligarchy
which has exercised a too-often unrecognized tyranny
over American politics.” Richardson, an Interfaith
Minister, says no matter what side of the aisle
Americans choose, most of us have experienced tyranny
financially or politically, and with this divisive
election, protests against perceived tyranny may become
the norm. She adds, “American democracy was founded on
spiritual ideals, and we will only return to a
cooperative, peaceful democracy when we restore these
healthy ideals in American life.” Rev. Carol
Richardson, M.Div., MPH is an Interfaith Intuitive
Healer and Coach in the Washington, DC area, and an
expert in healthy spirituality. She’s the author of
“Mornings with the Masters: Mystical Journeys in a
Postmodern World.” Contact her at 269-365- 8939;

7. ==> Is Bad Parenting to Blame for Protests?

Since Nov. 8, many Americans have participated in
protests and marches in nearly every major city in
opposition to Donald Trump’s election — or to counter-
protest in defense of it. Parenting expert Emily
Slingluff isn’t surprised. Invite her to discuss the
real reason so many people feel confused, insecure and
unhappy and how that leads to lashing out and blaming
others. Slingluff says parents have more influence than
anyone in raising a kinder, happier generation. She’ll
discuss clear and easy ways to help kids be happy with
life. She says, “The formative years of life are called
formative for a reason. And the main influence in
those first years is the parent.” Emily Slingluff is
the author of several parenting books including her
latest, “Parenting without Punishment.” Contact her at
(757) 428-6167; emilyslingluff@aol.com

8. ==> Turn Trump’s Election into Personal Growth

A good number of people are still having a hard time
with the election results. They voted for Hillary
Clinton and are afraid of what’s next. Jack Beauregard
suggests using this as an opportunity to find your true
self. “You can take the uncertainty and fear created by
this backward paradigm shift to Trump’s America and use
it as a catalyst. Use the chaos of the next four years
as an opportunity to rethink and reframe your life!”
Jack Beauregard is founder of The Successful Transition
Planning Institute, where he teaches a unique
methodology to help business owners, professionals, and
corporate executives connect to their authentic selves
so they can create successful and fulfilling new lives.
His new book is “7 Principles for Living with
Authenticity: Finding Your True Self When Facing Life
Changes.” Contact him at (617) 267-9727;

9. ==> Depressed & Afraid -There’s a Remedy for That!

As a homeopathic physician, Dr. Kathleen Fry says she’s
been busy lately with election-related ailments. “I
have had numerous calls from my clients still suffering
from fear, anxiety or bouts of depression. One woman
told me that she hasn’t been able to stop crying;
another can’t sleep and tells me ‘my nervous system is
shot’.” Invite Dr. Fry to share simple, inexpensive
remedies that are easily available and really work.
She’ll also discuss simple stress reduction techniques
that can help listeners ease their anxiety and sleep
better. Kathleen Fry, MD, CTHHom is the author of the
upcoming book “There’s a Remedy for That!” and
“Vitality! How to Get It and Keep It: A Homeopath’s
Guide to Vibrant Health without Drugs.” Contact her at
(480) 695-1383; drkathi@drkathifry.com

10. ==> Eat all You Want this Holiday & Not Gain

Thanksgiving is here and after that comes Christmas,
Hanukkah and New Year’s. This is the time of the year
when most of us worry about resisting temptations that
unchecked will pack on unneeded pounds. Swee Lin Lim,
author of “10 Easy Habits of Eating Well, Being Well,”
has made a careful study of how to healthfully combine
foods during the holidays. She’ll explain why you don’t
need to count calories and share how to eat what you
want without gaining weight all holiday season long.
You’ll learn what to eat for breakfast and lunch before
eating a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and the right
time to eat your pumpkin pie and dessert so they don’t
go to your waist. A Wharton grad and former McKinsey
business consultant, Swee Lin Lim turned to nutrition
and studied research from nutritionists, neurologists,
dermatologists and other health professionals. Her
company, Fig & Blossom, promotes health, healing and
happiness. Based in Singapore, Swee Lin Lim will be in
the New York and Philadelphia area from Nov. 25 through
Dec. 5. Contact her at sweelin@figandblossom.com;
Skype: sweelin.lim1 or phone +65 98220651

11. ==> College Scholarships for So-So Students

As Steven Roberts crisscrosses the country speaking at
schools, businesses, and military installations, he is
continually amazed at how little most people know about
the huge pots of money available to pay for college
without taking out student loans. At one speaking
appearance at a time, he delights in opening their eyes
to resources even students with poor grades can tap
into that most families never know about. Roberts, a
former scholarship judge, says students—and
parents—need to get past their mistaken belief that you
need to be extraordinary to qualify for scholarships. A
popular talk show guest, Roberts’ own 2008 engineering
degree was more than paid for by 11 scholarships and
grants. He’s the author of “Winning the Money Game in
College: Any Major and Any GPA Can Finish College Debt-
Free or Better.” Contact him at (801) 719-3760;

12. ==> Trump Won but You Still Won’t Have $ to Retire

Whether it was Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton who won
this year’s election, the majority of Americans still
won’t have enough money to retire. Financial expert
Gary Stone says, “80% of everyday Americans will retire
with a nest egg that won’t last their golden years or
provide for a comfortable and independent retirement.
Investors have to cut loose from being fee-fleeced by
Target Date and active mutual funds for decades.” Gary
will discuss the 3 biggest mistakes people make when
saving for retirement, how to protect a nest egg from
the next severe bear market and why diversification is
a poor risk management strategy for multi-decade
investing. Your listeners will learn simple things they
can do now to make sure they don’t outlive their money
A financial markets researcher and investor of 26
years, Gary Stone is the author of “Blueprint to
Wealth: Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes A Week.”
Contact him at 800-392-1257;

13. ==> Why You Should Unplug this Thanksgiving

“In an age when people are never without their
smartphones, headphones and tablets, silence has become
scary,” says Andro Donovan, a leadership development
specialist. She says we are no longer accustomed to the
sounds of silence and have lost the ability to connect
to who we really are. She’ll discuss how noise and
distractions became 21st-century addictions and how to
use the Thanksgiving holiday to get unplugged, enjoying
a restful respite that allows you to be fully present
in your loved ones’ lives. Andro Donovan is best known
for her life-changing retreats which take place around
the world. “Motivate Yourself: Get the Life You Want,
Find Purpose and Achieve Fulfilment” is her first book.
Contact her at +4407711238410; andro@trend.co.uk;
andro@androdonovan.com; Skype: andro.donovan1

14. ==> Make America Peaceful Again: Yoga

Is your audience suffering from post-election stress
disorder? Teresa Power, a leading yoga expert, will
share quick and easy yoga and meditation tips to help
your listeners reduce stress and maximize hope. Power
will discuss real-world ways families can find inner
peace in this time of outer turmoil, from doing a few
simple yoga poses to limiting time on social media and
trying a meditation app. Power is an internationally
recognized yoga expert and bestselling author of the
award-winning book series, The ABCs of Yoga for Kids.
With over 30 years of yoga experience, she ignites a
passion for health and fitness through yoga in both
adults and children. She is also the founder of
International Kids’ Yoga Day whose mission is to raise
awareness about the benefits of yoga for children
around the world. Contact her at (310) 266-7705;

15. ==> The Clairvoyant Gourmet – Get Grandma’s Recipes

Wish you could remember Aunt Judy’s pumpkin pie recipe?
Maybe your grandma made the best stuffing but you can’t
recall the secret ingredient. For a fun show invite
psychic medium Janie Boisclair to channel Thanksgiving
recipes from the spirit world! Listeners can call in
and uncover their Thanksgiving dishes and traditions
from past generations who’ve passed away. The spirits
seem to especially want to connect with Janie through
her sense of taste and smell, since for years every
reading she has given has had some type of food
element. Through her readings, she brings back missing
ingredients, lost family recipes, joyous meal-time
memories from the other side, and memories that need to
be revisited for therapeutic reasons. She can even
connect with spirit guides who offer insight on what
foods are needed to balance your Chakra energy system.
Contact Erin Dean at (661) 255-8283;

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