11/16/17 RTIR E-zine: GOP Tax Plan, Family Gratitude, Artful Activism

November 16, 2017

01. The GOP’s 20th Century Tax Plan
02. Millionaires – We Don’t Need Tax Cuts
03. Nat Geo Wild – Savage Kingdom: Uprising
04. Thanksgiving Italian American Style
05. Pass the Stuffing and the Family Stories
06. Sitting Around the Table is Tough
07. Develop a Family Gratitude Habit
08. Transgender Day of Remembrance
09. How to Escape from ‘Bad News Hell’
10. Women Leading Entrepreneurial Boom
11. End the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Life
12. Financial Planning for Special-Needs
13. How to Get Out of the Hospital Alive
14. When Yoga Triggers Buried Trauma
15. He Teaches Artful Activism

1. ==> The GOP’s 20th Century Tax Plan

Many people in both parties believe the tax code needs
to be modernized, especially regarding how businesses
are taxed, but in a New York Times Op-ed Rebecca Kysar
she writes, “The current GOP plan reflects a pre-
digital, pre-global economy. With their bill, they may
well ensure that the United States economy is left
behind once and for all. Other countries have
increasingly relied on consumption taxes as pro-growth
alternatives to traditional business income taxes. The
United States, however, remains wedded by politics and
ideology to an inefficient, easily manipulated and
antiquated tax policy. Rather than driving the United
States to be a competitive force in the 21st century,
the Republicans’ plans hold the United States back in
the last one.” Rebecca Kysar is a visiting professor at
Fordham University School of Law and a professor at
Brooklyn Law School. Contact her at (917) 623-3935;

2. ==> Millionaires – We Don’t Need Tax Cuts

Over 400 millionaires and billionaires from the United
States sent a letter to Congress this week petitioning
lawmakers not to cut their taxes — but to raise taxes
on the wealthy. The wealthy Americans, which include
doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and CEOs, say the GOP
is making a mistake by reducing taxes on the richest
families at a time when the nation’s debt is high and
inequality is back at the worst level since the 1920s.
Responsible Wealth is a liberal organization that
teamed up for Voices for Progress on this campaign.
They hope to remind Congress that not everyone is
clamoring for lower taxes. “This has to be one of the
few times members of Congress have been visited by
people saying don’t give me a tax cut,” says Mike
Lapham, who inherited sizable wealth from his family’s
paper mill in upstate New York and now directs the
Responsible Wealth project at United for a Fair
Economy. “Wealthy people are saying it themselves: we
don’t need a tax cut.” Contact him at (617) 423-2148,
ext.112; mlapham@faireconomy.org

3. ==> Nat Geo Wild – Savage Kingdom: Uprising

What better time than Black Friday to air Nat Geo’s new
mini-series about survival on the African plains?
Uprising, the latest Savage Kingdom production,
features warring animal clans battling for survival in
a remote region of Africa that is drying up after years
of flood-soaked abundance. Cinematographer Brad
Bestelink will share what viewers can expect from the
series, why it’s become so popular, and behind-the-
scenes stories of what it was like to get up close and
personal with lions, leopards and hyenas. Bestelink is
available Wednesday morning, November 22nd. Contact
Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137; (703) 400-1099
(cell) or Megan Bonomo at (703) 646-5188

4. ==> Thanksgiving Italian American Style

Italians living in Italy may not celebrate Thanksgiving
as we do here in North America, but Italian Americans
have certainly embraced the holiday and made it their
own. Italians love any holiday that brings together
friends and family (and of course food!), and every
family of Italian heritage has their own unique
traditions, especially when it comes to the menu. As
well as the expected turkey and side dishes most
Americans are familiar with, an Italian Thanksgiving
often includes some antipasti, a pasta or soup course,
and traditional sweets to complete the meal. Invite
food blogger and author Dominic Condo to discuss the
many ways Italians incorporate their traditions and
culture into holiday dishes. Dom shares traditional
(and personally updated) Italian American recipes and
the family stories that go along with them on his blog,
Cucina Domenico, and his podcasts. His new book is “A
Little of This and Some of That.” Contact him at (484)
680-2176 (PA); info@domskitchen.com

5. ==> Pass the Stuffing and the Family Stories

For most families, a good portion of the holidays is
spent around the dinner table with friends and
relatives who may or may not be on their best behavior
and may, if left untended, insist on turning the
holiday table into their own political soapboxes. But,
according to Robb Lucy, a little planning can help
people avoid standing helplessly by as their dinner
table devolves into a political battlefield. In fact,
Lucy maintains, there is a way to turn this year’s
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah dinners into
priceless opportunities for laughter, listening and
learning new things about friends and family members.
The author of “How Will You Be Remembered?” will share
ways to get the conversation started and how it can
bring families closer. He’ll also discuss what a legacy
is, why it’s not just packaging up all your wealth and
divvying it up to the kids, and how anyone can write
their own legacy letter that tells the world the values
you lived by, and the story of how you lived each
value. A journalist, writer, and producer, Robb Lucy is
the author of the “How Will You Be Remembered: A Guide
to Creating and Enjoying Your Legacies Now.” Contact
him at (604) 874-7700; rlucy@createmylegacy.com

6. ==> Sitting Around the Table is Tough

Let’s face it, sitting around the Thanksgiving table
with all the relatives can be a bit much for many of
us, but when you’ve got a kid who’s fidgety or can’t
sit at the table for an extended meal you need to have
some tricks up your sleeve. Jeanne Beard says some
preparation can help kids on the autism spectrum as
well as fidgety kids and adults. From practicing proper
table manners and appropriate behavior at home to
finding creative ways to get up from the table like
clearing dirty dishes, her practical advice can help
make a stressful situation a bit easier for everyone.
The mother of 2 sons, one diagnosed with Autism
Spectrum Disorder and one diagnosed with ADHD, Jeanne
Beard is the founder of the National Autism Academy
which helps families with autism by coaching parents on
success strategies that work. She is the author of
“Autism & The Rest of Us: How to Sustain a Healthy,
Functional and Satisfying Life with a Person on the
Autism Spectrum.” Contact her at (630) 542-1191 (cell);

7. ==> Develop a Family Gratitude Habit

Gratitude has been shown to increase happiness, and
Anne Andrew says that’s why it’s the top recommendation
on her list of ways to raise mentally-healthy children.
“Being grateful helps children focus on the positives
and acts as an antidote to entitlement and negativity.
While most families will express gratitude to each
other around the Thanksgiving table, having a regular
gratitude practice can yield amazing results and even
stave off depression and negative behavior as children
grow up.” She says expressing gratitude can be as
simple as being grateful for the colors of the leaves
that have fallen in the street or the smile from a
woman at the grocery store. “Sharing gratitude is a
simple way to help children appreciate the world we
live in. Once you start, kids will be on the lookout
for things to share in their next gratitude session!”
Anne Andrew is a former school principal, now a
proactive parenting coach who focuses on helping
parents raise mentally-healthy, addiction-free
children. Contact her at (604) 263-8751; (604) 720-2776
(cell) or andrew8751@shaw.ca

8. ==> Transgender Day of Remembrance

Next Monday, November 20th, Transgender Day of
Remembrance, will honor the memory of those whose lives
were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. It
started after the 1998 murder of Rita Hester, a highly
visible member of the transgender community in Boston,
MA where she worked locally on education around
transgender issues. Seth Rainess—a transgender
advocate—can discuss the still prevalent fears and
misconceptions people have about transgender people,
the problem of violence committed against them, as well
as the diversity and resilience of the community in the
face of harassment and violence. And with last week’s
election wins, Rainess can also talk about the role
transgender politicians and transgender voters are
likely to play in the new Democratic Party. Seth has
been featured in Time and numerous media outlets. Reach
him at (732) 620-4300 (cell); (732) 291-6090 (landline)
or sjrainess@yahoo.com

9. ==> How to Escape from ‘Bad News Hell’

Disastrous weather. Attacks by madmen in churches and
on bicycle paths. Technologies that influence
elections. Global economic earthquakes. If you feel
like things are unraveling around you, you’re not
alone. Dr. Robin Burk says this unraveling is real
because the sophisticated systems (the infrastructure
and technology) that we enjoy make us more vulnerable
to events that threaten to disrupt our lives. We can’t
always prevent threats from emerging, but Burk says we
CAN take steps now to plan for potential attacks and
disasters—and even take advantage of new possibilities
for good that are hidden in the whirlwind of change.
Burk’s message is all the more powerful because of who
she is: She was in charge of the Defense Threat
Reduction Agency’s interdependent networks research and
is an expert on network science as well as artificial
intelligence. The DTRA is an organization tasked with
safeguarding national infrastructure against weapons of
mass destruction. Burk has been featured in Wired, on
MSNBC and on dozens of radio shows. She is the author
“How to Thrive in an Uncertain World.” Contact her at
(703) 346-4448; robin.kowalchuk.burk@gmail.com.

10. ==> Women Leading Entrepreneurial Boom

The number of women-owned businesses increased by 45
percent last year. That’s five times the national
average! And, as business and marketing expert Claudia
Newcorn points out, 79 percent of women-owned firms
launched over the past nine years were founded by women
of color. Newcorn says, “A big driver is women’s desire
to chart their own life course and pursue success on
their own terms. But, just as with any new enterprise,
women need to use smart marketing strategies in order
to avoid being among the 80 percent of entrepreneurs
whose businesses fail in their first 18 months.” She’ll
reveal which industries are seeing the biggest surge in
women-owned start-ups, why women need to get personal
in dealing with competitors and the #1 thing every
entrepreneur needs to know about running their own
business. Claudia Newcorn, MBA, is a strategic
marketing consultant and author of “Zipline to Success:
Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your
Sales & Profits.” Newcorn hosted her own TV show, and
has been featured on numerous radio stations. Contact
her at (209) 204-0502 (CA);

11. ==> End the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Life

How many people in your audience are living paycheck to
paycheck? More than you probably think. Personal
finance expert Patricia Davis will show your listeners
exactly what they need to do to get their finances back
on track, raise their credit score and live the
financial life they want and deserve. She’ll share
practical tips and take some of the mystery out of
personal financial management by showing how to avoid
many of life’s financial pitfalls. From managing
student loans to the best way to pay off debt quickly,
listeners will learn how to take charge of their
financial lives. A former corporate finance and banking
executive, Patricia Davis is the managing director of
Davis Financial Services. “Going Broke is No Joke! 52
Money Tips Everybody Should Know” is her latest book.
Contact her at (301) 249-2261;

12. ==> Financial Planning for Special-Needs Families

Families with special-needs members live with constant
stress. They worry about taking care of their family
member with a disability, getting out of debt, saving
for retirement, and providing a secure future for their
family members. Rob Wrubel, a Certified Financial
Planning professional and a father of a daughter with
Down syndrome, can explain how families can create
financial stability and the steps they need to take to
create a trust to care for their family member with
special needs. Rob’s latest book, “Financial Freedom
for Special Needs Families: 9 Building Blocks to Reduce
Stress, Preserve Benefits, and Create a Fulfilling
Life,” aims to help families who have a member with
autism, Down syndrome, a brain injury, cerebral palsy
or some other cause of an intellectual or developmental
disability remove as much financial stress as possible.
Rob Wrubel is also an Accredited Investment Fiduciary
and a partner at Cascade Investment Group. Contact him
at (719) 632-0818 (CO); rwrubel@ciginc.net

13. ==> How to Get Out of the Hospital Alive

Every year in the U.S. some 70,000 people die from
MRSA, strep and other hospital-acquired infections.
That’s more deaths in one year than American troops
killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Former
surgical nurse Jeanne Dockins says sadly, most of these
deaths are preventable. Dockins spent more than 30
years as a surgical nurse at a level I trauma center.
She’ll share how her sister became a paraplegic from an
infection acquired during back surgery. Oral DNA
testing (like a fingerprint) confirmed the strep
infection came from the mouth of a surgical technician
and was passed through the technician’s mask to the
surgical site. Dockins on your show to learn how to
quickly knock out an infection without antibiotics, why
gum disease is so dangerous to your overall health, and
how to heal MRSA with an FDA-cleared product. Jeanne
Dockins, RN, BSN, CNOR, has appeared on numerous radio
talk shows discussing how to survive a hospital stay.
Through her Mastery of Self-Healing website, she
empowers people to take responsibility for their own
health and healing. Contact her at (419) 960-5460;

14. ==> When Yoga Triggers Buried Trauma

More than 30 million adults in the United States have
tried yoga. Many turn to the ancient practice to relax,
thinking it will help them manage stress. Yet the
public and many doctors are unaware that yoga and
meditation can actually cause stress by triggering
painful memories and more. Dr. Dorena Rode began
meditative and yogic practices over 20 years ago.
Although she had chronic depression and anxiety, she
was unaware that locked in her mind and body were
repressed memories of severe childhood ritual abuse. In
yoga class, she found herself getting more and more
agitated for apparently no reason. Dr. Rode will
discuss what can come up during yoga and meditation
practice, how to determine if you are at risk and what
to do if you have a reaction. Dr. Rode has a Ph.D. in
physiology, a degree in behavioral health counseling
and more than 20 years’ experience helping people get
unstuck using unconventional methods. She hosts the
Positive Change with Dorena podcast and has been
featured in Newsweek and on Starcom Radio Network and
other media outlets. Contact her at (415) 830-3777
(CA), dorenarode@gmail.com

15. ==> He Teaches Artful Activism

Candlelight vigils, pro and student athletes kneeling,
student rallies…in a time of political uneasiness, are
peaceful citizen protests a viable way for the average
citizen to share their voice and show either support or
non-support for our leader’s actions? Is it a citizen’s
responsibility to speak, stand or show up? Bill Moyer
has been showing non-profits, community action groups
and students around the world how to show governments,
corporations and the media how common citizens feel
about the actions that affect them but always in a
peaceful – and often quite amusing and novel – way.
Moyer, executive director of the Backbone Campaign, has
emerged as a leader in the theory and practice of
“artful activism.” He designs and produces creative
political actions and provides trainings in grand
strategy and creative tactics around the country.
Contact the Zephyr Group at (505) 466-2770;

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