11/14/17 RTIR E-zine: Italian Thanksgiving, Jewish Comedy, Millennial Men

November 13, 2017

01. Moore Exposes Christian Fundamentalist Problem
02. The Company Trump Keeps Reveals Him
03. Kibbitz about Jewish Comedy
04. Abbondanza! Thanksgiving Italian American Style
05. The Clairvoyant Gourmet – Get Grandma’s Recipes
06. Holiday Help: Go from Bickering to Bonding
07. Thanksgiving – Soothe Irritable Relatives with These Foods
08. Holiday Travel: Uber/Lyft Safety
09. Security Expert Teaches Churches to Protect Flock
10. Election a Big Win for Transgender Pols
11. Does In-Home Rehab Work?
12. How to Survive a Hospital Stay
13. Millennials, Men and Kids: The New Family Caregivers
14. Do a Show on One Moment that Changed Your Life
15. Real Estate Shark Selling Pieces of Pikes Peak

1. ==> Moore Exposes Christian Fundamentalist Problem

Kathryn Brightbill says the allegations against GOP
Senate candidate Roy Moore are merely a symptom of a
larger problem. “It’s not a Southern problem or an
Alabama problem. It’s a Christian fundamentalist
problem. The evangelical world is overdue for a
reckoning. Women raised in evangelicalism and
fundamentalism have for years discussed the
normalization of child sexual abuse. We’ve told our
stories on social media and on our blogs and various
online platforms, but until the Roy Moore story broke,
mainstream American society barely paid attention.
Everyone assumed this was an isolated, fringe issue. It
isn’t.” Brightbill, a legislative policy analyst at the
Coalition for Responsible Home Education, adds that
Billy Graham’s grandson, Boz Tchividjian, who leads the
organization GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in a
Christian Environment), believes that the sexual abuse
problem in Protestant communities is on par with that
in the Catholic Church. The Coalition for Responsible
Home Education is a nonprofit advocating for the
interests of home-schooled children. Contact her at
@KEBrightbill; (617) 765-7096 or

2. ==> The Company Trump Keeps Reveals Him

Michael D’Antonio says, for a man with such bright
ambitions, Donald Trump sure keeps himself in shady
company. From Michael Flynn to Steve Bannon and
Sebastian Gorka, D’Antonio says “Trump is clearly
attracted to figures who enjoy having bad reputations.
In choosing over the years to ally himself with these
men, with their murky dealings and extremist ways,
Donald Trump tells us who he is. The thing they have in
common is a willingness to go beyond the boundaries
normally respected by others. Donald Trump is the same
kind of heedless risk-taker who sees no reason to
adhere to ethical norms.” He adds, “This is why, in the
long run-up to his election, so many reputable and
sober Republicans like Mitt Romney and both Presidents
Bush would not endorse him.” A Pulitzer-Prize winning
writer of books, articles, and original stories for
film, Michael D’Antonio has published more than a dozen
books, including “Never Enough”, a 2015 biography of
presidential candidate and billionaire businessman
Donald Trump. He is a regular contributor to CNN, both
on-air and on their website. Contact him at
mbdantonio@gmail.com; @MBDAntonio

3. ==> Kibbitz about Jewish Comedy

Jews have, over the last century, become known for
humor—and, perhaps, for a particular kind of humor. But
the story of Jewish comedy is vast and variegated; and
if it resolutely resists any single explanatory lens,
it is also surely a tradition. For a fun Hanukkah show
invite Jeremy Dauber to talk about Jewish comedy from a
historic perspective. He’ll explore the history of
Jewish humor from Talmudic anecdotes to Mel Brooks and
explain what it did and what it meant for Jews in
different times and places. Jeremy Dauber is a
professor of Yiddish language, literature and culture
at Columbia University. He’s the author of “Jewish
Comedy: A Serious History.” Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer
at (703) 646-5137; (703) 400-1099 (cell) or Megan
Bonomo at (703) 646-5188

4. ==> Abbondanza! Thanksgiving Italian American Style

Italians living in Italy may not celebrate Thanksgiving
as we do here in North America, but Italian Americans
have certainly embraced the holiday and made it their
own. Italians love any holiday that brings together
friends and family (and of course food!), and every
family of Italian heritage has their own unique
traditions, especially when it comes to the menu. As
well as the expected turkey and side dishes most
Americans are familiar with, an Italian Thanksgiving
often includes some antipasti, a pasta or soup course,
and traditional sweets to complete the meal. Invite
author and food blogger Dominic Condo to discuss the
many ways Italians incorporate their traditions and
culture into holiday dishes. Dom shares traditional
(and personally updated) Italian American recipes and
the family stories that go along with them in his new
book “A Little of This and Some of That” and his blog
“Cucina Domenico” Contact him at (484)680-2176 (PA);

5. ==> The Clairvoyant Gourmet – Get Grandma’s Recipes

Wish you could remember Aunt Judy’s pumpkin pie recipe?
Maybe your grandma made the best stuffing but you can’t
recall the secret ingredient. For a fun show invite
psychic medium Janie Boisclair to channel Thanksgiving
recipes from the spirit world! Listeners can call in
and uncover their Thanksgiving dishes and traditions
from past generations who’ve passed away. The spirits
seem to especially want to connect with Janie through
her sense of taste and smell, since for years every
reading she has given has had some type of food
element. Through her readings, she brings back missing
ingredients, lost family recipes, joyous meal-time
memories from the other side, and memories that need to
be revisited for therapeutic reasons. She can even
connect with spirit guides who offer insight on what
foods are needed to balance your Chakra energy system.
Contact Emily Maloney at (661) 255-8283;

6. ==> Holiday Help: Go from Bickering to Bonding

For most families, a good portion of the holidays is
spent around the dinner table with friends and
relatives who may or may not be on their best behavior
and may, if left untended, insist on turning the
holiday table into their own political soapboxes. But,
according to Robb Lucy, a little planning can help
people avoid standing helplessly by as their dinner
table devolves into a political battlefield. In fact,
Lucy maintains, there is a way to turn this year’s
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah dinners into
priceless opportunities for laugher, listening and
learning new things about friends and family members.
The author of “How Will You Be Remembered?” will share
ways to get the conversation started and how it can
bring families closer. He’ll also discuss what a legacy
is, why it’s not just packaging up all your wealth and
divvying it up to the kids, and how anyone can write
their own legacy letter that tells the world the values
you lived by, and the story of how you lived each
value. A journalist, writer, and producer, Robb Lucy is
the author of the “How Will You Be Remembered: A Guide
to Creating and Enjoying Your Legacies Now.” Contact
him at (604) 874-7700; rlucy@createmylegacy.com

7. ==> Thanksgiving – Soothe Irritable Relatives with
These Foods

The holidays are around the corner and some of your
audience members are dreading being trapped at the
table with irritable uncles, hormonal teens and sleepy
relatives who snore through dessert. The best way to
achieve peace at the table, asserts Jaya Jaya Myra, is
to serve specific foods that will enhance people’s
moods. For instance, she’ll reveal how salad can
decrease sex drives (and what to add to enhance
people’s happiness levels), why avoiding whole grains
can keep people awake and perky and why your best
defense against troublesome relatives may be a latte
with some very unusual ingredients. Learn how the right
foods can prevent nearly anyone from being a pain in
your butt. Jaya Jaya Myra is the author of “Vibrational
Healing: Attain Balance & Wholeness. Understand Your
Energetic Type.” She’s been featured on Harry, Fox News
and in Readers Digest. Contact her at (347) 476-4358;

8. ==> Holiday Travel: Uber/Lyft Safety

The holiday travel season is creeping up on us and
millions will leave home over the next several weeks to
spend time with family and friends. These days,
travelling often involves taking a Lyft or Uber, but
many people don’t have a clue how to use these services
and it may actually put them in danger. Invite
Uber/Lyft expert Mukon Ngoyi to share tips on how to
navigate city streets safely. You’ll learn why you
should always look in the vehicle before getting
inside, what you should never do while in a Lyft, and
common etiquette including whether it’s ok to eat and
drink during your ride. Listeners can even call in with
their own questions about Uber and Lyft. A highly
commended former Uber and Lyft driver, Mukon Ngoyi is
the author of the upcoming book “Hustlin’ Hummingbird.”
Contact her at (385) 201-8447; mn.honors@gmail.com

9. ==> Security Expert Teaches Churches to Protect

Following the horrific shooting in Texas, it seems
American churches must now consider security plans and
how to protect their congregations. John Matthews is
the nation’s preeminent mass shootings/security expert
and these types of security and response plans (and
training) are exactly what he has been traveling the
country, doing for decades at churches, schools and
event venues. John is a highly-decorated law
enforcement vet, has worked with the Department of
Homeland Security and has (as part of the organization
he founded in Dallas — the Community Safety Institute)
done extensive research on every mass shooting event in
America over the last 30 years. He can provide not only
basics on building plans and training people, but
statistics and trends on these types of events. John
Matthews has appeared on network and cable programs and
hosted his own radio show in Dallas. Contact Jason
Jones at jason@press.serveliterary.com

10. ==> Election a Big Win for Transgender Pols

Last Tuesday, Democrats Andrea Jenkins and Danica Roem
made election history, Jenkins as the first openly
transgender black woman to be elected to public office
in the U.S. and Roem as the first openly transgender
person to be elected and seated in a state
(Minneapolis) legislature in the country. Roem’s win
was especially sweet since she defeated an incumbent
who had declared himself to be Virginia’s chief
homophobe. For a look at the significance of these
victories, interview Seth Rainess, a transgender male
whose mission is to alleviate the still prevalent fears
and misconceptions people have about the transgender
people. He can talk about what role transgender
politicians and transgender voters are likely to play
in the new Democratic Party. Seth has been featured in
Time and numerous media outlets. Reach him at (732)
620-4300 (cell); (732) 291-6090 (landline) or

11. ==> Does In-Home Rehab Work?

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, gambling, or any number of
things, addiction is a huge problem. Even when someone
recognizes they have an addiction, many delay treatment
for fear of being stigmatized. Never mind the financial
burden of rehab. Dr. Winn Henderson, an M.D. and
ordained Christian minister, says in-home treatment
could save many lives. Invite him to talk about his
program which has been successfully used for over 20
years and can be followed at home without taking time
off from work or spending thousands on rehab centers.
Dr. Henderson is the author of several books including
“Freedom from Addiction.” Contact him at

12. ==> How to Survive a Hospital Stay

Every year in the U.S. some 70,000 people die from
MRSA, strep and other hospital-acquired infections.
That’s more deaths in one year than American troops
killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Former
surgical nurse Jeanne Dockins says sadly, these deaths
are mostly preventable. Dockins, who spent more than 30
years as a surgical nurse at a level I trauma center,
will share how her own sister became a paraplegic from
an infection she acquired during back surgery. Oral DNA
testing (like a fingerprint) confirmed the source of
the strep infection came from the mouth of the surgical
technician and was passed through the technician’s mask
to the surgical site. Invite her on your show and learn
how to quickly knock out an infection without
antibiotics, why gum disease is so dangerous to your
overall health, and how to heal MRSA with an FDA-
cleared product. Jeanne Dockins, RN, BSN, CNOR, has
appeared on numerous radio talk shows discussing how to
survive a hospital stay. Through her Mastery of Self-
Healing website, she empowers people to take
responsibility for their own health and healing.
Contact her at (419) 960-5460;

13. ==> Millennials, Men and Kids: The New Family

According to Dr. Camille Superson, 40% of millennials
are now caregivers, 45% are men, and about 1.4 million
children between ages 8-18 are now in this role.
November is National Family Caregivers Month and
Superson says these unsung heroes need help. “Many
don’t know where to begin or how to juggle work, school
and family, along with the ongoing demands of
caregiving. They need valuable resources to help them
but they’re often hard to find, especially if you don’t
know where to look, what’s available, or what you
qualify for.” A former caregiver herself for over a
decade to two bedbound parents, and author of the book
“Essential Resource Guide for Caregivers: Save
Time…Save Money… Save your Sanity!”, Dr. Camille
Superson can provide a wealth of information to help
caregivers and their families find the tools they need.
She’ll also offer hope to the ongoing struggles
caregivers face every day. Contact her at (630)
888-2895 (cell); camillesuperson8@gmail.com

14. ==> Do a Show on One Moment that Changed Your Life

Ulrich Kellerer has spent decades working in many
facets of the fashion industry with much success. But
he says in one moment his life changed and he found his
deeper calling, as a storyteller to the elderly. Invite
Kellerer to share his story and why for one hour per
week, he leaves his showroom of “princesses who have
been to Paris, Rome and Milan” and heads to the nursing
home where his mother lived in the years before her
recent passing. He says, “One hour a week changed and
transformed me and will transform anyone. In my fashion
business I’ve been working 30 years to help people look
good on the outside. For the last four years I have
worked to help people feel good on the inside.
Everybody can and should do something to give back.”
Invite your listeners to call in and share their own
stories of one moment that changed their life. Ulrich
Kellerer is featured Jack Canfield’s “The Soul of
Success.” Contact him at Ulrich.kellerer@t-online.de

15. ==> Real Estate Shark Selling Pieces of Pikes Peak

Looking for an unusual holiday present to please a
history lover, an outdoorsman or the proverbial person
who has everything? Andrew Curry, a self-described
“real estate shark” who owns the website Pikes Peak for
Sale, believes he has the answer: a $39 bottle
containing authenticated soil from Pikes Peak national
park, which happens to be located not far from his
home. “Everyone wants to own a piece of history,” Curry
observes. “People love to touch and feel history.” An
entrepreneur and native Coloradan, Curry won’t say what
loophole he is exploiting that allows him to do what
even the U.S. government cannot do—sell pieces of a
national landmark. A 2015 trip to Pikes Peak led him to
engage a park ranger in conversation about taking rocks
home as a memento. Told he would face a $5,000 fine and
or six months in jail if he did so, Curry spent two
years researching whether Pikes Peak could be
individually owned by U.S. taxpayers. Andy Curry’s
company has been featured in Sweet Deals 4 Moms and
Kelly’s Thoughts on Things. Contact him at (719)
375-3950; pikespeakforsale@gmail.com

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