11/1/16 RTIR E-zine: James Comey, Peace Activists, Election Voting

November 1, 2016

FR: Lauren Healy and Chris Morabito, Editors, Radio-TV
Interview Report Magazine

01. FBI Director James Comey – Neither Saint nor  Villain
02. Israeli Peace Activist to Be Sentenced
03. The Good, Bad and Ugly of Election Voting
04. Millions Distraught over Election Choices
05. Trump & Clinton – Understanding Narcissists
06. Dr. Calm Has RX for Election Stress
07. Losing Friends Over the Election?
08. A Paradigm Shift in Choosing Politicians
09. How to Prepare for the Post-Election Market Crash
10. Obamacare – What Happens Next?
11. 5 Things to Know Before Choosing a College
12. The Real Reason Kids Get Sick after Halloween
13. Physical Therapy for Ta-Tas?
14. Is Your Childhood Running Your Life?
15. That’s Weird! New Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
1. ==> FBI Director James Comey – Neither Saint nor

Republican former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
on Monday slammed the FBI director’s recent actions in
the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.
He called Comey’s actions an “error in judgment” and
said he is “somewhat perplexed about what the director
was trying to accomplish here.” Former FBI special
agent Colleen Rowley says, “Comey is neither saint nor
villain but someone who has been around the block. As
an acting Attorney General, he’s actually been in his
nominal boss’s Loretta Lynch’s exact position and knows
how the political pressures as well as media
disclosures work.” She adds, “Comey may also be an
experienced politician of sorts but his history shows
he possesses a tad more integrity than the Clintons.”
Colleen Rowley is a former FBI special agent and
division counsel. Contact her at
rowleyclan@earthlink.net; @ColeenRowley

2. ==> Israeli Peace Activist to Be Sentenced

Israeli peace activist Miko Peled was arrested during a
2012 protest in Palestine over land and fresh water
supply being taken by Jewish settlements. He was
charged with disturbing the peace, participating in an
illegal gathering and entering a closed military zone.
Though acquitted by a judge, the government of Israel
won the case on appeal and Peled is scheduled to be
sentenced on November 8th, election day here in the
U.S. He says it’s fitting. “The 2016 elections give
Americans an opportunity to speak up against the $38
Billion boondoggle in foreign aid to Israel. Israel is
a fully developed country that neither needs nor
deserves foreign aid. Much of this money will go to
activity that contravenes U.S. laws, yet both major
candidates wholeheartedly support it.” Peled will be in
New York State and then Washington, D.C. (Nov. 3 to 7)
before going to Jerusalem where he will be sentenced.
Peled’s memoir is “The General’s Son, Journey of an
Israeli in Palestine.” Contact him at
mikopeled@gmail.com; @mikopeled

3. ==> The Good, Bad and Ugly of Election Voting

Remember hanging chads? A 2016 election season of
unprecedented surprises on the campaign trail will be
no less confusing in ballot boxes across the country as
states start implementing a dizzying array of voting
rule changes. This year, states such as Texas and North
Carolina are making it harder for citizens to vote by
imposing new identification requirements at the polls.
Other states, like Florida, are disenfranchising
thousands of former felons, while in Maryland and
Virginia former felons are gaining the right to vote.
Kristin Clarke, president and executive director of the
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law can
discuss changes to voting across the country and likely
problems voters, and especially minority voters, will
face this November. Contact Jamie Horwitz at (202)
549-4921; jhdcpr@starpower.net

4. ==> Millions Distraught over Election Choices

Author Nomi Prins says, “At the heart of American
political consciousness right now lies a soul-crushing
reality for millions of distraught Americans: the
choices for president couldn’t be feebler or more
disappointing. On the one hand, we have a petulant,
vocabulary-challenged man-boar of a billionaire, who
hasn’t paid his taxes, has regularly left those
supporting him holding the bag, and seems like a
ludicrous composite of every bad trait in every bad
date any woman has ever had. On the other hand, we’re
offered a walking photo-op for and well-paid
speechmaker to Wall-Street CEOs, a one-woman money-
raising machine from the 1 percent of the 1 percent,
who, despite a folksiness that couldn’t look more
rehearsed, has methodically outplayed her opponent.”
Prins just wrote the piece “Waking Up in Hillary
Clinton’s America: Wall Street in the Saddle.”  She’s
the author of “All the Presidents’ Bankers: The Hidden
Alliances That Drive American Power.” Contact Jaime
Leifer at jaime.leifer@publicaffairsbooks.com,

5. ==> Trump & Clinton – Understanding Narcissists

Things aren’t looking great for Donald Trump right now
and he’s behind in most polls. Oh, and he says, the
election is rigged. Narcissism expert Rick Patterson
isn’t surprised. “Failure, to a narcissist, is a fate
worse than death.” Patterson says understanding how
narcissists function and the way shame guides their
lives is critical to understanding not only how Mr.
Trump functions in this presidential race, but how all
candidates, including Mrs. Clinton function in and out
of office. “You see it in the way Clinton needles
Trump’s sensitivity to failure – manipulating him into
making mistakes during debates and Trump’s claims that
the election is rigged even before it’s held.” Rev. Dr.
Rick Patterson is the author of the upcoming book
“Shame: The Root of All Evil” which explains how shame,
which is the source of narcissism, predicts and
manipulates our behaviors and decisions. Contact him at
(269) 217-7897; rickpatterson@charter.net

6. ==> Dr. Calm Has RX for Election Stress

Sick of the election dominating the news? Tired of
watching your blood pressure rise with every WikiLeaks
leak and nasty video release? Thinking of hiding posts
of Facebook friends who do nothing but rant? Let’s face
it, many of us wish the election were in the rearview
mirror but it will drone on for another three weeks.
It’s time to call in Dr. Calm, your on-call physician
and stress-reduction expert (real name Kiran Dintyala).
Dr. Calm will lead your audience in some powerful on-
air relaxation exercises and share how to experience
serenity now—and after the election no matter who wins.
Dr. Calm is a Board Certified Internal Medicine
Physician currently practicing at Eisenhower Medical
Center in Palm Springs, CA. He also holds a master’s
degree in public health. His upcoming book is “Calm in
the Midst of Chaos.” Reach him at (860) 375 0446 or

7. ==> Losing Friends Over the Election?

Whichever candidate ultimately wins the presidential
election some friendships will never be the same.
Invite psychoanalyst Frieda Birnbaum to talk about why
this election—more than previous ones—is causing more
stress on relationships and whether losing a friend
because of political differences is an indication that
the friendship wasn’t a strong one to begin with. Dr.
Birnbaum will discuss how aligning with a candidates’
values can impact how we treat others and whether
having too many friends with the same political
perspective limits your worldview perception. Dr.
Frieda Birnbaum is NYC-based research psychologist,
psychoanalyst and the author of “Life Begins at 60: A
New View on Motherhood, Marriage, and Reinventing
Ourselves.” An expert on depression, women’s issues,
and attaining happiness, she’s appeared on numerous
radio and TV programs. Contact Ryan McCormick at (516)
901-1103; (919) 377-1200.

8. ==> A Paradigm Shift in Choosing Politicians

Your perception of politics and politicians will
dramatically change when you hear what Marie-Anne
Lutchmaya has to say about the American electoral
process. With voter dissatisfaction at an all-time
high, she’ll share what really goes on behind the
scenes whenever voting takes place and encourage a
citizen movement which will finally put real power into
the hands of the people. Your listeners will learn how
being self-aware can empower them and avoid them being
used like pawns to further the presidential nominees’
objectives and then be discarded like useless things
when the show is over. She’ll describe how a simple
system can create a paradigm shift in the popular
perception of politics and in the way people choose
their politicians. And Marie-Anne says the system
doesn’t just work for elections, it’s applicable at
work, school, home and even church.  Marie-Anne
Lutchmaya’s latest book is “The American Voter’s
Election Guide: Scapegoat to Strategist.” Contact her
at academe@wol.be

9. ==> How to Prepare for the Post-Election Market

The majority of the 12 regional Federal Reserve banks
voted to raise interest rates during their two most
recent meetings. Yet, the Fed board decided to hold the
discount rate steady and kept the main benchmark
interest rate unchanged. Could the fact that this is a
U.S. presidential election year have anything to do
with this? Did you know that the sub-prime crash of
2008 and the dot-com crash of 2000 both occurred during
U.S. presidential election years? Politics, the stock
market and our personal finances are linked in ways
that few people truly understand, according to
financial life coach, investor and certified financial
planner Roel Sarmago[L1]. Invite Coach Roel to share
five ways people can financially protect themselves and
profit from the inevitable global market crash that
will happen after the U.S. presidential election. Coach
Roel worked in the mutual fund industry and is now a
real estate investor, options trader and entrepreneur.
He is the author of “Undiscovered Riches: Find Your
Hidden Wealth.” Contact him at (647) 494-7880
(Ontario); roel@coachroel.com

10. ==> Obamacare – What Happens Next?

The Affordable Care Act—Obamacare— is in trouble. It’s
extended health insurance coverage to fewer people than
promised, in many parts of the country, insurers are
abandoning the market due to financial losses, and even
those covered face double digit premium increases and
deductibles that are hundreds of percent higher than
before. Supporters say the problems can be fixed but
critics insist that Obamacare is mortally wounded, and
should be euthanized. Invite Philip Romero and Randy
Miller to help your listeners make sense of the health
policy being debated this presidential election season.
You’ll hear how health costs have grown more than twice
as fast as incomes, why the health sector now consumes
almost one in five dollars in our economy, and the
blind spots that Democrats and Republicans each have
about health care. Romero is a finance professor and
former business dean at the University of Oregon, as
well as twice chief economist to the governor of
California. Randy Miller is an insurance and public
finance specialist. Their book “Health Financing
Without Deficits: Reform that Sidesteps Political
Gridlock” outlines a new way to finance health care.
Contact Romero at (503) 640-6206; promero@uoregon.edu
or Miller at (541) 510-2042; suigenerishirb@comcast.net

11. ==> 5 Things to Know Before Choosing a College

With the first round of college application deadlines
fast approaching this fall, students (and families) are
getting ready to make one of the biggest decisions of
their lives. Adrian Ridner can give tips about some of
the most important factors to consider when selecting a
school, and what things like graduation rates can tell
you about your true cost of college. He can also walk
through strategies for making your dream school more
affordable, even if you don’t qualify for financial
aid. Adrian is co-founder and CEO of Study.com, an
education website that helps students in kindergarten
through college excel academically, and working
professionals gain the skills they need to advance.
Contact Jennifer McHam at (650) 288-2381;

12. ==> The Real Reason Kids Get Sick after Halloween

Every year schools report low attendance following
Halloween. Kids are unable to attend school as they
suffer from flu, fever and so on immediately after
Halloween. Parents blame it on the sugar content in
chocolates and sweets children get on Halloween, but
Zeeshan Raza believes that’s not the real cause. He
says, “The real cause is the negative dark energy
generated by dressing up in dark evil characters and
being surrounded by frightening decorations. It
actually weakens their immune systems making them
vulnerable to diseases. Then, when they have candy,
they start falling sick.” Raza will explain how energy
can impact your health and body and share ways parents
can prevent kids from getting sick. Zeeshan Raza is an
author, speaker and coach who teaches people how to
heal using their own feelings and emotions. His book is
“U Turn Your Life.” Contact him at (416) 858-4788;

13. ==> Physical Therapy for Ta-Tas?

When you think of physical therapy the body parts that
come to mind are arms, legs and knees—not breasts. But
according to Marianne Ryan, a physical therapist who
specializes in women’s health, men and women should be
aware that breasts—particularly those of breastfeeding
women that are sore due to blocked milk ducts—can also
benefit from ultrasound, massage and exercise regimens
provided by a physical therapist. Ryan, who operates
one of only two New York City-based PT clinics that
offer this special type of therapy, can also explain
other things couples can do to make nursing moms and
their spouses feel better quicker. Ryan is a board
certified orthopedic clinical specialist certified
orthopedic clinical specialist with more than 30 years’
experience treating prenatal and postpartum women.
She’s taught at Columbia University School of Nursing
and appeared on dozens of national TV and radio shows.
She has also been featured in Redbook, Fitness, USA
Today, and the Wall Street Journal. Contact her at
(212) 661-2933; mryanpt@aol.com

14. ==> Is Your Childhood Running Your Life?

Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do? It may
be because your childhood is hijacking your adult life.
Interview Michelle Nagel, an author and resilient
survivor of child abuse, for a discussion on ways
growing up poor, losing a parent to death or to
divorce, jail or drugs or alcohol or other adverse
childhood experiences may be leading to bad choices on
your part today. She’ll reveal a test you can take to
find out if you have an adverse childhood experience
impacting your life and discover the power that comes
with acknowledging your past. She will discuss some
simple techniques that, if implemented, can change your
life. Over the past 15 years, Nagel, the president of
Soul Shift, Inc., has been guiding clients through the
process of overcoming their traumatic past and finding
internal peace and serenity. Contact her at (541)
414-7811; michelle@isoulshift.com

15. ==> That’s Weird! New Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

A mountain lion with teeth growing out of the top of
its head? A fire drill where students have to run
through real fire? Octopus wrestling as a sport? These
stories have a couple things in common; they’re all
100% true and they’re all in the new book “Ripley’s
Believe It or Not! Unlock the Weird!” This is Ripley’s
annual collection of strange stories, amazing
achievements, perplexing people and more. Every story
is handpicked by Ripley’s own researchers and they’re
all true. Ripley’s own Edward Meyer – a walking,
talking encyclopedia of weird info – can take your
audience on a long, strange trip through the pages of
this new book. Contact Frank Wolff at (407) 339-0879;


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