11/10/16 RTIR E-zine: President Trump, Veterans Day, Dr. Strange

November 8, 2016

FR: Lauren Healy and Chris Morabito, Editors, Radio-TV
Interview Report Magazine

01. Will Donald Make America Great Again?
02. Dr. Calm: How to Accept President Trump
03. Post-Election Healing with Grace
04. Why The Black Vote Failed Hillary Clinton
05. Prepare for a Post-Election Market Crash
06. 3 Reasons to Be Thankful for a Trump Presidency
07. Great Veterans Day Show
08. Home Buying Help for Veterans
09. Dr. Strange – Is Dream-Like Magic Possible?
10. Thanksgiving Survival Tips with the Relatives
11. 15-Sec Trick to Get Closer to God on Thanksgiving
12. Obamacare – What Happens Next?
13. 5 Things to Know Before Choosing a College
14. The Latest Brain Science – Oxygen & Performance
15. Rocky Turns 40!

1. ==> Will Donald Make America Great Again?

Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the
United States, winning the election with a campaign
promise to “Make America Great Again.” But will he? Can
he? “Not if he runs the White House like he ran his
campaign,” says Michelle Deen. “If our goal is to
create a better America, it has to start with sound
character—of our leaders who serve to guide us, of our
citizens who create our society, and of parents who are
molding our children and through them, our future.”
Deen will discuss the breakdown of character that’s
been festering in politics and culture, with the
election of Trump bringing it all to a head. She’ll
challenge conventional assumptions about moral values,
explain why the “culture war” hasn’t worked to create a
more moral society, and suggest a new solution to get
our culture back on track. An experienced media guest,
Michelle Deen is an expert in human development and
family relations Her latest book is “Saving America’s
Grace: Rethinking Family Values, Moral Politics and the
Culture War.” Contact her at (805) 679-3084;

2. ==> Dr. Calm: How to Accept President Trump

The voters have spoken and Donald J. Trump is the
president-elect. But for many people—women who had
hoped to elect the first female president, Blacks,
Hispanics, Millennials and others who were upset by
Trump’s policies and character flaws—the hard work of
acceptance and moving on is only beginning. Dr. Calm
(real name Kiran Dintyala) is on call to be part of the
dialogue that must now take place. He’ll share tips for
those who are having a hard time with the election
results including ways to avoid political arguments
with relatives, friends and colleagues, and explain why
being fearful of the future is useless and actually
ruins the present moment. Kiran Dintyala is a Board
Certified Internal Medicine Physician currently
practicing at Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm
Springs, Calif. He also holds a master’s degree in
public health. His upcoming book is “Calm in the Midst
of Chaos.” Contact him at (860) 375-0446;

3. ==> Post-Election Healing with Grace

The election is over, but the divisions are deep and
fresh. What does the nation’s future look like? This
election has been filled with distrust, disbelief and
distance, pitting neighbor against neighbor, friend
against friend, and family against family.  So, how do
we move forward together as a country after such a
messy, dirty process and unpredictable outcome?  Anne
Jolles has a way to jump-start the conversation toward
hope and healing.  She’ll explain how to put the
election in the rear-view mirror with her simple yet
powerful techniques. Jolles created the Grace Trail to
help her cope with the worry of having a son in combat
in Afghanistan. Since then, the concept has guided
thousands. Plymouth, MA is the site of the original
path, but Grace Trail can be walked anywhere, from the
comfort of your kitchen, at the office or any outdoor
spot. Anne is an award-winning life coach and TEDx
speaker. She is the author of “Grace Trail: Find Your
Footing and Move toward the Life You Were Meant to
Live.”  Contact her at (781) 878-8589;

4. ==> Why The Black Vote Failed Hillary Clinton

Earlier this year it seemed ridiculous to think Hillary
Clinton could lose the Black vote. But exit polls
suggest fewer Blacks and Hispanics voted for Clinton
than anticipated. Democratic strategist Michael McCray
says, “Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump for the
exact same reason she lost to Barack Obama in 2008—she
took the Black vote for granted.” McCray will explain
how Clinton lost the Black Millennials to Bernie
Sanders, why Trump appeals to certain segments of Black
voters, and a hidden voter group. Michael McCray, Esq.
CPA (inactive) is a veteran of many Democrat / Clinton
campaigns and the author of “Race, Power & Politics” a
primer on ACORN and grassroots community organizing,
which chronicles the historic 2008 Democratic Primary
Contest from an African-American perspective. Contact
him at (870) 543-0024; mccray.michael@gmail.com

5. ==> Prepare for a Post-Election Market Crash

The majority of the 12 regional Federal Reserve banks
voted to raise interest rates during their two most
recent meetings. Yet, the Fed board decided to hold the
discount rate steady and kept the main benchmark
interest rate unchanged. Could the fact that this is a
U.S. presidential election year have anything to do
with this? Did you know that the sub-prime crash of
2008 and the dot-com crash of 2000 both occurred during
U.S. presidential election years? Politics, the stock
market and our personal finances are linked in ways
that few people truly understand, according to
financial life coach, investor and certified financial
planner Roel Sarmago[L1]. Invite Coach Roel to share
five ways people can financially protect themselves and
profit from the inevitable global market crash that
will happen after the U.S. presidential election. Coach
Roel worked in the mutual fund industry and is now a
real estate investor, options trader and entrepreneur.
He is the author of “Undiscovered Riches: Find Your
Hidden Wealth.” Contact him at (647) 494-7880
(Ontario); roel@coachroel.com

6. ==> 3 Reasons to Be Thankful for a Trump Presidency

Many people are emotionally exhausted after an election
season marked by negativity and fear. But now it’s time
to focus on healing the nation’s psyche. In that
spirit, Cindy Hochart offers three reasons to be
thankful for a Trump Presidency even if you voted for
Hillary Clinton. Hochart, an executive performance
coach who leads teams through good and bad times, will
point out that Americans should give thanks that they
have a right to vote, to have that vote counted and to
vote differently four years from now. She’ll also say
that under Trump they’ll be an opportunity to fix
Obamacare while keeping what is good about it. In
addition, she will share how anyone can rewrite their
brain to be more positive at Thanksgiving time or
anytime. Hochart is the author of “Find Your Burning
Bush.” Reach her at (816) 588-8735;

7. ==> Great Veterans Day Show

With cuts to the military budget and the repetitive
tours in the combat zones in the Middle East and
elsewhere, the climate for active-duty service members
and veterans is probably worse even than immediately
after Vietnam. Invite Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
(Retired) Jonathan Tomes to discuss the challenges
today’s veterans and service members face including
getting the benefits they are entitled to and
navigating the VA system. The former military
prosecutor, defense counsel, and military judge is the
author of dozens of books including “The
Servicemember’s Legal Guide.” Tomes is a leading
military law expert who has appeared on the Nancy Grace
Show, the Dan Abrams Show, A &E’s American Justice,
CNN, and dozens of other radio and TV shows. Contact
him at (816) 527-3858; jon@veteranspress.com

8. ==> Home Buying Help for Veterans

Joseph Gaul is a Marine Vietnam veteran with more than
30 years’ experience in real estate. Invite him on your
show to share the home buying options veterans are
entitled to, but may not realize they have earned by
serving in the military. He’ll explain how veteran
homebuyers can receive 100% financing for a home
purchase, how several states and finance programs offer
up to a $10,000 First Home Buyer Grant towards closing
costs on a home purchase, along with the ins and outs
of home ownership and the steps to becoming a landlord.
Joe Gaul is the author of “A Real Estate Guide for
Veterans.” Contact him at (215) 432-3353;

9. ==> Dr. Strange – Is Dream-Like Magic Possible?

Is it possible to affect the physical world in a dream-
like manner as Dr. Strange learns to in Marvel Studios’
new blockbuster movie? What do physics and other
disciplines tell us about the flexible nature of time
and how multidimensional reality can directly interact
with our normal daily lives? How do thoughts, feelings,
dreams, and especially our levels personal integrity
and self-mastery affect physical events? Can forces
from invisible realms, including dream events, actually
influence our waking world? Invite physicist and
internationally-respected dream and consciousness
author/researcher Craig Webb to discuss what we can
learn from Dr. Strange and from disciplines like
quantum physics, conscious dreaming, and mind-body
medicine. Webb has extensive media experience and has
consulted for Fortune 500 corporations, top
celebrities, and feature films. Contact him at
cw@craigwebb.ca, (514) 990-2113

10. ==> Thanksgiving Survival Tips with the Relatives

More people travel to be with family on Thanksgiving
than any other day of the year. But for some the
cherished holiday togetherness will be fraught with
anxiety and stress as relatives push their buttons,
belittle them and treat them like the children they
used to be. Kalliope Barlis says this year things can
be different if people plan ahead. She’ll offer steps
for dealing with pushy, demeaning or argumentative
relatives including those whose political views
different from yours. She’ll explain how to internally
laugh at Uncle Ned’s endless need to be right without
his knowledge, visualize yourself not getting upset at
your relatives’ typical antics and what you can do to
regain control if you should lose it despite your best
efforts. Barlis is the author of “Phobia Relief: From
Fear to Freedom.” Reach her at (718) 751-5105;

11. ==> 15-Sec Trick to Get Closer to God on

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for the many
blessings we have. But Christian author and longtime
Bible study innovator David Pedersen says one day is
not enough. He wants to ensure that people make giving
thanks to God a regular part of their daily prayers by
adopting an “attitude of gratitude.” He’ll explain a
simple, 15-second memorization technique that links key
Scripture verses to the time on a digital clock. His
idea is that every time you look at your watch you can
be reminded of a meaningful verse or two of Scripture
eventually making those verses unforgettable. A retired
corporate executive, Pedersen is the author of the new
book “Take Time for God’s Word: Remembering God’s Word
for the Time of Your Life.” Contact him at (630)
408-1079; davidapedersen@aol.com

12. ==> Obamacare – What Happens Next?

The Affordable Care Act—Obamacare— is in trouble. It’s
extended health insurance coverage to fewer people than
promised, in many parts of the country, insurers are
abandoning the market due to financial losses, and even
those covered face double digit premium increases and
deductibles that are hundreds of percent higher than
before. Supporters say the problems can be fixed but
critics insist that Obamacare is mortally wounded, and
should be euthanized. Invite Philip Romero and Randy
Miller to help your listeners make sense of the health
policy being debated this presidential election season.
You’ll hear how health costs have grown more than twice
as fast as incomes, why the health sector now consumes
almost one in five dollars in our economy, and the
blind spots that Democrats and Republicans each have
about health care. Romero is a finance professor and
former business dean at the University of Oregon, as
well as twice chief economist to the governor of
California. Randy Miller is an insurance and public
finance specialist. Their book “Health Financing
Without Deficits: Reform that Sidesteps Political
Gridlock” outlines a new way to finance health care.
Contact Romero at (503) 640-6206; promero@uoregon.edu
or Miller at (541) 510-2042; suigenerishirb@comcast.net
13. ==> 5 Things to Know Before Choosing a College

With college application deadlines fast approaching,
students (and families) are getting ready to make one
of the biggest decisions of their lives. Adrian Ridner
can give tips about some of the most important factors
to consider when selecting a school, and what things
like graduation rates can tell you about your true cost
of college. He can also walk through strategies for
making your dream school more affordable, even if you
don’t qualify for financial aid. Adrian is co-founder
and CEO of Study.com, an education website that helps
students in kindergarten through college excel
academically, and working professionals gain the skills
they need to advance. Contact Jennifer McHam at (650)
288-2381; jmcham@study.com

14. ==> The Latest Brain Science – Oxygen & Performance

Boomers are driving an explosion of research into the
brain, worried that their brain may give out before
they do.  Sports scientist Bob Prichard can talk about
the latest discoveries in brain performance and how
they’re tied to chest expansion, since the brain
requires 10X more oxygen than any other part of the
body. He’ll discuss not only the sports implications,
but how improving blood flow to the brain can help
increase self-image, self-confidence and mood! He’ll
teach you how to measure your breathing range, and
those of your family, and ways kids can especially
benefit from increasing chest expansion. Bob Prichard
is president of Somax Performance Institute. His
Olympic athletes have won 44 Gold Medals and have set
11 World Records. A NBC Sports Olympics on-air analyst,
he’s written for many periodicals and his sports
analysis videos have over 5M views on YouTube. His
upcoming book is “Are You Starving Your Brain of
Oxygen?” Contact him at (415) 435-9880 (CA);

15. ==> Rocky Turns 40!

Yo, Adrian! It’s hard to believe that Sylvester
Stallone’s Rocky will celebrate its 40th anniversary
Nov. 21 and these many years it continues to inspire us
to “go the distance” and never give up on our dreams.
You’ll bring back the Rocky magic with Rocky Detwiler
as your guest. Detwiler can talk about why the film has
such staying power and how it inspired him to keep
plugging away when he faced his own need for a
comeback. Featured on ESPN, Detwiler lost 57 pounds and
became a bodybuilder after losing his money and pride
in a Ponzi scheme perpetrated by his best friend.
Detwiler is the author of “The Samson Effect,” Reach
him at 602-384-3333 or rockyd@samson.life

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