11/09/17 RTIR Newsletter: Post-Election Analysis, Family Gratitude Habits, Saving Your Finances

November 09, 2017

01. Post Election Analysis: Healthcare #1 Issue
02. Puerto Rico Water Relief
03. Security Expert Teaches Churches to Protect the Flock
04. Give a Damn this Veterans Day
05. Great Veterans Day Show – Helping Our Heroes
06. Thanksgiving Everyday: Develop a Family Gratitude Habit
07. On and Offline Campus Safety
08. Uber/Lyft Expert Safety Tips
09. Get Your Finances Off Life Support
10. What Star Trek Taught Us About Innovation
11. Do In-Home Addiction Programs Work?
12. Special Needs Families Need Special Financial Help
13. How Sexual Harassment Affects Your Health
14. Psst: Christians Have a Problem with Domestic Violence
15. How One Moment Can Change Your Life


1. ==> Post Election Analysis: Healthcare #1 Issue

By all accounts, this week’s elections were a
resounding win for Democrats. Some say voting was a
referendum on the president, but Anthony DiMaggio says
the elections were more about healthcare than anything
else. “Medicaid/Medicare are/were important. With the
limited choices of two neoliberal parties, people
vacillate between one and the other. As one party gets
into office (Republicans) people become more
disenchanted with them, as in this case, because
despite Trump’s rhetoric about improving healthcare in
America, his agenda is the opposite. So people end up
voting for people who have interests contrary to their
own, because of the limited choices out there and the
failures of both parties to represent the public. Then
they go against them as the elected officials betray
them. There’s a long history of this. … Health care has
been THE ISSUE this year for Republicans, very high
profile and lots of public mobilization against them.”
Anthony DiMaggio is an assistant professor of political
science at Lehigh University and has written
extensively on polling. His books include Selling War,
Selling Hope and The Rise of the Tea Party. Contact him
at ard416@lehigh.edu

2. ==> Puerto Rico Water Relief

More than seven weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated
Puerto Rico, invite Mark Cain of Planet Water
Foundation to talk about water relief efforts on the
island. “We will be deploying 12 of our water
filtration systems (AquaTowers) that will remove
bacteria, viruses, protozoa, pathogens and other
contaminants without the need for electricity. These
systems will be installed and producing driving water
this week in some of the most hard-hit regions – in
just a few hours after delivery. We have coordinated
efforts with global partners to fund and air-lift these
systems for rapid deployment.” Planet Water Foundation
is a US-based non-profit organization focused on
bringing clean water to the world’s most impoverished
communities through the installation of community-based
water filtration systems (AquaTowers) and the
deployment of hygiene education programs. Planet Water
Foundation projects are focused on children, schools,
and rural/peri-urban communities across Asia and Latin
America. Contact Mark Cain at (408)319-4630;

3. ==> Security Expert Teaches Churches to Protect the

Following the horrific shooting in Texas over the
weekend, it seems American churches must now consider
security plans and how to protect their congregations.
John Matthews is the nation’s preeminent mass
shootings/security expert and these types of security
and response plans (and training) are exactly what he
has been traveling the country, doing for decades at
churches, schools and event venues. John is a highly-
decorated law enforcement vet, has worked with the
Department of Homeland Security and has (as part of the
organization he founded in Dallas — the Community
Safety Institute) done extensive research on every mass
shooting event in America over the last 30 years. He
can provide not only basics on building plans and
training people, but statistics and trends on these
types of events. John Matthews has appeared on network
and cable programs and hosted his own radio show in
Dallas. Contact Jason Jones at

4. ==> Give a Damn this Veterans Day

Mark Lewis says Veterans Day is a perfect example of
how we honor those who gave their hearts and souls for
our country and freedom. He says, “Every soldier, both
living and those who gave their life for our country
had one thing in mind: to serve and protect. They knew
how to ‘give a damn’ continuously and without
expectation for anything in return. Our own thoughts
actions, individually and collectively determine the
world in which we live. This type of mentality is
vitally important to make this a better world. As
individuals and as a country, we have somehow moved
away from this ‘give a damn’ mentality about serving
others like our soldiers did our country.” Mark is a
business coach and consultant, and the author of “Give
a Damn.” He hopes to create a ‘give a damn’ revolution
that can make a difference in the world. Contact him at
(504) 905-4646; mlewis@simmonswhite.com or

5. ==> Great Veterans Day Show – Helping Our Heroes

Every day in the U.S. 50,000 military veterans
experience homelessness and 21 vets commit suicide.
These are men and women who have given their all for
their country and deserve a better, smoother process
when they transition from the armed forces to civilian
life. To help them (and their families) take advantage
of all the services that are available to them
interview Jennifer Hammond. She wrote “101+ Resources
for Veterans: The Ultimate Resource Guide” with
participation from the nonprofit group A Hero
Foundation. Jennifer is passionate about helping
veterans, having been adopted as a teenager by a
military family. A SiriusXM radio host, Jennifer has
brought veterans issues to light while interviewing
seven congressmen on Capitol Hill for the Veterans
Legislative Forum, the Veterans Homelessness Forum, and
the Military Family Housing Forum. She can discuss
organizations all military families should know about
and what we need to do to end homelessness among
veterans. Reach her at (202) 345-2343;

6. ==> Thanksgiving Everyday: Develop a Family
Gratitude Habit

Gratitude has been shown to increase happiness, and
Anne Andrew says that’s why it’s the top recommendation
on her list of ways to raise mentally-healthy children.
“Being grateful helps children focus on the positives
and acts as an antidote to entitlement and negativity.
While most families will express gratitude to each
other around the Thanksgiving table, having a regular
gratitude practice can yield amazing results and even
stave off depression and negative behavior as children
grow up.” She says expressing gratitude can be as
simple as being grateful for the colors of the leaves
that have fallen in the street or the smile from a
woman at the grocery store. “Sharing gratitude is a
simple way to help children appreciate the world we
live in. Once you start, kids will be on the lookout
for things to share in their next gratitude session!”
Anne Andrew is a former school principal, now a
proactive parenting coach who focuses on helping
parents raise mentally-healthy, addiction-free
children. Contact her at (604) 263-8751; (604) 720-2776
(cell) or andrew8751@shaw.ca

7. ==> On and Offline College Student Safety Tips

Students today are faced with threats to their personal
safety that generations before did not have. Threats in
the physical world can come from alcohol, bullies,
drugs, assaults, terrorists and active shooters.
Threats in the digital world can come from identity
thieves, cyberbullies, social media, and cyber-
terrorism. Pete Canavan, a campus safety authority,
self-defense instructor, and IT security consultant, is
uniquely positioned to educate your audience on both
online and offline threats to students’ personal
safety. Canavan is also a former radio host and the
author of “The Ultimate Guide to College Safety: How to
Protect Yourself from Online and Offline Threats to
Your Personal Safety at College & Around Campus.”
Contact him at (570) 760-0077; Pete@PeteCanavan.com

8. ==> Uber/Lyft Expert Safety Tips

The holiday travel season is creeping up on us and
millions will leave home over the next several weeks to
spend time with family and friends. These days,
travelling often involves taking a Lyft or Uber, but
many people don’t have a clue how to use these services
and it may actually put them in danger. Invite
Uber/Lyft expert Mukon Ngoyi to share tips on how to
navigate city streets safely. You’ll learn why you
should always look in the vehicle before getting
inside, what you should never do while in a Lyft, and
common etiquette including whether it’s ok to eat and
drink during your ride. Listeners can even call in with
their own questions about Uber and Lyft. A highly
commended former Uber and Lyft driver, Mukon Ngoyi is
the author of the upcoming book “Hustlin’ Hummingbird.”
Contact her at (385) 201-8447; mn.honors@gmail.com

9. ==> Get Your Finances Off Life Support

How many people in your audience are living paycheck to
paycheck? More than you probably think. Personal
finance expert Patricia Davis will show your listeners
exactly what they need to do to get their finances back
on track, raise their credit score and live the
financial life they want and deserve. She’ll share
practical tips and take some of the mystery out of
personal financial management by showing how to avoid
many of life’s financial pitfalls. From managing
student loans to the best way to pay off debt quickly,
listeners will learn how to take charge of their
financial lives. A former corporate finance and banking
executive, Patricia Davis is the managing director of
Davis Financial Services. “Going Broke is No Joke! 52
Money Tips Everybody Should Know” is her latest book.
Contact her at (301) 249-2261;

10. ==> What Star Trek Taught Us About Innovation

Flip open wireless communicators. Weapons that stunned
and didn’t kill. Lasers used in surgery. Wireless and
wrist computers. Unmanned vehicles. And what about
computers we could talk to…and that talked back?!
Well, hello Siri! When Star Trek debuted in 1966
viewers were either amused by or enthralled with the
wild concepts and innovative technology that creator
Gene Roddenberry envisioned for our future. Innovation
and innovative thinkers are what’s driven the world
towards everything from unmanned drones, space travel
and driverless cars to medical technology that’s saved
millions of lives. Dr. Brett Trusko, president of the
global non-profit International Assoc. of Innovation
Professionals, can discuss what their 1500+ members are
implementing today that will change our – and our
children’s – tomorrows. Contact The Zephyr Group at
(505) 466-2770, info@groupzephyr.com.

11. ==> Do In-Home Addiction Programs Work?

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, gambling, or any number of
things, addiction is a huge problem. Even when someone
recognizes they have an addiction, many delay treatment
for fear of being stigmatized. Never mind the financial
burden of rehab. Dr. Winn Henderson, an M.D. and
ordained Christian minister, says in-home treatment
could save many lives. Invite him to talk about his
program which has been successfully used for over 20
years and can be followed at home without taking time
off from work or spending thousands on rehab centers.
Dr. Henderson is the author of several books including
“Freedom from Addiction.” Contact him at

12. ==> Special Needs Families Need Special Financial

Families with special-needs members live with constant
stress. They worry about taking care of their family
member with a disability, getting out of debt, saving
for retirement, and providing a secure future for their
family members. Rob Wrubel, a Certified Financial
Planning professional and a father of a daughter with
Down syndrome, can explain how families can create
financial stability and the steps they need to take to
create a trust to care for their family member with
special needs. Rob’s latest book, “Financial Freedom
for Special Needs Families: 9 Building Blocks to Reduce
Stress, Preserve Benefits, and Create a Fulfilling
Life,” aims to help families who have a member with
autism, Down syndrome, a brain injury, cerebral palsy
or some other cause of an intellectual or developmental
disability remove as much financial stress as possible.
Rob Wrubel is also an Accredited Investment Fiduciary
and a partner at Cascade Investment Group. Contact him
at (719) 632-0818 (CO); rwrubel@ciginc.net

13. ==> How Sexual Harassment Affects Your Health

One in four women have experienced sexual assault and
seventy-five percent of women have been the target of
harassment. The health impact of these events is life-
long. For example, three out of four obese women have
experienced inappropriate sexual attention at some
point in life. Invite Dr. Katherine Kelly, to address
the “whole health” effect of such events. Katherine
Kelly, Ph.D., M.S.P.H. is a licensed holistic
psychologist in her own psychotherapy and consulting
practice in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She’s the
author of “Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for
Radiant Living.” Contact her at (336) 406-8431;
kkelly@drkatherinetkelly.com or

14. ==> Psst: Christians Have a Problem with Domestic

Christians don’t beat their wives or verbally abuse
them, right? Unfortunately, domestic violence is a
problem in many Christian homes. In fact, as Darla
Colinet will tell you, it has reached epidemic
proportions; she is making it her mission to help
churches address the problem so that both victim and
abusers can be healed. Darla can reveal the four core
aspects that fuel abusive Christian marriages and share
her own horrifying story of living with an abusive
husband for 13 years. She’ll also discuss why abuse in
marriages tends to worsen during the holiday season and
offer help and support to powerless women who need it
most. Darla completed domestic violence training and
served as domestic abuse response team member for
Crossroads Safehouse, in Fort Collins, Colo. A member
of the core team of the Women’s Ministry at Timberline
Church in Colorado for six years, she has helped and
inspired hundreds of women through Bible studies,
workshops, retreats, and her blog. Contact her at (970)
631-2529; darla@godstransforminggrace.com

15. ==> How One Moment Can Change Your Life

Ulrich Kellerer has spent decades working in many
facets of the fashion industry with much success. But
he says in one moment his life changed and he found his
deeper calling, as a storyteller to the elderly. Invite
Kellerer to share his story and why for one hour per
week, he leaves his showroom of “princesses who have
been to Paris, Rome and Milan” and heads to the nursing
home where his mother lived in the years before her
recent passing. He says, “One hour a week changed and
transformed me and will transform anyone. In my fashion
business I’ve been working 30 years to help people look
good on the outside. For the last four years I have
worked to help people feel good on the inside.
Everybody can and should do something to give back.
Ulrich Kellerer is featured Jack Canfield’s “The Soul
of Success.” Contact him at Ulrich.kellerer@t-online.de

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