10/31/17 RTIR Newsletter: Manufacturing Lies, College App Time, Opioid Epidemic and Jobs

October 31, 2017

01. Do Adults Enjoy Halloween More than Kids?
02. Who’s Confused about Open Enrollment? Everyone
03. Trump’s Manufacturing Lies
04. The Problem with Kevin Spacey Coming Out
05. ‘The Graduate’ Turns 50
06. Equifax Breach Still Wreaking Havoc
07. Hurricane, Nuclear Strike: When the Grid Goes Down
08. Sexual Harassment & Abuse – Lessons from Hollywood
09. It’s College Application Time – Quick Tips
10. International Caregiving Week: Unsung Heroes
11. Nearly $40B Stolen from Churches Annually
12. A Different Treatment for Opioid Epidemic: Jobs
13. Holidays Are Ideal for Starting a Biz
14. Take an International Us vs. Them Quiz
15. Hidden Dangers of Smooching Your Pooch

1. ==> Do Adults Enjoy Halloween More than Kids?

Nearly 8 billion dollars are spent on Halloween each
year, with more spent on adults’ costumes than kids’.
Dr. Katherine Kelly says more and more adults enjoy the
ghoulish holiday, mostly for the break from their own
reality. “Simply put, Halloween has become a stress-
relieving holiday, giving people a reason to both
celebrate and to step out of the daily grind and find a
socially acceptable reason to act like kids again!”
Invite Dr. Kelly to address how Halloween has become a
billion-dollar stress-reliever and why it’s perfectly
acceptable to dress up, put on a mask, and pretend
you’re someone else tonight! Katherine Kelly, Ph.D.,
M.S.P.H. is a licensed holistic psychologist in her own
psychotherapy and consulting practice in Winston-Salem,
North Carolina. She’s the author of “Soul Health:
Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living.” Contact her
at (336) 406-8431; kkelly@drkatherinetkelly.com or

2. ==> Who’s Confused about Open Enrollment? Everyone

What’s going on with the Affordable Care Act, aka
Obamacare? Who knows? But the 2018 health insurance
Open Enrollment Period – the time when Americans can
change Obamacare health insurance plans or a join a new
plan for the upcoming year – begins tomorrow, November
1st, and there are six major changes listeners need to
understand. Howard Yeh, cofounder of HealthCare.com,
can explain the changes. He says, “The federal
government has slashed funding for different
initiatives intended to encourage and support people
enrolling in Marketplace coverage. Notably, there will
be less help available from ‘navigators’, and
government spending on Obamacare outreach and
advertising is now virtually nonexistent. This means
it’s up to consumers to actively seek out help when
signing up.” Compounding the problem, the Trump
administration cut the enrollment period from 90 to 45
days, giving consumers less time to research and make
their choices. HealthCare.com is a privately-owned
search-and-compare health insurance shopping platform
that connects consumers with its network of licensed
insurance brokers and insurance carriers. Contact
Ronald Barba at rbarba@healthcare.com

3. ==> Trump’s Manufacturing Lies

According to Robert Kuttner, while Donald Trump
promises to make American manufacturing great again,
all of his policies would do just the opposite. Invite
him to discuss the disconnect between Trump’s policies
and the interests of the people who support him. “If we
were serious about manufacturing, we’d take a much
harder line with China’s strategy of luring American
industry to move to China. And if the U.S. were truly
committed to state-of-the-art manufacturing, we would
have a large-scale commitment to rebuild our out-of-
date infrastructure. That would generate new
technologies, as well as millions of made-in-America
jobs.” He says, “A key question going forward is
whether, and when, the people who voted for Trump will
wake up and realize that he is screwing them.” Robert
Kuttner is co-editor of The American Prospect and
professor at Brandeis University’s Heller School. His
forthcoming book is “Can Democracy Survive Global
Capitalism?” Contact him at 781-736-5311;
bkuttner@brandeis.edu or @rkuttner

4. ==> The Problem with Kevin Spacey Coming Out

Actor Anthony Rapp has publicly accused Kevin Spacey of
sexual misconduct when Rapp was just 14-years old.
Spacey responded saying if he did do what Rapp alleges,
he apologizes for his “deeply inappropriate drunken
behavior.” He then used his statement to come out of
the closet, saying that he “chooses” to “live as a gay
man.” Culture columnist Ira Madison III says Spacey
choosing to come out now, to spin Rapp’s sexual-assault
allegation, is underhanded behavior worthy of his
character on House of Cards. He adds, “For Spacey to
say that he now chooses to be gay also insinuates that
it’s a decision someone can switch on and off. For him
to speak up about it now, amid these allegations,
implies that being gay is a shameful secret you must
keep hidden. Furthermore, the decision to switch it on
now after vehemently refusing to come out for years
makes the decision all the more cold and calculated. It
will absolutely overshadow Rapp’s story, which is
exactly what Spacey was counting on.” Ira Madison III
is a Culture Writer at MTV News. He is also a columnist
for GQ and his work has appeared in Variety, New York
Magazine, BuzzFeed, and other outlets. Contact him at
ira.madison@viacommix.com; @ira

5. ==> ‘The Graduate’ Turns 50

This December, the most unexpected cinematic
blockbuster of the sixties turns 50. The Graduate has
contributed a wealth of iconic images to American
popular culture. Mrs. Robinson’s status as the original
‘cougar,’ the titillation of glimpsing a hapless young
man through her shapely arched leg, and the mere
mention of ‘plastics’—all these have, over the past
half-century, become part of our vernacular. The
wedding scene that punctuates this spicy 1967 Mike
Nichols comedy is continually referenced on television
shows like The Simpsons, on the big screen, and in New
Yorker cartoons. When The Graduate was newly released,
it spoke to a generation of young people who questioned
their place in a rapidly changing world. Invite Beverly
Gray, author of “Seduced by Mrs. Robinson: How The
Graduate Became the Touchstone of a Generation,” to
discuss this cultural phenomenon, put the film in
historical context and offer new insights and newly-
revealed factoids. Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703)
646-5137; johanna@jrbcomm.com or Megan Bonomo at (703)

6. ==> Equifax Breach Still Wreaking Havoc

A Seattle woman says her identity has been stolen more
than a dozen times since the massive Equifax security
breach earlier this year. The woman told news outlets
she’s speaking out as a warning to others. Nick Selby,
a police detective with 20 years of experience fighting
cyber criminals, can discuss why major security leaks
are happening in greater frequency, how they affect
consumers, and steps people can take to protect their
identities, their finances and confidential information
from cyber criminals. Nick Selby regularly discusses
cybercrimes in media such as CNN, Fox News, NPR and
more. His new book is “Cyber Attack Survival Manual:
From Identity Theft to the Digital Apocalypse and
Everything in Between.” Contact John Angelo at

7. ==> Hurricane, Nuclear Strike: When the Grid Goes

Imagine what it would be like to live with no
electricity, no internet, no cell phone reception and
no idea when any of that might return. In the wake of
Hurricane Maria, the people of Puerto Rico are living
through that nightmare and worse. Robin Burk, Ph.D.,
MBA, explains the cascade of other failures that
follows from the grid being down across the island and
why any of us could be just one hurricane, earthquake,
cyberattack or nuclear attack from North Korea from
facing similar devastation. Burk offers important steps
you can take now to plan for potential attacks and
disasters that could badly disrupt the systems we often
take for granted. Burk’s message is all the more
powerful because of who she is: She was in charge of
the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s interdependent
networks research and is an expert on network science.
The DTRA is an organization tasked with safeguarding
national infrastructure against weapons of mass
destruction. Burk has been featured in Wired, on MSNBC
and on dozens of radio shows. She is the author of the
upcoming book “How to Thrive in an Uncertain World.”
Contact her at (703) 346-4448;

8. ==> Sexual Harassment & Abuse – Lessons from

Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Amazon
Studio chief Roy Price. Screenwriter and director James
Toback. Just three of the high-profile men to be hit
with accusations of sexual harassment and assault in
recent weeks. You might have thought the casting couch
was dead and that the powerful men in Hollywood were
cleaning up their acts. But the reality is quite
different, asserts Darla Colinet. Because both men
preyed on women for years, she says, they taught their
victims and society three lessons they will never
forget. Darla will share what those lessons are along
with why it’s time to put all abusers in the hot seat
to find out why they abuse women instead of attacking
the women who come forward. A victim of domestic abuse,
Darla can share her life story and insights she gained
from talking with hundreds of other women who suffered
abuse at the hands of men. Contact her at (970)
631-2529; darla@godstransforminggrace.com

9. ==> It’s College Application Time – Quick Tips

With the first round of college application deadlines
fast approaching, students (and families) are getting
ready to make one of the biggest decisions of their
lives. Adrian Ridner can give tips about some of the
most important factors to consider when selecting a
school, and what things like graduation rates can tell
you about your true cost of college. He can also walk
through strategies for making your dream school more
affordable, even if you don’t qualify for financial
aid. Adrian is co-founder and CEO of Study.com, an
education website that helps students in kindergarten
through college excel academically, and working
professionals gain the skills they need to advance.
Contact Chandni Brunamonti at cbrunamonti@study.com

10. ==> International Caregiving Week: Unsung Heroes

People 65 and older around the globe outnumber the
entire populations of Russia, Japan, France, Germany
and Australia combined. With 30,000 people daily
turning 60 worldwide, this trend shows no signs of
slowing down for at least 10 years. Nov. 6 to Nov. 10
is International Caregiving Week, a time to recognize
the hard work and personal sacrifices caregivers make,
often without back up, appreciation or compensation.
Bring Carol-Ann Hamilton on your show not only to pay
tribute to those who keep elderly people thriving and
out of nursing homes but to help such individuals avoid
harming their own health in the process. Carol-Ann is a
former caregiver and an advocate for the beleaguered
Sandwich Generation. A fount of information, she can
offer advice on coping with systems like health care,
legal, financial, automobile and real estate. She’ll
also share how to avoid consumer service providers who
claim to reduce stress, only to make the eldercare
nightmare worse. Carol-Ann is the author of “Coping
with Un-cope-able Parents.” Contact her at (905)
822-2503; carolann@carolannhamilton.com

11. ==> Nearly $40B Stolen from Churches Annually

According to the Association of Certified Fraud
Examiners, nonprofits lose an average of 5-7 percent of
their revenues each year to fraud and theft.
Brotherhood Mutual, an insurance company specializing
in serving religious institutions, says that over $39
billion was stolen from churches in 2014, surpassing
the $35 billion churches spent on missionary work in
the same period. Certified public accountant Lisa
London, says the thieves are usually the people you
would least suspect. “Their crimes require motives,
means, and opportunity. Not much can be done about
motives,” London notes, “but churches and nonprofits
can do something about limiting the means and
opportunities!” She’ll discuss how to keep money safe
and employees and volunteers above suspicion and share
valuable tips including always having two people handle
the money, not letting the person in charge of the bank
account also have access to the donor records, and
regularly comparing the financial results to a budget.
Lisa London, CPA, is the author of “The Accountant
Beside You” series of resources which includes “Using
QuickBooks Online for Small Nonprofits and Churches.”
She’s been quoted in U.S. News and World Report and
featured on numerous national and local media outlets.
Contact her at (919) 770-3746;

12. ==> A Different Treatment for Opioid Epidemic: Jobs

Deaths from opioid overdoses have reached epidemic
proportions, leading President Trump to declare a
national public health emergency. But according to
author James A. Stuber, they are only part of a larger
problem that economists have dubbed “deaths of
despair,” including deaths from alcohol abuse and
suicide. Despair, Stuber says, that is experienced in
communities where factories have been closed and the
jobs sent overseas. In his new book, “What if Things
Were Made in America Again.” Stuber prescribes a simple
solution: change despair to hope by bringing home the
jobs we’ve been sending to China and Mexico, through
the power of consumer choice. James A. Stuber is the
founder of Made in America Again, a movement of
consumers dedicated to rebuilding the American middle
class by buying things made in American communities.
Stuber is an attorney and entrepreneur who formerly
served as legislative assistant to a member of the
United States House of Representatives. Contact him at
(610) 608-5074; james.stuber@themadeinamericabook.com.

13. ==> Holidays Are Ideal for Starting a Biz

Starting a business just as the holidays are gearing up
may seem like a recipe for failure. But according to
business and marketing expert Claudia Newcorn, it can
be the ideal time to get started if your business will
cater to holiday shoppers. Bring her on your program to
learn why you might not want to wait until after the
New Year to start your new venture. She can also offer
five ideas of holiday-based businesses you could start
and share her list of five things to ask yourself
before you start any business at any time. Claudia is a
frequent radio talk show guest whose book, “Zipline to
Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate
Your Sales & Profits,” won a gold medal at the San
Francisco Book Festival. Reach her at (209) 204-0502;

14. ==> Take an International Us vs. Them Quiz

You probably don’t realize it but as an American, you
are automatically doing some things that people in
other countries will find odd. You’ll find out what
they are—and get some laughs—when author Susanna
Janssen takes a more lighthearted approach to Us vs.
Them traveling style. For example, will your listeners
know which two countries besides the U.S. do not use
the metric system? Or how the rest of the world writes
the month, day and year and why getting this wrong on
your way to Cuba could cost you $100? Do you know why
many foreigners think Americans don’t know how to use a
knife and fork? Susanna will have you saying vive la
difference. She is a newspaper columnist and the author
of “Wordstruck!: The Fun and Fascination of Language.”
Reach her at (707) 272-1351; sjanssen106@gmail.com

15. ==> Hidden Dangers of Smooching Your Pooch

People love their dogs and often kiss them on the
mouth. But did you know that smooching your pooch could
lead to you getting gum disease if your dog has it?
It’s true. Gum disease may not seem like a sexy topic,
but there’s still a lot your audience does not know
about this silent disease including how communicable it
is, notes Jeanne Dockins, who appears in the
documentary “Say Ah: The Cavity in the Health Care
System.” Jeanne will explain how gum disease lowers the
body’s immune system and makes diabetes, heart disease,
Alzheimer’s, and cancer worse. What is more, people
with gum disease who undergo knee or hip replacement
surgery or receive an organ transplant are at increased
risk for postoperative infection. Jeanne, RN, BSN,
spent more than three decades as a surgical nurse at a
level I trauma center. She can share how to prevent
developing gum problems. Contact her at (419) 960-5460;

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