10/27/16 RTIR E-zine: Halloween Ghost -Busters, Saving Money on Tuition, Flu Prevention

October 27, 2016
01. Psychic Halloween Ghost-Buster
02. Hitchcock Horror Queen Tippi Hedren
03. A Rabbi’s Take on Halloween, Demons and Ghosts
04. Trump’s Most Revealing Interview Yet?
05. Pro-Trump Rapper ‘Political Panic’
06. 5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a College
07. Former Scholarship Judge: How to Save $ on Tuition
08. More Boomers Turning to Gigs
09. First Time Voting? Lisa Explains It All
10. Will the Election End with a Sore Loser?
11. Fun Halloween Topic: Real Vampires
12. Why We Love Horror Movies
13. Prevent the Flu by Breathing Better?
14. How to Age Well
15. Why Are Young Men Attracted to Older Women?

1. ==> Psychic Halloween Ghost-Buster

As the day of the dead rapidly approaches, the
spooktacular Vincent Genna is gearing up for what
promises to be a de-fright-full Hollow’s Eve. Psychic
medium Vincent Genna is veteran ghost-buster who will
uncover the skeletons in your listeners’ closets.
Vincent is available to provide fun, on-air readings
and offer some haunting insight from those who have
already crossed over.  Vincent Genna is a triple power
Psychic – a psychic with the knowledge and experience
of a licensed psychotherapist, and the personality of a
showman. He’s appeared on Coast to Coast AM and Hay
House Radio, as well as local major radio shows around
the country. Contact Erin Dean at (661) 255-8283;

2. ==> Hitchcock Horror Queen Tippi Hedren

Tippi Hedren, one of the biggest names of classic
Hollywood and one of the most famous ‘Hitchcock girls,’
is opening up about her fascinating life, including
never-before-revealed experiences on the set of some of
the biggest cult films of all time. Hedren’s new memoir
digs deep into her complicated relationship with Alfred
Hitchcock, the generous benefactor who would become a
repulsive and controlling director who contractually
controlled her every move for many years. Hedren is
also a long-time animal activist who started a big cat
preserve after making the film Roar, involving dozens
of lions and tigers. Oh, and ask her about her family.
You might recognize them; next month’s Vanity Fair
includes a feature on Tippi, daughter Melanie Griffith,
and granddaughter Dakota Johnson. Hedren is donating a
portion of the proceeds from her memoir “Tippi” to the
ROAR Foundation and the Shambala Preserve. Contact
Harlan Boll at (626) 296-3757; h.boll@dcpublicity.com

3. ==> A Rabbi’s Take on Halloween, Demons and Ghosts

You might not think of a rabbi when you’re looking for
Halloween guests, but Rabbi Jonathan Bernis isn’t your
typical rabbi. He’s a Messianic Jew and the author of
“A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural: A Revealing Look at
Angels, Demons, Miracles, Heaven & Hell.” Invite him on
your show to discuss whether guardian angels exist and
if so, if we all have one. Do they always intervene?
Are all angels guardian angels? And what about demons
and monsters? Or Satan? Bernis can also discuss
Hollywood, culture and where darkness lives in plain
sight (including how and why we miss it.) Rabbi
Johnathan Bernis is president and CEO of Jewish Voice
Ministries International. Contact Jason Jones at

4. ==> Trump’s Most Revealing Interview Yet?

At 8 p.m. tonight, Catholic media network EWTN’s ‘The
World Over’ will air an exclusive interview with
Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Host
Raymond Arroyo says, “He reveals the reason he switched
his position on the life issue, talks about religious
liberty, and speaks to women’s concerns about his
candidacy. We also spoke about his prayer life, whether
he had a favorite saint, and a lot more.” Arroyo adds,
“Honestly, this is the most relaxed I’ve ever seen him
on camera. Viewers will be very interested in what he
has to say.” EHWTN Global Catholic Network is the
largest religious media network in the world. Contact
Michelle Laque Johnson at (205) 795-5769; (205)
441-6248 (cell) or mjohnson@ewtn.com

5. ==> Pro-Trump Rapper ‘Political Panic’

The Clinton campaign announced this week that recording
mogul Jay Z will headline a concert on behalf of their
African-American get out the vote effort. But New York
rapper Matthew Demar says Jay Z—and Hillary—don’t
represent his views. Inspired by the 2016 presidential
race, Demar, a New York resident, has released a rally
song for Trump. The song features Demar dressed like
the Donald himself and touching on issues such as
immigration, national security, and Hillary Clinton’s
email scandal. Demar, now known as Political Panic,
says, “I hope Trump gets a chance to see the video and
uses it for his upcoming rallies.” Contact Mark Goldman
at markgoldman73@gmail.com

6. ==> 5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a

With the first round of college application deadlines
fast approaching this fall, students (and families) are
getting ready to make one of the biggest decisions of
their lives. Adrian Ridner can give tips about some of
the most important factors to consider when selecting a
school, and what things like graduation rates can tell
you about your true cost of college. He can also walk
through strategies for making your dream school more
affordable, even if you don’t qualify for financial
aid. Adrian is co-founder and CEO of Study.com, an
education website that helps students in kindergarten
through college excel academically, and working
professionals gain the skills they need to advance.
Contact Jennifer McHam at (650) 288-2381;

7. ==> Former Scholarship Judge: How to Save $ on

Steven Roberts has helped thousands of students and
parents save
tens of thousands of dollars on their college
educations. He’ll offer your listeners guidance on
applying to the right schools and warn parents and
students about traps to avoid so that they don’t take
on unnecessary debt. You’ll learn how to get colleges
to waive their application fees, why you don’t need to
have all the money upfront before starting college and
how you can find that money without taking out student
loans and how to make the most of the FASFA form and
Pell Grant applications. Roberts, a former scholarship
judge, has been a guest on more than 600 radio stations
and podcasts. He’s the author of “Winning the Money
Game in College: Any Major and Any GPA Can Finish
College Debt-Free or Better” and has just released a
free webinar. Contact him at (801) 719-3760;

8. ==> More Boomers Turning to Gigs

It hasn’t been easy being a working baby boomer lately.
Their jobs have been hurt by global competition,
changing business conditions and cost-cutting. Faced
with underemployment, unemployment, lower pay and job
hunting techniques that no longer work, more boomers
are turning to the gig economy, notes Spunk Burke,
author of “The GIG Solution,” which drops next year.
Spunk will explain how boomers are learning to target
prospects with problems they can solve on a project
basis. He’s a staffing veteran who provides coaching
that helps jobless boomers build rewarding and secure
gig practices. Spunk can be reached at (978) 835-8588;

9. ==> First Time Voting? Lisa Explains It All

With the election in full swing, millions of undecideds
and current non-voters hold the presidential election
in their hands…. but literally don’t know how to cast a
vote. It’s socially taboo to admit you’ve never
registered to vote and politics is complicated, but
Lisa Fontana believes it’s time to fix that. 42 states
don’t teach civics and over 90-million people have
never voted before. In fact, Lisa didn’t cast her first
vote for anything until she turned 35 years old! Invite
her to create a party-free, friendly, fun zone for
listeners to learn how to register to vote, how to have
a political conversation—or stop one—without bloodshed,
and how to avoid the pitfalls of the polling place. A
former actor and voice-over artist, Lisa Fontana has
extensive media experience. Now a deputy voter
registrar for Illinois, she runs informal ‘Welcome
Party Seminars’ that cover basic civics and election
issues. She wrote “Me, The People” to encourage non-
voters to feel welcome and wanted in politics and their
government. Contact her at (708) 473–6951;

10. ==> Will the Election End with a Sore Loser?

There is no doubt that losing is painful. But accepting
defeat can make us stronger, says Akram Alashari, and
that holds true for whoever loses on Nov. 8 and their
constituents. If it is Trump, as polls suggest, will he
really be the sore loser he seems primed to be and if
so, how is this likely to affect his future and the
country’s?  Alashari, known as the Peak Performance
Doctor, will share what the gifts of adversity are and
why losing can be a blessing. As a trauma surgeon, he
has seen people cope with the loss of loved ones, loss
of limbs, loss of functionality and loss of financial
security. Moreover, he’s identified the patterns of
thinking that cause losses to be magnified, making them
more devastating and paralyzing than they need be. He’s
also identified the thought patterns that lead to
strength and resilience. Alashari is the author of “The
Power of Peak State: Massively Enhance Your Personal
Potential.” Reach him at (888) 233-4553;

11. ==> Fun Halloween Topic: Real Vampires

Halloween makes us think of bloodsuckers and things
that go bump in the night. But the truth is vampires
are real and many of them are sucking the life out of
your listeners right now. According to Michelle Nagel,
even the most innocuous looking person could be an
emotional vampire; it may be someone in your own home,
at work or even at the local grocery store—and no
strings of garlic, wooden stakes or crosses will work
with these soul suckers. Ask Nagel what you can do to
protect yourself from emotional vampires, how to
protect yourself from these predatory encounters and
why it’s important that you do so. She’s the author of
“Suffering is Optional: Step Out of Darkness into the
Light.” Contact her at (541) 414-7811, or

12. ==> Why We Love Horror Movies

Fear expert, United States veteran, and horror fiction
writer, S.D. Moore reveals the secrets behind readers’
decades long love affair with being scared. The art of
fear isn’t easy. Terror and gore monopolize the nightly
news. With this in mind, contemporary dealers of dread
use enhanced fear techniques in their writing: mind
tricks, plot twists, and elaborate detail to immerse
unsuspecting readers to horror-ish settings ripe for
fright and thrill. S.D. Moore, a sufferer of brain
injury while on active duty, can teach fear to those
brave enough to listen, and inspire anyone with
obstacles in life to persevere and overcome like she
has.  Contact Moore at (702) 743-5289;

13. ==> Prevent the Flu by Breathing Better?

It’s autumn and cold and flu season is inching towards
us. What can you do to avoid illness in your family
short of keeping away from sick people—which is not
always possible, particularly at work—or getting a flu
shot? Sasha Yakovleva says the number one thing you can
do is breathe less. She says people who breathe deeply
come down with bad cases of the flu because they have
weaker immune systems. She’ll share tips on avoiding
cold-weather illnesses and discuss why vaccinating
someone with a weak immune system, such as asthmatics,
may do more harm than good. Sasha Yakovleva is an
advanced breathing normalization specialist and co-
founder of Breathing Center. She has a master’s degree
in journalism and is an expert in Russian healing arts.
Her work has been featured in The New York Times and
other publications, as well as on TV and radio
programs. Her book is “Breathe to Heal.” Contact her at
(303) 823- 5173 (CO); sasha@breathingcenter.com

14. ==> How to Age Well

More than 70% of North Americans are now obese or
overweight and 50% are diabetic or pre-diabetic.  And
according to the U.S. Department of Labor, stress-
related illness is costing employers over $7500 USD per
year. Beyond that, stress is affecting our personal
quality of life as we age. Honestly, who cares if we
are living longer if our quality of life is poor?
Invite Dr. Ken Keis to give your listeners a stress
test to help them identify their wellness/stress levels
in 5 specific areas. From benchmarking your current
condition and wellness practices, you will immediately
be able to identify opportunities for improvements, for
positive changes, and for increasing your well-being
and all-round performance. Ken Keis, Ph.D., is
President and CEO of CRG Consulting Resource Group
International, Inc. and the author of “Why Aren’t You
More Like Me? Deliberate Leadership” and “The Quest for
Purpose!” Contact him at (605) 852-0566;

15. ==> Why Are Young Men Attracted to Older Women?

Mary Reilly, a proud 53-year-year-old Cougar, enjoys
dating younger men and relishes setting up other May-
December couples. Known as the Datemeister®, Mary says
the attraction between men in their 20s and 30s to
women 40-plus typically has nothing to do with sex or
money. In fact, she says, these relationships often
work well because no one is looking for marriage,
financial stability or children. She says, “Cougars
like to date younger men with energy, less emotional
baggage and a willingness to spend some money. On the
other hand, Cubs don’t have to worry so much about
unplanned pregnancies or pressure to commit.” Mary can
talk about all aspects of this trend as well as her
upcoming event in Manhattan later this month. A recent
guest on the Tao of Indifference podcast, Mary can be
reached at (917) 363-9860; thedatemeister@gmail.com

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