10/20/16 RTIR E-zine: Character Counts, Haunted Houses, Celebrating Sausages

October 20, 2016

01. Penn State $4M Whistleblower Trial
02. Wells Fargo Chief: Will Retirement End his Woes?
03. A Rabbi’s Take on Halloween, Demons and Ghosts
04. Oh, Donald! It’s National Character Counts Week
05. Dr. Calm Gets You Through Election Madness
06. Donald Trump, Don’t be a Sore Loser
07. Hitchcock Horror Queen Tippi Hedren
08. Halloween Nightmares
09. Scariest Haunted Houses in America
10. Fun Halloween Topic: Real Vampires
11. Will Your Brain Give Out Before You Do?
12. Robin Williams’ Bikes Up for Auction
13. Are You Raising a Bully?
14. Is it OK to Drop Out of College?
15. October is National Sausage Month

1. ==> Penn State $4M Whistleblower Trial

The trial began this week in Mike McQueary’s
whistleblower lawsuit against Penn State University.
The former Penn State assistant football coach says he
witnessed onetime fellow coach Jerry Sandusky abuse a
boy in the team shower more than 15 years ago. His $4M
suit alleges he was wrongly retaliated against and
terminated in 2012 after Sandusky was convicted of
abusing 10 boys. Invite Michael McCray, an expert on
whistleblowing, to discuss the trial and other
whistleblowing cases. McCray was personally bullied,
intimidated and retaliated against after he reported
improprieties at his federal job before being forced
out, says America needs such principled individuals
more than ever. Contact him at (870) 543-0024;

2. ==> Wells Fargo Chief: Will Retirement End his Woes?

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf may have retired but does
that mean he can take the money and run? According to
criminal defense attorney Alaleh Kamran, Stumpf’s exit
may not be as easy as some may think, including Stumpf.
She’ll discuss the possible scenarios including who may
bring charges against him and for what crimes. She’ll
also talk about how much money Stumpf has earned, his
retirement package, and whether he’ll be able to keep
that money. Contact Cherie Kerr at (714) 550-9900 or
(714) 271-2140 (cell); cherie@kerrpr-execuprov.com or
Shannon Dugger at (303) 619-3949; shannon@kerrpr-

3. ==> A Rabbi’s Take on Halloween, Demons and Ghosts

You might not think of a rabbi when you’re looking for
Halloween guests, but Rabbi Jonathan Bernis isn’t your
typical rabbi. He’s a Messianic Jew and the author of
“A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural: A Revealing Look at
Angels, Demons, Miracles, Heaven & Hell.” Invite him on
your show to discuss whether guardian angels exist and
if so, if we all have one. Do they always intervene?
Are all angels guardian angels? And what about demons
and monsters? Or Satan? Bernis can also discuss
Hollywood, culture and where darkness lives in plain
sight (including how and why we miss it.) Rabbi
Johnathan Bernis is president and CEO of Jewish Voice
Ministries International. Contact Jason Jones at

4. ==> Oh, Donald! It’s National Character Counts Week

Right in the middle of one of the most divisive
political seasons in recent memory, Barack Obama has
declared this National Character Counts Week, an annual
event to “commemorate the humanity that makes America
what it is.” Ironic? Maybe so, but given the lack of
moral character that has marred this year’s
presidential race, maybe it’s highly appropriate says
Michelle Deen. She’ll discuss the character issues
facing Trump and Clinton, and why Hillary can’t shake
her image as untrustworthy and unprincipled. “Clinton
needs to articulate what she cares about and why, just
as Bernie Sanders did, to give voters a heart-inspired
stake in the game that is about more than her wish to
win.” Michelle Deen is an expert on human development
and family relations who has appeared on Southern
California Public Radio and has presented on family
values at political action conferences from California
to Washington D.C. Her latest book is “Saving America’s
Grace.” Contact her at (805) 679-3084;

5. ==> Dr. Calm Gets You Through Election Madness

Sick of the election dominating the news? Tired of
watching your blood pressure rise with every WikiLeaks
leak and nasty video release? Thinking of hiding posts
of Facebook friends who do nothing but rant? Let’s face
it, many of us wish the election were in the rearview
mirror but it will drone on for another three weeks.
It’s time to call in Dr. Calm, your on-call physician
and stress-reduction expert (real name Kiran Dintyala).
Dr. Calm will lead your audience in some powerful on-
air relaxation exercises and share how to experience
serenity now—and after the election no matter who wins.
Dr. Calm is a Board Certified Internal Medicine
Physician currently practicing at Eisenhower Medical
Center in Palm Springs, CA. He also holds a master’s
degree in public health. His upcoming book is “Calm in
the Midst of Chaos.” Reach him at (860) 375 0446 or

6. ==> Donald Trump, Don’t be a Sore Loser

Given his personality and past, many wonder whether
Donald Trump will be a sore loser if he doesn’t win the
election. Mike Gellman says sore losers are everywhere
these days, especially at work. “Sore losers become
their own worst enemy and create a self-fulfilling
prophecy when they have a chip on their shoulder and
let their attitude go south.” Gellman says we all know
people who claim the process is “rigged,” or “It’s not
what you know, but who you know” that matters. He’ll
discuss common misconceptions people often have about
losing, and the consequences of holding onto them.
Mike Gellman is a career coach and the author of “Pipe
Dreams: 7 Pipelines of Career Success.” Contact him at
(858) 692-5920; mike@mikegellman.com

7. ==> Hitchcock Horror Queen Tippi Hedren

Tippi Hedren, one of the biggest names of classic
Hollywood and one of the most famous ‘Hitchcock girls,’
is opening up about her fascinating life, including
never-before-revealed experiences on the set of some of
the biggest cult films of all time. Hedren’s new memoir
digs deep into her complicated relationship with Alfred
Hitchcock, the generous benefactor who would become a
repulsive and controlling director who contractually
controlled her every move for many years. Hedren is
also a long-time animal activist who started a big cat
preserve after making the film Roar, involving dozens
of lions and tigers. Oh, and ask her about her family.
You might recognize them; next month’s Vanity Fair
includes a feature on Tippi, daughter Melanie Griffith,
and granddaughter Dakota Johnson. Hedren is donating a
portion of the proceeds from her memoir “Tippi” to the
ROAR Foundation and the Shambala Preserve. Contact
Harlan Boll at (626) 296-3757; h.boll@dcpublicity.com

8. ==> Halloween Nightmares

Sometimes nightmares offer incredible creative
potential like director James Cameron’s terrifying
dream that inspired his first hit film Terminator or
Mary Shelley’s macabre nightmare that became the
lasting Halloween favorite Frankenstein. Sometimes they
warn of impending trouble like the upsetting dream John
Lennon had about his own assassination or the nightmare
that nearly saved the band Lynyrd Skynyrd from a tragic
plane wreck. One in two people had a ‘bad’ dream in the
last month, and one in thirty has them every night.
Most think these unpleasant nocturnal experiences are
anything but valuable. However, they can be a practical
and necessary medicine of the psyche, protect us, or
even offer terrific creative insights. Invite
internationally-respected dream
analyst/author/researcher Craig Webb to discuss what we
can learn from our dreams and why nightmares are not
“bad” dreams. Webb has extensive media experience and
consults for Fortune 500 corporations, A-list
celebrities and feature films. Contact him at
cw@craigwebb.ca; (514) 990-2113.

9. ==> Scariest Haunted Houses in America

Millions of Americans pay money to be scared out of
their wits this time of year. For haunted house
aficionados, the spookier the better. “Every year we
get asked which haunted houses are really going to
scare people and more importantly, make their friends
scream,” says HauntedHouses.com’s James Olmsted. He’ll
share this year’s list of the best haunted houses and
discuss the latest trends in the industry including
virtual reality. “This year we paid special attention
to haunted houses that are unique in their approach to
making your heart race. From locations in creepy old
industrial districts to country farms and hayrides
under the stars, each location has a unique approach to
interactive horror, but all deliver the thrills and
excitement that Halloween fans are seeking.”
HauntedHouses.com is a resource for all things haunted:
information about haunted houses and ghost towns,
paranormal sites, haunted attractions, scary movie
reviews, and everything Halloween. Contact Victoria
Reyna at (210) 390-4284; victoria@sammisochoa.com

10. ==> Fun Halloween Topic: Real Vampires

Halloween makes us think of bloodsuckers and things
that go bump in the night. But the truth is vampires
are real and many of them are sucking the life out of
your listeners right now. According to Michelle Nagel,
even the most innocuous looking person could be an
emotional vampire; it may be someone in your own home,
at work or even at the local grocery store—and no
strings of garlic, wooden stakes or crosses will work
with these soul suckers. Ask Nagel what you can do to
protect yourself from emotional vampires, how to
protect yourself from these predatory encounters and
why it’s important that you do so. She’s the author of
“Suffering is Optional: Step Out of Darkness into the
Light.” Contact her at (541) 414-7811, or

11. ==> Will Your Brain Give Out Before You Do?

30,000 neuroscientists will converge on San Diego for
Neuroscience 2016 next month. Boomers are driving an
explosion of research into the brain, worried that
their brain may give out before they do.  Sports
scientist Bob Prichard can talk about the latest
discoveries in brain performance and how they’re tied
to chest expansion, since the brain requires 10X more
oxygen than any other part of the body. He’ll discuss
not only the sports implications, but how improving
blood flow to the brain can help increase self-image,
self-confidence and mood! He’ll teach you how to
measure your breathing range, and those of your family,
and ways kids can especially benefit from increasing
chest expansion. Bob Prichard is president of Somax
Performance Institute. His Olympic athletes have won 44
Gold Medals and have set 11 World Records. A NBC Sports
Olympics on-air analyst, he’s written for many
periodicals and his sports analysis videos have over 5M
views on YouTube. His upcoming book is “Are You
Starving Your Brain of Oxygen?” Contact him at (415)
435-9880 (CA); bprichard@somaxsports.com

12. ==> Robin Williams’ Bikes Up for Auction

Robin Williams wasn’t only one of the funniest people
on the planet. He was also an avid cyclist and advocate
for people with disabilities. Now, more than two years
after his suicide, 87 bikes in his collection are up
for auction, and the proceeds will help fund two
charities he cared about deeply. The bikes were donated
by Williams’s children — Zak, Zelda and Cody. “Though
bright, skin-tight spandex still remains one of the
more embarrassing outfits to regularly witness your Dad
wearing growing up, the sport of biking and the people
Dad helped through his love of it will always hold a
special place in the hearts of our family,” the
Williams family said in a statement. The Challenged
Athletes Foundation gives grants and support to
athletes with disabilities, and the Christopher and
Dana Reeve Foundation funds research and support for
people with spinal cord injuries. Contact Carlos Escaba
of the Challenged Athletes Foundation at (858)
210-3514; carlos@challengedathletes.org or Rebecca
Laming at the Reeve Foundation at

13. ==> Are You Raising a Bully?

You may not realize it but your child may be a bully
and it could be your fault. October is National
Bullying Awareness Month, a good time to examine who
bullies and is bullied and what can be done about it.
Author and self-esteem expert Kathleen Aharoni will
discuss what it entails to raise a child who feels
loved, valued and safe; how to outfit that child with a
bully-proof vest; the danger of praising your child too
much and what you should do instead; and when the inner
critic becomes the inner bully, monitoring our self-
talk. Aharoni has been on the teaching faculties of
Northwestern University and Columbia College, Chicago,
as well as New Trier High School. She is the author of
the award-winning children’s book “I Breathe My Own
Breath.” Reach her at (773) 620-6713;

14. ==> Is it OK to Drop Out of College?

Colleges have been in session for a while now and many
students are discovering it’s not their cup of I did
least not right now. Should parents freak out? Try to
get their kid to stay enrolled? College is supposed to
be the best time of your life, providing the surest
path to success. But that perception is marred by harsh
realities with huge pressures and an even bigger price
tag. Jake Heilbrunn, a 19-year-old college dropout and
one of the world’s youngest motivational speakers will
share his own experiences, discuss why so many students
are anxious and depressed, what millennials are
searching for in college and careers, and how young
adults can follow their intuition and pave their own
path. Jake is the author of “Off the Beaten Trail: A
Young Man’s Soul-Searching Journey Through Central
America.” Contact him at (858) 750-0413;

15. ==> October is National Sausage Month

According to a new poll by the Hot Dog and Sausage
Council (NHDSC) nearly 90% of Americans say they like
sausage… but HOW they eat it varies greatly across the
country. Northeasterners are most likely to say Italian
sausage is their favorite while Southerners enjoy
breakfast patties and Midwesterners prefer Bratwurst.
To celebrate America’s love of sausage and National
Sausage Month, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council
will hold its third annual sausage recipe contest.
“Sausage is one of our most versatile foods, as it can
be eaten on its own for any meal, combined in a recipe
or even as a dip, says NHDSC President Eric Mittenthal.
The best recipe will win a $100 gift card for their
favorite sausages plus a Sausage Pan, designed with
deep curves specifically to cook sausages. Contact
Mittenthal at (202) 587-4238; (404) 808-8396 or

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