10/17/17 RTIR E-zine: Harvey Hypocrisy, Halloween and Spirits, BRCA Gene Dilemma

October 17, 2017

01. Kneeling Players Are Ruining Football
02. GOP’s Harvey Hypocrisy
03. Weinstein, Women & Corporate Culture
04. ‘The Graduate’ Turns 50‘
05. Psychic: Halloween & Spirits
06. Equifax Hack: Protect Your Credit
07. Educators Say Politicians Should Go Back to School
08. 5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a College
09. Beware Home Repair Scams
10. America’s Vets Need Your Help
11. Stop Asking Why Abused Women Stay
12. The BRCA Gene Dilemma
13. Rate Your Mate Before It’s Too Late
14. How to Stay Optimistic in Depressing Times
15. Do You Have the Courage to Run Away?

1. ==> Kneeling Players Are Ruining Football

Robert Ehrlich says kneeling NFL players are out-of-
touch and ruining fans’ emotional attachment to
football. He writes, “An overwhelming majority of
Americans view the flag and anthem as symbols of
freedom, sacrifice, and opportunity, cherished values
albeit pursued by an imperfect country and people.
Here, fans do not interpret the kneeling as an exercise
in speech, but rather a very public snub aimed at
unifying symbols.” As players continue to kneel and the
president tweets, Ehrlich says fans are booing in
stadiums across the country. “In tangible terms, it
concerns whether fans will continue to rearrange their
lives in order to accommodate professional football.
That this decision has become a close call for a
percentage of the paying customers spells trouble for a
wildly successful commercial operation that was, until
recent years, the proverbial goose that laid the golden
egg.” Robert Ehrlich is a Washington Examiner
columnist, partner at King & Spalding, and author of
three books, including the recently released “Turning
Point.” He was governor of Maryland from 2003-2007.
Contact him at (202) 626-9710 (DC); rehrlich@kslaw.com

2. ==> GOP’s Harvey Hypocrisy

Harvey Weinstein was a big Democratic political donor,
and journalist
Walter Shapiro says Republicans, devoid of any sense of
shame, are gleefully playing guilt-by-association
bingo. “For the Republicans — with Trump in the White
House — to portray the Democrats as uniquely solicitous
of sexual predators assumes that the typical American
voter is an amnesiac with the intellect of a dead
flashlight battery. What is needed here, as in so much
else in politics, is a sense of proportion. Instead, we
have a lynch-mob atmosphere where every Democrat who
ever attended a private screening of a Harvey Weinstein
movie is vulnerable to GOP attack.” He adds, “It seems
ludicrous to imply that Democrats are somehow to blame
for the loutish behavior of Harvey Weinstein. Being
responsible for their own conduct in a do-nothing
Congress seems to be enough of a daunting challenge for
today’s legislators.” Walter Shapiro is a columnist for
Roll Call. He’s covered the last 10 presidential
elections and worked for USA Today, The Washington
Post, Time, Newsweek, Salon and many more publications.
He lectures in political science at Yale and has
written several books. Contact him at
waltershapiro@ymail.com; @MrWalterShapiro.

3. ==> Weinstein, Women & Corporate Culture

Invite Nancy Parsons to discuss her perspective on
Weinstein’s epic fall from glory. “Clearly, Weinstein
lacks empathy and seems to demonstrate traits as an
egotist rule-breaker. He’s undoubtedly motivated by
power, competition, amusement and hedonism.” Parsons,
who specializes in cutting-edge psychological
assessments for executive coaching, says, “My research
has found that women tend to be worriers while men are
more ego-driven. This translates to women who struggle
to speak up when aggression is used, and tells us, to a
great extent, why many women stay silent when they are
harassed or bullied.” Nancy Parsons is the author of
“Fresh Insights to End the Glass Ceiling.” She is
president of CDR Assessment Group which measures the
personality strengths, risk factors and the motivation
of executives. Contact Morgan Canclini-Mitchell at
(817) 944-1071; morgan@twopr.com

4. ==> ‘The Graduate’ Turns 50

This December, the most unexpected cinematic
blockbuster of the sixties turns 50. The Graduate has
contributed a wealth of iconic images to American
popular culture. Mrs. Robinson’s status as the original
‘cougar,’ the titillation of glimpsing a hapless young
man through her shapely arched leg, and the mere
mention of ‘plastics’—all these have, over the past
half-century, become part of our vernacular. The
wedding scene that punctuates this spicy 1967 Mike
Nichols comedy is continually referenced on television
shows like The Simpsons, on the big screen, and in New
Yorker cartoons. When The Graduate was newly released,
it spoke to a generation of young people who questioned
their place in a rapidly changing world. Invite Beverly
Gray, author of “Seduced by Mrs. Robinson: How The
Graduate Became the Touchstone of a Generation,” to
discuss this cultural phenomenon, put the film in
historical context and offer new insights and newly-
revealed factoids. Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703)
646-5137; johanna@jrbcomm.com or Megan Bonomo at (703)

5. ==> Psychic: Halloween & Spirits

What are the signs someone from the other side is
trying to communicate with you? Can you actually
develop psychic abilities? Are there more spirits
around on Halloween? Ask psychic medium Vincent Genna,
a veteran ghost-buster! Vincent is available to provide
fun, on-air readings and offer some haunting insight
from those who have already crossed over. Vincent Genna
is a triple power psychic – a psychic with the
knowledge and experience of a licensed psychotherapist,
and the personality of a showman. He’s appeared on
Coast to Coast AM, Hay House Radio, and many other
radio shows around the country. Contact Emily Maloney
at (661) 255-8283; emily@steveallenmedia.com

6. ==> Equifax Hack: Protect Your Credit

Nearly half of Americans may have had their information
stolen in the massive Equifax data breach. Making
matters worse, the hackers had a two-month lead on
consumers trying to protect their credit and personal
information. Invite Patricia Davis, a former corporate
finance and banking executive who manages her own
financial services firm, to share what the hack tells
us about the U.S. credit system and eight steps your
listeners can take now to protect their credit. She’ll
discuss why and how you should lock down your credit
reports, change your passwords and more. Davis holds an
MBA from Stanford, a master’s degree in personal
financial planning from Golden Gate University and a
certificate from Georgetown University’s Stonier
Graduate School of Banking and Finance. She is the
author of the upcoming book “Going Broke Is No Joke.”
Reach her at (301) 249-2261 or

7. ==> Educators Say Politicians Should Go Back to

Kids are back in school and both Congress and the U.S.
Department of Education have been busy working on
measures that many educators say threaten public
education. Protesting the rhetoric and actions coming
out of Washington, and pressing instead for research-
based policies and democratic ideals, over 200
education deans have released “Our Children Deserve
Better: A Call to Resist Washington’s Dangerous Vision
for U.S. Education.” Kathy Schultz, dean of the School
of Education at the University of Colorado, Boulder
says, “It is imperative that we change the direction
our country is going in terms of supporting schools and
school systems that serve our children well. As a
country, we have lost sight of the role of public
schools as a democratizing force in this country. We
continue to move toward privatizing K-12 education and
teacher education at our peril.” Schultz is currently
completing a book on distrust and educational change.
Contact her at Katherine.schultz@colorado.edu;

8. ==> 5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a

With the first round of college application deadlines
fast approaching this fall, students (and families) are
getting ready to make one of the biggest decisions of
their lives. Adrian Ridner can give tips about some of
the most important factors to consider when selecting a
school, and what things like graduation rates can tell
you about your true cost of college. He can also walk
through strategies for making your dream school more
affordable, even if you don’t qualify for financial
aid. Adrian is co-founder and CEO of Study.com, an
education website that helps students in kindergarten
through college excel academically, and working
professionals gain the skills they need to advance.
Contact Chandni Brunamonti at cbrunamonti@study.com

9. ==> Beware Home Repair Scams

Home repair is one of the top scams in America and Bill
Francavilla says homeowners affected by recent
hurricanes and wildfires are sitting ducks for
scammers. “Hundreds of so-called home repair experts
will be knocking on the doors of the people impacted
offering bona fide—and bogus—offers to get their homes
back to live-able condition, and many people, including
smart ones, won’t know the difference.” Francavilla
spent 30 years in the financial services industry and
he knows exactly how the bad guys’ operate to push your
greed and fear buttons. He’ll reveal the top home
repair scams and how to protect yourself from them.
Francavilla is the author of “The Madoffs Among Us:
Make Better Financial Decisions and Protect Your
Future.” He’s a CFP and former senior vice president,
director of Wealth Management for Legg Mason who has
extensive media experience. Reach him at (757)
870-4590; wmfrancavilla@gmail.com

10. ==> America’s Vets Need Your Help

Every day in the U.S. 50,000 military veterans
experience homelessness and 21 vets commit suicide.
These are men and women who have given their all for
their country and deserve a better, smoother process
when they transition from the armed forces to civilian
life. To help them (and their families) take advantage
of all the services that are available to them
interview Jennifer Hammond. She wrote “101+ Resources
for Veterans: The Ultimate Resource Guide” with
participation from the nonprofit group A Hero
Foundation. Jennifer is passionate about helping
veterans, having been adopted as a teenager by a
military family. A SiriusXM radio host, Jennifer has
brought veterans issues to light while interviewing
seven congressmen on Capitol Hill for the Veterans
Legislative Forum, the Veterans Homelessness Forum, and
the Military Family Housing Forum. She can discuss
organizations all military families should know about
and what we need to do to end homelessness among
veterans. Reach her at (202) 345-2343;

11. ==> Stop Asking Why Abused Women Stay

Many people wonder why women who are being verbally,
physically or mentally abused by their boyfriends and
husbands continue to stay with their abusers. Find out
why women continue on in horrific relationships by
interviewing Darla Colinet in October, for National
Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Darla got married at
18 and stayed married to an abusive husband for 13
years. Afraid for her life and the lives of her two
young sons after her husband choked her into
unconsciousness at one point, Darla waited for her
husband to come home with a shotgun in her hand.
Fortunately, he did not come home at that time and she
eventually fled to two different safe homes and out of
state after her husband sent people to find her. Darla
can share her life story and insights she gained from
talking with hundreds of other women with your
audience. Now happily married to a man who treats her
well, she can also discuss the conversation every
parent should have with their young daughters to
heighten their awareness of the dangers of charismatic
but deadly boys and men. Reach her at (970) 631-2529;

12. ==> The BRCA Gene Dilemma

If you learned you or someone you love had a gene
associated with cancer, would you consent to have
healthy tissue removed as a preventative? After
Angelina Jolie went public with her prophylactic
mastectomy (having her healthy breasts removed), many
women with the same BRCA gene had their breasts removed
so they would not live in fear of getting breast
cancer. But is this a good idea? Jeanne Dockins, RN,
BSN, who spent more than three decades as a surgical
nurse at a level I trauma center, says research
suggests otherwise. For October’s Breast Cancer
Awareness Month, there is no better time to discuss the
myth that having a positive BRCA gene test makes women
at high risk for breast cancer. Jeanne says women with
the BRCA gene have a genetic predisposition for breast
cancer but a woman’s lifestyle, attitudes, external
environment, and beliefs determine if the gene will be
turned on. Distressed by the numbers of women having
their healthy breasts removed at her hospital, Jeanne
wrote a short story, “The Breast Cancer Gene Dilemma.”
It contains resources to inspire women to do their own
research and make an informed decision prior to having
their breasts removed. Contact her at (520) 343-0222;

13. ==> Rate Your Mate Before It’s Too Late

We all know people who keep winding up in relationships
that go nowhere, or who fall for the wrong person time
and time again. Some people think they’ve found their
perfect match and suddenly, without warning, discover
their relationship is in shambles. What went wrong?
Beatty Cohan says, “Chances are the signs were there
all along. They just didn’t know what to look for!”
Invite her to share a 10-step, fail-safe formula,
already successfully used by thousands of men and women
around the world for assessing who’s right or wrong for
you BEFORE committing to any serious relationship.
Beatty Cohan nationally-recognized psychotherapist, sex
therapist, speaker, columnist for the Huffington Post,
Thrive Global, DivorceForce and Three Tomatoes. She’s a
national radio and television expert guest and the host
of Ask Beatty on the Progressive Radio Network. Her
latest book is “For Better, for Worse, Forever:
Discover the Path to Lasting Love.” Contact her at
(941) 914-3063 (cell); BeattyCohan.msw@gmail.com

14. ==> How to Stay Optimistic in Depressing Times

With bad news bombarding us at all hours and the world
seemingly going crazy, how can we manage to maintain a
sense of optimism? There is an easy, often overlooked
solution to erase stress and have fun — it’s called
exercise, says Sharkie Zartman. As a professor,
Sharkie has taught or coached more than 40,000 students
and athletes in the areas of health, fitness and
sports. “I have noticed many positive physical changes
in my students, but more importantly, mental and
emotional changes from adding exercise to their
lifestyles. But in order for people to exercise, it has
to be fun,” she says. Sharkie Zartman was one of the
top 25 all-time volleyball players at UCLA, and is a
former member of the USA National Volleyball Team. She
hosts the weekly radio program Sharkie’s Pep Talk on
Healthy Life.Net Radio and is the author of six books
including her latest, “Have Fun Getting Fit: Simple
Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body.” Contact her at
(310) 379-1869 or (310) 415-0190;

15. ==> Do You Have the Courage to Run Away?

Have you ever wanted to just chuck it all and run away?
Lucetta Zaytoun says it’s time to let go of what is not
serving you anymore. “If you have it’s because that
job, situation or relationship isn’t working for you.
If you do run away, it means you are actually running
back to you, and then you have the opportunity to
recreate that relationship, job or situation in a way
that does work for you.” Lucetta says, “Most people
think running away is weak and cowardly, but the truth
is it takes a lot of courage to walk away. Gather up
your bravery and give yourself permission to run. This
could be the season of a new you.” Lucetta Zaytoun is
an international speaker, coach and the founder of Your
Life in Bold, llc. She’s the author of “It’s Already
Tomorrow Here: Never Underestimate the Power of Running
Away.” Contact her at (919) 450-8944;

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