10/13/16 RTIR E-zine: The Clemency Project, Hurricane Matthew, Halloween Nightmares

October 13, 2016

01. The Clemency Project
02. 200M American Homes Have Contaminated Water
03. Psychologist on Presidential Candidates
04. Clinton & Trump’s Core Problem: The Authenticity Gap
05. Veteran Actress Dee Wallace
06. Hurricane Matthew’s Aftermath
07. Driving Miss Norma’s End-of-Life Adventure
08. Admit it, You Don’t Know How to Vote
09. Sexologist: What Trump Doesn’t Get about Women
10. Will Trump Complete the Velvet Coup?
11. Build a Solid Nest Egg in 15 Minutes a Week
12. Surviving and Thriving Despite a Terminal Diagnosis
13. Critical Health Threat for Millennials and Gen X
14. Halloween Nightmares? Lucky You!
15. Fun Halloween Topic: Real Vampires

1. ==> The Clemency Project

President Obama granted clemency to 102 inmates last
week as he continues to release federal inmates serving
long prison terms for non-violent drug offenses.
Attorney Kiandra Bair earned clemency for her client,
Jason Rakel, of Shreveport, Louisiana, who was
sentenced to 240 months imprisonment and 10 years of
supervised release on February 22, 2006. Bair learned
of Rakel through The Clemency Project 2014, a group of
working lawyers and advocates launched after Deputy
Attorney General James Cole asked the legal profession
to provide pro bono assistance to federal prisoners who
would likely have received a shorter sentence if they
had been sentenced today. In total, President Obama has
commuted 774 sentences during his presidency, more than
the previous 11 presidents combined. Despite that
statistic, there remain thousands of pending petitions
and even more inmates who have yet to receive
representation and/or submit a petition. Kiandra Bair
practices law at McNees Wallace & Nurick. Contact John
Finger at (717) 237-5444; jfinger@mcneeslaw.com

2. ==> 200M American Homes Have Contaminated Water

A new EWG report reveals that chromium-6, the infamous
Erin Brockovich cancer-causing chemical first
investigated in 1991, contaminates the water supplies
of more than 200 million Americans in all 50 states.
Ph.D. environmental engineer Dr. Ellen Moyer says,
“Many of us take water for granted, expecting to turn a
faucet handle and have unlimited, clean water come
pouring out. However, a lot can go wrong with both the
quality and quantity of our water supplies.” Moyer will
discuss these issues as well as solutions so that your
family can have cleaner and safer drinking water. Moyer
is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and her
third book, titled “Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves:
How to Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World,” will
be available later this year. Contact her at (413)
862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com.

3. ==> Psychologist on Presidential Candidates

From debate performance review to what the candidates
are trying to tell us with their ads, there’s a lot to
talk about when it comes to the psychology of this
election. Dr. Frieda Birnbaum can discuss the
candidates’ body language as well as their personality
strengths and weaknesses and how that plays into their
campaign styles. She says, “During the last debate
there were several moments when Clinton and Trump
became more appealing to the masses… and turned people
away!” Dr. Frieda Birnbaum is a research psychologist,
psychoanalyst and the author of ” Life Begins at 60: A
New View on Motherhood, Marriage, and Reinventing
Ourselves.” Contact Ryan McCormick at (516) 901-1103

4. ==> Clinton & Trump’s Core Problem: The Authenticity Gap

According to Jack Beauregard, the reason Trump’s 2005
lewd video was disturbing to so many people is that
they’d appreciated his being authentic and then saw he
was the opposite. Beauregard says, “His supporters felt
betrayed when they watched Trump bragging on the bus
about his sexual power over women, but when he saw a
pretty girl, he put on the facade of a gentleman and
showered her with charm.” During the show, your
listeners will learn what is so disturbing about Donald
on the bus and off. He’ll give equal time to Hillary
Clinton’s problem of being perceived as untrustworthy,
and explain why she is so disliked by many people who
share her political agenda. Jack Beauregard is the
founder and CEO of a global personal transition
planning institute which has helped hundreds of people
discover their true selves while going through major
life changes. Jack is the author of “7 Principles for
Living with Authenticity: Discovering Your True Self
When Facing Life Changes” and has given numerous radio
and TV interviews over the years. Contact him at
1-800-414-9405; (617) 267-9727 or

5. ==> Veteran Actress Dee Wallace

2016 EMMY Nominee, TV/Film Mom (E.T., CUJO, Lassie, The
Whisperers) and Screen Scream Queen (The Howling, The
Frighteners and Critters), Dee Wallace, is now starring
in Amazon’s new series Just Add Magic. Invite Dee to
discuss her Hollywood career, her new series, and her
latest children’s book “On Dandelion Seed,” a story to
help young children develop healthy self-esteem. In
addition to acting, Dee has worked as a teacher in the
public school system, as ran her own dance and acting
studios. Ms. Wallace expanded her love of teaching, and
the principles she found empowering for children, into
daily sessions, a radio show and five books. Contact
Harlan Boll at (626) 296-3757; h.boll@dcpublicity.com

6. ==> Hurricane Matthew’s Aftermath

Officials say 20 of the 30 deaths blamed on Hurricane
Matthew were in North Carolina and major rivers in the
state are expected to be above flood stage through much
of the week. Dr. James Hubbard, aka The Survival
Doctor, will share tips on how to deal with an extended
power outage and ways to treat wounds and injuries when
a doctor is out of reach. He says even though the storm
has passed, the dangers linger. “Clean water is a huge
concern. Even though the water may look clean, it’s a
cesspool of germs and chemicals that can cause anything
from a rash to an infection—on the skin or internally.
Electrocution is a danger whenever there’s flooding,
and then there’s the issue of mosquitoes.” Dr. Hubbard
is a long-time family physician and survival medicine
expert. He shares his common-sense health advice on
dozens of radio shows, podcasts and blogs nationwide,
teaches easy-to-follow, makeshift ways to survive
disasters and in the wild, and is the author of several
books including “The Survival Doctor’s Complete
Handbook: What to Do When Help Is NOT on the Way.”
Contact him at (662) 638-3821;

7. ==> Driving Miss Norma’s End-of-Life Adventure

When faced with a cancer diagnosis at age 90, Norma
Jean Bauerschmidt chose the open road over the
hospital. Rather than undergoing months of painful
treatments, she embarked on the adventure of a lifetime
– touring the United States in a motor home captained
by her son and his wife. Miss Norma died a few weeks
ago after what became a one-year trip across the
country. Her final journey was chronicled online with
tens of thousands of followers. Dr. Kevin Haselhorst
isn’t surprised the story resonates with so many
people. “Driving Miss Norma off the beaten trail
captured hearts with images of America’s splendor and
what it truly means to be fiercely independent.
Americans do not take lightly to being beaten up – nor
should they accept the end-of-life abuse so often
perpetrated by the current healthcare system.”
Haselhorst says Norma maintained her wits and decided
to have a higher purpose in life than to spend her
remaining time as a patient. Dr. Kevin Haselhorst is an
emergency medicine physician and the author of “Wishes
to Die for.” He offers a free PDF download on End of
Life discussions on his website. Reach him at (480)
907-6027; khaselhorstmd@gmail.com

8. ==> Admit it, You Don’t Know How to Vote

With the election in full swing, millions of undecideds
and current non-voters hold the presidential election
in their hands…. but literally don’t know how to cast a
vote. It’s socially taboo to admit you’ve never
registered to vote and politics is complicated, but
Lisa Fontana believes it’s time to fix that. 42 states
don’t teach civics and over 90-million people have
never voted before. In fact, Lisa didn’t cast her first
vote for anything until she turned 35 years old! Invite
her to create a party-free, friendly, fun zone for
listeners to learn how to register to vote, how to have
a political conversation—or stop one—without bloodshed,
and how to avoid the pitfalls of the polling place. A
former actor and voice-over artist, Lisa Fontana has
extensive media experience. Now a deputy voter
registrar for Illinois, she runs informal ‘Welcome
Party Seminars’ that cover basic civics and election
issues. She wrote “Me, The People” to encourage non-
voters to feel welcome and wanted in politics and their
government. Contact her at (708) 473–6951;

9. ==> Sexologist: What Trump Doesn’t Get about Women

With all the talk of Donald Trump’s deplorable attitude
towards women, Dr. Claudia Six says we need a more
learned perspective: a sexologist’s view! Invite Dr.
Claudia to discuss a topic that frequently gets brushed
under the carpet: demeaning objectification of women.
She says, “What Trump doesn’t know about women is that
we struggle with sexual performance anxiety as much as
men…but let’s not tell him! What men don’t know is that
in a consensual relationship, women are trying to get
turned on in bed as fast as men do, and when they
don’t, they think they’re broken. They’re not!” Dr.
Claudia will explain a better way to treat a woman, and
how to be a better lover. Claudia Six, Ph.D., is a
clinical sexologist and the author of “Erotic
Integrity: How to Be True to yourself Sexually.”
Contact her at (415)453-6218; claudia@drsix.net

10. ==> Will Trump Complete the Velvet Coup?

As the November election inches closer, Jill Cody says
the stakes are higher than ever, but many dissatisfied
Americans fail to see what’s actually happening. She
says it all began in 1971 with a manifesto written by
Louis Powell, called the Powell Memorandum; a
confidential memo for the US Chamber of Commerce that
described a road map to defend and further the Chamber
of Commerce’s concept of free enterprise capitalism.
“(Powell) struck terror in the hearts of corporate
CEO’s by telling them if they didn’t get involved in
politics they were complicit in their own destruction.
Corporations and the billionaires who owned them,
fought to stop governmental regulations that would get
in their way of making maximum profits and hired
lobbyists to capture politicians and federal
departments responsible for overseeing their specific
industry.” Cody will explain how Powell’s appointment
to the Supreme Court vaulted the power of corporations
and billionaires over the middle class and started the
country on the path of the ‘Velvet Coup.’ “Billionaires
believe they are the only real citizens of this country
and they view government in their way to exploit
America’s resources and people. As Grover Norquist
famously said, he wanted to see government so small
that it could be drowned in a bathtub. On whose behalf
was he working? If a billionaire becomes president of
the United States, the Velvet Coup will be
accomplished.” Jill Cody has spent the past 30 years in
public service working to inspire change in politics,
the environment, higher education and organizational
development. Her book, “America Abandoned: The Secret
Velvet Coup That Cost Us Our Democracy,” explores the
myriad ways abandonment is unknowingly permeating the
lives of the American public and what “We, the People”
can do to reverse this course. Contact her at

11. ==> Build a Solid Nest Egg in 15 Minutes a Week

Top stock market researcher, investor and expert Gary
Stone says everyday investors can use low-effort
strategies that take only 15 minutes a week to create
thriving stock market portfolios and comfortable
retirements while cutting loose from the financial
shackles of fee-ridden Target Date and active mutual
funds. “The primary reason people risk running out of
money in retirement is that they simply make the wrong
multi-decade investment choices for their retirement
nest egg while they are working,” Stone says. He’ll
discuss how to protect a nest egg from the next severe
bear market and why diversification is a poor risk
management strategy for multi-decade investing. Gary
Stone has helped thousands of ordinary investors with
straightforward and doable investment strategies.
Established in 1995, his company, Share Wealth Systems,
has pioneered a smarter approach to investing. Stone is
the author of “Blueprint to Wealth: Financial Freedom
in 15 Minutes A Week.” Contact him at 800-392-1257;

12. ==> Surviving and Thriving Despite a Terminal Diagnosis

This year, half a million people will not survive their
cancer diagnoses. A few with end-stage disease will go
into radical remission. What makes the difference in
outcomes? Heidi Bright was diagnosed with a rare and
aggressive cancer in 2009 and was only expected to live
a few months. After two years of treatment she went
into radical remission. Invite Heidi to share practical
ways to turn the terror of a cancer diagnosis into
genuine hope with options; reduce the impact of
chemotherapy; shorten recovery time after surgery;
manage fear and anxiety; relieve stress; avoid scams;
and develop a genuine good attitude. A journalist,
Heidi is the author of several books including “Thriver
Soup: A Feast for Living Consciously During the Cancer
Journey.” Contact her at (513) 444-0190;

13. ==> Critical Health Threat for Millennials and Gen X

The Millennial Generation, today’s largest and youngest
workforce, already represent seven percent of cancer
survivors. The X Generation is contracting cancer at
alarming rates (not smoking or genetics related). After
graduating from law school, Vera Gilford was diagnosed
with cancer and lost a kidney. Her new mission: to
discover how this resulted from what she thought was a
healthy life style. Her research reveals a common
denominator between weight gain and the top five
leading health threats in America, including heart
attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and
cancer. Learn what ingredients you eat every day that
harm your health and how this can be avoided and reduce
weight and healthcare costs. Vera Gilford is the co-
author of “Secrets to Losing Weight & Better Health.”
Contact her at (305) 877-9470; Vera4Speaker@gmail.com
or vera@veragilford.com

14. ==> Halloween Nightmares? Lucky You!

Sometimes nightmares offer incredible creative
potential like director James Cameron’s terrifying
dream that inspired his first hit film Terminator or
Mary Shelley’s macabre nightmare that became the
lasting Halloween favorite Frankenstein. Sometimes they
warn of impending trouble like the upsetting dream John
Lennon had about his own assassination or the nightmare
that nearly saved the band Lynyrd Skynyrd from a tragic
plane wreck. One in two people had a ‘bad’ dream in the
last month, and one in thirty has them every night.
Most think these unpleasant nocturnal experiences are
anything but valuable. However, they can be a practical
and necessary medicine of the psyche, protect us, or
even offer terrific creative insights. Invite
internationally-respected dream
analyst/author/researcher Craig Webb to discuss what we
can learn from our dreams and why nightmares are not
“bad” dreams. Webb has extensive media experience and
consults for Fortune 500 corporations, A-list
celebrities and feature films. Contact him at
cw@craigwebb.ca; (514) 990-2113.

15. ==> Fun Halloween Topic: Real Vampires

Halloween makes us think of bloodsuckers and things
that go bump in the night. But the truth is vampires
are real and many of them are sucking the life out of
your listeners right now. According to Michelle Nagel,
even the most innocuous looking person could be an
emotional vampire; it may be someone in your own home,
at work or even at the local grocery store—and no
strings of garlic, wooden stakes or crosses will work
with these soul suckers. Ask Nagel what you can do to
protect yourself from emotional vampires, how to
protect yourself from these predatory encounters and
why it’s important that you do so. She’s the author of
“Suffering is Optional: Step Out of Darkness into the
Light.” Contact her at (541) 414-7811 or

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