10/13/15 RTIR E-zine: Presidential Debates, Horse Racing, Halloween and Pets

October 15, 2015

01. Hey CNN, Put a Progressive on Panel
02. Presidential Debate – Let’s Talk Foreign Policy
03. Post Debate Discussion
04. Horse Racing’s Leading Lady
05. Sports Secrets Guys Don’t Share
06. Flu Season Has Begun
07. How to Whip Up a Potion
08. Halloween and Pets
09. Water on Mars!
10. New Study – Medical Mistakes Skyrocket
11. Breaking Terrorism’s Grip of Fear
12. What Nobody Tells You about Retirement
13. Inspiring Story of Perseverance
14. Can You Hear What Your Dreams Tell You?
15. Get Your Guilt-Free, Skinny Pumpkin Fix

1. ==> Hey CNN, Put a Progressive on Panel

The online activist group RootsAction.org launched a
petition asking CNN to include a progressive journalist
on its panel of questioners at tonight’s Democratic
debate. CNN included conservative radio host Hugh
Hewitt as one of three panelists who questioned
Republican presidential candidates in last month’s
debate at the Reagan Library. Jeff Cohen says, “This is
a simple test of balance, and CNN has so far flunked.
If CNN included a conservative partisan from the
rightwing Salem Radio Network to question Republican
candidates for president, why wouldn’t a progressive
advocate be included in tonight’s panel questioning
Democrats?” Cohen is director of the Park Center for
Independent Media at Ithaca College and author of
“Cable News Confidential.” He co-founded
RootsAction.org. Contact him at (914) 388-1431,

2. ==> Presidential Debate – Let’s Talk Foreign Policy

Ivan Eland says very little time will be given to
discussing foreign policy in the upcoming presidential
debates. He says, the U.S. Constitution actually gives
Congress more authority in foreign and defense policies
than the president, but ever since Franklin D.
Roosevelt, the role of commander-in-chief has been
expanded. “…during this last little bit of American
history, the president has become too powerful in
foreign affairs, and Congress has been too timid to
reassert its authority–for example, in reclaiming its
power to declare war. Given that this unfortunate
reality will probably continue, the strategic vision of
each presidential candidate for the proper U.S. role in
the world becomes very important.” Eland is director of
the Center on Peace and Liberty at the Independent
Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan, research and
educational organization. Contact him at (703) 282-3484
(cell); ieland@independent.org

3. ==> Post Debate Discussion

According to Robert Kuttner, tonight’s Democratic
debate is a very big deal, especially for front-runner
Hillary Clinton. “Bernie Sanders will probably exceed
expectations because many viewers will be seeing him
for the first time, certainly for the first time
against Clinton. The other three candidates will likely
find themselves far back.” Invite Kuttner to discuss
how each candidate fared in the debate, and whether
there were any surprising moments. Robert Kuttner is a
journalist and writer and the co-founder of The
American Prospect, a liberal political magazine.
Contact him at (202) 776-0730 (DC) or (781) 736-531;

4. ==> Horse Racing’s Leading Lady

Sheila Rosenblum is on a quest for a $500,000 purse,
but this is no limited edition Birkin. Sheila is the
owner of Lady Sheila Stable and she’s been making her
way into the winner’s circle regularly with her 5-year
old freakishly fast mare La Verdad. Invite the former
ballerina and Wilhelmina model to talk about what’s
it’s like to be giving the Good ol’ Boys club a run for
their money and changing the look of racing in the
process. She’ll share tales from the track and explain
how she got into horse racing, and why. La Verdad is
part of the Millionaire Ranks with earnings past the $1
million mark. Rosenblum also recently purchased
American Pharaoh’s half brother, which she had Triple
Crown winning jockey Victor Espinoza name Champion of
the Nile. Contact Marie Assante at (212) 580-0835;
(917) 837-0755 or Marie@rcourihaycpr.com

5. ==> Sports Secrets Guys Don’t Share

Want to truly learn how to play with the Boys on their
own turf? Nothing bonds men together more than sports.
But what if you’re just not a sports person? Is there a
‘secret’ book that could give you the basics so you can
up your game (or at least follow along and have some
fun)? Kate Delaney can help. Delaney, a radio/TV
broadcast pro, covers everything from horse racing to
golf, and shares what you need to know to be able to
stay in the conversation and even find the best sport
to follow. “If you like loud music and you like to
dance the NBA is for you. The action is fast paced;
usually there is a lot of scoring and plenty of musical
interludes along the way. The game is pretty easy to
follow and if you buy a program all the rules will be
inside of the magazine along with a roster of the
players.” Kim has covered 15 Super Bowls, 10 U.S.
Opens, 15 Final Fours, and a plethora of sporting
events. She’s the author of “Invade the Man Cave:
Sports Secrets Guys Don’t Share.” Contact Mark Goldman
at (516) 639-0988; (516) 901-1103.

6. ==> Flu Season Has Begun

Flu season has begun early this year, and Dr. Jim Roach
says it may be a particularly bad one. “Already, I
have heard a report of vaccine failure – flu 3 weeks
after the vaccine was given.” Dr. Roach says everyone
should be proactive in preventing the flu. He’ll share
strategies everyone can utilize that can effectively
prevent and manage respiratory infections and flu. Jim
Roach, MD, is a leading integrative practitioner who
has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. He’s a
speaker, consultant, educator, researcher, and widely
sought clinician with patients from across the country.
He is also author of “God’s House Calls” which
discusses spiritual near-death experiences of his
patients and seeks to de-stigmatize spiritual
experiences. Contact him at (859) 846-4453 (office);
(859) 846-4697or jproach@aol.com

7. ==> How to Whip Up a Potion

Tis the season to talk about potions and spells, but in
reality, there are many herbs and medicines right in
your kitchen and backyard that you can use to create
real ‘health potions’ – no witchcraft needed! Gudrun
Penselin will tell you how to use onions, garlic,
ginger and herbs to treat common childhood ailments
like ear infections and colds, as well as the 7
medicinal plants you should have in your garden. From
calming colicky infants to treating teens with acne and
getting a better night’s sleep, there are many natural,
drug-free ways to deal with common health issues.
Gudrun Penselin is an herbalist with 30 years
experience as a practitioner, teacher, speaker and
writer. She produced the instructional DVD “Herbal
Pharmacy for Everyone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating
Your Own Herbal Preparations.” Contact her at (780)
532-2464; Gudrun@rainbowhealing.ca

8. ==> Halloween and Pets

Bulldogs in tutus may look great on greeting cards, but
should you put a costume on your pet this Halloween?
Invite Veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan to talk about
keeping pets safe on Halloween. She says, “Think about
it, Halloween is a dangerous time for pets! All the
candy, scary people at the door, lots of door opening
and closing with chances of escape!” Dr. Morgan can
discuss whether you should take your pet trick-or-
treating, safe ways to show off your dog in costume,
and fun treats you can give your pet while everyone
else in the family feasts on chocolate and candy. Dr.
Morgan has been a practicing veterinarian for more than
30 years. She is the author of several books and is co-
host of a podcast on holistic pet care. Contact Dr.
Morgan at (609) 202-0999; (856)881-7470 or

9. ==> Water on Mars!

Mars has water on its surface, and it’s in liquid form
at least some of the time. NASA recently announced the
results of a new study showing that salty liquid water
flows seasonally on Mars, giving the red planet one of
the essential ingredients for life. . Invite NASA
expert Rod Pyle to talk about the significance of the
study and what else we know about the ‘red’ planet. Rod
Pyle has written several books and produced numerous
documentaries for the History Channel and Discovery
Communications, including the acclaimed Modern Marvels:
Apollo 11. He has lectured at NASA’s Johnson Space
Center, and written for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
Caltech, LiveScience, and Space.com. His most recent
book is “Curiosity: An Inside Look at the Mars Rover
Mission.” Contact him at (626) 399-4440;

10. ==> New Study – Medical Mistakes Skyrocket

A recent study found that most people will encounter a
medical mistake or delayed diagnosis in their lifetime,
sometimes with fatal consequences. More than 200,000
people die each year due to medical errors and
researchers at the Institute of Medicine say the
problem is likely to get worse as healthcare becomes
more complex. Dr. Carol Gunn says Americans should be
angry and outraged that medical mistakes are the third
leading cause of death in America! Invite her to share
how medical culture needs to change, what patients must
do if their symptoms are being ignored, and why it’s so
important to share stories of medical errors. Carol
Gunn, M.D., practices medicine in Portland, Oregon.
She’s been speaking out about issues pertaining to
medical errors since the death of her sister Anna who
died last year at a large teaching hospital after her
cardiac symptoms were repeatedly ignored. Contact Dr.
Carol Gunn at (503) 542-0080; CarolGunnMD@hotmail.com

11. ==> Breaking Terrorism’s Grip of Fear

Terrorism hurts more than just the victims of its
violence, by its very nature it seeks to eat at society
and makes us afraid. But Brian Toder says we can do
something about that. “Fear is gripping the world like
no other time in history. We see it on TV, the Internet
and right on our own phones! Seeing the faces of evil
and the victims of terrorism is causing fear and stress
to build up in the world population like never before.”
Bryan, The No Fear Guy, will explain how fear paralyzes
us and what we can do to fight back and take back our
lives. From terrorism to fear of flying, Bryan will
share ways to reduce – or eliminate – common fears that
many people have. Bryan Toder is a professional
hypnotist, speaker and author and owner of Plymouth
Hypnosis Center where he helps people lose weight, quit
smoking, manage stress and basically get their life
together. Contact him at (484) 868-3777 (PA);

12. ==> What Nobody Tells You about Retirement

Where do most people learn about retirement planning?
Most don’t learn it in school, or from our parents, so
in essence, we’re learning on the street! Invite
financial adviser Rodger Friedman on your show to
discuss the reasons many people don’t get the right
kind of retirement advice, and how to build a
relationship with an adviser that will work for your
individual needs. Friedman will talk about the biggest
risk facing retirees today, why being your own
financial adviser is a big mistake, and how to make
sure your relationship with your adviser is a truly
beneficial one for you. Listeners will also get access
to a free 17 page report on retirement planning. Rodger
Friedman is the author of “Forging Bonds of Steel.”
Contact him toll-free at 1-844 -3- my- plan or (844)

13. ==> Inspiring Story of Perseverance

Tami Gilbert should probably have ended up a statistic:
someone bitter, broken and rootless. She beat the odds
and it was no accident. Born and raised in Nigeria, she
was abandoned by her father when she was only eight
years old and then by her mother. After being taken in
by relatives, she left Africa when she was 15,
expecting to live with her father. Instead she found
herself unwanted and living in a cousin’s dark and cold
basement in Chicago, resolving to triumph over the mean
circumstances life had handed her. Invite her to share
how she eventually earned a master’s of science in
nursing and an MBA and went on to have the loving
family she lacked as a child. She shares her story to
help other people overcome the seemingly insurmountable
obstacles in their own lives. Tami Gilbert is the
author of “Courage to Persevere: A Compelling Story of
Struggle, Survival and Triumph.” Contact her at (847)
943-9014; info@tamigilbert.com

14. ==> Can You Hear What Your Dreams Tell You?

We all dream, but many people either don’t remember
their dreams, or discard them because they seem silly
or don’t make sense. Justine Lasley says everyone
should pay attention to their dreams and use them as a
guide. “Dreams will never take you off course from
being uniquely the person you were born to be.
Sometimes we sleep through the messages of our dreams,
missing out on our inner guide which promotes us to be
authentically unique. We’re born with an inner compass
to lead us to use our talents and abilities to become
all that we can be. Often the world drowns out the
message.” Justina Lasley, M.A., is founder and
director of the Institute for Dream Studies. She’s the
author of several books on dreams, including “Wake Up!
Use Your Nighttime Dreams to Make Your Daytime Dreams
Come True.” She’s appeared on numerous TV and radio
programs and in USA Today and other publications.
Contact her at (843) 991-4414; justina@DreamSynergy.com

15. ==> Get Your Guilt-Free, Skinny Pumpkin Fix

One look around the grocery store (or even the coffee
shop) will remind you it’s fall. Many people wait all
year for their pumpkin fix, but lattes, muffins and
other fall treats can pack on the pounds before you
know it. Invite fitness expert Theresa DePasquale to
share ways to have your pumpkin goodies without the
guilt. You’ll learn how to make pumpkin protein
smoothies, iced coffee and pumpkin cookies that will
satisfy your fall craving but keep the scale from
creeping upward. Theresa is CEO and founder of Bikini
Boss Fitness LLC. She is one of Instagram’s most
popular fitness phenoms and has appeared on numerous
radio and TV programs. She’s the author of “Bikini Mom
Secrets.” Contact Carolyn Smith at (813) 758-8460;

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