10/10/17 RTIR E-zine: Businesses and Politics, BRCA Hysteria, Retirement Redo

October 10, 2017

FR: Lauren Healy, Gail Snyder and Chris Morabito,
Editors, Radio-TV Interview Report Newsletter

[fname] Businesses and Politics, BRCA Hysteria,
Retirement Redo

01. Country Music’s Gun Culture
02. Veteran Journalist – Fake News & Objectivity
03. Leave Christopher Columbus Alone
04. The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman
05. Today is World Mental Health Day
06. Should a Business Take a Political Stand?
07. Hurricane Clean-Up: Water = Mold
08. Are Men Brain-Damaged? Are Daughters the Antidote?
09. Online Dating for Your Home
10. Saving for Retirement? Don’t!
11. How to Be a Leader in Uncertain Times
12. Can the U.S.’s Biggest Problems Be Solved?
13. Did Angelina Jolie Cause BRCA Hysteria?
14. Rate Your Mate Before It’s Too Late
15. Pets and Health: Yours & Theirs

1. ==> Country Music’s Gun Culture

In the wake of the Las Vegas attack at the Route 91
Harvest Festival, the culture of country music and its
relationship with guns has come under a lot of scrutiny
as policymakers, the media, pundits, and just ordinary
people try and make sense of this senseless act of
violence. Kurt Bardella can discuss the issue. He says,
“Missing from the current conversation is a real effort
to understand the underlying emotions and sentiments
behind the so-called gun culture of country music. I’ve
spoken to a number of country music artists this week
who are trying to find a way to be a productive and
positive part of this conversation without experiencing
a Dixie Chicks-like backlash.” Kurt Bardella is a
political commentator and the creator and publisher of
the @MorningHangover, a daily country music email tip-
sheet. Contact him at KB@endeavorstrategies.com;

2. ==> Veteran Journalist – Fake News Objectivity

The press is under attack from the White House as never
before with Donald Trump railing against “fake news”
and bypassing the media to tweet messages directly to
his followers. Veteran journalist Marvin Scott can
comment on the state of media today and how journalists
maintain their objectivity, especially when covering
polarizing stories. He’ll also share stories that have
stuck with him personally over his 50 years as a
journalist — from political scandals to local tragedies
and triumphs to absurdities. An 11-time Emmy Award
winner and member of the New York State Broadcasters
Hall of Fame, Scott has interviewed six presidents and
top Hollywood celebrities, visited the front lines of
war in the Middle East and Asia, and witnessed the rise
of America’s space program. His latest book is “As I
Saw It: A Reporter’s Intrepid Journey.” Contact Kristi
Hughes at (856) 489-8654, ext. 322;

3. ==> Leave Christopher Columbus Alone

Yesterday was Columbus Day but not everyone was
celebrating. Police were guarding a statue of
Christopher Columbus around the clock in New York, and
Indigenous Peoples’ Day replaced Columbus Day in cities
ranging from Portland, Maine, to Los Angeles,
California. Invite Matt Lewis to discuss the war on
Columbus, and why he thinks it’s unfair to trash the
holiday. “Some people simply don’t like this nation or
its history. They believe that it is impossible to
build a good society on a rotten foundation. So rather
than attempting to reform this country and improve it,
they want to tear it down—one dead white guy’s statue
at a time.” He adds, “It is ironic that the Columbus
Day holiday was originally seen as a victory for a
minority group. Italian Catholics, who had been
discriminated against, achieved their goal—despite the
fact that there was a movement to celebrate Leif
Erikson as the first European to reach America.” Matt
Lewis is a senior columnist at The Daily Beast, a CNN
political commentator, and the author of “Too Dumb to
Fail.” Contact him at MattLewis01@Gmail.com;

4. ==> The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman

Why do some people rise to power and others do not? Why
do we fall in love — not just with romantic partners
but with friends and strangers? How has our need to
share beliefs built human culture? National
Geographic’s new series The Story of Us with Morgan
Freeman takes viewers on a global journey to meet
people from different cultures whose lives are shaped
in surprising ways by different fundamental forces,
exploring themes that unite us all. Each of the six
hour-long episodes will explore a single fundamental
force or topic: freedom, peace, love, social division,
power and rebellion. Along the way Freeman meets and
speaks with powerful world leaders, ordinary people
with extraordinary stories and everyone in between.
Invite executive producer James Younger to discuss the
show, as well as his previous projects which include
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. Contact Johanna
Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137; johanna@jrbcomm.com or
Megan Bonomo at (703) 646-5188

5. ==> Today is World Mental Health Day

The theme of the World Health Organization’s World
Mental Health Day this year is mental health in the
workplace. Globally, more than 300 million people
suffer from depression, the leading cause of
disability. More than 260 million are living with
anxiety disorders. Many of these people live with both.
A recent WHO-led study estimates that depression and
anxiety disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion
(U.S.) each year in lost productivity. Invite Dr.
Christine Adams to discuss the many ways mental health
impacts the workplace, why employees hesitate to share
mental health issues with bosses or coworkers, and how
to deal with an employee or boss who may suffer mental
issues. Dr. Christine Adams has been a practicing
psychiatrist for 40 years. She’s co-author of “Living
On Automatic: How Emotional Conditioning Shapes Our
Lives and Relationships,” based on a groundbreaking new
concept of personalities and relationships. Contact her
at christine@doctorchristineadams.com

6. ==> Should a Business Take a Political Stand?

Executives fear that taking a stand on President
Trump’s policies will be risky, but research suggests
their fears are misplaced. There’s a growing roster of
c-suite executives who believe that taking a stand in a
divided political climate is good for business, good
for the communities they serve, and good for the nation
and world at large. “While not every company is
comfortable taking public stands on tough social,
political, environmental, and governance issues, we
know that being a good corporate citizen produces
business benefits well beyond the profit line,” says
Lynne Filderman, executive producer of COMMIT!Forum,
this week’s gathering of corporate responsibility (CR)
and sustainability practitioners. She says the “brands
taking stands” trend is gaining traction and is worthy
of attention, regardless of a company’s size or
approach toward the practice of corporate citizenship.
She says new research shows that playing it safe in
contentious political times is creating greater risk
for organizations that choose not to maintain a stance
on difficult social issues. Conversely, she adds,
companies that do take a stand must walk their talk
with an internal culture that reflects their external
messaging. Contact Carrie Butler at (412) 897-6177

7. ==> Hurricane Clean-Up: Water = Mold

As clean-up continues in the south after two
devastating hurricanes, there’s an invisible threat
that residents will neither understand nor respect and
Dr. John Trowbridge says they will die … slowly.
“Here’s the simple story of the tragedy: people will be
exposed to fungal/moldy growth for weeks/months/years
in their homes and offices, they will come down with a
wide variety of illnesses and will be seen and
inadequately treated by ‘organ-specific’ doctors who
fail to understand that serious illness is taking hold
and will slowly destroy their lives.” Trowbridge has
spent his career researching and treating diseases
associated with internal infections of yeast and
fungus. He diagnoses and treats “deep blood fungus”
that appears to explain “the inexplicable diseases” —
cancers of all kinds, leukemia, low blood counts,
immune dysfunction syndromes, RA, lupus, MS, sudden
kidney failure, worsening diabetes, and many more.
Trowbridge practices in Houston and has hosted
nationally syndicated and local radio programs. He’s
the author of “The Yeast Syndrome.” Contact him at
(832) 472-3683 (cell); fixpain@earthlink.net

8. ==> Are Men Brain-Damaged? Are Daughters the

Here’s a rarely-mentioned quirk about men that will
generate plenty of response from your audience. Award-
winning behavioral expert James I. Bond says, “Everyone
thinks they understand men. But what if you missed
something, so subtle and yet so profound, it will
change your understanding of what men are REALLY like?”
From presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama to
Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mark
Twain to Paul McCartney, even Supreme Court justices
and CEOs of major corporations, the influence of
daughters on men is often more profound than most
people realize. But the real reason daughters have so
much influence may surprise you. James I. Bond is an
award-winning behavioral management specialist and
author of “The Secret Life of Fathers (2nd Edition),”
an unexpected guide to understanding men and fathers.
Bond writes for Forbes.com and appears as a frequent
radio talk show guest. Contact him at (805) 405-9899
(CA); jbond@TheFatherDaughterProject.com

9. ==> Online Dating for Your Home

Online dating has become a mainstream way to find the
perfect mate so it’s no surprise that finding the
perfect buyer for your home could work the same way.
Andrew Smith says, “Sexy web appeal is your home’s new
curb appeal! Someone searching for a mate on eHarmony,
Match.com or Tinder likely wouldn’t ask you on a date
if they are not attracted to your profile. Similarly,
potential buyers won’t view (or buy) your home, if they
aren’t turned on by your home’s online presence.”
According to the National Association of Realtors, the
first step most buyers take is searching for properties
online. In fact, 51 percent of home buyers found the
perfect match and purchased a home they found online.
One in five homebuyers made an offer before even seeing
the home in person! Invite Lisa and Andrew Smith to
share a revolutionary new concept to help people sell
their homes faster and for more money and learn how to
avoid 7 costly mistakes most home sellers make. Lisa
and Andrew Smith have sold more than 1,000 homes. They
have appeared on numerous radio programs and are the
authors of “Swipe Right Matchmaking 101: Finding the
Perfect Mate for Your Home.” Contact them at (979)
777-7677; andrew@nocallleadgen.com

10. ==> Saving for Retirement? Don’t!

According to Robb Hill, “Many retirees and pre-retirees
have a firm grip on an empty bag! The pension plans
that many are looking forward to will not be there when
they come to collect. Many public and private pensions
nationwide are underfunded. People are living longer.
For many people; retirement is a myth and they know
it.” Hill says, “People don’t plan to fail, many just
fail to plan.” Invite him on your show and learn the 5
critical mistakes many will make, without even knowing
it, and why trying to save your way to retirement
shouldn’t be your goal. Robb Hill is an independent
financial advisor, speaker and the author of “Ask the
Right Questions, Get the Right Answers: For Sound
Financial Retirement Planning.” Contact him at (773)
765-4491; robb@rhillenterprisesinc.com

11. ==> How to a Be Leader in Uncertain Times

Change and uncertainty—along with complexity and
responsibility—come standard with leadership. Whether
it’s a reorganization, mergers or natural disaster,
leadership expert Brenda K. Reynolds says, “Learning
how ‘to be’ when the answers are unclear is the most
important leadership muscle you can build but it’s not
typically taught in business schools.” Reynolds will
discuss how to go from the way things were to the way
they will be and why it’s critical to avoid rushing
through this uncomfortable period in between called
uncertainty. Instead, she advises, “Turn your ‘now
what?’ moment into a ‘why not?’ moment by recognizing
that those uncomfortable shifts provide opportunities
to make something even better out of the situation.”
Brenda K. Reynolds has been featured in Bloomberg News,
Business News Daily and on Starcom Radio Network. Her
new book is “TBD: To be Determined: Leading with
Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times.” Contact her
at (610) 639-5722; brenda@bkrconsult.com

12. ==> Can the U.S.’s Biggest Problems Be Solved?

Gun violence. Racism. Political division. Addiction.
Hunger. Homelessness. Every one of these
problems—indeed, almost all problems that plague
America today—are symptoms of one common cause. Trying
to solve them individually is as naïve as trying to
extinguish a fire by throwing gasoline on it. Bring
master problem solver Eldon Grant on your show to
discover what this common cause is and how to eliminate
it, no ifs ands or buts. What Eldon has to say is based
on a quarter-century of intense research, as well as
the practical application of his own and thousands of
other people’s real-life experiments. This forms the
basis of his book, “Solve Every Problem In Your Life:
Secret Ancient Principles Guaranteed to Grant You
Wisdom.” Known as “America’s Wisdom Mentor,” Eldon
welcomes and loves the challenge of converting
skeptics. He can be reached at (704) Solve-It
(704-765-8348); info@SolveEveryProblem.com

13. ==> Did Angelina Jolie Cause BRCA Hysteria?

If you learned you or someone you love had a gene
associated with cancer, would you consent to have
healthy tissue removed as a preventative? After
Angelina Jolie went public with her prophylactic
mastectomy (having her healthy breasts removed), many
women with the same BRCA gene had their breasts removed
so they would not live in fear of getting breast
cancer. But is this a good idea? Jeanne Dockins, RN,
BSN, who spent more than three decades as a surgical
nurse at a level I trauma center, says research
suggests otherwise. For October’s Breast Cancer
Awareness Month, there is no better time to discuss the
myth that having a positive BRCA gene test makes women
at high risk for breast cancer. Jeanne says women with
the BRCA gene have a genetic predisposition for breast
cancer but a woman’s lifestyle, attitudes, external
environment, and beliefs determine if the gene will be
turned on. Distressed by the numbers of women having
their healthy breasts removed at her hospital, Jeanne
wrote a short story, “The Breast Cancer Gene Dilemma.”
It contains resources to inspire women to do their own
research and make an informed decision prior to having
their breasts removed. Contact her at (520) 343-0222;

14. ==> Rate Your Mate Before It’s Too Late

We all know people who keep winding up in relationships
that go nowhere, or who fall for the wrong person time
and time again. Some people think they’ve found their
perfect match and suddenly, without warning, discover
their relationship is in shambles. What went wrong?
Beatty Cohan says, “Chances are the signs were there
all along. They just didn’t know what to look for!”
Invite her to share a 10-step, fail-safe formula,
already successfully used by thousands of men and women
around the world for assessing who’s right or wrong for
you BEFORE committing to any serious relationship.
Beatty Cohan is a nationally-recognized
psychotherapist, sex therapist, speaker, columnist for
the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, DivorceForce and
Three Tomatoes. She’s a national radio and television
expert guest and the host of Ask Beatty on the
Progressive Radio Network. Her latest book is “For
Better, for Worse, Forever: Discover the Path to
Lasting Love.” Contact her at (941) 914-3063 (cell);

15. ==> Pets and Health: Yours & Theirs

October is National Pet Wellness Month but it might
just as well be called National Pet and Human Wellness
Month. That’s because the time we invest in helping our
pets to lead healthier lives also leads to a health
boost in our own lives. Carlyn Montes De Oca, an expert
on animal and human health, shares three ways we can
help our pet’s health and our own at the same time!
She’ll encourage listeners to take a play break with
their cats and dogs, to eat healthy food with them and
to walk with them. Carlyn says, “People who live the
longest are not going to the gym; they are walking.
People who have a pet tend to walk more than those that
don’t and that is a boon to your heart health and your
pet’s overall health and happiness.” Carlyn is the
author of the award-winning “Dog As My Doctor, Cat As
My Nurse: An Animal Lover’s Guide to a Healthy, Happy
and Extraordinary Life.” She is also the founder of The
Animal-Human Health Connection, which focuses on
bringing awareness to the many powerful ways that
animals enhance human health, happiness, and longevity.
Reach her at (415) 306-1853;

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