10/04/16 RTIR E-zine: Politics and Masculinity, Hurricane Matthew, Haunted Houses

October 4, 2016

01. Behind Colombia’s Peace Vote
02. The Politics of Presidential Masculinity
03. GoVoteBot – Got a Question? Get an Answer
04. Ad: Women Need to Drug Themselves to Vote for Trump
05. Scariest Haunted Houses in America
06. Bracing for Hurricane Matthew
07. Women to Lose Mammogram Coverage?
08. Former Scholarship Judge: How to Save $ on Tuition
09. Strange-But-True Stories – New Ripley’s Book
10. Elon Musk Plan to get Humans to Mars
11. October 7th is 1st Annual “Kids Music Day”
12. Are You Raising a Bully?
13. Jolie/Pitt Divorce – When Parenting Styles Clash
14. Why Are Young Men Attracted to Older Women?
15. You May Live Longer, but Will You Live Better?


1. ==> Behind Colombia’s Peace Vote

A narrow win for Colombia’s opponents to a government
peace deal with FARC rebels has thrown the country into
disarray and the vote’s unexpected failure has left the
Colombian political classes reeling and unsure how to
respond in order to save four years of hard negotiation
with the Marxist militia. Hofstra University professor
Mario Murillo says, “This can be seen as democracy at
work in Colombia, where high rates of abstention and
the rural/urban divide is so apparent, and where fear
and misinformation rule the day. But the defeat of the
yes vote shouldn’t be seen as a win for war. The people
of Colombia want peace, with justice. One hopes cooler
heads will prevail and the ceasefire holds while they
return to Havana to decide next steps. And that the far
right doesn’t continue to carry out the attacks against
supporters of the peace deal that had already started
but are being underreported in the establishment
media.”  Murillo is a professor of radio, television
and film at Hofstra University. His books include
“Colombia and the United States: War, Unrest, and
Destabilization.” Contact him at marioradio@gmail.com;

2. ==> The Politics of Presidential Masculinity

The big story about gender in the 2016 presidential
year was supposed to be about Hillary Clinton, and her
quest to become the first woman president of the United
States. But Jackson Katz says the gender issue at the
heart of the Trump phenomenon has less to do with women
and more to do with men. “Trump’s former campaign
manager Corey Lewandowski has said a major goal of
Trump’s is to ‘lock in the white guys’ who are Trump’s
core voters. From the start, Trump has positioned
himself as the embodiment of tough-guy masculinity, a
throwback to the days when men were men and America was
great because of it.” He says presidential campaigns
have become the center stage of an ongoing national
debate about manhood. “This time around, the
combination of Hillary, a woman, facing Trump, the
angry face of aggrieved and aggressive white manhood,
has made gender — especially masculinity — visible in
unprecedented ways.” Katz is an educator, author,
filmmaker and co-founder of the Mentors in Violence
Prevention (MVP) program, one of the longest-running
and most widely influential sexual and relationship
abuse prevention programs in high schools, colleges,
sports culture and the military. His new book is “Man
Enough? Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the Politics
of Presidential Masculinity.” Contact him at

3. ==> GoVoteBot – Got a Question? Get an Answer

Not sure how to register to vote? Don’t know where your
polling place is or whether you need an absentee
ballot? The new, non-partisan GoVoteBot can answer your
voting questions and help you navigate your way through
a system that is complex and often dependent on
geography. U.S. citizens can chat with the bot on
Facebook Messenger and get answers to their voting
questions in real time. The chatbot takes people who
are first-time voters, recently moved or lack general
information through the entire process from
registration to voting day. “Our mission is to help
every American get the information they need so they
can vote. GoVoteBot offers us the best way to reach the
generation who currently votes the least, but is the
most technically savvy,” says Bob Greenberg, of R/GA.
GoVoteBot is a joint effort from R/GA, for the
Connected Age, and the Ad Council, a non-profit which
has produced thousands of PSA campaigns. Contact Ellyn
Fisher of the Ad Council at (212) 984-1964 or Suzanne
McGee of R/GA at (212) 714-5910.

4. ==> Ad: Women Need to Drug Themselves to Vote for

The anti-Trump Super PAC Yakety-Yak plans to air a 30-
second TV ad called “Republixan” in selected
battleground states. The ad is a parody of
pharmaceutical commercials and urges Republican women
to talk with their doctor about taking a drug called
Republixan — a little red pill that relieves the
stress, guilt and shame associated with voting for
Donald Trump. According to the PAC’s director, Deno
Seder, “No rational, thinking woman would vote for
Donald Trump unless she was drugged.” The ad’s
producer, Jeorge Seder, says, “This is a great ad,
believe me, a great ad. An incredible ad. We’re going
to win so many voters, we’re gonna get tired of
winning, believe me. It’ll make Trump start bleeding
from his whatever.” In the ad, a narrator warns of
harmful side effects such as tax cuts for the rich;
reduced benefits for women, veterans and minorities;
cuts in Medicare and Medicaid; cuts in funding for
education; a possible war with Iran and other side
effects hazardous to the health of our nation. Contact
Deno Seder at (301) 320-0385; info@yakety-yakpac.com

5. ==> Scariest Haunted Houses in America

While some people just can’t understand it, millions of
Americans pay money to be scared out of their wits this
time of year. For haunted house aficionados, the
spookier the better. “Every year we get asked which
haunted houses are really going to scare people and
more importantly, make their friends scream,” says
HauntedHouses.com representative James Olmsted. He’ll
share this year’s list of the best haunted houses, and
discuss the latest trends in the industry including
virtual reality. “This year we paid special attention
to haunted houses that are unique in their approach to
making your heart race. From locations in creepy old
industrial districts to country farms and hayrides
under the stars, each location has a unique approach to
interactive horror, but all deliver the thrills and
excitement that Halloween fans are seeking.”
HauntedHouses.com is a resource for all things haunted:
information about haunted houses and ghost towns,
paranormal sites, haunted attractions, scary movie
reviews, and everything Halloween. Contact Victoria
Reyna at (210) 390-4284; victoria@sammisochoa.com

6. ==> Bracing for Hurricane Matthew

A hurricane packing 140-mph winds is threatening to
bring destruction to Haiti and other islands as it
moves through the Caribbean Sea. Invite Dr. James
Hubbard, aka The Survival Doctor, to share tips to
prepare for severe weather including what to have on
hand in case of an emergency, how to deal with an
extended power outage, and ways to treat wounds and
injuries when a doctor is out of reach. Dr. James
Hubbard, one of the nation’s foremost survival medicine
experts, publishes survival medicine blog,
TheSurvivalDoctor.com. His latest book is “The Survival
Doctor’s Complete Handbook: What to Do When Help Is NOT
on the Way.” Contact him at (662) 638-3821;

7. ==> Women to Lose Mammogram Coverage?

Millions of women may lose insurance coverage for
annual mammograms. Patient groups, minority health care
advocates and breast cancer experts are urging Congress
to extend a federal mandate that effectively requires
insurers to fully cover annual screening mammograms for
women ages 40 and older. “For many women, a loss of
insurance coverage for mammography effectively denies
them access to a tool that could save their lives,”
says Sarah Storey, president of Bright Pink. Due to end
Dec. 31, 2017, a federal statute bars insurers from
basing coverage decisions on recent US Preventive
Services Task Force (USPSTF) breast cancer screening
recommendations. In 2016, the group advised against
routine screening in women for 40-49 and 74 and older
but the guidelines conflict with those of every major
medical association expert in breast cancer care.
Bright Pink is a national non-profit organization
focused on prevention and early detection of breast and
ovarian cancer in young women.  Bright Pink’s
innovative programs educate and equip young women to
assess their risk for breast and ovarian cancer, reduce
their risk, and detect these diseases at early, non-
life-threatening stages. Contact Erin Williams at
Bright Pink at (312) 787-4412 or Shawn Farley at (703)
648-8936; PR@acr.org

8. ==> Former Scholarship Judge: How to Save $ on

Steven Roberts has helped thousands of students and
parents save
tens of thousands of dollars on their college
educations. He’ll offer your listeners guidance on
applying to the right schools and warn parents and
students about traps to avoid so that they don’t take
on unnecessary debt. You’ll learn how to get colleges
to waive their application fees, why you don’t need to
have all the money upfront before starting college and
how you can find that money without taking out student
loans and how to make the most of the FASFA form and
Pell Grant applications. Roberts, a former scholarship
judge, has been a guest on more than 600 radio stations
and podcasts. He’s the author of “Winning the Money
Game in College: Any Major and Any GPA Can Finish
College Debt-Free or Better” and has just released a
free webinar. Contact him at (801) 719-3760;

9. ==> Strange-But-True Stories – New Ripley’s Book

Cats that wear kimonos, a parrot that sings death
metal, a car decorated with 30,000 yak bones – these
are just a sample of the thousands of oh-so-strange but
always 100% true stories in the new book “Ripley’s
Believe It or Not! Unlock the Weird!” Ripley’s own
Edward Meyer, a walking-talking encyclopedia of weird
information, will take your audience on a strange
journey through the pages of the latest Ripley’s book.
One reviewer says “each story is more peculiar than the
last and that is what makes this book so
extraordinary!” Contact Frank Wolff at (407) 339-0879;

10. ==> Elon Musk Plan to get Humans to Mars

Elon Musk plans to get 1 million people to Mars. At a
conference in Mexico the SpaceX founder and CEO
unveiled the company’s Interplanetary Transport System
(ITS), which will combine the most powerful rocket ever
built with a spaceship designed to carry at least 100
people to the Red Planet per flight. If all goes
according to plan, the reusable ITS will help humanity
establish a permanent, self-sustaining colony on the
Red Planet within the next 50 to 100 years. Invite Rod
Pyle to talk about the plan, whether it’s possible, and
what it means for space exploration. Rod Pyle has
written several books and produced numerous
documentaries for the History Channel and Discovery
Communications, including the acclaimed Modern Marvels:
Apollo 11. He has lectured at NASA’s Johnson Space
Center, and written for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
Caltech, LiveScience, and Space.com. His new book is,
“Mars: Making Contact”, a narrative look at 50 years of
the exploration of Mars and our future with the red
planet. Contact him at (626) 399-4440;

11. ==> October 7th is 1st Annual “Kids Music Day”

Vincent James is on a mission to promote how valuable
and important music is in all of our lives:
academically, therapeutically or just overall making us
a happier society. To that end, his organization Keep
Music Alive is partnering with over 75 music schools
from 20 states across the country to launch the 1st
Annual “Kids Music Day” on Friday October 7th. Music
schools will help celebrate this special day by holding
open houses, student performances and musical
instrument donation drives in their respective
communities.  “We recognize so many public schools
across the country are cutting or reducing their music
and arts programs. Research has shown how critical
music and art education are to developing our
children’s minds and character. Our mission is to
spotlight musical programs, and help raise awareness of
how valuable music really is to our children and our
collective future”.  Invite Vincent on your show to
talk about Kids Music Day and what your listeners can
do to help celebrate this important day in their
communities. Vincent James is also the founder of
KeepMusicAlive.org, KidsMusicDay.org, Teach Music
America week and author of the book “88+ Ways Music Can
Change Your Life”. Contact him at (610) 812-5231 (PA);

12. ==> Are You Raising a Bully?

You may not realize it but your child may be a bully
and it could be your fault. October is National
Bullying Awareness Month, a good time to examine who
bullies and is bullied and what can be done about it.
Author and self-esteem expert Kathleen Aharoni will
discuss what it entails to raise a child who feels
loved, valued and safe; how to outfit that child with a
bully-proof vest; the danger of praising your child too
much and what you should do instead; and when the inner
critic becomes the inner bully, monitoring our self-
talk. Aharoni has been on the teaching faculties of
Northwestern University and Columbia College, Chicago,
as well as New Trier High School. She is the author of
the award-winning children’s book “I Breathe My Own
Breath.” Reach her at (773) 620-6713;

13. ==> Jolie/Pitt Divorce – When Parenting Styles

According to several reports, the Pitt/Jolie breakup
was triggered by a conflict over the kids and the
couple’s differing parenting styles. With their large,
multiracial brood and paparazzi plagued life, you’d
expect the pair to have a challenge raising kids, but
Leeza Steindorf says the issue actually affects many
couples. She says, “Being on the same page–or at least
in the same chapter–with your parenting partner is
essential. Getting there is the challenge. Knowing your
values, goals and non-negotiables, both individually
and mutually, goes a long way in creating a functional
framework to parent from. Not an easy path, but a
doable one, even with differing approaches, as long as
the parents have laid solid groundwork and the kids
know the lay of the land.” Leeza, an expert in
parenting and communication, will explain what that
means in terms of day-to-day interactions with kids and
how things change as kids age. Leeza Steindorf is a
communications and conflict resolution expert,
international consultant and speaker. She’s the author
of “Connected Parent, Empowered Child: Five Keys to
Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids” and “CORE
Success for Schools: The Practical Guide Book for a
Positive School Climate.” Contact her at (541) 550-
0451; Leeza@CoreSuccess.com

14. ==> Why Are Young Men Attracted to Older Women?

Mary Reilly, a proud 53-year-year-old Cougar, enjoys
dating younger men and relishes setting up other May-
December couples. Known as the Datemeister®, Mary says
the attraction between men in their 20s and 30s to
women 40-plus typically has nothing to do with sex or
money. In fact, she says, these relationships often
work well because no one is looking for marriage,
financial stability or children. She says, “Cougars
like to date younger men with energy, less emotional
baggage and a willingness to spend some money. On the
other hand, Cubs don’t have to worry so much about
unplanned pregnancies or pressure to commit.” Mary can
talk about all aspects of this trend as well as her
upcoming event in Manhattan later this month. A recent
guest on the Tao of Indifference podcast, Mary can be
reached at (917) 363-9860; thedatemeister@gmail.com
15. ==> You May Live Longer, but Will You Live Better?

More than 70% of North Americans are now obese or
overweight and 50% are diabetic or pre-diabetic.  And
according to the U.S. Department of Labor, stress-
related illness is costing employers over $7500 USD per
year. Beyond that, stress is affecting our personal
quality of life as we age. Honestly, who cares if we
are living longer if our quality of life is poor?
Invite Dr. Ken Keis to give your listeners a stress
test to help them identify their wellness/stress levels
in 5 specific areas. From benchmarking your current
condition and wellness practices, you will immediately
be able to identify opportunities for improvements, for
positive changes, and for increasing your well-being
and all-round performance. Ken Keis, Ph.D., is
President and CEO of CRG Consulting Resource Group
International, Inc. and the author of “Why Aren’t You
More Like Me? Deliberate Leadership” and “The Quest for
Purpose!” Contact him at (605) 852-0566;

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