09/22/16 RTIR E-zine: Race and Police, Brangelina Split, Teen Suicide

September 22, 2016

01. Race and Police: Where Black and Blue Intersect
02. Interview Journalist on Syrian Developments
03. Carcinogens in Millions of Americans’ Water
04. Brangelina Split – What’s at Stake?
05. Jolie/Pitt Divorce – When Parenting Styles Clash
06. Jim Carrey Wrongful Death Suit
07. Wells Fargo: Employees and Customers Blew Whistle
08. Washington’s Worst Nightmare – Congressional Blacklist
09. A Paradigm Shift in Choosing Politicians
10. The Internet is about to be Run by Foreign Hands
11. Preventing Violence: Does Peace Begin in the Crib?
12. Is Your Career on Life Support?
13. Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?
14. Why Is Teen Suicide on the Rise?
15. Beat the System Booking Travel Online

1. ==> Race and Police: Where Black and Blue Intersect

A state of emergency is in effect in Charlotte, N.C.
after a 2nd night of violent protests over the police
shooting of an African American man. Black Lives Matter
and the Thin Blue Line can come together and real
change is possible with help from one important group
of people: police whistleblowers. So says Washington,
D.C.-based attorney, whistleblower and whistleblowing
expert Michael McCray, author of “Race, Power &
Politics.” McCray will explain why, under the present
system, bad cops are considered good and cops that try
to do good by speaking up when colleagues do wrong, are
considered bad, He’ll talk about what it would take to
break through the “blue wall of silence” and how we can
reform our broken court system. Michael McCray, Esq.
CPA (inactive) is a veteran grassroots political
organizer and the author of “Race, Power & Politics” a
primer on ACORN and grassroots community organizing,
which chronicles the historic 2008 Democratic Primary
Contest from an African-American perspective. Contact
him at (870) 543-0024; mccray.michael@gmail.com

2. ==> Interview Journalist on Syrian Developments

Russia has announced it is sending its only aircraft
carrier to waters off Syria’s coast, as diplomats met
at the United Nations in an effort to revive Syria’s
failing ceasefire. The announcement — a potential
contingency plan for the failure of the ceasefire —
came in the wake of surging violence, including the
deadly bombing of a Syrian Arab Red Crescent aid convoy
on Monday night. Invite journalist Charles Glass to
discuss the latest developments in the volatile
Glass was recently in Syria for the New York Review of
Books and was on assignment in Iraq for Harper’s
Magazine. His latest book is Syria Burning: ISIS and
the Death of the Arab Spring, from Verso Books. He was
ABC News Chief Middle East correspondent and recently
wrote the piece “In the Syrian Deadlands.” Contact him
at charlesglassbooks@gmail.com; @charlesmglass

3. ==> Carcinogens in Millions of Americans’ Water

According to a national report released Tuesday,
millions of Americans’ tap water contains dangerous
levels of chromium-6, the carcinogenic chemical
featured in the movie Erin Brockovich. While the US
Environmental Protection Agency has never set a
specific limit for the chemical in drinking water, the
new analysis from the Environmental Working Group, an
independent advocacy group, found that the tap water of
218 million Americans contains levels of chromium-6
that the group considers dangerous. Ph.D. environmental
engineer Dr. Ellen Moyer says, “Many of us take water
for granted, expecting to turn a faucet handle and have
unlimited, clean water come pouring out. However, a lot
can go wrong with both the quality and quantity of our
water supplies.” Moyer will discuss these issues as
well as solutions so that your family can have cleaner
and safer drinking water. Moyer is a regular
contributor to The Huffington Post and her third book,
titled “Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to
Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World,” will be
available later this year. Contact her at (413)
862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com.

4. ==> Brangelina Split – What’s at Stake?

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt after
two years of marriage citing irreconcilable differences
on Monday – and as two of Hollywood’s wealthiest stars,
there’s a lot at stake between the pair. Will they
agree or be forced to divide legal and physical custody
of their children? With no prenuptial agreement in
place, is there likely to be a fight over their
combined assets of $400-million plus? Will their oldest
son, Maddox, be allowed to choose which parent he would
like to live with? Invite family law attorney Steve
Mindel to discuss the issues involved. Mindel’s clients
have included many celebrities and high net worth
individuals. He’s managing partner at FMBK Law in Los
Angeles. Contact Cherie Kerr at (714) 550-9900;
Cherie@kerrpr-execuprov.com or Shannon Dugger at (303)
619-3949; Shannon@kerrpr-execuprov.com .

5. Jolie/Pitt Divorce – When Parenting Styles Clash

According to several reports, the Pitt/Jolie breakup
was triggered by a conflict over the kids and the
couple’s differing parenting styles. With their large,
multiracial brood and paparazzi plagued life, you’d
expect the pair to have a challenge raising kids, but
Leeza Steindorf says the issue actually affects many
couples. She says, “Being on the same page–or at least
in the same chapter–with your parenting partner is
essential. Getting there is the challenge. Knowing your
values, goals and non-negotiables, both individually
and mutually, goes a long way in creating a functional
framework to parent from. Not an easy path, but a
doable one, even with differing approaches, as long as
the parents have laid solid groundwork and the kids
know the lay of the land.” Leeza, an expert in
parenting and communication, will explain what that
means in terms of day-to-day interactions with kids and
how things change as kids age. Leeza Steindorf is a
communications and conflict resolution expert,
international consultant and speaker. She’s the author
of “Connected Parent, Empowered Child: Five Keys to
Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids” and “CORE
Success for Schools: The Practical Guide Book for a
Positive School Climate.” Contact her at (541) 550-
0451; Leeza@CoreSuccess.com

6. ==> Jim Carrey Wrongful Death Suit

Actor Jim Carrey faces a wrongful death lawsuit
following the suicidal drug overdose of his ex-
girlfriend Cathriona White, who died nearly a year ago.
White’s husband claims Carrey obtained and provided
drugs found near Cathriona’s body using the name Arthur
King. Attorney Robert Ryan says, “Holding a somebody
responsible for the suicide of an otherwise competent
adult is very difficult in most states, including
California.” He adds, “It is interesting to note that
there was never any criminal investigation opened into
Ms. White’s death, particularly as to the source of the
drugs she used to kill herself.  Whether the attorney
for Ms. White’s estranged husband can change that might
be an important factor in the case.” Robert Ryan is a
Los Angeles area attorney at Kuzyk Law, LLP. Ryan
represents individuals injured or killed in accidents.
Contact Ryan McCormick at (516) 901-1103; (919)

7. ==> Wells Fargo: Employees and Customers Blew

Wells Fargo was in the hot seat this week as Elizabeth
Warren blasted CEO John Stumpf over the company’s
scandal during a Senate Banking Committee hearing. At
issue is aggressive sales tactics by the bank that led
to a $185-million settlement with federal and state
regulators. The bank’s pressure-cooker sales practices
pushed thousands of employees to open as many as 2
million accounts that customers never asked for.
Interview William Black, a former bank regulator who
led investigations of the S & L loan crisis of the 80s.
He’ll explain how workers and Wells Fargo customers
blew the whistle on the company. “This is a place that
has absolutely refused to clean up its house and, by
the way, while it was firing over 5,000 of the
employees, the people who were being coerced and not
only encouraged but demanded and praised by Wells Fargo
managers to cheat. The person who was in charge of the
entire consumer banking division was allowed to retire.
Praised as the model of what a banker should be, by the
CEO and given millions of dollars with absolutely no
claw-back for the abuses.” Black is an associate
professor of economics and law at the University of
Missouri-Kansas City and the author of “The Best Way to
Rob a Bank is to Own One.” Contact him at
blackw@umkc.edu, @williamkblack

8. ==> Washington’s Worst Nightmare – The Congressional

Wouldn’t it be great to know the incumbents in Congress
with the worst record on the economy and health? Judy
Frankel’s Congressional Blacklist will help empower
your audience and tell them who is passing bills that
are hazardous to their job outlook, financial and
physical health. Judy will reveal how the grocery
business used Congress to make sure food wouldn’t be
labeled as genetically engineered, what bills Congress
passed that caused the 2008 financial crisis and what
big deal they’re working on now that will land Big
Pharma, Big Banks, and Big Internet Providers an even
bigger payday — at your expense. Give your listeners
an outrageous and informative show about the backroom
deals in Washington and what they need to know to
insure a prosperous, healthier future. Judy Frankel is
the founder of Writeindependent.org, an interactive
federal elections website. A public speaker and blogger
for the Huffington Post, she helps audiences learn the
specific steps to stop corruption in Congress and
engage in democracy. She’s the author of “In Search of
the P.O.T.U.S.: One Woman’s Quest to Fix Washington.”
Contact her at (310) 750-6686; judyfrankel@gmail.com

9. ==> A Paradigm Shift in Choosing Politicians

Your perception of politics and politicians will
dramatically change when you hear what Marie-Anne
Lutchmaya has to say about the American electoral
process. With voter dissatisfaction at an all-time
high, she’ll share what really goes on behind the
scenes whenever voting takes place and encourage a
citizen movement which will finally put real power into
the hands of the people. Your listeners will learn how
being self-aware can empower them and avoid them being
used like pawns to further the presidential nominees’
objectives and then be discarded like useless things
when the show is over. She’ll describe how a simple
system can create a paradigm shift in the popular
perception of politics and in the way people choose
their politicians. And Marie-Anne says the system
doesn’t just work for elections, it’s applicable at
work, school, home and even church.  Marie-Anne
Lutchmaya’s latest book is “The American Voter’s
Election Guide: Scapegoat to Strategist.” Contact her
at academe@wol.be

10. ==> The Internet is about to be Run by Foreign

At midnight on Sept. 30th, the federal government is
giving up internet stewardship to the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The
internet will be governed by a “multi-stakeholder”
model, including businesses, individuals, and foreign
governments. According to internet expert Lee Romanov,
this means China or Russia could control what you
upload, and the information you search for. The big
questions are, why is President Obama giving up
internet control during this critical election period?
Why are so many Americans unaware of this, and not
allowed to weigh in on an issue that dramatically
impacts their lives? Romanov has run online businesses
since 1994 and reports, “I’ve never seen this level of
censorship online, except in China!” Romanov will
discuss who’s behind this effort leading to more online
censorship, how cable news networks are controlling the
information Americans get, what online news censorship
YouTube is doing, as well as what the Huffington Post
has done to delete news important to the upcoming
election. Romanov, the president of
IncomeActivator.com, pioneered the transparency of
insurance rates online and her previous internet
business was purchased by media giant Torstar. She’s
been featured on numerous media outlets, including CNN,
MSNBC, BBC, CBC, FOX, CTV, and radio stations
internationally. Contact her at (949) 877-0173,

11. ==> Preventing Violence: Does Peace Begin in the

It seems all too often we hear about tragic mass
shootings or bombings and feel powerless to do anything
about them. Emily Slingluff says there is something
that almost every one of us can do to help prevent mass
murders in the future. “Individual people are the cause
of mass murders. So, why do some people want to kill
others and some do not want to kill others? How can we
help make people happy instead of confused, insecure,
and unhappy, wanting to lash out and hurt others?”
Slingluff says parents have more influence than anyone
in raising a kinder, happier generation. She’ll discuss
clear and easy ways to help kids be happy with life.
She says, “The formative years of life are called
formative for a reason.  And the main influence in
those first years is the parent.” Emily Slingluff is
the author of several parenting books including her
latest, “Parenting without Punishment.” Contact her at
(757) 428-6167; emilyslingluff@aol.com

12. ==> Is Your Career on Life Support?

Tammi Gilbert says too many people are needlessly
suffering in jobs they hate. “Life is too short to
suffer every day in a job that you hate. The average
person spends about 100,000 hours of their life
working. Therefore, it’s important to be happy with
what we do. There are many ways to learn how to feel
more rewarded and fulfilled in our careers,” she says.
Invite Gilbert, a registered nurse with an MBA, to
discuss how to interview for a job, what habits can
wreck your career, and how to tell if your career is
heading for a triple bypass. She’ll offer tips to shake
up your daily work routine and bring more challenge to
the job you already have, and explain why everyone
should make a ten-year plan for where you want to be in
your career. Tami Gilbert is a registered nurse,
author, and motivational speaker who holds a master’s
in business administration. In 1980, Gilbert moved to
Chicago from Nigeria with very little possessions.
Today, she works in healthcare quality improvement,
safety, and helps others increase their job
satisfaction. “Career CPR” is her latest book. Contact
her at (847) 943-9014; info@tamigilbert.com

13. ==> Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?

How many times after some traumatic experience has a
well-meaning person told you “Time heals all wounds”?
Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. This trite
expression is meant to give comfort, but it actually
does harm, according to Michelle Nagel, author of
“Suffering is Optional: Step Out of Darkness into the
Light.” Invite this well-informed guest on air to
discuss the three main reasons many people have not
received the healing they have wished for, instead
continuing to carry sorrow tucked away in their hearts.
She’ll also share other harmful myths people may
believe about “getting over loss.” During the past 15
years, Nagel, president of Soul Shift, Inc., has been
guiding clients through the process of overcoming their
traumatic past to find peace. Contact her at (541)
414-7811, or michelle@isoulshift.com

14. ==> Why Is Teen Suicide on the Rise?

According to the CDC, one in five teenagers experience
suicidal thoughts; suicide is the third leading cause
of death for youths from 15 to 24. Why do so many young
people believe that no one would notice or care if they
were no longer there? Rocky Detwiler, who has developed
a program that is being used to prevent teenage
suicides, has the answers and empathy. Although not a
teenager, Detwiler has experienced and bounced back
from suicide-level depression. During September,
National Suicide Prevention Month, Detwiler will offer
advice to people concerned about teens who might be
considering suicide and tell inspiring stories of kids
who changed their mind. Among them is his close friend
Andrew, who decided not to kill himself after one of
his classmates said hello to him. The author of “The
Samson Effect,” Detwiler will share his three simple
steps for saving teenage lives. Reach him at (602)
384-3333; rockyd@samson.life

15. ==> Beat the System Booking Travel Online

Everyone books hotels and airfare online these days,
but do you know the secret to getting the best deals on
travel purchases? Ultra-economical travel expert
Russell Hannon will reveal loopholes, strategies and
insider secrets the big travel companies don’t want you
to know so that you can save money when booking travel
online. You’ll learn the best time to book travel for
the biggest savings, the most expensive mistake
travelers make, and hotel alternatives that can save
money without sacrificing convenience or comfort.
Russell has been featured on CNBC, FOX, America
Tonight, CBS, ShopSmart, CBC, CTV, the National Post
and Around the World Travel TV. He’s also the author of
‘Stop Dreaming Start Traveling: The Ultimate Guide to
Traveling More & Spending Less.’ Contact him at (403)
354 0349; media@breakthetravelbarrier.com

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