09/19/17 RTIR E-zine: Emmy Diversity, Domestic Terrorism, Homeopathic Help

September 19, 2017

01. Emmys Not Diverse Enough
02. A New Perspective on the Vietnam War
03. 2nd Annual Kids Music Day is Oct. 6
04. Protect Yourself from the Equifax Hack
05. Coffee: A Cure for Loneliness?
06. Faith in the Wake of Irma and Harvey
07. Homeopathic Help for Hurricane Survivors
08. Small Biz Social Media Dos and Don’ts
09. Yes! Find a Job Before Oct. 31
10. Secret Power Women Have Over Their Fathers
11. Democrats: Party of the Ancient?
12. Getting Babies and Toddlers to Talk
13. Trump’s Likely Response to Domestic Terrorism
14. Awesome Tailgating Secrets
15. Dunkirk: The Whole Story


1. ==> Emmys Not Diverse Enough

Sunday night’s 69th Primetime Emmy Award show was a big
night for such stars as Nicole Kidman, John Oliver,
Donald Glover and Sterling K. Brown. And while the
award show did represent diversity in its nominated
actors and shows, one group was completely
underrepresented: Latino nominees. Elizabeth Barrutia,
a leader in Hispanic and multicultural marketing and
Hispanic culture, will point out that it has been four
years since the last Latino actor was nominated (Sofia
Vergara) and ten years since America Ferrera won best
actress for Ugly Betty. So, why is it that 20 percent
of the U.S. population being marginalized through TV
shows at the same time that the film industry is making
an effort to produce films for that demographic?
Barrutia will also talk about why Latino actors
continue to be cast in stereotypical roles that don’t
lend themselves to awards consideration. Barrutia is
CEO of BARU Marketing + Media, which works with
national brands, and film/television studios, including
Walt Disney/ABC, Universal, Warner Brothers and others
reaching multicultural audiences. Contact Brian
McWilliams of SpellCom, (310) 838-4010;

2. ==> A New Perspective on the Vietnam War

As a result of Ken Burns’ new 10-part PBS documentary
The Vietnam War, which debuted Sunday, Americans will
once again be talking about the only war they ever
lost. As we revisit what we forgot or never knew about
this divisive 34-year war, Wanny Huynh, who was born
in Vietnam, can offer an insider’s perspective on the
price South Vietnamese soldiers paid for working with
the Americans. From 1970 to 1972, his father helped to
train South Vietnamese soldiers. But after the war,
that cooperation made him no longer welcome in the
country. The Viet Cong moved to retaliate against him
and the family was forced to flee for their lives.
Wanny can share what he thinks of Burns’ documentary,
the hazardous journey he and his parents underwent to
leave Vietnam and the impressions he formed when he
revisited Vietnam 20 years after his escape and
reconnected with lost relatives. Wanny’s latest book
is ”Hope.” Reach him at (651) 398-4677;

3. ==> 2nd Annual Kids Music Day is Oct. 6

Vincent James is on a mission to promote how valuable
and important music is in all of our lives:
academically, therapeutically or just overall making us
a happier society. To that end, his organization Keep
Music Alive is partnering with over 300 music schools
from 40+ states across the country to celebrate the 2nd
Annual Kids Music Day on Friday, Oct. 6. Music schools
will help celebrate this special day by holding open
houses, student performances, instrument petting zoos,
instrument donation drives and more in their respective
communities. “We recognize so many public schools
across the country are cutting or reducing their music
and arts programs. Research has shown how critical
music and art education are to developing our
children’s minds and character. Our mission is to
spotlight musical programs, and help raise awareness of
how valuable music really is to our children and our
collective future.” Invite Vincent on your show to
talk about Kids Music Day and what your listeners can
do to help celebrate this important day in their
communities. Vincent is also the founder of
KeepMusicAlive.org, KidsMusicDay.org, Teach Music
America Week and co-author of the book series “88+ Ways
Music Can Change Your Life.” Contact him at (610)
812-5231; vincent@KeepMusicAlive.org

4. ==> Protect Yourself from the Equifax Hack

Nearly half of Americans may have had their information
stolen in the recent massive Equifax data breach.
Making matters worse, the hackers have had a two-month
lead on consumers trying to protect their credit and
personal information. Invite Patricia Davis, a former
corporate finance and banking executive who manages her
own financial services firm, to share what the hack
tells us about the U.S. credit system and eight steps
your listeners can take now to protect their credit.
She’ll discuss why and how you should lock down your
credit reports, change your passwords and more. Davis
holds an MBA from Stanford, a master’s degree in
personal financial planning from Golden Gate University
and a certificate from Georgetown University’s Stonier
Graduate School of Banking and Finance. She is the
author of the upcoming book “Going Broke Is No Joke.”
Reach her at (301) 249-2261; davisfinancial373@msn.com

5. ==> Coffee: A Cure for Loneliness?

In time for International Coffee Day, Sept. 30, Émile
Odback, a Swede living in Santa Barbara, wants to
introduce Americans to the Swedish concept of Fika
(pronounced fee-kah) as an antidote for loneliness and
divisiveness. The Swedes enjoy multiple 15-minute
coffee breaks a day in which no work is discussed, no
one checks their cellphones and everyone talks to each
other—all while enjoying coffee and delicious baked
goods. He says, “We want to make International Coffee
Day a day that celebrates coffee and connection. On
this coffee day, as we celebrate something so
universally-loved, what better way is there to show
your enthusiasm than by buying somebody else a cup of
coffee, or inviting somebody to share a Fika and a nice
chat?” The 23-year-old can explain how to incorporate
Fika into your life, share interesting coffee facts and
reveal the role Fika plays in making Swedes among the
happiest people in the world. Émile is a recent
graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara
where he edited the newspaper and served as a
commencement speaker. His new book is “Fika Fix: How a
New Take on the Coffee Break Can Cure the Loneliness
Epidemic.” Reach him at (805) 551-4455;

6. ==> Faith in the Wake of Irma and Harvey

Many doctors, psychologists, and political leaders now
realize the powerful impact faith and religious beliefs
play in our ability to bounce back after Harvey, Irma
and other disasters. People who have something to
believe in beyond what they can see with their eyes
handle the “storms” of life better when their normal
life is shaken by devastating events, says Pastor
Terrance Levise Turner.  Pastor Terrance will share the
keys to keeping hope and faith intact and your spirit
afloat when everything else is sinking. His advice also
applies to setbacks in marriage, careers and finances.
He is the author of several books including his latest,
“Your Wealth Is In Your Anointing: Discover Keys To
Releasing Your Potential.” In addition, he is a singer
and songwriter who with his wife created a 21-song
project called “God Is Our Refuge.” Contact him at
(615) 598-4080; wellspokeninc@bellsouth.net

7. ==> Homeopathic Help for Hurricane Survivors

Imagine the shock, grief and exhaustion that millions
of Americans in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Florida and
Texas must be feeling in the aftermath of two monster
storms. Kathleen Fry, M.D., has some helpful tips on
three inexpensive, over-the-counter homeopathic
remedies that can help relieve these conditions. Best
of all, they are easily available in health food stores
or online. You’ll hear about a little-known remedy
first responders, physicians and nurses can take when
they are exhausted from taking care of others; a remedy
that can help people sleep after they have lost pets
and all their valuables; and a remedy that can help
them deal with the emotional, physical and mental shock
of living through a hurricane. Dr. Fry helps clients
with homeopathic medicine all over the world. She is a
speaker and the author of two books: “Vitality! How to
Get It and Keep It” and “What’s The Remedy for That?
The Definitive Homeopathy Guide to Mastering Everyday
Self-Care Without Drugs.” Reach her at (480) 695-1383;

8. ==> Small Biz Social Media Dos and Don’ts

Snapchat, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter: Must
small businesses use all of them? That’s a common
misconception, says marketing expert Claudia Newcorn,
who will explain what entrepreneurs and small
businesses need to know about reaching their specific
target audiences, without becoming overwhelmed by
social media, or spending too much time or money. For
example, she’ll discuss who Facebook reaches and when
the best time to post is, or why a Realtor might do
well on Pinterest but a plumber might not. Newcorn, who
has an MBA, is an award-winning strategic marketing
consultant with decades of corporate experience with
such industry leaders as Gillette and E&J Gallo. She
manages her own successful 25-year-old consulting firm
and has helped hundreds of small businesses. She is a
frequent radio talk show guest whose book, “Zipline to
Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate
Sales & Profits,” is an Amazon bestseller and won a
gold medal at the San Francisco Book Festival. Reach
her at (209) 204-0502; Claudia@ZiplineToSuccess.com

9. ==> Yes! Find a Job Before Oct. 31

For new college graduates looking for their first job
post-college or people already in the job market
looking to change jobs, fall represents a huge hiring
opportunity. “Anyone looking for a new job right now
needs to find their slot before the end of October when
companies start worrying about the holidays and end-of-
year budget challenges,” says Diane Huth. Invite her to
help job-seekers maximize their assets by teaching them
the secrets of personal branding as the key to
unlocking the job search market. From using social
media to writing your resume and finding the secret job
market where more than half of all jobs are found.
Diane Huth has more than 30 years of senior-level
branding and marketing experience at multinational
corporations. She is a professor of marketing and
branding and a seasoned media guest. Her new book is
“Brand You! To Land Your Dream Job: A Step-by-Step
Guide to Find a Great Job, Get Hired and Jumpstart Your
Career.” Contact her at (888) HIREME2;

10. ==> Secret Power Women Have Over Their Fathers

According to award-winning behavioral expert James I.
Bond, men have a rarely-mentioned quirk that allows
their daughters to greatly influence them. Bond says,
“From Donald Trump to Barack Obama, Winston Churchill
to Martin Luther King, Jr., Mark Twain to Paul
McCartney, even Supreme Court justices and CEOs of
major corporations, the influence of daughters on their
fathers is often more profound than most people
realize. But the real reason they have so much
influence may surprise you.” Find out what that reason
is and what makes the father-daughter bond so special.
He is the author of “The Secret Life of Fathers (second
edition),” an unexpected guide to understanding men and
fathers. Bond has written for Forbes.com and appears as
a frequent radio talk show guest. Contact him at (805)
405-9899; jbond@TheFatherDaughterProject.com

11. ==> Democrats: Party of the Ancient?

Bernie Sanders is 76. Joe Biden is 74. Hillary is soon
to be 70 and Elizabeth Warren is 68. Paul McHale, a
former member of Congress and former assistant
secretary of defense, asserts that it’s time baby
boomer pols stepped aside to give younger people the
presidential reins in 2020. McHale says, “Let’s clear
the bench of our current presidential contenders and
instead, over the next two years (during the crucially
important midterm elections of 2018), look for
presidential candidates who are very smart, very
serious, and in their 40s or maybe their 50s.” He’ll
talk about where we can find such candidates including
tapping into the well of young people who have joined
the fight against terrorism. Reach him at

12. ==> Getting Babies and Toddlers to Talk

When was the last time you had a really good
conversation with a baby? Vonda Scipio, Ed.D., a
mother, grandmother and early childhood educator, will
explain why mothers, fathers, grandparents, and
caregivers play a crucial role in the language
development of infants and toddlers—one that will
ultimately pay off in good grades. Dr. Scipio says
there is an art that anyone can learn to get even the
youngest infant to talk. She’ll offer tips on how to
use the three-second rule to get more interaction, how
to avoid talking “over” the baby and knowing what forms
of communication to expect by the baby’s age (coos,
babbles, squeals, etc.). Dr. Scipio is the author of
“Let Babies Teach” and “Let Me Teach You, Baby.” She
has been a kindergarten teacher, academic reading
instructor, and adjunct professor. Reach her at
(901) 567-4176; info@fromthestarttraining.com

13. ==> Trump’s Likely Response to Terrorism

How would the U.S. government respond if the U.S.
experienced a terrorist attack on the order of what
happened in London and Barcelona? It’s a question to
which Aziz Huq, a law professor at the University of
Chicago, has given a lot of thought. Huq, the coauthor
of “Unchecked and Unbalanced: Presidential Power in a
Time of Terror,” will discuss the common threads in the
way the Trump administration responded to Syria, North
Korea and the latest hurricanes and why “despite a
patina of toughness, the predictable beats of Trump’s
crisis responses make the U.S. a more, not less,
vulnerable terrorism target.” Reach Huq at (773)
702-9494; huq@uchicago.edu

14. ==> Awesome Tailgating Secrets

There’s nothing more American than football and
tailgating. Whether hanging out in the stadium parking
lot of your favorite college or NFL sports team, you
want your tailgate set-up to be the envy of everyone
walking by. Peter Lincoln, one of the two brothers who
run The American Tailgater company can share five
products no serious tailgater should be
without—everything from championship-winning “secret”
seasonings to the best flag to fly so no one can miss
your location and a watch capable of timing eight
recipes at once. The American Tailgater is one of the
country’s leading tailgating outfitters. Reach Peter at
(888) 215-1490; Peter@americantailgater.com

15. ==> Dunkirk: The Whole Story

On the heels of the summer blockbuster film Dunkirk,
invite Michael Korda to share the larger story of the
turning point in World War II history when over 300,000
Allied troops were trapped off the coast of France and
a ragtag fleet of civilian fishing boats, pleasure
crafts, and ferries came to their rescue. He’ll discuss
the figures and consequences around Germany’s
blitzkrieg into Belgium, France, and the Netherlands in
May of 1940, while interweaving his own memories as a
child bystander across the Channel. Korda is an author
and the former editor-in-chief of Simon & Schuster. His
latest book is “Alone: Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk:
Defeat into Victory.” Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at
(703) 646-5137; johanna@jrbcomm.com?

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