09/15 RTIR E-zine: Political Health, Saving on College, Ovarian Cancer Month

September 15, 2016

01. Journalist Charles Glass – Syria Burning
02. Farmers Union Condemns Bayer/Monsanto Deal
03. Doc on Trump & Clinton’s Health Concerns
04. Pneumonia – Should Hillary Shut Her Mouth?
05. A Paradigm Shift in Choosing Politicians
06. Obamacare – What Happens Next?
07. Former Scholarship Judge: How to Save $ on Tuition
08. The Class You Won’t Get in College
09. Cam Newton, NFL and Head Injuries
10. September is Pain Awareness Month
11. Dying to Live!
12. Surprising Health Risk of Heavy Backpacks
13. Do the Ultimate Show for Parents!
14. September – Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
15. Why Are Young Men Attracted to Older Women?

1. ==> Journalist Charles Glass – Syria Burning

The tenuous calm brought to Syria by a US and Russia
ceasefire seems to be holding after an agreement by
both parties to extend the deal for another 48 hours.
But convoys still haven’t been able to get humanitarian
aid to those in need. Charles Glass, a Middle East
journalist who has covered the region for decades, can
discuss the situation and the history of the region’s
politics. “The problem is that the two main parties
backing the factions in Syria — the United States and
Russia — have not budged from their positions. Russia’s
position is that Bashar al-Assad must remain as
president, and the American position is that Bashar al-
Assad must go as president. And they haven’t seemed to
have reconciled these two points of view, although the
recent agreement has pushed the U.S. closer to the
Russian position…” Glass was ABC News Chief Middle East
correspondent and was recently in Syria for the New
York Review of Book and was on assignment in Iraq for
Harper’s Magazine. His latest book is “Syria Burning:
ISIS and the Death of the Arab Spring.” Contact him at
charlesglassbooks@gmail.co; @charlesmglass

2. ==> Farmers Union Condemns Bayer/Monsanto Deal

Monsanto has agreed to sell itself to Bayer AG, in a
$57 billion deal that would forge a new agricultural
force. It’s the latest tie-up in a wave of deals that
have reordered the $100 billion global market in
crop seeds and pesticides in just the last 10 months.
National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson says the
deal isn’t good for Anyone, especially US farmers.
“Consolidation of this magnitude cannot be the standard
for agriculture, nor should we allow it to determine
the landscape for our future. These megadeals are being
made to benefit the corporate boardrooms at the expense
of family farmers, ranchers, consumers and rural
economies.” The merger will require approval from
around 30 regulatory agencies around the world
including antitrust enforcers already examining tie-ups
between some of the companies’ main rivals. Contact
Andrew Jerome at ajerome@nfudc.org; @nfudc

3. ==> Doc on Trump & Clinton’s Health Concerns

Hillary Clinton released her medical records after she
stumbled at a 9/11 event and revealed she was suffering
from pneumonia. Meanwhile, Donald Trump taped an
episode of Dr. Oz yesterday giving few details of his
own health. Dr. Jim Roach can discuss what we do know
of the candidates’ health, and what he finds
concerning. He says, “Donald Trump is on a statin and
on aspirin. His father had Alzheimer’s disease. There
are substantial concerns about statins – lowering
cholesterol automatically lowers testosterone, which
poses risk by weakening organs and tissues; the brain
is 53% cholesterol, so lowering cholesterol may impair
the brain’s ability to grow (we have to grow branches
to remember what we ate for breakfast) and impair the
brain’s ability to repair.” And about Clinton, he says,
“Ms. Clinton is on Coumadin, Armour Thyroid, and has
allergies. Coumadin can cause artery calcification but
Ms. Clinton has a coronary calcium score of zero –
highly reassuring. Antihistamines can have some mild
but relevant effects.” Jim Roach, MD, has appeared on
numerous radio and TV programs. He’s a speaker,
consultant, educator, researcher, and widely sought
clinician with patients from across the country.
Contact Dr. Roach at (859) 846-4453 (office);

4. ==> Pneumonia – Should Hillary Shut Her Mouth?

Hillary Clinton is recovering from pneumonia. How much
of a red flag is such a diagnosis? Ask Sasha Yakovleva
who often works with people who have pneumonia or have
a tendency to catch colds frequently. She has advice
Hillary and the rest of us can find useful if we want
to avoid pneumonia, colds, flu, bronchitis and other
breathing disorders. She’ll explain why Hillary
literally needs to shut her mouth—and breathe through
her nose—while she gives speeches and how mouth
breathing can lead to fatigue and other health
problems. Sasha coauthored “Breathe to Heal” with two
physicians. She has a master’s degree in journalism and
is an expert in Russian healing arts. Reach her at
(303) 823- 5173 sasha@breathingcenter.com

5. ==> A Paradigm Shift in Choosing Politicians

Your perception of politics and politicians will
dramatically change when you hear what Marie-Anne
Lutchmaya has to say about the American electoral
process. With voter dissatisfaction at an all-time
high, she’ll share what really goes on behind the
scenes whenever voting takes place and encourage a
citizen movement which will finally put real power into
the hands of the people. Your listeners will learn how
being self-aware can empower them and avoid them being
used like pawns to further the presidential nominees’
objectives and then be discarded like useless things
when the show is over. She’ll describe how a simple
system can create a paradigm shift in the popular
perception of politics and in the way people choose
their politicians. And Marie-Anne says the system
doesn’t just work for elections, it’s applicable at
work, school, home and even church.  Marie-Anne
Lutchmaya’s latest book is “The American Voter’s
Election Guide: Scapegoat to Strategist.” Contact her
at academe@wol.be

6. ==> Obamacare – What Happens Next?

The Affordable Care Act—Obamacare— is in trouble. It’s
extended health insurance coverage to fewer people than
promised, in many parts of the country, insurers are
abandoning the market due to financial losses, and even
those covered face double digit premium increases and
deductibles that are hundreds of percent higher than
before. Supporters say the problems can be fixed but
critics insist that Obamacare is mortally wounded, and
should be euthanized. Invite Philip Romero and Randy
Miller to help your listeners make sense of the health
policy being debated this presidential election season.
You’ll hear how health costs have grown more than twice
as fast as incomes, why the health sector now consumes
almost one in five dollars in our economy, and the
blind spots that Democrats and Republicans each have
about health care. Romero is a finance professor and
former business dean at the University of Oregon, as
well as twice chief economist to the governor of
California. Randy Miller is an insurance and public
finance specialist. Their book “Health Financing
Without Deficits: Reform that Sidesteps Political
Gridlock” outlines a new way to finance health care.
Contact Romero at (503) 640-6206; promero@uoregon.edu
or Miller at (541) 510-2042; suigenerishirb@comcast.net

7. ==> Former Scholarship Judge: How to Save $ on

Steven Roberts has helped thousands of students and
parents save
tens of thousands of dollars on their college
educations. He’ll offer your listeners guidance on
applying to the right schools and warn parents and
students about traps to avoid so that they don’t take
on unnecessary debt. You’ll learn how to get colleges
to waive their application fees, why you don’t need to
have all the money upfront before starting college and
how you can find that money without taking out student
loans and how to make the most of the FASFA form and
Pell Grant applications. Roberts, a former scholarship
judge, has been a guest on more than 600 radio stations
and podcasts. He’s the author of “Winning the Money
Game in College: Any Major and Any GPA Can Finish
College Debt-Free or Better” and has just released a
free webinar. Contact him at (801) 719-3760;

8. ==> The Class You Won’t Get in College

College is supposed to be the best time of your life,
providing the surest path to success. But that
perception is marred by harsh realities. Among them are
colossal student debt, unemployment or underemployment
faced by more than half of recent graduates and an
anxiety and depression epidemic. How can parents guide
their millennial and Gen Z children to a successful
life and career? Jake Heilbrunn, a 19-year-old college
dropout and one of the world’s youngest motivational
speakers, has a unique understanding of these issues
because he overcame them. Based on his own remarkable
experiences, he shares essential life lessons that
aren’t taught in a classroom. He’ll discuss the reason
why so many college students are depressed and anxious
and how anxiety and depression can lead you to your
life’s purpose and what millennials are searching for
in college and careers and how to become valuable in
today’s marketplace. Jake has reached thousands of
people through his inspirational videos and
motivational talks at high schools. More than 150
people from eight countries helped him fund a
Kickstarter campaign to publish his inspirational
memoir, “Off the Beaten Trail: A Young Man’s Soul-
Searching Journey Through Central America.” Contact him
at (858) 750-0413; jakeheilbrunn@gmail.com

9. ==> Cam Newton, NFL and Head Injuries

The Denver Broncos talked all last week about being
physical. And players said they could tell as the
season-opening Super Bowl 50 rematch went on last
Thursday night that the hits were adding up on Carolina
Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton. According to most
analysts, some of the hits the reigning NFL MVP took —
including at least four apparent helmet-to-helmet shots
— were over the line, even though referees threw only
one flag. Given all the recent attention on head
injuries and traumatic brain injury, many, including
Carol Shifflett, are outraged that the NFL isn’t doing
more to protect players. Invite Shifflett to talk about
this issue and explain why the subject is bigger than
just pro football. She says it’s not only athletes who
suffer from the disease, but children, military members
and even some abuse victims can suffer from concussions
and brain injuries. Invite her to share the subtle and
sometimes surprising symptoms of traumatic brain injury
(TBI), how it affects sufferers and proven ways to
treat it and help the brain heal. Carol Shifflett and
Dr. Mary Lee Esty are the authors of “Conquering
Concussion: Healing TBI Symptoms with Neurofeedback and
Without Drugs.” Contact Shifflett at (412) 741-7286
(PA); tbi@fastmail.com

10. ==> September is Pain Awareness Month

The U.S. spends over $300 billion annually for
treatment of chronic pain, yet we still have more than
100 million Americans who continue to suffer and $300
billion annually in lost productivity due to pain.
Chronic pain expert Cindy Perlin says the huge
expenditures for chronic pain treatment have been
misdirected and have even made the problem worse.
“Pharmaceuticals and surgery, the most common
treatments for pain, are the most expensive, dangerous
and ineffective treatments available. Most pain
patients would be better served by improved access to
safer, less costly interventions.” She’ll explain how
physical therapy, psychotherapy, chiropractic,
biofeedback and acupuncture, as well as massage,
nutritional and herbal interventions, exercise programs
and other natural approaches can get at the root causes
of pain without the dangerous side-effects and
addictive properties of drugs or the risks of surgery.
Cindy Perlin is a licensed clinical social worker,
certified biofeedback practitioner and chronic pain
survivor who has appeared on numerous radio and TV
programs. She’s the author of “The Truth About Chronic
Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for
Becoming Pain Free.” Contact her at (518) 439-6431;

11. ==> Dying to Live!

More than 70% of North Americans are now obese or
overweight and 50% are diabetic or pre-diabetic.  And
according to the U.S. Department of Labor, stress-
related illness is costing employers over $7500 USD per
year. Beyond that, stress is affecting our personal
quality of life as we age. Honestly, who cares if we
are living longer if our quality of life is poor?
Invite Dr. Ken Keis to give your listeners a stress
test to help them identify their wellness/stress levels
in 5 specific areas. From benchmarking your current
condition and wellness practices, you will immediately
be able to identify opportunities for improvements, for
positive changes, and for increasing your well-being
and all-round performance. Ken Keis, Ph.D., is
President and CEO of CRG Consulting Resource Group
International, Inc. and the author of “Why Aren’t You
More Like Me? Deliberate Leadership” and “The Quest For
Purpose!” Contact him at
(605) 852-0566; marketing@crgleader.com

12. ==> Surprising Health Risk of Heavy Backpacks

Since the mid-90s, school children have been carrying
heavy backpacks back and forth to school every day.
Doctors and parents have expressed concerns that these
heavy backpacks may be contributing to musculo-skeletal
problems. But Bob Prichard has found another, much more
serious hazard—less oxygen to a growing brain. “The
only way you can carry loads that are up to 30% of your
body weight is to massively tense up the muscles in
your shoulders, chest and stomach. Overusing muscles
like this creates microfibers, or mild scar tissue, in
the connective tissue between the muscles. These
microfibers tend to accumulate over time, restricting
the normal expansion of the chest during breathing and
reducing the amount of oxygen going to the brain 24/7.
We call this ‘Backpack Brain’.” Prichard says the
problem may be even more serious. He believes heavy
school backpacks may have contributed to the rise in
depression in young adults. Bob Prichard is president
of Somax Performance Institute, which uses motion
analysis and microfiber reduction techniques to
increase the flow of oxygen, enhance athletic
performance and reverse age-related stiffness. Contact
him at (415) 435-9880 (CA); bprichard@somaxsports.com

13. ==> Do the Ultimate Show for Parents!

The kids are back in school and for many parents and
children that means a return to a whole set of
troublesome problems: bullying, test anxiety,
separation anxiety, fear of failure, and low self-
esteem being among them. Whether their kids are
toddlers or teens Gudrun Penselin can explain how Bach
Flower essences can provide some true relief for some
of the most common childhood problems and concerns. A
Bach Flower practitioner and Clinical Herbal Therapist,
Gudrun has extensive experience working with kids who
have felt more confident and at ease after treatment
with specific flower essences. Skeptical? Find out how
and why these essences can be helpful as the world
celebrates the 130thbirthday of Dr. Edward Bach on
Sept. 24. Gudrun holds master’s degrees in education
and physical education. She is the author of the new
book “Healing Spirituality: A Practical Guide to
Understanding and Working with Bach Flowers.” Reach her
at (780) 532-2464; gudrun@rainbowhealing.ca

14. ==> September – Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Talking about cancer makes just about everyone
uncomfortable, but Jen Coken, a stand-up comic,
political activist and life coach, takes on the subject
with candor and humor. Jen, whose mother died from
ovarian cancer, can discuss the warning signs of the
disease and share tips for anyone who wants to be a
better friend to someone with cancer but feels they
need to tiptoe around any discussion of the disease.
You’ll learn how to focus on facts (and not fears), why
you should say everything to avoid regrets, and ways to
empower patients and respect their treatment decisions.
Jen spent six years on the stand-up comedy circuit. Her
new is book, “When I Die, Take My Panties: Turning Your
Darkest Moments into Your Greatest Gifts.” Contact her
at (303) 859-9081; jencoken@gmail.com

15. ==> Why Are Young Men Attracted to Older Women?

Mary Reilly, a proud 53-year-year-old Cougar, enjoys
dating younger men and relishes setting up other May-
December couples. Known as the Datemeister®, Mary says
the attraction between men in their 20s and 30s to
women 40-plus typically has nothing to do with sex or
money. In fact, she says, these relationships often
work well because no one is looking for marriage,
financial stability or children. She says, “Cougars
like to date younger men with energy, less emotional
baggage and a willingness to spend some money. On the
other hand, Cubs don’t have to worry so much about
unplanned pregnancies or pressure to commit.” Mary can
talk about all aspects of this trend as well as her
upcoming event in Manhattan later this month. A recent
guest on the Tao of Indifference podcast, Mary can be
reached at (917) 363-9860; thedatemeister@gmail.com

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