09/13/16 RTIR E-zine: NFL and Head Injuries, Pain Awareness, American Patriotism

September 13, 2016

01. Presidential Debates – Americans Want More Candidates
02. The Good, Bad and Ugly of Election Voting
03. Everything You Need to Know to Cast a Vote
04. A Paradigm Shift in Choosing Politicians
05. Presidential Candidates – Personality Vs. Platform
06. Trump and the Real Root of Narcissism
07. Cam Newton, NFL and Head Injuries
08. San Francisco Pride vs American Patriotism
09. For Many, Horrific 9/11 Memories Still Linger
10. 250 Tips for Thriving Beyond Terminal Cancer
11. September is Pain Awareness Month
12. Post-Baby Bodies – What Nobody Talks About
13. Make Money like Google and Facebook
14. Is Your Career on Life Support?
15. Once Homeless and Suicidal, He’s Your Most
Inspiring Guest

1. ==> Presidential Debates – Americans Want More

Monday, September 26th will be the first televised
presidential debate and according to a recent Suffolk
University/USA Today national poll, 76 percent of
respondents believe that third-party candidates should
be able to share the debate stage with Democrat Hillary
Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. David Paleologos
says, “Nationally, there is a voter appetite this year
for something not found in the major parties. This
makes sense given that both Clinton and Trump have
extraordinarily high unfavorable. Neither Clinton nor
Trump are seen as trustworthy and honest, according to
the poll.” In the past, when some suggested having
independent candidates in the debates, the Commission
on Presidential Debates (a creation of the Democratic
and Republican parties) dismissed asking the public who
they want in the debates. Paleologos is director of the
Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston.
Contact him at dpaleologos@suffolk.edu,

2. ==> The Good, Bad and Ugly of Election Voting

Remember hanging chads? A 2016 election season of
unprecedented surprises on the campaign trail will be
no less confusing in ballot boxes across the country as
states start implementing a dizzying array of voting
rule changes. This year, states such as Texas and North
Carolina are making it harder for citizens to vote by
imposing new identification requirements at the polls.
Other states, like Florida, are disenfranchising
thousands of former felons, while in Maryland and
Virginia former felons are gaining the right to vote.
Kristin Clarke, president and executive director of the
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law can
discuss changes to voting across the country and likely
problems voters, and especially minority voters, will
face this November. Contact Jamie Horwitz at (202)
549-4921; jhdcpr@starpower.net

3. ==> Everything You Need to Know to Cast a Vote

With the election in full swing, millions of undecideds
and current non-voters hold the presidential election
in their hands…. but literally don’t know how to cast a
vote. It’s socially taboo to admit you’ve never
registered to vote and politics is complicated, but
Lisa Fontana believes it’s time to fix that.  42 states
don’t teach civics and over 90-million people have
never voted before. In fact, Lisa didn’t cast her first
vote for anything until she turned 35 years old! Invite
her to create a party-free, friendly, fun zone for
listeners to learn how to register to vote, how to have
a political conversation—or stop one—without bloodshed,
and how to avoid the pitfalls of the polling place. A
former actor and voice-over artist, Lisa Fontana has
extensive media experience. Now a deputy voter
registrar for Illinois, she runs informal ‘Welcome
Party Seminars’ that cover basic civics and election
issues. She wrote “Me, The People” to encourage non-
voters to feel welcome and wanted in politics and their
government. Contact her at (708) 473–6951;

4. ==> A Paradigm Shift in Choosing Politicians

Your perception of politics and politicians will
dramatically change when you hear what Marie-Anne
Lutchmaya has to say about the American electoral
process. With voter dissatisfaction at an all-time
high, she’ll share what really goes on behind the
scenes whenever voting takes place and encourage a
citizen movement which will finally put real power into
the hands of the people. Your listeners will learn how
being self-aware can empower them and avoid them being
used like pawns to further the presidential nominees’
objectives and then be discarded like useless things
when the show is over. She’ll describe how a simple
system can create a paradigm shift in the popular
perception of politics and in the way people choose
their politicians. And Marie-Anne says the system
doesn’t just work for elections, it’s applicable at
work, school, home and even church.  Marie-Anne
Lutchmaya’s latest book is “The American Voter’s
Election Guide: Scapegoat to Strategist.” Contact her
at academe@wol.be
5. ==> Presidential Candidates – Personality Vs.

In this election, the personalities of the candidates
have overshadowed their policies. Donald Trump’s
larger-than-life approach directly contrasts with
Hillary’s focus on initiatives. Invite Merrick
Rosenberg, an expert in personality styles, to shine a
light on why the candidates act the way they do and why
that resonates with some and repels others. Merrick’s
innovative approach uses birds to symbolize four
personality styles—eagles, parrots, doves and owls—to
make them more memorable and applicable. In this fun,
informative discussion you’ll learn which bird-style
each candidate embodies along with your own style and
the styles of your family, friends and coworkers.
Merrick says knowing someone’s personality style can
make interactions more meaningful and make a difference
in how you communicate in your relationships at home
and work. Merrick Rosenberg is the CEO of Take Flight
Learning and cofounder of Team Builders Plus. He’s also
the author of “The Chameleon: Life-Changing Wisdom for
Anyone Who has a Personality or Knows Someone Who
Does.” Contact him at (856) 807-0200, ext. 301;

6. ==> Trump and the Real Root of Narcissism

Most people would agree that Donald Trump is a
narcissist, but Rick Patterson says most people don’t
realize that narcissism is actually rooted in self-
contempt and shame. He says, “When we come to
understand that the degree of narcissism one exudes is
frequently inversely proportional to the shame and
self-loathing we carry, we begin to see the extent to
which Donald Trump is possessed by a deep and sincere
concern about his own self-worth. This is further
demonstrated by the need he has to defend himself while
frequently tearing down others in the process.”
Patterson adds, “This is also why Trump is unable to
express remorse or regret or acknowledge any past
‘failures’ as his frail inner world might collapse
around such an admission.” But Patterson says these
attributes are easy to manipulate in someone to your
advantage. He believes Russian President Vladimir Putin
likely knows this as well, as he publicly lauds Trump
because he understands that direct confrontation with
such a person will get you nowhere, but manipulation
through admiration will work. Reverend Dr. Richard R.
Patterson is the author of the upcoming book “Shame:
The Root of All Evil.” Contact him at (269) 217-7897;

7. ==> Cam Newton, NFL and Head Injuries

The Denver Broncos talked all last week about being
physical. And players said they could tell as the
season-opening Super Bowl 50 rematch went on last
Thursday night that the hits were adding up on Carolina
Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton. According to most
analysts, some of the hits the reigning NFL MVP took —
including at least four apparent helmet-to-helmet shots
— were over the line, even though referees threw only
one flag. Given all the recent attention on head
injuries and traumatic brain injury, many, including
Carol Shifflett, are outraged that the NFL isn’t doing
more to protect players. Invite Shifflett to talk about
this issue and explain why the subject is bigger than
just pro football. She says it’s not only athletes who
suffer from the disease, but children, military members
and even some abuse victims can suffer from concussions
and brain injuries. Invite her to share the subtle and
sometimes surprising symptoms of traumatic brain injury
(TBI), how it affects sufferers and proven ways to
treat it and help the brain heal. Carol Shifflett and
Dr. Mary Lee Esty are the authors of “Conquering
Concussion: Healing TBI Symptoms with Neurofeedback and
Without Drugs.” Contact Shifflett at (412) 741-7286
(PA); tbi@fastmail.com

8. ==> San Francisco Pride vs American Patriotism

Imagine this—two photographs, in the first we see a
picture of a clean-cut all-American youth standing at
attention waving the American flag for a parade. In the
second, we see a tie-dyed hippie burning the American
flag in protest. While many people will be offended by
the stark imagery in the latter, the question Michael
McCray asks is which photo is more patriotic? “This is
the real question that San Francisco 49er Colin
Kaepernick’s silent protest represents. Who are the
real patriots, the people who blindly salute the
symbols of American Democracy or the people who try to
force America to live up to her potential through
active dissent? The former is a purely symbolic
gestures, while the latter image is of people who are
actually exercising the Constitutional rights that the
American flag represents.” Michael McCray, Esq. CPA
(inactive) is a veteran grassroots political organizer
and the author of “Race, Power & Politics” a primer on
ACORN and grassroots community organizing, which
chronicles the historic 2008 Democratic Primary Contest
from an African-American perspective. Contact him at
(870) 543-0024; mccray.michael@gmail.com

9. ==> For Many, Horrific 9/11 Memories Still Linger

Like most Americans, Kalliope Barlis will never forget
the destruction of the World Trade Center, having spent
ten days volunteering in the rescue and clean-up
alongside police and firemen. There was so much dust
that it looked like it was snowing, there were human
remains seemingly everywhere and at one point, she ran
for her life and was trampled when a building was
thought to be about to topple. Although she can never
forget, Barlis has managed to shrink her bad memories
and to substitute better moments for them. It’s a skill
she learned from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and one
she is eager to teach others who are still haunted by
the carnage and horror of 9/11 these many years later.
Barlis is a Licensed Trainer of NLP and doctor of
acupuncture whose upcoming book is “Replay Your Game.”
Contact her at (718) 751-5105,

10. ==> 250 Tips for Thriving Beyond Terminal Cancer

This year, half a million people will not survive their
cancer diagnoses. A few with end-stage disease will go
into radical remission. What makes the difference in
outcomes? Heidi Bright was diagnosed with a rare and
aggressive cancer in 2009 and was only expected to live
a few months. After two years of treatment she went
into radical remission. Invite Heidi to share practical
ways to turn the terror of a cancer diagnosis into
genuine hope with options; reduce the impact of
chemotherapy; shorten recovery time after surgery;
manage fear and anxiety; relieve stress; avoid scams;
and develop a genuine good attitude. A journalist,
Heidi is the author of several books including “Thriver
Soup: A Feast for Living Consciously During the Cancer
Journey.” Contact her at (513) 444-0190;

11. ==> September is Pain Awareness Month

The U.S. spends over $300 billion annually for
treatment of chronic pain, yet we still have more than
100 million Americans who continue to suffer and $300
billion annually in lost productivity due to pain.
Chronic pain expert Cindy Perlin says the huge
expenditures for chronic pain treatment have been
misdirected and have even made the problem worse.
“Pharmaceuticals and surgery, the most common
treatments for pain, are the most expensive, dangerous
and ineffective treatments available. Most pain
patients would be better served by improved access to
safer, less costly interventions.” She’ll explain how
physical therapy, psychotherapy, chiropractic,
biofeedback and acupuncture, as well as massage,
nutritional and herbal interventions, exercise programs
and other natural approaches can get at the root causes
of pain without the dangerous side-effects and
addictive properties of drugs or the risks of surgery.
Cindy Perlin is a licensed clinical social worker,
certified biofeedback practitioner and chronic pain
survivor who has appeared on numerous radio and TV
programs. She’s the author of “The Truth About Chronic
Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for
Becoming Pain Free.” Contact her at (518) 439-6431;
12. ==> Post-Baby Bodies – What Nobody Talks About

Women get lots of information on what to eat during
pregnancy and what to expect after the baby comes. But
when it comes to dealing with their changed bodies,
health-care professionals often drop the ball, says
physical therapist Marianne Ryan, who specializes in
prenatal and postpartum treatment. Unfortunately, many
women then make the mistake of thinking they have to
live with flabby tummies, persistent back pain, leaking
bladders and other unpleasant symptoms. Invite Ryan to
share tools that can help new (and old) mothers go from
flab to fab in weeks. You’ll learn which exercises tone
stretched out tummies best, how to restore weakened
bladder muscles, and why you should employ a gentle
approach to core strengthening exercises. Whether you
had a C-section or gave birth a dozen years ago, Ryan
says the same tips and tricks work for everyone.
Marianne Ryan is a physical therapist and board
certified orthopedic clinical specialist with more than
30 years’ experience treating prenatal and postpartum
women. She’s taught at Columbia University School of
Nursing and appeared on dozens of national TV and radio
shows. She has also been featured in Redbook, Fitness,
USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. Ryan has
developed the Baby Bod program which consists of her
book, “Baby Bod: Turn Flab into Fab in 12 Weeks” and
coaching. Contact her at (212) 661-2933;

13. ==> Make Money like Google and Facebook

Whether they realize it or not, people who use Google,
Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are providing free
content to those large organizations, helping to make
them richer. Lee Romanov says it’s time people began
enriching themselves instead. She explains that the
average business person does exactly the opposite of
what the big-money companies do, and then wonders why
they can’t make money online. Bring Lee on your program
to explain in simple terms how little guys like your
listeners can make big money online simply by doing
more of what they are already doing for free for the
big guys. Lee speaks from experience. She has made a
fortune selling $5 leads to companies that were only
too happy to pay her. Open up your listeners’ eyes to a
new way they can go into business for themselves with
no money and not a whole lot of time. Reach her at
(949) 877-0173; Lee@IncomeActivator.com

14. ==> Is Your Career on Life Support?
Tammi Gilbert says too many people are needlessly
suffering in jobs they hate. “Life is too short to
suffer every day in a job that you hate. The average
person spends about 100,000 hours of their life
working. Therefore, it’s important to be happy with
what we do. There are many ways to learn how to feel
more rewarded and fulfilled in our careers,” she says.
Invite Gilbert, a registered nurse with an MBA, to
discuss how to interview for a job, what habits can
wreck your career, and how to tell if your career is
heading for a triple bypass. She’ll offer tips to shake
up your daily work routine and bring more challenge to
the job you already have, and explain why everyone
should make a ten-year plan for where you want to be in
your career. Tami Gilbert is a registered nurse,
author, and motivational speaker who holds a master’s
in business administration. In 1980, Gilbert moved to
Chicago from Nigeria with very little possessions.
Today, she works in healthcare quality improvement,
safety, and helps others increase their job
satisfaction. “Career CPR” is her latest book. Contact
her at (847) 943-9014; info@tamigilbert.com

15. ==> Once Homeless and Suicidal, He’s Your Most
Inspiring Guest

Rocky Detwiler like the fictional Rocky Balboa, has had
some dramatic ups and downs. He went from millionaire
to homeless person living in an unheated kid’s
treehouse, from fat, alone and suicidal to buff
magazine cover inspirational. He also found the wife of
his dreams. Invite Rocky on your show to explain how he
lost everything and then used the positive power of
words to get it back. He’ll inspire your listeners and
share with them how to overcome the challenges in their
own lives—even if they are feeling hopeless and alone
as he was just a few years ago. Rocky is the author of
“The Samson Effect” and has a program that helps
suicidal teens find meaning in their lives. Reach him
at (602) 384-3333; rockyd@samson.life

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