08/30/16 RTIR E-zine: Brazilian Power, Labor Day, War Dogs

August 30, 2016
01. Brazilian Power Grab
02. Brazil Protests Draw Big Names
03. Public Banks and Marijuana Money?
04. Trump’s Wall is Already Built
05. Labor Day – Are Your Talents Wasted at Work?
06. Throw an Epic End-of-Summer Bash
07. International Overdose Awareness Day 8/31
08. War Dogs: Companies That Profit from War on Terror
09. B-T-S: Anyone Can Get Straight ‘A’s
10. Struggling Students – Exams Don’t Define Kids
11. September – Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
12. Zika Virus – The Genie’s Out of the Bottle
13. Surprising Health Threat for Millennials and Gen X
14. New Report: Strollers, Kids & Head Injuries
15. Can Numerology Explain This Crazy Election?

1. ==> Brazilian Power Grab

The Olympics may be over but Brazil stays in the news
as the impeachment trial for Brazil’s embattled
president Dilma Rousseff begins. Invite Alexander Main
of the Center for Economic and Policy Research to recap
what’s going on. Main says, “An undemocratic power grab
is underway in Brazil. Refusing to accept their loss at
the polls in the last presidential elections, the
country’s rightwing elites proceeded to engage in a
massive media-driven campaign to oust Rousseff through
a trumped up impeachment effort led by some of Brazil’s
most corrupt politicians. Sadly, U.S. Secretary of
State John Kerry confirmed that the Obama
administration is intent on legitimizing this effort
when he carried out a high profile meeting with
Brazil’s interim foreign minister José Serra earlier
this month.” Alexander Main is senior associate on
international policy at the Center for Economic and
Policy Research. Contact Tillie McInnis at
mcinnis@cepr.net; @ceprdc

2. ==> Brazil Protests Draw Big Names

You may have seen the protests during Olympic coverage
earlier this month, but many watching the games had no
clue what was going on in the streets outside and
throughout the country. Invite Maria Luisa Mendonca to
discuss the protests and outrage from around the world.
She says, “Groups and individuals from around the world
have voiced concern and alarm over the impeachment
process. On August 23, forty-five U.S. organizations —
including the AFL-CIO, the Global Fund for Women, the
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and Amazon Watch
called for ‘a return to democracy and the rule of law
in Brazil.’ On August 24, twenty-two artists and
intellectuals including Harry Belafonte, Noam Chomsky,
Brian Eno, Danny Glover, Naomi Klein, Tom Morello,
Arundhati Roy, Susan Sarandon and Oliver Stone urged
‘Brazilian senators to respect the October 2014
electoral process which over 100 million people took
part in.’” Mendonca is director of Brazil’s Network for
Social Justice and Human Rights. She is also a
professor in the International Relations department at
the University of Rio de Janeiro and the editor of the
book “Human Rights in Brazil.”
Contact her (currently in the US) at

3. ==> Public Banks and Marijuana Money?
Cannabis is legally sold in 23 states and the District
of Columbia, either for recreational or medical use.
Despite the significant amount of cash flow, many
cannabis businesses are unable to open and maintain
bank accounts and deposit funds into an account due to
current federal laws. Marc Armstrong, founding
executive director of the Public Banking Institute,
says, “A network of city, county and state-owned public
banks, sharing best practices, may be an effective way
to offload the compliance burden so that marijuana-
related businesses can confidently accept payments and
deposits can be placed into a network of public banks,
which could develop the systems needed for legal
compliance with the Department of Justice and federal
regulatory agencies. Short of legalization of
marijuana, this may be the best way to protect local
businesses and banks from a market that is fraught with
risk.” Armstrong is CEO of Commonomics USA, which just
launched Public Banking Policy Project to provide
legal, policy, and economic information to advocates of
public banking. Contact Marc Armstrong at
marc@commonomicsusa.org, @CommonomicsUSA
4. ==> Trump’s Wall is Already Built
Todd Miller says everyone talks about Donald Trump and
his wall, but people seem to forget we already have
one. “Donald Trump’s United States doesn’t await his
presidency. It’s already laid out before us, and one
place it’s happening every single day is in Tucson,
only seven blocks from my house.” Miller, author of
“Border Patrol Nation: Dispatches from the Front Lines
of Homeland Security,” says, “Twenty-one years before
Trump’s wall-building promise (and seven years before
the 9/11 attacks), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
began to replace the chain link fence that separated
Nogales, Sonora, in Mexico from Nogales, Arizona, in
the United States with a wall built of rusty landing
mats from the Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars. … In 1994,
the threat wasn’t ‘terrorism.’ In part, the call for
more hardened, militarized borders came in response,
among other things, to a never-ending drug war.” Miller
can discuss Clinton and Trump’s immigration platforms
and why they are far more similar than they might at
first appear. Contact Todd Miller at
5. ==> Labor Day – Are Your Talents Wasted at Work?

Most of your listeners have 9-to-5 jobs that don’t
utilize their full talents, let alone their passions.
As a result, they are “lunch bag-carrying wage worms”
getting by but not thriving. In celebration of Labor
Day, invite Carol Wokoh to share how anyone can find
their true life’s path—the tasks they were meant to
carry out that will bring them joy. She’ll explain how
to revisit your childhood for clues about what you
should be doing to be happy at work and share her own
journey of leaving her comfortable job for one that
brings her much greater satisfaction. Carol is a
professional and personal development coach. Contact
her at ceo@caranetconsult.com

6. ==> Throw an Epic End-of-Summer Bash

Whether you’ve got a big outdoor kitchen or a little
hibachi, Labor Day weekend is grilling time! Not only
is it too darn hot to turn on the stove, but it’s prime
season for getting outside and socializing. Invite
Julie Busha to share some great ways to up your BBQ
style and wow your guests with easy, creative recipes
and tips for everything from appetizers to brunch
ideas. Julie is the inventor of Slawsa, and was
featured on Season 5 of ABC’s Shark Tank. She may not
have walked away with a deal on the show, but she’s
since been named Progressive Grocer’s Top Woman in
Grocery and is killing it! She can talk about Slawsa (a
cabbage relish with a salsa twist that’s getting rave
reviews), her experience on the show, and how she took
an old family recipe and turned it into a business. If
you want an interactive show, Slawsa samples are
available for hosts to try and listeners can call in
with their favorite—or craziest—hot dog and burger
toppings. Contact Julie Busha at (704) 756-3661 (cell);
(704) 879-4411 or jbusha@slawsa.com.

7. ==> International Overdose Awareness Day 8/31

Seventy-eight Americans are still dying every day from
opioid overdoses.  Most of these individuals started
out as pain patients with legitimate prescriptions for
painkillers.  According to chronic pain treatment
expert Cindy Perlin, “Government efforts to address
this problem to date have been woefully inadequate.
They have failed to address the underlying problem—lack
of access to safer, more effective pain treatments.”
Perlin has concrete proposals for how to address this
problem.  With International Overdose Awareness Day
approaching on August 31, it’s the perfect time for a
segment on this issue. Perlin, a chronic pain survivor,
is a licensed social worker, and certified biofeedback
practitioner who has appeared on numerous radio and TV
programs. She’s the author of “The Truth About Chronic
Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for
Becoming Pain Free.” Contact her at (518) 439-6431;

8. ==> War Dogs: Companies That Profit from War on

In the movie War Dogs, Jonah Hill and Miles Teller play
inexperienced twentysomethings who somehow end up with
a $300 million arms contract from the Pentagon during
the Iraq War. Doing well at the box office, the new
movie provides a stepping off point to discuss the
profitability of the War on Terror and which companies
are making the most from it. According to Gwen
Griffith-Dickson, with the CIA outsourcing some 40
percent of its operations to “cowboys” like those
played by Hill and Teller, the War on Terror has become
so much of a moneymaker that there is little incentive
to find peaceful alternatives to ending it. Griffith-
Dickson is the creator of a program taken by more than
2,000 people that prevented a terrorist attack. She
also managed the UK’s de-radicalization program. She
has worked with both the UK and U.S. governments and
police. Born and raised in Hawaii, Griffith-Dickson is
the author of the counterterrorism-based novel
“Bleedback.” Reach her at ggd@lokahi.org.uk

9. ==> B-T-S: Anyone Can Get Straight ‘A’s

No matter how poor a student’s grades were last year,
Akram Alashari says they have the potential to be an
‘A’ student this year. Akram, who is known as the Peak
Performance Doctor, at 23 became a doctor and then was
one of the youngest people ever board certified as a
surgeon, scoring among the highest percentiles on the
medical licensing examinations. Now 31, he wants to
help students in high school and college overcome their
limiting beliefs, end their procrastination and perform
the goal-setting work they need to excel. He’ll explain
how parents can help their children reach their full
potential. You’ll learn ways social media can be
utilized to assist students in meeting their goals, how
to get students to buy into the concept of improving
their grades, and more. He is the author of “The Power
of the Peak State: Massively Enhance Your Personal
Potential.” Contact him at (888) 233-4553 or

10. ==> Struggling Students – Exams Don’t Define Kids

Students who struggle in school – and their parents –
dread September and the start of the new year. Teens,
especially, feel pressure to perform on tests and Andro
Donovan says many equate their worth with their scores.
Andro began her career teaching English literature to
disengaged students, learning how to inspire them about
their lives and futures. Invite her to share what she
learned with parents whose children are approaching the
new school year with a sense of dread and fear of
failure. You’ll learn how to help quiet the negative
inner voice that inhibits a child’s personal growth and
promote optimism, and ways to challenge children to
discover who they really are and what they are capable
of achieving. Andro Donovan English taught literature
in some of the roughest schools in London before
changing her focus to corporate leadership development.
She is best known for her life-changing retreats which
take place around the world. “Motivate Yourself: Get
the Life You Want, Find Purpose and Achieve
Fulfillment” is her first book. Contact her at
+4407711238410; andro@trend.co.uk;
andro@androdonovan.com; Skype: andro.donovan1

11. ==> September – Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Talking about cancer makes just about everyone
uncomfortable, but Jen Coken, a stand-up comic,
political activist and life coach, takes on the subject
with candor and humor. Jen, whose mother died from
ovarian cancer, can discuss the warning signs of the
disease and share tips for anyone who wants to be a
better friend to someone with cancer but feels they
need to tiptoe around any discussion of the disease.
You’ll learn how to focus on facts (and not fears), why
you should say everything to avoid regrets, and ways to
empower patients and respect their treatment decisions.
Jen spent six years on the stand-up comedy circuit. Her
new is book, “When I Die, Take My Panties: Turning Your
Darkest Moments into Your Greatest Gifts.” Contact her
at (303) 859-9081; jencoken@gmail.com

12. ==> Zika Virus – The Genie’s Out of the Bottle

Dr. Jim Roach says the genie is out of the bottle when
it comes to the Zika virus. “Two Haitian men have been
found to have Zika in their semen 6 months after being
infected. Meaning men who travel to south Florida or
the Caribbean might potentially be able to transmit it
to their spouse 6 months or potentially years later. We
will definitely be having hundreds of cases now, and
likely thousands within a few months.” Roach, a leading
integrative practitioner, will share what the virus is,
who is most at risk, and the best ways to prevent it.
He’ll even discuss anti-viral strategies and give ideas
on how to protect against brain shrinkage even when
Zika-infected. Jim Roach, MD, has appeared on numerous
radio and TV programs. He’s a speaker, consultant,
educator, researcher, and widely sought clinician with
patients from across the country. He is also author of
“God’s House Calls” which discusses spiritual near-
death experiences of his patients and seeks to de-
stigmatize spiritual experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at
(859) 846-4453 (office);  jproach@aol.com

13. ==> Surprising Health Threat for Millennials and
Gen X

The Millennial Generation, today’s largest and youngest
workforce, already represent seven percent of cancer
survivors. The X Generation is contracting cancer at
alarming rates (not smoking or genetics related). After
graduating from law school, Vera Gilford was diagnosed
with cancer and lost a kidney. Her new mission: to
discover how this resulted from what she thought was a
healthy life style. Her research reveals a common
denominator between weight gain and the top five
leading health threats in America, including heart
attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and
cancer. Learn what ingredients you eat every day that
harm your health and how this can be avoided and reduce
weight and healthcare costs. Vera Gilford is the co-
author of “Secrets to Losing Weight & Better Health.”
Contact her at (305) 877-9470; Vera4Speaker@gmail.com
or vera@veragilford.com

14. ==> New Report: Strollers, Kids & Head Injuries

A new study by the Center for Injury Research and
Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus,
Ohio finds that every hour, two toddlers are treated
for injuries related to strollers or car carriers, with
most suffering head injuries, including concussions.
While many concussions are mild and heal quickly, they
can have long-term consequences when they occur in
young children. Invite Carol Shifflett her to share the
subtle and sometimes surprising symptoms of traumatic
brain injury (TBI), how it affects sufferers and proven
ways to treat it and help the brain heal. Carol
Shifflett and Dr. Mary Lee Esty are the authors of
“Conquering Concussion: Healing TBI Symptoms with
Neurofeedback and Without Drugs.” Contact Shifflett at
(412) 741-7286 (PA); NewFiddler@hotmail.com
15. ==> Can Numerology Explain This Crazy Election?

Lee Romanov delivers a different take on the
presidential election by using the ancient science of
numerology. She’ll share what analyzing the “numbers”
of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump reveal, including
who is likely to be president and why we are seeing
such craziness in their campaigns and demeanors.
Numerology uses a person’s name and birthday to obtain
their personal numeric code that provides insight into
a person’s life path, personality and destiny. Once a
skeptic, Romanov changed her tune after learning that
numerology was introduced by one of the world’s
greatest mathematicians and scholars, Pythagoras, whose
theorem you probably remember from school. No flake,
Romanov is an accomplished entrepreneur who has made
millions of dollars. Reach her at (949) 877-01723 or

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