08/23/16 RTIR E-zine: The Bible and the Election, Getting into College, Retirement Planning

August 23, 2016


01. Clinton, Trump, Biblical Prophecy and the Election
02. Zika Virus – The Genie’s Out of the Bottle
03. Great Labor Day Show – Does Your Job Fit You?
04. Lost in the Middle Class – Making College Affordable
05. Tame Teen Back-to-School Crazies
06. Build Back-to-School Courage & Confidence
07. As Seen on Dateline – Big Pharma Loves Kids
08. Drug-Free Back-to-School Strategies for ADD
09. They Walk 20 Miles to School
10. How to Get into an Elite College
11. Bad Habits Cured in 2 Minutes
12. Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie’s Soulful Swansong
13. Retirement Planning is Not a DIY Project
14. Yoga for Baseball Players
15. What to Put on Your Wiener

1. ==> Clinton, Trump, Biblical Prophecy and the

For a very different discussion about the upcoming
presidential election, invite Dr. Tim Dailey to talk
about American culture, our current and near future
political situation and whether or not it relates to
biblical prophecy (and if so, how?). The author of
“Apocalypse Rising:  Chaos in the Middle East, the Fall
of the West and Other Signs of the End Times”, will
discuss the possible role of the United
States/presidential election in Biblical prophecy as
well as America’s role on the world stage. He says,
“The mysterious nature of the eschatological texts
allows for varying outcomes, depending upon the
spiritual response of a nation.”  So … what outcome
are we headed for?  And how could the election of each
candidate effect that outcome differently?” Dr. Timothy
Dailey is a Christian scholar and bestselling author.
Contact Jason Jones at jason@press.prbythebook.com

2. ==> Zika Virus – The Genie’s Out of the Bottle

With a new 2nd area of local transmission in Miami
Beach and a total of 35 cases of Zika (that we know
about), Dr. Jim Roach says the genie is out of the
bottle. “Further, 2 Haitian men have been found to have
Zika in their semen 6 months after being infected.
Meaning men who travel to south Florida or the
Caribbean might potentially be able to transmit it to
their spouse 6 months or potentially years later. We
will definitely be having hundreds of cases now, and
likely thousands within a few months.” Roach, a leading
integrative practitioner, will share what the virus is,
who is most at risk, and the best ways to prevent it.
He’ll even discuss anti-viral strategies and give ideas
on how to protect against brain shrinkage even when
Zika-infected. Jim Roach, MD, has appeared on numerous
radio and TV programs. He’s a speaker, consultant,
educator, researcher, and widely sought clinician with
patients from across the country. He is also author of
“God’s House Calls” which discusses spiritual near-
death experiences of his patients and seeks to de-
stigmatize spiritual experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at
(859) 846-4453 (office);  jproach@aol.com
3. ==> Great Labor Day Show – Does Your Job Fit You?

September 5 is Labor Day, a day not only devoted to
picnics and kicking back but to honoring the
contributions of American workers. It is also a time
for individuals to reflect on their careers to look at
what is working and what could be better. Sarah Brown
says, “Many people are in the wrong job for their
personality or don’t know what makes them happy. But
there are exercises they can do that can help them
figure out their interests, strengths and needs. The
trick is to incorporate as many of them in their jobs
as they can.” For example, Brown says someone who loves
to spend time outdoors might move their desk so they
can gaze outside as well as plan outdoor adventures on
weekends and vacations. She’ll share five tips for
forever turning this Labor Day into a celebration of
the job you already have. Sarah E. Brown, Ph.D., is the
author of the upcoming book “Let Your Personality Be
Your Career Guide” and has co-written “Road to Success”
with best-selling author Jack Canfield. Contact her at
(302) 521-9739; sarah@bookofyou.com

4. ==> Lost in the Middle Class – Making College

It’s college drop-off time, with parents sending
students off to learn about the world. Hopefully
they’ll return home with a degree, but they’ll also
likely face a mountain of debt. No matter where you
study, a college tuition is pricey and the cost of
attending school just keeps climbing. Graduating
seniors often leave campus with staggering student loan
debt. There are grants and scholarships available, but
millions of American families don’t qualify for any
financial aid. Even under Hillary Clinton’s proposed
College Plan, 38 million households – that’s 30% of
Americans — wouldn’t qualify. Invite Adrian Ridner,
CEO and co-founder of Study.com, to explain secrets
colleges don’t want you to know that could save you
thousands on your degree. Plus, you’ll learn simple
things you can do to reduce the cost of college, even
if you don’t qualify for financial aid. Contact
Jennifer McHam at (650) 288-2381; study.press@study.com

5. ==> Tame Teen Back-to-School Crazies
As a marriage and family therapist and parent of two
former teenagers, Colleen O’Grady has heard it all and
has the advice to go with it. Now that back-to-school
time is upon us, and parents are recovering from their
summer-induced amnesia, will your listeners know how to
respond when their teen says: “all high school students
stay out until 2 a.m. on weekends”; “they don’t give us
any homework ever”; “I stayed up until 3 a.m. doing my
English homework on my laptop”; “I will eat this waffle
on my way to school” (while intentionally dumping it in
the neighbor’s yard every morning). She’ll even share
why, tempted though you may be, you don’t want to drag
your kid out of bed after he sleeps through the fourth
alarm and why parenting teenagers doesn’t have to be a
test of wills. There will be no need to go through the
Back-to-School crazies again this year after she talks
to the parents in your audience. She is the author of
“Dial Down the Drama.” Reach her at 713-408-6112;

6. ==> Build Back-to-School Courage & Confidence

School pressures, fitting in, peer pressure, academic
rigors, friendships and romance all impact the self-
esteem and confidence of kids. It’s tough being a kid
and starting school is a big event in their lives for
many reasons. Invite Leeza Steindorf, a parenting and
social educational expert, to share practical and easy-
to-implement ideas and strategies that will help to
‘bully-proof’ your child. Leeza says, “It’s a tough
world out there, and for our youth it can feel
insurmountable. Hopelessness is rampant and stress
factors are monumental in size. It’s a sad truth that
the #3 killer of youth ages 13-20 is suicide.” She’ll
show parents ways to help support their kids to know
their value, feel strong facing risk, be bully-proof
and thrive. Leeza Steindorf is a communications and
conflict resolution expert, international consultant
and speaker. She’s founder and director of CORE
Success, a training program that uses proven, practical
tools and insights to achieve one’s goals, no matter
the circumstances. She’s the author of “Connected
Parent, Empowered Child: Five Keys to Raising Happy,
Confident, Responsible Kids” and “CORE Success® for
Schools: The Practical Guide Book for a Positive School
Climate.” Contact her at (541) 550- 0451;

7. ==> As Seen on Dateline – Big Pharma Loves Kids

Children with emotional or mental disorders have become
a gold mine for the drug industry. Psychiatric
medicines for children account for billions of dollars
in sales annually, and the market has boomed. Steven
Francesco is a longtime pharmaceutical industry
executive and consultant who lost his 15-year old son
to side effects from overmedication. He says the larger
problem is a sector that sometimes puts profits above
public well-being. For parents facing the difficult
choice of medicating their child, Francesco can discuss
how to know if it’s really ADHD, how to say no, not now
on the prescription, how to properly research to make
the best decision for your child, and the hidden
economic levers that could result in improper
treatment. Steven Francesco has been interviewed by
numerous media outlets and was recently featured on
NBC’s Dateline. He’s the author of “Overmedicated and
Undertreated.” Contact him at (973) 985-0589;
Steven@DoNoHarmNetwork.org (NYC) Available on short

8. ==> Drug-Free Back-to-School Strategies for ADD

Many parents are hoping this school year is a better
one for their kids, especially if they have special
needs or behavior issues.
Scott Ertl, a school counselor for 18 years, has tips
to empower parents to be better advocates for their
child and help them have a successful classroom
experience. He’ll discuss the four types of teacher you
don’t want your kid to have, along with drug-free ways
to help kids who can’t sit still for very long. “Most
adults don’t like to sit for more than 30 minutes at a
time. Why do we expect kids to sit still for 5-6 hours
a day?” You’ll learn how things like stress balls and
yoga balls can help students release extra energy,
anxiety and boredom in class, and how he came up with
an innovative way to help fidgety kids. Contact Scott
Ertl at (646) 926-2440; scott@BouncyBands.com.

9. ==> They Walk 20 Miles to School

Imagine a school where students look forward to being
there, gaze at their teachers with admiration and
respectful silence, always turn their homework in when
it is due, and don’t gripe about having to get up at 5
a.m. to be there on time. Sounds like a fantasy, but
that’s exactly what happens at Eluanta Primary School
in Kenya, according to the school’s founder, Joseph
Oloimooja, a Los Angeles resident who grew up in
Eluanta and started the school 25 years ago. He
believes that the simple school he continues to fund
through his nonprofit Kindness Mission organization
offers lessons American students, parents and educators
may have forgotten. You’ll hear how the 450 boys and
girls of Eluanta Primary make do with a single bathroom
and why the children who walk between seven and 20
miles to get to school never arrive late while American
kids frequently have to be cajoled out of bed to catch
a school bus. Oloimooja, who goes by Father Joseph, is
a Maasai tribal chief. After graduating from the
University of Nairobi with a degree in theology, he
started the first school in his village. Today he is
rector of Los Angeles’ Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
and serves as a chaplain at Kaiser Permanente Hospital.
Contact him at (323) 687-2167; oloimooja@yahoo.com

10. ==> How to Get into an Elite College

This year’s college app season is about to begin. High
school students are stressed or lost and their parents
are concerned, if not terrified. Jason Ma says most
students and parents underestimate the complexity of
the elite college planning, applications, and
admissions process. As a teen success coach and mentor
and elite college admissions consultant, Jason knows
the challenges common to high school and younger
students, parents, and educators, and can share ways to
be successful in college admissions, life, and early
career positioning. Jason Ma is founder, CEO, & chief
mentor of ThreeEQ, Inc., a success coaching and
consulting firm, and the author of “Young Leaders 3.0.”
Contact him at (408)823-7768; jma@youngleaders3.com

11. ==> Bad Habits Cured in 2 Minutes

Every one of your listeners has at LEAST one bad habit.
Invite Scott Spackey, an international addiction
expert, life-coach and counselor, on your show and in 2
minutes He’ll teach ANYONE how to break their bad habit
with a custom formula made just for that habit—just for
that person. Scott was involved with a notorious
organized meth, sex and counterfeiting ring in 80s &
90s Los Angeles and has spent over a decade as a
private counselor. He’s a registered, certified
addiction specialist who treats and presents on
everything from alcohol to ecstasy, shopping to
shoplifting, snacking to sex! He’s the author of
“Project Addiction—The Complete Guide to Using, Abusing
and Recovering from Drugs and Behaviors” and “The Habit
Master.” Contact him at (661) 904-5353;

12. ==> Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie’s Soulful Swansong

Gord Downie is the lead poet and songster of the band
Tragically Hip. In May he announced he had incurable
brain cancer. On Saturday night 11 million people
watched Gord on TV sing and ‘dance’ thru the last
concert of the Hip’s Man Machine Poem Canadian tour.
Robb Lucy says, “Thousands were there because they knew
Gord won’t be coming back. This was it. And he gave it
his all. He’s creating his legacies, enjoying them, and
communicating them. And in that there’s a lesson for
all of us. Instead of leaving our legacies, I argue we
should be living our legacies.” Robb will discuss what
a legacy is, why it’s not just packaging up all your
wealth and divvying it up to the kids, and how anyone
can write their own legacy letter that tells the world
the values you lived by, and the story of how you lived
each value. Robb Lucy is the author of ‘Legacies aren’t
Just for Dead People!’ Contact him at (604) 874-7700;

13. ==> Retirement Planning is Not a DIY Project

Last year, when the Federal Reserve Board asked, more
than half of all respondents admitted they were not
confident or just slightly confident when it came to
making the right retirement investment decisions.
Indeed, the Fed’s report expressed alarm at how
unprepared investors might be to make the best possible
choices for themselves without outside assistance.
Rodger Alan Friedman is worried too. He says, “Getting
the retirement equation right is no more a do-it-
yourself exercise than home root-canal kits … The vast
majority of Americans will not thrive in retirement.
That is reserved for people who understand the risks
they face in the later stages of their lives. They
acknowledge that preparation is necessary and they do
the intelligent thing—they seek help.” Invite Friedman
to discuss three steps to take now to get serious about
saving for retirement and why amateurs are not up to
the challenge of maximizing their retirement assets.
Rodger Alan Friedman is a chartered retirement planning
counselor and financial advisor with more than 30
years’ experience in the industry. He is the author of
several books including “Fire Your Retirement Planner:
You! Concise Advice on How to Join the $100,000
Retirement Club.” Contact him at (844) 3MY-PLAN;

14. ==> Yoga for Baseball Players

Most people don’t think of baseball players as yogis,
but Teresa Anne Power says incorporating some yoga
moves will give you a better chance at hitting a home
run! “When a player steps up to home plate, it is
actually the rotation of one’s hips that generates the
power, not the swinging of the bat. In other words, the
better range of motion one has in their hips, the
better the chance for a stronger hit!” Invite Teresa to
share three yoga postures that will help open tight
hips and other ways yoga can help everyone whether they
play sports or not.
Teresa Anne Power is a children’s yoga expert who has
appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. She’s the
author of “The ABCs of Yoga for Kids” and “The ABCs of
Yoga for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers.”
Contact her at (310) 266-7705 (cell);
(310) 573-0100 (office)or teresa@abcyogaforkids.com

15. ==> What to Put on Your Wiener

Need to fill some down time this summer with a fun, but
surprisingly controversial subject? Hot dog toppings!
Seriously? Yes! Julie Busha says everyone has opinions
of proper hot dog toppings and she should know. The
Shark Tank alumni and the “queen of condiments,” turned
a head of cabbage into a million-dollar idea. She’ll
talk about proper hot dog eating etiquette, the crazy
new “haute dogs” at baseball stadiums and what celebs
and experts say about eating ketchup on a hot dog. Does
it wreck the wiener or is that just food fascism? Have
your listeners introduce themselves with their favorite
topping and weigh in. As a bonus, hosts can do a
blindfold tasting of the newest hot dog topper to hit
the market… one that may just put traditional toppers
in the trash. Contact Julie Busha at (704) 879-4411;
jbusha@slawsa.com. 704-756-3661

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