08/18/16 RTIR E-zine: Olympic Basketball, Back-to-School Stress, Overdose Awareness Day

August 16, 2016

01. Turkish-Russian Rapprochement Shouldn’t Worry US
02. Trump is Exploding the Republican Pyramid
03. Olympic Basketball – US/Spain Showdown
04. Nearly 500 New Yorkers have Zika Virus
05. New Report: Strollers, Kids & Head Injuries
06. Parents Get Back-to-School Stress Too
07. Drug-Free Back-to-School Strategies for ADD
08. International Overdose Awareness Day 8/31
09. The Politics of Spirituality
10. Why Do Politicians Make Lousy Leaders?
11. Last-Minute, Cheap Summer Travel Tips
12. Vacation Without Packing On Pounds
13. Should You Call Off the Wedding?
14. Shark Tank Alum – Labor Day BBQ Ideas
15. Turn Annoying Coworkers into Cartoon Characters

1. ==> Turkish-Russian Rapprochement Shouldn’t Worry US

Turkey’s recent flirtation with Russia, by mending
fences, is designed as a signal to the United States,
but Ivan Eland says the US shouldn’t be worried. “This
development should probably not bother Washington as
much as it probably will. If the United States didn’t
want to continue to run the world and didn’t regard
leading the obsolete NATO alliance as one way to do it,
the Turks would soon discover that they needed the
United States a whole lot more than the U.S. needed
Turkey. Turkey lives in a bad neighborhood and doesn’t
get along with Assad in Syria, has potential conflicts
with the Shi’i governments in Iraq and Iran (Turkey is
Sunni), and despite its recent rapprochement with
Russia, has had centuries of conflict with that large,
close, and traditionally imperial neighbor. However,
Syria is not strategic to the faraway United States,
and thus Turkey’s Incirlik base is not as vital as it
seems.” Ivan Eland is the author of several books
including “Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents
on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.” Contact him at
(703) 282-3484 (cell); ieland@independent.org,

2. ==> Trump is Exploding the Republican Pyramid

In a March 2005 New York Times editorial, U.S. Sen.
Bill Bradley argued that the Republican Party is a
pyramid that hires a presidential candidate at its tip
to sell its ideas to America, while the Democratic
Party aligns itself around a star candidate who can
build a winning coalition of voters. Peter Cohan says
Donald Trump is exploding the GOP pyramid. “The
Republican Party may need to examine whether it should
try to rebuild the shattered remains of its pyramid. Or
perhaps it should start from scratch – by replacing
those donors at the pyramid’s foundation who fuel the
ideology that has caused Republicans to lose the White
House for decades, and between 2001 and 2009 installed
a president of which his biographer Jean Edward Smith,
wrote, ‘Rarely in the history of the United States has
the nation been so ill-served, as during the presidency
of George W. Bush.’” Peter Cohan has appeared on ABC’s
Good Morning America, CNN, CNBC, PBS’s Wall $treet
Week, and New England Cable News (NECN). His latest
book is “Hungry Start-up Strategy: Creating New
Ventures with Limited Resources and Unlimited Vision.”
Contact him at (508) 460-9348 (MA); (508) 361-3805
(cell) or peter@petercohan.com
3. ==> Olympic Basketball – US/Spain Showdown

Two years later, the Team USA-Spain showdown we’ve all
been waiting for in men’s basketball is finally on the
The Americans finally found their rhythm on Wednesday
in a 105-78 win over Argentina in Olympic quarterfinal
play, recovering from an early 10-point deficit to earn
a semifinal game against the Spanish team that so many
expected them to face in a FIBA World Cup gold medal
matchup in Madrid in 2014. Invite Richard Sheubrooks to
discuss the men’s and women’s teams, what to watch for
in the match-ups, and to recap the day’s games. Richard
Sheubrooks is a former NBA scouting director and
marketing executive with NIKE. He’s worked with
legendary UCLA coach John Wooden, Jerry West and
Michael Jordan. He’s the author of “The Greatest Story
Never Told,” and the upcoming book “The Assist,”
inspired by Michael Jordan and Dean Smith. Contact him
at (980) 230-3070; richsheu23@gmail.com

4. ==> Nearly 500 New Yorkers have Zika Virus

Nearly 500 New Yorkers — including 49 pregnant women —
have tested positive for the Zika virus, a more than
tenfold increase since April, city officials said
Tuesday. Five of the 483 victims contracted the virus
through sex. Invite Dr. Jim Roach, a leading
integrative practitioner, to share what the virus is,
who is most at risk, and the best ways to prevent it.
He’ll even discuss anti-viral strategies and give ideas
on how to protect against brain shrinkage even when
Zika-infected. Jim Roach, MD, has appeared on numerous
radio and TV programs. He’s a speaker, consultant,
educator, researcher, and widely sought clinician with
patients from across the country. He is also author of
“God’s House Calls” which discusses spiritual near-
death experiences of his patients and seeks to de-
stigmatize spiritual experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at
(859) 846-4453 (office);  jproach@aol.com
5. ==> New Report: Strollers, Kids & Head Injuries

A new study by the Center for Injury Research and
Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus,
Ohio finds that every hour, two toddlers are treated
for injuries related to strollers or car carriers, with
most suffering head injuries, including concussions.
While many concussions are mild and heal quickly, they
can have long-term consequences when they occur in
young children. Invite Carol Shifflett her to share the
subtle and sometimes surprising symptoms of traumatic
brain injury (TBI), how it affects sufferers and proven
ways to treat it and help the brain heal. Carol
Shifflett and Dr. Mary Lee Esty are the authors of
“Conquering Concussion: Healing TBI Symptoms with
Neurofeedback and Without Drugs.” Contact Shifflett at
(412) 741-7286 (PA); NewFiddler@hotmail.com

6. ==> Parents Get Back-to-School Stress Too

Are you overwhelmed with getting everything your child
needs for school and worried that they might not fit
in? Many parents are already stressing out about making
the transition back to school. Gina Yarrish can help.
Odds are, she’ll say, those who are stressed out over
back-to-school issues are adult children of parents who
were also stressed. What is more, she’ll say, we
unconsciously pass those habits on to our children.
Invite Gina on air to learn how to stop this
intergenerational process by teaching our children to
be who they need to be, not who we’d like them to be.
Her advice leads to courageous, confident and assertive
children and happier parents. Gina is the author of the
upcoming book “Harness Success from Within,” and gives
popular transformational workshops, some of which
involve horses. Reach her at (570) 877-3655 or

7. ==> Drug-Free Back-to-School Strategies for ADD

Many parents are hoping this school year is a better
one for their kids, especially if they have special
needs or behavior issues.
Scott Ertl, a school counselor for 18 years, has tips
to empower parents to be better advocates for their
child and help them have a successful classroom
experience. He’ll discuss the four types of teacher you
don’t want your kid to have along with drug-free ways
to help kids who can’t sit still for very long. “Most
adults don’t like to sit for more than 30 minutes at a
time. Why do we expect kids to sit still for 5-6 hours
a day?” He’ll explain how things like stress balls and
yoga balls can help students release extra energy,
anxiety and boredom in class, and how he came up with a
new way to help fidgety kids. “Bouncy Bands are heavy-
duty bands that attach to student desks so kids can
bounce their feet and stretch their legs for sensory
relief while they work quietly. Teachers have been
amazed with how students can stay on task longer and
show what they know on tests instead of shutting down
from over-stimulation.” Contact Scott Ertl at (646)
926-2440; scott@BouncyBands.com.
8. ==> International Overdose Awareness Day 8/31

Seventy-eight Americans are still dying every day from
opioid overdoses.  Most of these individuals started
out as pain patients with legitimate prescriptions for
painkillers.  According to chronic pain treatment
expert Cindy Perlin, “Government efforts to address
this problem to date have been woefully inadequate.
They have failed to address the underlying problem—lack
of access to safer, more effective pain treatments.”
Perlin has concrete proposals for how to address this
problem.  With International Overdose Awareness Day
approaching on August 31, it’s the perfect time for a
segment on this issue. Perlin, a chronic pain survivor,
is a licensed social worker, and certified biofeedback
practitioner who has appeared on numerous radio and TV
programs. She’s the author of “The Truth About Chronic
Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for
Becoming Pain Free.” Contact her at (518) 439-6431;

9. ==> The Politics of Spirituality

How can one person’s lie be another person’s truth?
With accusations of being a “liar” at an all-time high
in the current presidential campaign, and with two or
more versions of the “truth” floating around on the
airwaves and the internet, we might
wonder: How do human beings arrive at such different
understandings of the truth? Rev. Carol “Anandi”
Richardson, M.Div., MPH offers insight into human
understandings of reality by combining ancient Eastern
understandings of human nature with contemporary
Western understandings of human world views.
“Perception of the facts of a situation depend largely
on a person’s level of spiritual development, because
any fact which feels threatening to individuals at
their stage of emotional and spiritual development will
seem ‘wrong,’ and therefore also be assumed to be
untrue.” Rev. Richardson is a life coach, stress
reduction specialist, healer, and hypnotherapist at the
National Integrated Health Associates in Washington,
DC. She’s the author of “Mornings with the Masters:
Mystical Journeys in a Postmodern World.” Contact her
at 269-365- 8939; carol.dodson.richardson@gmail.com

10. ==> Why Do Politicians Make Lousy Leaders?

Many Americans are frustrated and angry about the lack
of quality candidates on the ballot. Why are we so
disappointed with those who choose to run for office?
Jackie Freedman says, “The characteristics and
strategies of politicians are inconsistent with those
of great leaders. For instance, politicians are often
motivated by the desire for power and recognition while
great leaders desire neither. Politicians often like to
show us who to blame for problems while great leaders
don’t, for several reasons. They recognize that blaming
divides rather than unites us and that it focuses us on
the past rather than on solutions for the future.”
Jackie Freedman is a leadership expert, consultant and
facilitator. She’s the author of “Updraft: The
Aerodynamics of Great Leadership.” Contact her at (908)
996-1003; jfreedman@deltavstrategies.com.

11. ==> Last-Minute, Cheap Summer Travel Tips

Summer is almost over and you’ve got vacation days but
you don’t have the money to use them. Or do you? Invite
Russell Hannon to share ways to travel while still
being able to pay rent and not put it all on your
credit card! This is not couch surfing, Russell say
there are lots of ways to travel large on a small
budget. Russell Hannon is the founder of Break the
Travel Barrier and author of “Stop Dreaming… Start
Traveling: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling More and
Spending Less.” Once feeling unable to afford to
travel, Russell applied lean principles he learned at
work to travel more and spend less. He has since
visited many of the world’s most expensive cities for
less than his every day cost of living. Contact him at
(403) 354-0349; russell@breakthetravelbarrier.com

12. ==> Vacation Without Packing On Pounds

We all love vacation but let’s be honest, we often come
home a few bucks lighter and a couple of pounds heavier
than when we left! All those restaurant dinners, all
those drinks while lying on the beach…they can pack on
the pounds before you know it. Invite fitness expert
Theresa DePasquale to share ways to stay fit on
vacation while still enjoying your trip. “It’s all
about being smart. Find ways to incorporate fitness
into your vacation which compliment it and get you
moving without living in a gym!” She’ll share her top
three tips to keep moving while on vacation and explain
how to keep your metabolism going strong even if you’re
on a relaxing vacation. Theresa is CEO and founder of
Bikini Boss Fitness LLC.She is one of Instagram’s most
popular fitness phenoms and has appeared on numerous
radio and TV programs. She’s the author of “Bikini Mom
Secrets.” Contact Carolyn Smith at (813) 758-8460 |

13. ==> Should You Call Off the Wedding?

We’ve all been to at least one wedding where we left
and wondered if the pair would last as long as their
new blender. Summer is wedding season and brides and
grooms-to-be are lining up to take their vows, but what
if there are lingering doubts? Does having ‘cold feet’
mean your union is destined to disintegrate? Invite
DateMeister Mary Reilly to help daters identify the red
flags in a relationship before they move in together,
buy a dress, or get married. Mary herself ditched a
live-in, long-term boyfriend and is auctioning off her
would-be wedding dress to raise money for a community
ginger farm run by women in Uganda. A dating and
relationship expert, Mary is co-writing along with Dr.
Martin Kelly the upcoming book “Dating Defensively: How
to Know When to Get Off at The Next Exit.”  Contact her
at (917) 363-9860; thedatemeister@gmail.com

14. ==> Shark Tank Alum – Labor Day BBQ Ideas

Whether you’ve got a big outdoor kitchen or a little
hibachi, Labor Day weekend is grilling time! Not only
is it too darn hot to turn on the stove, but it’s prime
season for getting outside and socializing. Invite
Julie Busha to share some great ways to up your BBQ
style and wow your guests with easy, creative recipes
and tips for everything from appetizers to brunch
ideas. Julie is the inventor of Slawsa, and was
featured on Season 5 of ABC’s Shark Tank. She may not
have walked away with a deal on the show, but she’s
since been named Progressive Grocer’s Top Woman in
Grocery and is killing it! She can talk about Slawsa (a
cabbage relish with a salsa twist that’s getting rave
reviews), her experience on the show, and how she took
an old family recipe and turned it into a business. If
you want an interactive show, Slawsa samples are
available for hosts to try and listeners can call in
with their favorite—or craziest—hot dog and burger
toppings. Contact Julie Busha at (704) 756-3661 (cell);
(704) 879-4411 or jbusha@slawsa.com.

15. ==> Turn Annoying Coworkers into Cartoon Characters

It may be your boss, the woman in the next cubicle, the
IT guy, or the person who leaves their dirty coffee
cups in the sink or moldy takeout in the refrigerator.
But odds are there is at least one person at work who
really annoys you, causing stress you could live
without. Kalliope Barlis, a licensed NLP trainer,
doctor of acupuncture, former LPG golfer and upcoming
author of “Replay Your Game,” has an unusual take on
what you can do to turn the situation around. She’ll
explain how to alter your thought process courtesy of
your favorite silly voiced cartoon character (Daffy
Duck, for example), a fly swatter and other surprising
tools. Your audience will learn how to replace their
frowns with smiles and no one will be the wiser—not
even the boss. Reach her at

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