08/10/17 RTIR E-zine: North Korea, Glenn Campbell, Solar Eclipse

August 10, 2017

01. Journalist on North Korea Crisis
02. Fear of North Korea at All-Time High
03. Filmmaker on ‘Diana: In Her Own Words’
04. Country Music Stars Remember Glenn Campbell
05. Glenn Campbell Raised Alzheimer’s Awareness
06. Promising Alzheimer’s Prevention Therapy
07. Psychic Self-Care for the Solar Eclipse
08. America’s Vets Need Your Help
09. Out of Your Basement and into a Career
10. Kiss Your Boss Goodbye
11. Is the Presidency Aging Trump?
12. Go Ahead, Book a Last Minute Vacation
13. Let’s Talk Hot Summer Sex
14. Are You a Bad Parent to Your Inner Child?
15. Hope, Soap and a Better World

1. ==> Journalist on North Korea Crisis

Tim Shorrock is a Washington-based journalist who spent
part of his youth in South Korea and has been writing
about North and South Korea since the late 1970s. He
just returned from a two-month stay in Gwangju, South
Korea, where during the Korean presidential campaign he
interviewed South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In. He
writes about U.S.-Korea relations for The Nation and
the Korea Center for Investigative Reporting and was
just interviewed by The Real News: “Has Trump
Threatened Nuclear War on North Korea?” Contact him at
timshorrock@gmail.com; @TimothyS

2. ==> Fear of North Korea at All-Time High

Concern about North Korea’s nuclear aspirations has
reached a high of 75 percent, and nine-in-10 Americans
reject the idea that the communist nation should become
a nuclear power, according to a new survey. According
to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, three-
quarters of Americans now say that North Korea’s
nuclear program is a critical threat facing the United
States. Clinical forensic psychologist Dr. John Huber
compares the current situation to Americans’ fear of
Russia during the height of the Cold War. He’ll
recommend ways to ease fear and how fear can impact
your mental health. Dr. Huber is the Chairman for
Mainstream Mental Health, a non-profit mental health
organization. A mental health professional for over
twenty years, Dr. Huber is a practitioner and a
professor at Texas State University. Contact Ryan
McCormick at (919) 377-1200; (516) 901-1103.

3. ==> Filmmaker on ‘Diana: In Her Own Words’

In 1991, inside London’s Kensington Palace, Diana,
Princess of Wales, participated in a series of secret
interviews, recorded with her permission by a close
friend on behalf of journalist Andrew Morton. Morton
was writing a book about Diana’s life to reveal what
life was really like for the most photographed woman in
world. The public was unaware that Diana, Princess of
Wales’, marriage to HRH Prince of Wales was at crisis
point. Filmmaker Tom Jennings weaves archival footage
and photography with these rarely heard recordings in a
new National Geographic documentary, Diana: In Her Own
Words. Jennings says the tapes reveal Diana’s thoughts
and feelings at a very specific point in her life,
presenting one side of a very complicated story… her
side. In vivid detail, Princess Diana reflects upon the
full story of her life, depicting her circumstances in
1991. She candidly takes viewers from her unhappy
childhood to her awkward introduction to HRH Prince of
Wales when she was just 16 years old, and the dramatic
tale of a young girl thrust upon the world’s stage. The
film premieres Monday, August 14th on National
Geographic. Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703)
646-5137; johanna@jrbcomm.com

4. ==> Country Music Stars Remember Glenn Campbell

Tributes from the country music community are pouring
in following news of the passing of Glen Campbell. The
country legend died Monday at 81 years old. From Ricky
Scaggs to Pam Tillis and Sammy Kershaw, the country
music world is recalling Campbell’s extraordinary
talent as a musician, singer and artist. The Marshall
Tucker Band’s Doug Grey called him a trailblazer in
country music and others say he was the consummate
entertainer. For interviews from various country music
performers (including the above) on Glenn Campbell’s
legacy and career contact Don Murry Grubbs at (615)
275-8380; don@absolutepublicity.com or Kay Waggoner
Burney at (615) 305-6745; kay@absolutepublicity.com

5. ==> Glenn Campbell Raised Alzheimer’s Awareness

Glenn Campbell and his family bravely revealed his
Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2011 and embarked on a final
“Goodbye Tour” that was documented in the award-winning
documentary “I’ll Be Me.” Campbell and his family
advocated on behalf of the cause, including sharing
their story on Capitol Hill and speaking out on behalf
of the millions of families in the U.S. facing the
disease. Harry Johns, president and CEO, Alzheimer’s
Association says, “Glen and his family helped to bring
Alzheimer’s out of the shadows and into the spotlight
with openness and honesty that has rallied people to
take action on behalf of the cause.” Alzheimer’s
disease is currently the sixth leading cause of death
in the United States, and the only cause among the top
ten that cannot be prevented, cured or slowed. An
estimated 5.5 million Americans are currently living
with Alzheimer’s disease, with more than 15 million
friends and family providing unpaid care. Contact Kate
Meyer at (312) 604-2435; kmeyer@alz.org or Ashley Bryan
at (312) 335-5782; abryan@alz.org

6. ==> Promising Alzheimer’s Prevention Therapy

What if there was something you could do to prevent
this dreaded disease? And what if no one was telling
you about it? There is such a therapy and you can
interview one of the pioneers. According to Michael
Morgan, his research shows strong evidence of the
promise of craniosacral therapy in the treatment of at-
risk people and those in the early to mid-stages of
dementia. He’ll explain what craniosacral therapy is
(it’s also being used by NFL players, and children with
autism) and ways it can increase longevity. Morgan is
the author of “The BodyEnergy Longevity Prescription:
How CranioSacral Therapy Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s and
Dementia While Improving the Quality of Your Life.”
Reach him at (312) 543-4719; media@bodyenergy.net

7. ==> Psychic Self-Care for the Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses have historically been viewed as omens
that bring about death and destruction. In many
cultures, the legends involve mythical figures eating
or stealing the Sun. Others interpreted the event as a
sign of angry or quarreling gods or bad omens for kings
and rulers. On Aug. 21 we’ll see the first solar
eclipse in the U.S. since 1979. So what with the Great
American Eclipse bring? Psychic/Medium Vincent Genna
says, “Anytime planets and stars align, as they do
during a solar eclipse, there is an energy disturbance.
If there are already occurrences of negative beliefs
and behaviors, they become exacerbated and a self-
fulfilling prophecy.” But not everything surrounding
solar eclipses are about doom. In Italy, flowers
planted during a solar eclipse are said to be brighter
and more colorful than flowers planted any other time
of the year! Genna will explain how to protect yourself
and surroundings from the negative effects of a solar
eclipse and turn it into an opportunity to create
prosperity in all areas of your life! Vincent Genna is
a world-renowned psychic medium, healer and spiritual
teacher. Contact Emily Maloney at (661)255-8283;

8. ==> America’s Vets Need Your Help

Every day in the U.S. 50,000 military veterans
experience homelessness and 21 vets commit suicide.
These are men and women who have given their all for
their country and deserve a better, smoother process
when they transition from the armed forces to civilian
life. To help them (and their families) take advantage
of all the services that are available to them
interview Jennifer Hammond. She wrote “101+ Resources
for Veterans: The Ultimate Resource Guide” with
participation from the nonprofit group A Hero
Foundation. Jennifer is passionate about helping
veterans, having been adopted as a teenager by a
military family. A SiriusXM radio host, Jennifer has
brought veterans issues to light while interviewing
seven congressmen on Capitol Hill for the Veterans
Legislative Forum, the Veterans Homelessness Forum, and
the Military Family Housing Forum. She can discuss
organizations all military families should know about
and what we need to do to end homelessness among
veterans. Reach her at (202) 345-2343;

9. ==> Out of Your Basement and into a Career

Did you know that half of all new college grads end up
underemployed in positions that do not require a degree
(think Uber driver)? No one wants that to happen to
their kid—especially with all their college debt—nor to
have their recent grad take up permanent residence in
their basement. Diane Huth can help. She teaches
millennials all the self-branding skills they need to
find good jobs using a six-step system. Diane, a
marketing and branding guru who teaches at two
universities, demystifies the black hole of the online
application process, sheds light on using social media
to gain the job-hunting advantage and discusses
networking skills most new grads don’t even think about
acquiring. For students still in college, she’ll
explain the one essential step students need to take
well before graduation that can give them a critical
edge. Diane became an accidental career expert while
teaching marketing to college students when she
discovered that they lacked basic skills for finding a
professional job and getting hired fast. She is the
author of “BRAND YOU! To Land Your Dream Job: A Step-
by-Step Guide to Find a Great Job, Get Hired &
Jumpstart Your Career.” Reach her at (210) 601-7852 or

10. ==> Kiss Your Boss Goodbye

In these unsettled times where no job can be considered
secure, having a new business under development can
move a family from impending poverty to economic
security but it comes with a lot of uncertainty and
risk. Invite Wm. Hovey Smith to share ideas that can
result in enormous payoffs for those who start their
own businesses. He’ll explain how to select ideas
derived from life, work and observational experiences
and develop them into large-scale businesses or
successful consulting companies. And while the stakes
are high, he says being an entrepreneur can be life-
changing at any age. “It is never too early or too late
to start your own business!” Wm. Hovey Smith is a
professional geologist and decorated military engineer
officer. He also works in radio and as a stand-up comic
and is the author of 18 books. Contact him at

11. ==> Is the Presidency Aging Trump?

The presidency is a high-stress job and few leave the
White House after four or eight years without visibly
looking older. But Trump has only been in office for
about eight months and already signs of stress are
showing up on his skin. Skin expert Deborah Poland says
Trump is being treated for rosacea (red skin) with
antibiotics that are not good for his gut or his immune
system. She can explain what makes this common red-skin
condition worse and what Trump and other sufferers can
do about it in lieu of taking antibiotics. (Hint: Trump
should watch his intake of spicy foods and the time he
spends in the sun on the golf course, for example).
Deborah is ready to take Trump’s call but in the
meantime, she would be happy to help your audience with
their own skin problems. She’s the author of “Clean
Skincare: Natural Alternatives to Dermatology.” Reach
her at (615) 920-9040 or deb@deborahpoland.com

12. ==> Go Ahead, Book a Last Minute Vacation

Want to know where to find the best travel deals
online? When should you book travel to get the best
price? Do you know how to capitalize if prices drop
after you book? Would you like to learn how to get the
best possible fare using Priceline’s ‘Name Your Price’
feature? Ultra-economical travel expert Russell Hannon
will explain it all. He is a former CBC Budget Travel
Columnist, has appeared at the New York Times Travel
Show, and is the author of “Stop Dreaming… Start
Traveling.” Contact him at (403) 354-0349;

13. ==> Let’s Talk Hot Summer Sex

Want to have sex that is hotter than a heat wave?
Clinical sexologist Kristie Overstreet has the tips
that can fan the flames. Dr. Overstreet will explain
why sexual desire is at its highest during the summer
when things like the heat, the beach, fewer clothes and
less stress rub against the human libido. In addition,
summertime makes people feel younger and more willing
to have fun. If your audience wants to have more and
better sex—and who doesn’t?—she’ll suggest they
consider having sex outside, concoct sexy versions of
board games (think strip Twister) and plan a road trip
that features sexual teasing before you arrive at your
destination. Dr. Overstreet has been featured on CNN
and in Self, Psychology Today and other major media.
Her upcoming book is “Fix Yourself First: 25 Tips to
Stop Ruining Your Relationships.” Reach her at (904)
566-9256 or Kristie@TherapyDepartment.com

14. ==> Are You a Bad Parent to Your Inner Child?

Just when you thought you had only one inner child,
William Kaplanidis (Kap-la-nee-dis) comes along to
suggest that you may have multiple inner children—one
for every major trauma experienced in your early
childhood, some of which you may have pushed away
instead of dealing with. “Being bullied by peers,
criticized by parents and living through a parental
divorce are all possible ways children end up with a
damaged heart,” says William. You’ll learn the real
reason some people overreact to certain situations, the
triggers that activate a person’s normally hidden inner
children, and how to tell if your symptoms and ailments
are connected to stuck energy. With advanced training
in psychology, East-Asian medicine and martial arts,
William (L.Ac., M.S., M.A) fuses Eastern and Western
healing methods. He’s an internationally renowned
healer and teacher who has worked with Olympic
athletes, professional dancers, corporate executives
and many other individuals who have experienced stress
and pain. His new book is “How to be a Great Parent to
our Inner Child: Connect with Your Heart and Higher
Purpose.” Contact him at (646) 265-0606;

15. ==> Hope, Soap and a Better World

Do you feel good when you buy a pair of shoes or
glasses and the company says it will send another pair
to someone in need? Your heart may be in the right
place, but John Cefalu says there’s a better way to
lend a helping hand. At 17, Cefalu traveled to Kenya on
a service trip expecting to be welcomed as a hero. What
he found, were real heroes who cared more about each
other than their possessions. Seeing this happiness, in
spite their impoverished hygienic conditions, sparked
an idea that he thought could change the world one bar
of soap at a time. Invite Cefalu to share how making
Bars of Hope in his dorm room evolved into Health 2
Humanity (H2H), a global non-profit movement that not
only creates jobs and develops communities, but cleans
the world. H2H provides entrepreneurship education for
high-school students who have dreams but few options
due to their circumstances. Over the past 3 years, H2H
has helped start 12 soap businesses in Kenya, Uganda,
and Ghana. All of them are still in business today;
providing a total of 28 jobs for families while
increasing community hygiene. Contact Harrison Forbes
at harrisonforbes@aol.com

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