08/09/16 RTIR E-zine: Rio Games, Bad Moms, Saving the Planet

August 9, 2016

01. Beyond the Olympics: A Crucial Time in Brazil
02. Let’s Talk Olympic Basketball!
03. Three-Time Olympic Rower on Rio Games
04. What are those Red Circles on Phelps’ Skin?
05. Olympics 2016: New Competitive Edge for Gold
06. Your Kids Hate School? Meet Kids Who Can’t Wait to Go
07. Bully-Proof Your Kid before the New School Year
08. New GMO Law is Embarrassment
09. Zika – What You Need to Know
10. Why ‘Bad Moms’ is So Good
11. Get Rich… By Telling People Where to Go
12. Easy Ways to Save the Planet
13. Love Your Bad Habits to Overcome Them
14. What Makes Us Human?
15. Cook for Your Dog?

1. ==> Beyond the Olympics: A Crucial Time in Brazil

Watching all the fanfare of the opening ceremonies and
the Olympic Games, you may not have seen anything about
the protests in Rio against Brazil’s Interim President,
Michel Temer. Maria Luisa Mendonça is director of
Brazil’s Network for Social Justice and Human Rights.
She says, “As we see international attention to the
Olympics in Brazil, it’s important to understand that
the country is facing a parliamentary coup against
President Dilma Rousseff, who was reelected in October
of 2014, when the majority of Brazilians voted in favor
of progressive policies that included increasing
investments in education, health care, housing and
other anti-poverty programs. Shortly after her
reelection, some members of the opposition party
started to question the election results and accused
her of manipulating the state budget in order to pay
for social programs.” Rousseff has been temporarily
suspended while an impeachment process is underway, but
Mendonca says Temer has been busy. “Only a few hours
after taking power, Temer appointed a new cabinet
composed only by white men. At least one third of the
new ministers are currently under investigations of
corruption. He also eliminated important institutions,
such as the Ministries of Culture, of Women, of Human
Rights and Racial Equality, of Agriculture Development,
among others.” Maria Luisa Mendonca is also a professor
in the International Relations department at the
University of Rio de Janeiro and the editor of the book
“Human Rights in Brazil.” Contact her (currently in the
US) at (510) 283-8374; marialuisam222@gmail.com

2. ==> Let’s Talk Olympic Basketball!

Regardless of the conditions in Rio, the protests
outside or even the mosquitos, athletes from around the
globe have gathered in Brazil to go for the gold and
everyone’s watching. Invite Richard Sheubrooks to
discuss the men’s and women’s teams, what to watch for
in the match-ups, and to recap the day’s games. Richard
Sheubrooks is a former NBA scouting director and
marketing executive with NIKE. He’s worked with
legendary UCLA coach John Wooden, Jerry West and
Michael Jordan. He’s the author of “The Greatest Story
Never Told,” and the upcoming book “The Assist,”
inspired by Michael Jordan and Dean Smith. Contact him
at (980) 230-3070; richsheu23@gmail.com

3. ==> Three-Time Olympic Rower on Rio Games

Bob Kaehler knows the Olympics. Coach Kaehler is a
four-time World Champion rower and a three-time
Olympian, having competed on the U.S. Men’s National
Rowing Team for the 1992, 1996, and 2000 Olympic Games.
Invite him to talk about what it’s like to be an
athlete in the Olympic Village, what goes on behind the
scenes at the Olympics and how athletes deal with the
immense pressure to perform. Bob Kaehler also holds a
master’s degree in physical therapy. Through his unique
athletic knowledge and experience, Kaehler developed
the innovative Body-Balanced approach to training and
conditioning. Hundreds of athletes from youths to
adults have used his system to dramatically reduce
injuries and maximize athletic performance. Contact him
at (267) 968-2900 (PA); coach@coachkaehler.com

4. ==> What are those Red Circles on Phelps’ Skin?

Many Olympic fans are wondering what those big, red and
purple circles are on the back of Gold Medalist Michael
Phelps and other U.S. Olympic athletes. William
Kaplanidis says it’s from a practice called cupping.
“Cupping is a basic tool used in Chinese medicine and
can help athletes recover quickly from tight, painful
muscles.” Invite Kaplanidis, a Licensed Acupuncturist
and expert in Chinese medicine, to explain how it’s
done, why you would get it done, and explain the
potential health benefits beyond releasing tight
muscles. For the past 30 years Kaplanidis has worked
with Olympic athletes, professional and college
athletes, as well as professional dancers and thousands
of weekend warriors. He developed the Acudragon®
Wellness System, fusing western psychology and Chinese
medicine. Contact him at (212) 947-7111, ext. 295;
(646) 265- 0606 or William@acudragon.us

5. ==> Olympics 2016: New Competitive Edge for Gold

The Olympics are underway! Whether it’s gymnastics,
track and field or tennis, the level of competition is
fierce as these world-class athletes go head-to-head.
What makes an Olympian? Invite Intuitive Life Energy
Coach & Wellness Expert Cathleen Miller to share how
the competitive edge to achieve gold is so much more
than physical training. She’ll reveal the visualization
techniques, animal therapy and body-mind techniques
that athletes are now using to assist them in rising to
their full potential. From distance alternative energy
therapies and life energy/career coaching, Cathleen can
read and shift magnetic and electrical frequencies in
and around the body to assist in illness or addiction
recovery and activate energies to create the life you
were meant to live. Cathleen also has extensive media
experience. Contact her at (913) 499-8514;

6. ==> Your Kids Hate School? Meet Kids Who Can’t Wait
to Go

Imagine a school where students look forward to being
there, gaze at their teachers with admiration and
respectful silence, always turn their homework in when
it is due, and don’t gripe about having to get up at 5
a.m. to be there on time. Sounds like a fantasy, but
that’s exactly what happens at Eluanta Primary School
in Kenya, according to the school’s founder, Joseph
Oloimooja, a Los Angeles resident who grew up in
Eluanta and started the school 25 years ago. He
believes that the simple school he continues to fund
through his nonprofit Kindness Mission organization
offers lessons American students, parents and educators
may have forgotten. You’ll hear how the 450 boys and
girls of Eluanta Primary make do with a single bathroom
and why the children who walk between seven and 20
miles to get to school never arrive late while American
kids frequently have to be cajoled out of bed to catch
a school bus. Oloimooja, who goes by Father Joseph, is
a Maasai tribal chief. After graduating from the
University of Nairobi with a degree in theology, he
started the first school in his village. Today he is
rector of Los Angeles’ Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
and serves as a chaplain at Kaiser Permanente Hospital.
Contact him at (323) 687-2167; oloimooja@yahoo.com

7. ==> Bully-Proof Your Kid before the New School Year

School pressures, fitting in, peer pressure, academic
rigors, friendships and romance all impact the self-
esteem and confidence of kids. It’s tough being a kid
and starting school is a big event in their lives for
many reasons. Invite Leeza Steindorf, a parenting and
social educational expert, to share practical and easy-
to-implement ideas and strategies that will help to
‘bully-proof’ your child. “One of the most important
things a parent can do for their child is to foster and
encourage a healthy sense of self. Kids with a positive
self-image are much less likely to be bullied—or to
bully.” She’ll explain why kids also need to feel
they’re the only measure of their own success, and
learn that it’s perfectly acceptable to make mistakes.
Leeza Steindorf is a communications and conflict
resolution expert, international consultant and
speaker.  She’s founder and director of CORE Success, a
training program that uses proven, practical tools and
insights to achieve one’s goals, no matter the
circumstances. She’s the author of “Connected Parent,
Empowered Child: Five Keys to Raising Happy, Confident,
Responsible Kids” and “CORE Success® for Schools: The
Practical Guide Book for a Positive School Climate.”
Contact her at (541) 550- 0451; Leeza@CoreSuccess.com

8. ==> New GMO Law is Embarrassment

It is known as the DARK Act — Denying Americans the
Right to Know. It was signed by President Obama last
week in the afterglow of the Democratic National the
Convention, without fanfare or major media coverage.
The new law nullifies laws of Vermont, Connecticut and
Maine that required labeling of genetically engineered
foods. It also nullifies the GE seed labeling laws in
Vermont and Virginia that allowed farmers to choose
what seeds they wanted to buy and plant. Invite
environmentalist Ellen Moyer to discuss the issue and
what it means for your listeners. She says, “Congress
managed to pass a GMO labeling law that hurts consumers
and states, even though at the same time, they couldn’t
come up with funding to protect citizens from the Zika
virus. Whose side are they on?” Ellen Moyer is a
regular contributor to The Huffington Post and her
latest book, titled “Our Earth, Our Species, Our
Selves: How to Have Fun Creating a Sustainable World,”
will be available later this year. Contact her at (413)
862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com.

9. ==> Zika – What You Need to Know

It seems each day brings news of more Zika cases in the
US and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control now
recommend that all pregnant women should be assessed
for Zika exposure. Last week the CDC even issued an
historic travel warning against pregnant women going to
a Zika-infested community north of Miami. Dr. Jim
Roach, a leading integrative practitioner, to share
what the virus is, who is most at risk, and the best
ways to prevent it. He’ll even discuss anti-viral
strategies and give ideas on how to protect against
brain shrinkage even when Zika-infected. Jim Roach, MD,
has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. He’s a
speaker, consultant, educator, researcher, and widely
sought clinician with patients from across the country.
He is also author of “God’s House Calls” which
discusses spiritual near-death experiences of his
patients and seeks to de-stigmatize spiritual
experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at (859) 846-4453
(office);  jproach@aol.com

10.== > Why ‘Bad Moms’ is So Good

The raunchy comedy Bad Moms is doing a bang-up job at
the box office. Colleen O’Grady, who saw the movie and
the laughter it drew from its audience, says at its
heart Bad Moms accurately captures the overworked lives
most moms experience—even if they don’t go as far as
Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn’s characters
do in the movie to cut loose. Addressing the real moms
in your audience, O’Grady will share ways they can free
themselves from believing they have to be perfect,
always accomplish the impossible, and continually worry
about other people judging them—all without being “bad
moms.” O’Grady can talk about the changing definition
of what it means to be a “good mom” and bring greater
sanity to back-to-school time, when moms’ worries and
responsibilities quadruple. She is the author of “Dial
Down the Drama.” Contact her at (713) 408-6112;

11. ==> Get Rich… By Telling People Where to Go

You do it for free every day. You tell people who has
the best fitness center, which golfing instructor to
use, or which lawyer or accountant to call for a free
consultation. But, when you do it online, you can get
paid for it, big time. Lawyers pay up to $200, or more,
for leads. We can all be our own online brand sending
leads to companies we’re already recommending for free.
Lee Romanov says we can all be our own Angie’s List and
getting started is much easier than you’d think. Lee
began by sending $5 leads to insurance companies. That
$5 turned into millions of dollars in online revenue.
Reach her at (949) 877-0173 or Lee@IncomeActivator.com

12. ==> Easy Ways to Save the Planet

Recycling can be dirty and frustrating and trying to
figure out what’s toxic, can be confusing, not to
mention time consuming. Environmental advocate Deanna
Ford can make it simpler and offer your listeners five
easy tips to help the environment. You’ll learn how to
shop to save money, time and the environment, along
with better – and safer – ways to clean your body, and
your home!  A military musician turned environmental
advocate, Deanna Ford left a successful career to
become an environmental advocate. She is the author of
the upcoming “The Eco-Optimist’s Guide to Saving Our
Planet,” writes an environmental blog, and is Festival
Chair of the Thunder Bay Environmental Film Festival.
Contact her at (807) 475-3631; mcoltezo@yahoo.com

13. ==> Love Your Bad Habits to Overcome Them

The selling of ‘hope’ by the $10 billion self-help
industry has been self-helpless for many. Most
modalities don’t go deep enough to release the origins
of the hidden blocks and emotional burdens that keep
you stuck from health, wealth, love and happiness. But
Emily Filloramo says, “When you fall in love with the
parts of you that you dislike, that’s when they work
with you – instead of against you – and will transform
into positive allies to unleash your true greatness.”
Emily will explain the power of the cutting-edge,
evidence-based modality of permanent emotional healing
and accelerated self-awareness called Internal Family
Systems. Emily Filloramo is a transformational magician
and the author of “How to Permanently Erase Negative
Self-Talk: So You Can Be Extraordinary.”
Contact her at (860) 205-7609;

14. ==> What Makes Us Human?

As a scientist, Dr. Nirander Safaya has a pragmatic
view of what makes us human. In “Reflections on Being
Human: Poems,” his debut collection, he revisits the
nature of self through a spiritual and romantic lens.
Invite him to explore our individual and collective
experiences of joy, sorrow, love, and loss as we search
for happiness. Our ordinary needs and experiences in
life and love bring us to the light of self-knowledge.
The mundane becomes spiritual and every feeling and
experience thought-provoking. Probing and provocative,
Safaya’s poetry will help your listeners reflect on the
past as they face their own evolution. Contact Nirander
Safaya at (512) 217-4231; nirandersafaya@att.net

15. ==> Cook for Your Dog?

People will do anything for their dogs. But what
happens when they cook for them can be absolutely
hysterical. Invite Judy Morgan, a holistic veterinarian
who has long championed making homemade dog food, to
share hilarious stories of cooking misadventures,
vegetarians willing to cook meat only for their dogs
and the occasional starving husband who can’t stop
himself from secretly scarfing the dog’s homemade stew.
And despite the funny tales, Morgan is perfectly
serious about encouraging even people who cannot boil
water to make their own dog food. Dr. Morgan operates
two veterinary practices in New Jersey and has been a
guest on more than 50 radio and television programs.
She’s the author of several books including her latest,
“Canine Kitchen Capers: A Humorous Look at Preparing
Food for Dogs (& Spouses).” Contact her at (856)
881-7470; judy@drjudymorgan.com

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