08/07/17 RTIR E-zine: Russia Sanctions, Transgender America, Back to School

August 7, 2017

01. Sessions Wrongly Targets Whistleblowers
02. Russia Sanctions: A Dangerous Football
03. Former Green Beret on ISIS
04. America’s Vets Need Your Help
05. The Weird History of Modern Childbirth
06. Doc on Trump’s Transgender Agenda
07. The Great American Eclipse is Coming!
08. How Hope Cleans the World
09. Back to School Clock Running Out
10. What to Do When the Principal Calls
11. Is the Presidency Aging Trump?
12. From Dance Moms to Prison: Abby Lee Miller
13. Tips to Outlast Your Nightmare Boss
14. The Best Way to Start a New Business
15. Be a Great Parent to Your Inner Child

1. ==> Sessions Wrongly Targets Whistleblowers

Jesselyn Radack, director of the Whistleblower & Source
Protection Program (WHISPeR) at ExposeFacts says, “The
Justice Department’s crackdown on leaks wrongly targets
and punishes national security whistleblowers, who have
no meaningful internal channels for dissent or
meaningful protection from retaliation. The crackdown
is a backdoor way of attacking journalists on whom the
public relies to be informed about government
misconduct.” She adds, “Attorney General Sessions fails
to distinguish between whistleblowing in the public
interest and other leaks and fails to address the
rampant over-classification problem plaguing the
national security community.” Jesselyn Radack is a
national security and human rights attorney known for
her defense of whistleblowers, journalists, and
hacktivists. Contact her at (202) 457-0034, x107;
jradack@whistleblower.org or @JesselynRadack

2. ==> Russia Sanctions: A Dangerous Football

U.S. President Donald Trump grudgingly signed into law
new sanctions against Russia, a move Moscow said
amounted to a full-scale trade war and an end to hopes
for better ties with the Trump administration. Vadim
Nikitin, a Murmansk-born, London-based Russia analyst
and financial-crime specialist, just wrote the piece
“We Need to Stop Using Russia as a Political Football”
for The Nation. In it, he writes, “By voting in new
sanctions against Russia, Congress torpedoed the White
House’s dream of rapprochement with the Kremlin. Yet
its real target was not a foreign foe but an unpopular
Republican president threatened by impeachment over
alleged electoral manipulation. With the commander in
chief dogged by perceived softness on Moscow and
crippled by plummeting approval ratings, Congress chose
foreign policy as the weapon with which to deliver its
coup de grâce.” Vadim Nikitin’s commentary and book
reviews have appeared in The Guardian, The New York
Times, and Dissent. Contact him [in London] at
vadim.o.nikitin@gmail.com, @vadim_nikitin

3. ==> Former Green Beret on ISIS

The current administration has come into a murky
situation when it comes to the terrorism war. What’s
the best tool to defeat ISIS and is the world doing
enough? “It is NOT ‘Bomb the hell out of them’ ‘Boots
on the ground’, Former Lt. Col Scott Mann says, “These
are the same tired responses that have put us in danger
at home. The best tool to defeat ISIS is to fight them
deep in their own safe haven by leveraging tribes
against them.” Scott Mann, former Lt Col and Green
Beret, can discuss the current situation, the new face
of terror, and how we fight that. Mann spent 23 years
in the Army Special Forces Career involved in Foreign
Internal Defense, Counter-insurgency, and Stability
Missions. He served in the Special Operations for over
18 years and has been a Green Beret for over 15 years
in combat deployments in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru,
Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan. Mann is the founder of
The Heroes Journey, and is actively involved in the
day-to-day transition of Green Berets from active duty
into civilian life. He has been quoted frequently and
seen on MSNBC, Fox News, Fox News Radio and other high
profile media outlets. His latest book is “Mission
America: Straight Talk About Military Transition.”
Contact Ana Tackett at (480) 828-0762;

4. ==> America’s Vets Need Your Help

Every day in the U.S. 50,000 military veterans
experience homelessness and 21 vets commit suicide.
These are men and women who have given their all for
their country and deserve a better, smoother process
when they transition from the armed forces to civilian
life. To help them (and their families) take advantage
of all the services that are available to them
interview Jennifer Hammond. She wrote “101+ Resources
for Veterans: The Ultimate Resource Guide” with
participation from the nonprofit group A Hero
Foundation. Jennifer is passionate about helping
veterans, having been adopted as a teenager by a
military family. A SiriusXM radio host, Jennifer has
brought veterans issues to light while interviewing
seven congressmen on Capitol Hill for the Veterans
Legislative Forum, the Veterans Homelessness Forum, and
the Military Family Housing Forum. She can discuss
organizations all military families should know about
and what we need to do to end homelessness among
veterans. Reach her at (202) 345-2343;

5. ==> The Weird History of Modern Childbirth

Childbirth has been a matter of magic, mystery, and
misunderstanding ever since Eve got the ball rolling.
Whether the result of medical ignorance, social stigma,
or some faddish new technique, for most of human
history this critical moment of every life was shrouded
in secrecy—the domain of doctors, very often to the
detriment of the health of the mother, the child, or
both. Invite medical journalist Randi Hutter Epstein,
M.D. to discuss the history of how we get babies out of
their mothers, and how this effort has evolved—for
better and for worse—throughout human history. You’ll
hear the craziest ways people have tried to conceive
going back to Middle Ages, how the pain of childbirth
has been managed, as well as how ideas about pregnancy
and birth shed light on society. Dr. Randi Hutter
Epstein is a lecturer at Yale University and an adjunct
professor at Columbia University Graduate School of
Journalism. Her latest book is “Get Me Out: A History
of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm
Bank.” Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137;

6. ==> Doc on Trump’s Transgender Agenda

Last week the Trump Administration announced
transgender soldiers will no longer be accepted into
the military. For an interesting perspective on the
ban, invite Don Pet to share what he learned as a
psychiatry resident at John’s Hopkins overseeing the
unit where the first transgender surgery patients were
admitted back in 1966. Now retired, Dr. Pet can discuss
his experience and what it was like to be a student of
John Money, a pioneer in research into sexual identity
and biology of gender. Dr. Pet says, “The fact that our
distant ancestors were bisexual (contained both male
and female reproductive organs) and that each person
has masculine and feminine hormones indicates we are
more alike than different.” Pet will discuss tribal
thinking and why some people divide the world into two
categories: us and them, and right and wrong. Dr. Pet
is the author of “World Peace in Three Years or Less…
or Else.” Pet is passionate to start a movement that
will teach Einstein’s solution to the biggest puzzle we
must solve: Why do we fill our world with fear, hate,
scarcity, and war when we want and need happiness,
enough, love, and peace? (HELP) Contact him at (860)
324-9991 (cell); (860) 289-9111 or ddpet@comcast.net

7. ==> The Great American Eclipse is Coming!

On Monday, August 21st, the sun will disappear across
America. For a brief moment, day will turn to night,
the sky will darken, and street lights will go on. If
you live in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago or
Atlanta, the moon will still make a big bite in the sun
but to see “totality,” in which the moon completely
blocks the sun, you’ll need to be inside the narrow
swath — about 70 miles wide — of the moon’s shadow.
The path will stretch from the Oregon coast to the
South Carolina coast, with 12 states in between. Nearly
12.2 million Americans live in the path of totality,
but NASA predicts that millions more will visit it that
day. Is it worth a trip? “This is one of those rare
events where being close is not good enough,” says J.
Kelly Beatty, senior editor of Sky & Telescope. “A sun
that’s 99% covered is vastly different than the one
that’s 100% covered. Like I say to people, it’s like
being on a first date versus being on your wedding
night.” Kelly Beatty has done numerous interviews and
guest commentaries on The Weather Channel and National
Public Radio, and his work has appeared in numerous
other magazines, newspapers and encyclopedias. Contact
him at (617) 401-9927; kbeatty@SkyandTelescope.com

8. ==> How Hope Cleans the World

Do you feel good when you buy a pair of shoes or
glasses and the company says it will send another pair
to someone in need? Your heart may be in the right
place, but John Cefalu says there’s a better way to
lend a helping hand. At 17, Cefalu traveled to Kenya on
a service trip expecting to be welcomed as a hero. What
he found, were real heroes who cared more about each
other than their possessions. Seeing this happiness, in
spite their impoverished hygienic conditions, sparked
an idea that he thought could change the world one bar
of soap at a time. Invite Cefalu to share how making
Bars of Hope in his dorm room evolved into Health 2
Humanity (H2H), a global non-profit movement that not
only creates jobs and develops communities, but cleans
the world. H2H provides entrepreneurship education for
high-school students who have dreams but few options
due to their circumstances. Over the past 3 years, H2H
has helped start 12 soap businesses in Kenya, Uganda,
and Ghana. All of them are still in business today;
providing a total of 28 jobs for families while
increasing community hygiene. Contact Harrison Forbes
at harrisonforbes@aol.com

9. ==> Back to School Clock Running Out

It’s August and while nobody wants to think about
school yet, Dr. Elaine Schneider says what families do
while they’re enjoying the last weeks of summer, can
pave the way for a great school year. Scientific
research has shown that when a child is in a quiet
alert state, learning occurs most readily. Schneider
combines the knowledge of neuroscience with a
smorgasbord of fun, easy, relaxing, tension-reducing
and awareness-building activities that can be done on a
daily basis. Whether you’ve got a preschooler,
kindergartener or a struggling teen, she’ll share what
parents (and/or teachers) can do to help their children
focus and regulate so they can be better listeners,
learn more easily in school, and overall be successful.
Dr. Elaine Schneider is a therapist and coach and an
authority on communication, and alternative integrated.
She’s the author of several books including “7
Strategies for Raising Calm, Inspired, & Successful
Children.” Contact her at (888) 871-8803; (661)
317-8787 or drelaine@askdrelaine.com

10. ==> What to Do When the Principal Calls

It’s Back to School in some parts of the country and
very nearly in others. And that means school topics are
back in the news. Why not interview retired elementary
school principal Susan Colton to prepare parents and
their children for the new school year? Colton can
discuss everything from what to do if your child’s
principal wants to see you to how to get the most out
of Back to School Night to what to expect under Betsy
DeVos and how we can reverse the corporate takeover of
public schools. The author of the upcoming book
“Principal’s Passion: A Quest for Quality Public
Education,” she was once told she would never be a
principal because she was too nice. Nevertheless,
Colton was principal of two elementary schools. She was
named a National Distinguished Principal during her 22
years holding that position. Contact her at (954)
786-8220 or scolton@bellsouth.net

11. ==> Is the Presidency Aging Trump?

The presidency is a high-stress job and few leave the
White House after four or eight years without visibly
looking older. But Trump has only been in office for
about eight months and already signs of stress are
showing up on his skin. Skin expert Deborah Poland says
Trump is being treated for rosacea (red skin) with
antibiotics that are not good for his gut or his immune
system. She can explain what makes this common red-skin
condition worse and what Trump and other sufferers can
do about it in lieu of taking antibiotics. (Hint: Trump
should watch his intake of spicy foods and the time he
spends in the sun on the golf course, for example).
Deborah is ready to take Trump’s call but in the
meantime, she would be happy to help your audience with
their own skin problems. She’s the author of “Clean
Skincare: Natural Alternatives to Dermatology.” Reach
her at (615) 920-9040 or deb@deborahpoland.com

12. ==> From Dance Moms to Prison: Abby Lee Miller

Sure, no one watches the popular Lifetime reality TV
show Dance Moms to learn about money. But thanks to the
recent imprisonment of its dance teacher star Abby Lee
Miller for bankruptcy fraud those lessons are there.
Interview Abby Eisenkraft, a leading expert on the most
difficult tax problems, to learn what Miller did to
land in federal prison–things many people do perhaps
without realizing that they could end up doing jail
time and paying substantial penalties. For example,
Miller minimized her income, transferred money to a
relative and brought more than $10,000 in from a
foreign country. The author of “101 Ways to Stay Off
the IRS Radar,” Eisenkraft will explain why no amount
of fancy footwork could get Miller out of the jam she
was in and how to avoid following in her footsteps.
Eisenkraft is frequently quoted by the press on tax
matters. Contact her at (347) 598-0111;

12. ==> Tips to Outlast Your Nightmare Boss

You’ve got a nightmare boss and you’re stalled in what-
once-was your ‘Dream Job’ in your ‘Dream City.’ The
boss rejects every request you put forth to advance,
paralyzing you in your tracks. You feel excluded from
the company’s long-range plans and disappointed that
your contributions are routinely diminished. Time to
put all ideas on the table to rescue your career!
“Leading does not mean leaving someone behind. Leading
means drawing out the strengths of many diverse
employees and performing at peak quality,” says Nita
Wiggins. Professor and 20-year television broadcaster
Nita Wiggins not only lived her career dream, but when
she set her sights on a different destination, she
landed an attractive offer after a seven-minute job
interview. Invite your audience to have pen and paper
at hand to write down her tips, recommended websites,
and titles of jobs currently advertised. In her new
book, “Civil Rights Baby: My Story of Race, Sports, and
Breaking Barriers in American Journalism,” Nita shares
her workplace experiences as a journalist at 7
television stations across the United States. Contact
Nita her at (646) 460-5430.

14. ==> The Best Way to Start a New Business

In these unsettled times where no job can be considered
secure, having a new business under development can
move a family from impending poverty to economic
security but it comes with a lot of uncertainty and
risk. Invite Wm. Hovey Smith to share ideas that can
result in enormous payoffs for those who start their
own businesses. He’ll explain how to select ideas
derived from life, work and observational experiences
and develop them into large-scale businesses or
successful consulting companies. And while the stakes
are high, he says being an entrepreneur can be life-
changing at any age. “It is never too early or too late
to start your own business!” Wm. Hovey Smith has been a
professional geologist and decorated military engineer
officer. He’s also worked in radio and as a stand-up
comic and is the author of 18 books. Contact him at

15. ==> Be a Great Parent to Your Inner Child

Just when you thought you had only one inner child,
William Kaplanidis (Kap-la-nee-dis) comes along to
suggest that you may have multiple inner children—one
for every major trauma experienced in your early
childhood, some of which you may have pushed away
instead of dealing with. “Being bullied by peers,
criticized by parents and living through a parental
divorce are all possible ways children end up with a
damaged heart,” says William. You’ll learn the real
reason some people overreact to certain situations, the
triggers that activate a person’s normally hidden inner
children, and how to tell if your symptoms and ailments
are connected to stuck energy. With advanced training
in psychology, East-Asian medicine and martial arts,
William (L.Ac., M.S., M.A) fuses Eastern and Western
healing methods. He’s an internationally renowned
healer and teacher who has worked with Olympic
athletes, professional dancers, corporate executives
and many other individuals who have experienced stress
and pain. His new book is “How to be a Great Parent to
our Inner Child: Connect with Your Heart and Higher
Purpose.” Contact him at (646) 265-0606;

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