08/03/17 RTIR E-zine: Princess Diana, Cyber Attacks, Summer Eclipse

August 3, 2017

01. Is US Meddling in Venezuelan Election?
02. Too Important for Trump’s Generals
03. Doc on Trump’s Transgender Agenda
04. Nat Geo’s ‘Diana: In Her Own Words’
05. How Hope Cleans the World
06. Get Ready for the Eclipse!
07. Psychic on The Great American Eclipse
08. From Dance Moms to Prison: Abby Lee Miller’s Story
09. How to Really Fix Healthcare
10. How a Cyber Attack Could Affect You
11. Beat the Online Travel Booking System
12. Expert Helps Baby Boomers Find Work
13. Singer’s Death May Aid Male Sex Abuse Survivors
14. Do this in August for a Better School Year
15. How about Some Hot Summer Sex?

1. ==> Is US Meddling in Venezuelan Election?

On Tuesday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the
US is “…evaluating all of our policy options as to what
can we do to create a change of conditions where either
[President of Venezuela Nicolas] Maduro decides he
doesn’t have a future and wants to leave of his own
accord or we can return the government processes back
to their constitution.” Dan Kovalik says the U.S.
government is openly interfering in Venezuela’s
electoral system. Kovalik was just in Venezuela and
contrasts focusing on any possible allegation regarding
Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election, while
the U.S. government is openly getting away with
interfering in Venezuela and elsewhere. Kovalik is the
author of “The Plot to Scapegoat Russia: How the CIA
and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Russia.” He
teaches international human rights at the University of
Pittsburgh School of Law. Contact him at (412)
335-6442, DKovalik@usw.org

2. ==> Too Important for Trump’s Generals

According to a report from CNN, Donald Trump has
quietly ramped up military intervention from Europe to
Africa and the Middle East to South Asia, escalating
U.S. military presence and activity in Poland, the
Baltics, Somalia, Yemen, Syria (and he may very well do
so in Afghanistan and Libya.) Ivan Eland says, “Trump
has virtually turned over decisions on war to his
secretary of defense – who is a former general, as is
his national security adviser and his new White House
chief of staff – apparently to escape blame if some
military action goes haywire. But the old cliché that
‘war is too important to be left to the generals’
applies here – as does ‘if all you have is a hammer,
everything looks like a nail.’” Eland adds, “Trump
should think before dipping his toe back into all these
nonstrategic backwater nations – but he can’t. Not only
is he absent a coherent strategy to ‘win’ in any of
these perpetual foreign hell holes, but he also doesn’t
have an overarching national vision for what an
effective U.S. role in the world should be.” Ivan Eland
is senior fellow and director of the Center on Peace &
Liberty at the Independent Institute. He spent 15 years
working for Congress on national security issues,
including stints as an investigator for the House
Foreign Affairs Committee and Principal Defense Analyst
at the Congressional Budget Office. Contact Kate Brown
at (202) 213-7051; buzzbybrown@gmail.com.

3. ==> Doc on Trump’s Transgender Agenda

This week the Trump Administration announced
transgender soldiers will no longer be accepted into
the military. For an interesting perspective on the
ban, invite Don Pet to share what he learned as a
psychiatry resident at John’s Hopkins overseeing the
unit where the first transgender surgery patients were
admitted back in 1966. Now retired, Dr. Pet can discuss
his experience and what it was like to be a student of
John Money, a pioneer in research into sexual identity
and biology of gender. Dr. Pet says, “The fact that our
distant ancestors were bisexual (contained both male
and female reproductive organs) and that each person
has masculine and feminine hormones indicates we are
more alike than different.” Pet will discuss tribal
thinking and why some people divide the world into two
categories: us and them, and right and wrong. Dr. Pet
is the author of “World Peace in Three Years or Less…
or Else.” Pet is passionate to start a movement that
will teach Einstein’s solution to the biggest puzzle we
must solve: Why do we fill our world with fear, hate,
scarcity, and war when we want and need happiness,
enough, love, and peace? (HELP) Contact him at (860)
324-9991 (cell); (860) 289-9111 or ddpet@comcast.net

4. ==> Nat Geo’s ‘Diana: In Her Own Words’

In 1991, inside London’s Kensington Palace, Diana,
Princess of Wales, participated in a series of secret
interviews, recorded with her permission by a close
friend on behalf of journalist Andrew Morton. Morton
was writing a book about Diana’s life to reveal what
life was really like for the most photographed woman in
world. The public was unaware that Diana, Princess of
Wales’, marriage to HRH Prince of Wales was at crisis
point. Filmmaker Tom Jennings weaves archival footage
and photography with these rarely heard recordings in a
new National Geographic documentary, Diana: In Her Own
Words. Jennings says the tapes reveal Diana’s thoughts
and feelings at a very specific point in her life,
presenting one side of a very complicated story… her
side. In vivid detail, Princess Diana reflects upon the
full story of her life, depicting her circumstances in
1991. She candidly takes viewers from her unhappy
childhood to her awkward introduction to HRH Prince of
Wales when she was just 16 years old, and the dramatic
tale of a young girl thrust upon the world’s stage. The
film premieres Monday, August 14th on National
Geographic. Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703)
646-5137; johanna@jrbcomm.com

5. ==> How Hope Cleans the World

Do you feel good when you buy a pair of shoes or
glasses and the company says it will send another pair
to someone in need? Your heart may be in the right
place, but John Cefalu says there’s a better way to
lend a helping hand. At 17, Cefalu traveled to Kenya on
a service trip expecting to be welcomed as a hero. What
he found, were real heroes who cared more about each
other than their possessions. Seeing this happiness, in
spite their impoverished hygienic conditions, sparked
an idea that he thought could change the world one bar
of soap at a time. Invite Cefalu to share how making
Bars of Hope in his dorm room evolved into Health 2
Humanity (H2H), a global non-profit movement that not
only creates jobs and develops communities, but cleans
the world. H2H provides entrepreneurship education for
high-school students who have dreams but few options
due to their circumstances. Over the past 3 years, H2H
has helped start 12 soap businesses in Kenya, Uganda,
and Ghana. All of them are still in business today;
providing a total of 28 jobs for families while
increasing community hygiene. Contact Harrison Forbes
at harrisonforbes@aol.com

6. ==> Get Ready for the Eclipse!

On Monday, August 21st, the sun will disappear across
America. For a brief moment, day will turn to night,
the sky will darken, and street lights will go on. If
you live in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago or
Atlanta, the moon will still make a big bite in the sun
but to see “totality,” in which the moon completely
blocks the sun, you’ll need to be inside the narrow
swath — about 70 miles wide — of the moon’s shadow.
The path will stretch from the Oregon coast to the
South Carolina coast, with 12 states in between. Nearly
12.2 million Americans live in the path of totality,
but NASA predicts that millions more will visit it that
day. Is it worth a trip? “This is one of those rare
events where being close is not good enough,” says J.
Kelly Beatty, senior editor of Sky & Telescope. “A sun
that’s 99% covered is vastly different than the one
that’s 100% covered. Like I say to people, it’s like
being on a first date versus being on your wedding
night.” Kelly Beatty has done numerous interviews and
guest commentaries on The Weather Channel and National
Public Radio, and his work has appeared in numerous
other magazines, newspapers and encyclopedias. Contact
him at (617) 401-9927; kbeatty@SkyandTelescope.com

7. ==> Psychic on The Great American Eclipse

Solar eclipses have historically been viewed as omens
that bring about death and destruction. In many
cultures, the legends involve mythical figures eating
or stealing the Sun. Others interpreted the event as a
sign of angry or quarreling gods or bad omens for kings
and rulers. On Aug. 21 we’ll see the first solar
eclipse in the U.S. since 1979. So what with the Great
American Eclipse bring? Psychic/Medium Vincent Genna
says, “Anytime planets and stars align, as they do
during a solar eclipse, there is an energy disturbance.
If there are already occurrences of negative beliefs
and behaviors, they become exacerbated and a self-
fulfilling prophecy.” But not everything surrounding
solar eclipses are about doom. In Italy, flowers
planted during a solar eclipse are said to be brighter
and more colorful than flowers planted any other time
of the year! Genna will explain how to protect yourself
and surroundings from the negative effects of a solar
eclipse and turn it into an opportunity to create
prosperity in all areas of your life! Vincent Genna is
a world-renowned psychic medium, healer and spiritual
teacher. Contact Emily Maloney at (661)255-8283;

8. ==> From Dance Moms to Prison: Abby Lee Miller’s

Sure, no one watches the popular Lifetime reality TV
show Dance Moms to learn about money. But thanks to the
recent imprisonment of its dance teacher star Abby Lee
Miller for bankruptcy fraud those lessons are there.
Interview Abby Eisenkraft, a leading expert on the most
difficult tax problems, to learn what Miller did to
land in federal prison–things many people do perhaps
without realizing that they could end up doing jail
time and paying substantial penalties. For example,
Miller minimized her income, transferred money to a
relative and brought more than $10,000 in from a
foreign country. The author of “101 Ways to Stay Off
the IRS Radar,” Eisenkraft will explain why no amount
of fancy footwork could get Miller out of the jam she
was in and how to avoid following in her footsteps.
Eisenkraft is frequently quoted by the press on tax
matters. Contact her at (347) 598-0111;

9. ==> How to Really Fix Healthcare

30-year career environmental consultant Ellen Moyer,
Ph.D., says America is nowhere near a solution to
putting health back into health care. Moreover, she
points out, the U.S.’s current unaffordable health-care
system focuses too much on treating disease after
allowing it to happen rather than on preventing disease
from occurring in the first place. Invite Moyer to
discuss the strong connection between government
policies and public health. “Taxpayer-funded food
subsidies are primarily used to promote junk food that
makes us sick rather than foods that make us healthy.
Meanwhile, government agencies like the Food and Drug
Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture
end up protecting industry from citizens rather than
citizens from industry.” Moyer will discuss realistic
ways to promote health and reduce health-care costs
that involve education and reducing air and water
pollution and industry influence on food and medicine.
Ellen Moyer is a registered professional engineer with
a B.A. in anthropology, an M.S. in environmental
engineering, a Ph.D. in civil engineering, and 30 years
of environmental engineering experience. “Our Earth,
Our Species, Our Selves: How to Thrive While Creating a
Sustainable World” is her third book. Contact her at
(413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com

10. ==> How a Cyber Attack Could Affect You

Imagine what would happen if suddenly there were no
cell phone service, no electrical power, no water and
no food. But that’s not all. Imagine if there were no
functioning banks and financial institutions,
automobiles, trucks and computers stopped working,
railroads were unable to roll and airplanes were unable
to fly, hospitals were unable to function and grocery
store shelves went unfilled. According to Robin Burk,
Ph.D., MBA, such a scenario is possible should portions
of America’s computer networks, electric grid etc. be
hit by a short burst of electromagnetic energy from the
type of nuclear weapon North Korea has already tested –
or by crippling cyber-attacks. She says it is only
prudent to start planning now for potential attacks
that could badly disrupt the systems we rely on. Burk’s
message is all the more powerful because of who she is:
She was in charge of the Defense Threat Reduction
Agency’s interdependent networks research and is an
expert on network science. The DTRA is an organization
tasked with safeguarding national infrastructure
against weapons of mass destruction. Robin Burk has
been featured in Wired and on MSNBC. She is the author
of “How to Thrive in an Uncertain World” and “We Don’t
Have to Collapse but We Could: How to Fix the Complex
Systems We Rely On.” Contact her at (703) 346-4448;

11. ==> Beat the Online Travel Booking System

Want to know where to find the best travel deals
online? When should you book travel to get the best
price? Do you know how to capitalize if prices drop
after you book? Would you like to learn how to get the
best possible fare using Priceline’s ‘Name Your Price’
feature? Ultra-economical travel expert Russell Hannon
will explain it all. He is a former CBC Budget Travel
Columnist, has appeared at the New York Times Travel
Show, and is the author of “Stop Dreaming… Start
Traveling.” Contact him at (403) 354-0349;

12. ==> Expert Helps Baby Boomers Find Work

Baby boomers have it tough when it comes to landing a
new job or keeping their current one. Many need to work
longer to fund their retirements but are hampered by
ageism and low-ball salary offers, just for starters.
Diane Huth knows what boomers need to do to get hired.
In a potentially life-changing interview she’ll share
what to say to an interviewer who suggests you are
overqualified; how to avoid the five biggest mistakes
job-seeking boomers make so they don’t end up working
for Wal-Mart, and 12 key strategies that can help
boomers keep their current jobs or find satisfying
employment for as long as they want to work. This will
include a discussion of how to look younger without
looking silly, how to look tech savvy and why you might
need to hide photos of your grandchildren. She is the
author of the upcoming book “Re-BRAND You to Re-INVENT
Your Career,” due in the fall. Reach her at (210)
601-7852 or diane@BrandYouGuide.com

13. ==> Singer’s Death May Aid Male Sex Abuse Survivors

News of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s suicide
has shocked and saddened friends and fans. Dr. Joan
Cook says, “I don’t think I’m overreaching in saying
that his troubled past may have been a factor in his
death. Bennington had openly said he was a survivor of
childhood sexual abuse that haunted him and, he said,
contributed to his excessive use of drugs and alcohol.”
Cook, who works with trauma survivors, says, “One study
in the United States estimated that one in six males
are sexually abused at some point during their
childhood. For far too long, boys and men who have been
sexually abused or assaulted have been overlooked,
neglected, minimized or stigmatized by society and, at
times, by the health care community. It’s time for that
disregard to stop.” Dr. Joan Cook is an associate
professor in the Yale School of Medicine, Department of
Psychiatry. She has worked clinically with a range of
trauma survivors, including combat veterans and former
prisoners of war, men and women who have been
physically and sexually assaulted in childhood and
adulthood, and survivors of the 2001 World Trade Center
bombing. Contact her at (203) 856-2782;

14. ==> Do this in August for a Better School Year

It’s early August and nobody wants to think about
school yet, but Dr. Elaine Schneider says what families
do while they’re enjoying the last weeks of summer, can
pave the way for a great school year. Scientific
research has shown that when a child is in a quiet
alert state, learning occurs most readily. Schneider
combines the knowledge of neuroscience with a
smorgasbord of fun, easy, relaxing, tension-reducing
and awareness-building activities that can be done on a
daily basis. Whether you’ve got a preschooler,
kindergartener or a struggling teen, she’ll share what
parents (and/or teachers) can do to help their children
focus and regulate so they can be better listeners,
learn more easily in school, and overall be successful.
Dr. Elaine Schneider is a therapist and coach and an
authority on communication, and alternative integrated.
She’s the author of several books including “7
Strategies for Raising Calm, Inspired, & Successful
Children.” Contact her at (888) 871-8803; (661)
317-8787 or drelaine@askdrelaine.com

15. ==> How about Some Hot Summer Sex?

Want to have sex that is hotter than a heat wave?
Clinical sexologist Kristie Overstreet has the tips
that can fan the flames. Dr. Overstreet will explain
why sexual desire is at its highest during the summer
when things like the heat, the beach, fewer clothes and
less stress rub against the human libido. In addition,
summertime makes people feel younger and more willing
to have fun. If your audience wants to have more and
better sex—and who doesn’t? —she’ll suggest they
consider having sex outside, concoct sexy versions of
board games (think strip Twister) and plan a road trip
that features sexual teasing before you arrive at your
destination. Dr. Overstreet has been featured on CNN
and in Self, Psychology Today and other major media.
Her upcoming book is “Fix Yourself First: 25 Tips to
Stop Ruining Your Relationships.” Reach her at (904)
566-9256 or Kristie@TherapyDepartment.com

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