07/28/16 RTIR E-zine: Faith and Politics, Middle Class College, Fire Island

July 28,  2016

01. DNC Protests
02. TPP and the DNC
03. Protesting? Know This Lifesaving Plan
04. Race and Police: Where Black and Blue Intersect
05. Love Trumps Hate – Good Slogan?
06. Faith and Politics
07. LGBT Documentary – Fire Island
08. Lost in the Middle Class – Making College Affordable
09. Bet You Can’t Pass This Guest’s Women CEO Quiz
10. Only 13% Workers Engaged at Work
11. Travel On Purpose – Take a Soul Retreat
12. Have a Happier Wife and Life Post-Baby
13. Cell Phone Summer
14. When You Don’t Know What to Say
15. Summer Pet Safety

1. ==> DNC Protests

Democrats gathered in Philadelphia have come to an
agreement on the party’s candidate, but there are
plenty of issues vying for attention outside the
convention. Invite Russell Mokhiber, editor of
Corporate Crime Reporter, a weekly print newsletter
based in Washington, D.C., to discuss what’s going on
outside the DNC. Mokhiber also produces a daily
podcast. Contact him (currently in Philadelphia) at
(202) 468-8868; russellmokhiber@gmail.com,

Raed Jarrar is acting director of public policy and
advocacy at the American Friends Service Committee, a
Quaker organization based in Philadelphia. The group
has worked with other groups in a series of protests in
Philadelphia this week. Contact him at (510) 932-0346,
rjarrar@afsc.org, @raedjarrar

2. ==> TPP and the DNC

Laura Cáceres was among protestors at a rally against
the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Laura, the daughter of
slain Honduran Indigenous activist Berta Cáceres, says,
“We know very well the impacts that free trade
agreements have had on our countries. They give
transnational corporations, like the one my mom fought
against, the power to protect their profits even if it
means passing over the lives of people who defend the
water, forest and mother earth from destruction caused
by their very own megaprojects.” Caceres’ mother was
killed when armed gunmen stormed into her home and shot
her in March. The assassination has become one of the
most controversial issues of Clinton’s campaign because
of her support of the military coup in 2009. Contact
Lillian Boctor at lillian@ggjalliance.org

3. ==> Protesting? Know This Lifesaving Plan

Protests are happening not only in Philadelphia, but
across the nation. So far, they’ve been mostly
peaceful, but the fear is that one will turn violent.
Even if that happens, though, there are ways people
with no medical training can save lives. Invite Dr.
James Hubbard to share his four T’s of treatment in a
mass casualty situation: take cover, take action,
triage and treat. He’ll explain how to choose whom to
help—and what to do. Dr. James Hubbard, one of the
nation’s foremost survival medicine experts, publishes
a survival medicine blog. His latest book is “The
Survival Doctor’s Complete Handbook: What to Do When
Help Is NOT on the Way.”  Contact him at (662)
638-3821; thesurvivaldoctor@gmail.com.

4. ==> Race and Police: Where Black and Blue Intersect

Black Lives Matter and the Thin Blue Line can come
together and real change is possible with help from one
important group of people: police whistleblowers. So
says Washington, D.C.-based attorney, whistleblower and
whistleblowing expert Michael McCray, author of “Race,
Power & Politics.” McCray will explain why, under the
present system, bad cops are considered good and cops
that try to do good by speaking up when colleagues do
wrong, are considered bad, He’ll talk about what it
would take to break through the “blue wall of silence”
and how we can reform our broken court system. McCray
is organizer of this week’s Whistleblower Summit for
Civil & Human Rights in D.C., and a July 30 TEDx talk
in Wilmington, in celebration of National Whistleblower
Appreciation Day. Reach him at (870) 543-0024;

5. ==> Love Trumps Hate – Good Slogan?

You’ve heard “I’m with her,” “Change Maker,” “Love
Trumps Hate”, and other slogans coming out of the
Democratic National Convention but Kalliope Barlis
isn’t certain they’re all working. An expert in Neuro-
Linguistic Programming, she says a colleague called
asking why Hillary’s campaign would use Love Trumps
Hate. The colleague asked, “Doesn’t it work in Trump’s
favor to use his name?” Kalliope says, “Trump means to
bridge. The campaign is attempting to communicate to
the unconscious mind that Trump is the bridge between
love to hate. Although on the surface it isn’t
understood why you would use your opponent’s name in a
statement like this, your attention to it makes the
chain of words from love to hate a deliberate attempt
to talk to the unconscious mind to bridge Donald Trump
from love to hate.” Kalliope Barlis is a licensed
trainer of NLP, doctor of acupuncture, former
professional golfer and the author of the upcoming
“Replay Your Game.” Contact her at (718) 751-5105;

6. ==> Faith and Politics
Distrust of government is at an all-time high and
Americans are clearly fed up with their elected
leaders. Discuss the role of religion in politics with
Representative Virginia Foxx (R), of North Carolina.
The Congresswoman and author of the soon-to-be-released
book, “God is in the House,” can talk about whether
legislating from a perspective of faith is appropriate
and why Americans yearn for honest, steadfast leaders
yet aren’t confident they exist. Foxx compiled
contributions from 17 fellow Christian members of
Congress — from both sides of the aisle — for her
book. In it, she shares their journeys of faith, why
they believe God will continue to bless America, and
how their faith guides them as legislators. Virginia
Foxx has served in Congress since 2005 and has been
ranked as the most conservative member of North
Carolina’s Congressional delegation. Contact Jason
Jones at (512) 720-2996; jason@press.prbythebook.com

7. ==> LGBT Documentary – Fire Island

Stonewall shook the world and changed things forever.
The LGBT revolution ignited there and set the stage for
a cultural shift. But before the riots, there was
Cherry’s On the Bay, where a man could be whoever he
wanted, and a woman could be whatever she dreamed of.
Invite Emmy-nominated producer Dave Dodds to talk about
his new documentary which follows a season in the life
of the legendary club on New York’s Fire Island, and is
told through stories and memories of the people that
work there, the people that live there, and the men and
women that lived through history there. Dodds is a
long-time documentary filmmaker, shooting for
television and film. Cherry’s On the Bay will premiere
at The Long Beach International Film Festival next
month. Contact Gina Scarda at (516) 508-1625;

8. ==> Lost in the Middle Class – Making College

No matter where you study, a college tuition is pricey
and the cost of attending school just keeps climbing.
Graduating seniors often leave campus with staggering
student loan debt. There are grants and scholarships
available, but millions of American families don’t
qualify for any financial aid. Even under Hillary
Clinton’s proposed College Plan, 38 million households
– that’s 30% of Americans — wouldn’t qualify. Invite
Adrian Ridner, CEO and co-founder of Study.com, to
explain secrets colleges don’t want you to know that
could save you thousands on your degree. Plus, you’ll
learn simple things you can do to reduce the cost of
college, even if you don’t qualify for financial aid.
Contact Jennifer McHam at (650) 288-2381;

9. ==> Bet You Can’t Pass This Guest’s Women CEO Quiz

There are a lot of myths about women in the boardroom
and Janna Valencia will cheerfully debunk them one by
one as she entertains your listeners with a challenging
CEO quiz. For example, will you and your audience
members know who makes more money, female or male CEOs?
The No. 1 CEO in the U.S. is a woman. Can you name her?
To what minority group does she belong? Can you
identify the only person to be featured at the same
time in Fortune magazine’s Businessperson of the Year,
Most Powerful Women, and 40 Under 40 lists? Which
beauty company’s publicly traded shares are up 65
percent since its female CEO took over in 2013?
Valencia is an expert on women who rise to the top of
their industries and has personally built and sold
million-dollar businesses. Contact her at (903)
431-5657 or valencia.janna@gmail.com

10. ==> Only 13% Workers Engaged at Work

According to Gallup’s recent 142-country study, less
than 13% of the global workforce is engaged at work!
Why? Simply put, people lack individual purpose while
organizations lack vision. Dr. Ken Keis says,
“Discovering interests and natural talents is not only
incredibly enriching and personally meaningful, but it
also demonstratively increases success.” He’ll share a
process that teaches individuals how to discover their
purpose – and help others do the same. Ken Keis, Ph.D.,
is president of CRG, a global consulting and coaching
business. He’s the author of “The Quest for Purpose: A
Self-Discovery Process to Find It and Live It!” for
service providers, educators, and other service
professionals to determine their life passions,
purpose, interests, and visions. Contact him at (604)
852-0566; marketing@crgleader.com

11. ==> Travel On Purpose – Take a Soul Retreat

Many of us take a vacation during the summer but
Cathleen Miller says there may be a better way to use
your vacation days. “Shake up the typical
overindulgence, texting aimlessly by the pool, going
home exhausted to a wellness adventure that will
rejuvenate and inspired you like never before.” An
intuitive lifestyle expert, Cathleen will share how the
new trend in wellness travel can be a ‘healthy
lifestyle’ upgrade, to improve your energy, explore
your potential and more. As a wellness travel group
program expert, she’ll share how to find the right
program for your needs. From distance alternative
energy therapies and life energy/career coaching,
Cathleen can read and shift magnetic and electrical
frequencies in and around the body to assist in illness
or addiction recovery and activate energies to create
the life you were meant to live. Cathleen also has
extensive media experience. Contact her at (913)
499-8514; aloha@intuitivelifestyleexpert.com

12. ==> Have a Happier Wife and Life Post-Baby

Having a new baby at home can be rough on dads too,
especially if their wives are moody, too tired for sex
and unhappy with how they look. Trying to reassure
their wives that they are still attractive, answering
such questions as “Does this dress make me look fat?”
while coping with less sleep can take a toll on
fathers. Physical therapist Marianne Ryan can help
couples adjust better and more quickly, providing
invaluable help for women who are troubled by their
flabby tummies, persistent back pain and other symptoms
making them feel off their game. In fact, she has a
plan that can help new (and not so new) mothers go from
flab to fab in twelve weeks. Her tips even work for
women who gave birth as many as a dozen years ago. Ryan
is a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist
with more than 30 years’ experience treating prenatal
and postpartum women. She’s taught at Columbia
University School of Nursing and appeared on dozens of
national TV and radio shows. She has also been featured
in Redbook, Fitness, USA Today, and the Wall Street
Journal. Ryan has developed the Baby Bod program which
consists of her book, “Baby Bod: Turn Flab into Fab in
12 Weeks” and coaching. Contact her at (212) 661-2933;

13. ==> Cell Phone Summer

Are you sick of looking at your kid with his nose in
his phone? Lee Romanov says, “You can’t keep kids off
their phones… so why not have them make money at the
same time?” She’ll explain how to get them their own
website, where they can have their own profile, and
register them with Google AdSense. “They can put Google
Ads on their website around their content. Google will
pay them 65% of what the advertiser pays them when a
visitor to their website clicks on an ad.” She adds, if
one of their pictures or videos go viral, it could be
worth thousands of dollars! Lee Romanov is president of
Income Activator and the author of “Get Rich… By
Telling People Where to Go.” Contact her at (949)
877-0173; Lee@IncomeActivator.com

14. ==> When You Don’t Know What to Say

Everyone has suffered loss. Maybe it was a parent, or
grandparent. Maybe it was a dream job. So why is it so
hard to know what to say to someone who’s grieving?
Whether you’re in the midst of grief, or know someone
who is, David Knapp will share not only how to cope in
the darkest of days, but how to go through the process
(or support a grieving friend), find relief, and
embrace a winning attitude for the next chapter in
life. Knapp knows what it is like to grieve the loss of
loved ones after losing two wives to cancer. He’s the
author of “I Didn’t Know What to Say: Being a Better
Friend to Those Who Experience Loss.” Contact him at
(480) 289-8442; dkworld@yahoo.com

15. ==> Summer Pet Safety

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by extreme heat
and other summer issues. Invite Judy Morgan, a holistic
veterinarian, to discuss how heat affects pets and what
you can do to help your furry friends stay comfortable
and safe. From traveling with pets to dealing with dogs
who freak out during a storm, she’ll share natural ways
to treat common summer pet issues and problems. Dr.
Morgan operates two veterinary practices in New Jersey
and has been a guest on more than 50 radio and
television programs. She’s the author of several books
including “From Needles to Natural: Learning Holistic
Pet Healing” and “What’s for Dinner Dexter? Cooking for
Your Dog Using Chinese Medicine Theory.” Contact her at
(856) 881-7470; judy@drjudymorgan.com

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