07/27/17 RTIR E-zine: Transgender Military, World Travel, Soul in Health

July 27, 2017

01. Oh the Irony: Trump, Transgender & Truman
02. Trump to Transgender Military: Return to Hiding
03. Who’s Deciding Your Healthcare?
04. How Govt. Policies Really Affect Your Health
05. Psychic on The Great American Eclipse
06. Cruisers Rank Best Destinations
07. How to Beat the Online Travel Booking System
08. World Travel – Would You Survive an Attack?
09. Expert Helps Baby Boomers Find Work
10. Got an Agent? They’re Not Just for Celebs Anymore
11. Singer’s Death May Aid Male Sex Abuse Survivors
12. The Role of Soul in Health
13. The Epidemic that Gets No Press
14. Be a Great Parent to Your Inner Child
15. Make America Laugh Again!

1. ==> Oh the Irony: Trump, Transgender & Truman

On the 69th anniversary of President Harry Truman
desegregating the military, President Donald Trump
called for transgender people to be banned from serving
in the armed forces. Taryn Finley says, “Though black
people have fought in every conflict in American
history, it wasn’t until Truman signed the order on
July 26, 1948 ? a few years shy of the civil rights
movement ? that they fought in the same troops as white
soldiers and were given opportunities to rise in the
ranks. Truman’s order became a catalyst for changing
the way black people and others from marginalized
groups were treated in the armed forces.” She says
though the U.S. military has had its fair share of
modern-day issues with discriminatory practices,
Trump’s move is a major step backward adding. Taryn
Finley is a Black Voices Associate Editor at HuffPost.
She’s worked at The Root, ESSENCE magazine, NBC
Universal and Radio One. Contact her at

2. ==> Trump to Transgender Military: Return to Hiding

Donald Trump’s announcement that the military will no
longer allow transgender people to serve has Dr.
Kristie Overstreet’s phone ringing and her email
account buzzing. As a clinical sexologist and
psychotherapist specializing in transgender identity,
many people she works with are active or retired
transgender vets. She says Trump’s decision affects
countless transgender service people who sacrifice
their lives for our country. Many have openly come out
to their commanding officers as transgender and have
received support over the past year. Now the president
is telling the world that these individuals aren’t
allowed to serve or continue to serve. She says, “He’s
sending the message that they need to go back into
hiding and they don’t deserve basic human rights. This
is a tremendous rollback for the rights of transgender
individuals who deserve human rights just like the rest
of us who are not transgender.” Dr. Overstreet has been
featured in Self, Psychology Today and other major
media. Her upcoming book is “Finding Your True Self: A
Guide to Gender Acceptance.” Reach her at (904)
566-9256 or Kristie@TherapyDepartment.com

3. ==> Who’s Deciding Your Healthcare?

With our health care in the hands of 51 millionaires,
Steven Wightman says whatever the Senate passes, if
anything, is likely to continue to benefit the wealthy
at the expense of the rest of us. “Why is Washington
dodging its responsibility to put health into their
health care plan?” he asks. The Senate bill as
presently written is a boon for the top 1 percent who
would receive lower incomes taxes while the bottom 40
percent would lose via higher premiums, deductibles,
and copays. States, employers and employees face higher
costs as well. Wightman is a veteran certified
financial planner, blogger and author of the upcoming
book, “Don’t be “Trumped: 7 Ways to Protect Your Assets
and Retirement Savings Now.” He is often quoted in the
press on financial topics like health insurance and
employee benefits. Reach him at (305) 340-1459;

4. ==> How Govt. Policies Really Affect Your Health

The Senate’s marathon debate to dismantle Obamacare
entered Day Two on Wednesday, as Republican senators
continued painstaking deliberations to reach an
ultimate agreement on health care reform. 30-year
career environmental consultant Ellen Moyer, Ph.D.,
says America is nowhere near a solution to putting
health back into health care. Moreover, she points out,
the U.S.’s current system focuses too much on treating
disease rather than on preventing it from occurring in
the first place. Invite Moyer to discuss the strong
connection between government policies and public
health. “Taxpayer-funded food subsidies are primarily
used to promote junk food that makes us sick rather
than foods that make us healthy. Meanwhile, government
agencies like the Food and Drug Administration and the
U.S. Department of Agriculture end up protecting
industry from citizens rather than citizens from
industry.” Moyer will discuss realistic ways to promote
health and reduce health-care costs that involve
education and reducing air and water pollution, and
industry influence on food and medicine. Ellen Moyer is
a registered professional engineer with a B.A. in
anthropology, an M.S. in environmental engineering, a
Ph.D. in civil engineering, and 30 years of
environmental engineering experience. “Our Earth, Our
Species, Our Selves: How to Thrive While Creating a
Sustainable World” is her third book. Contact her at
(413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com

5. ==> Psychic on The Great American Eclipse

Solar eclipses have historically been viewed as omens
that bring about death and destruction. In many
cultures, the legends involve mythical figures eating
or stealing the Sun. Others interpreted the event as a
sign of angry or quarreling gods or bad omens for kings
and rulers. On Aug. 21 we’ll see the first solar
eclipse in the U.S. since 1979. The ‘Path of Totality’
will arch from Lincoln City, Oregon border in the
Northwest to Charleston, South Carolina on the eastern
seaboard. So what with the Great American Eclipse
bring? Psychic/Medium Vincent Genna says, “Anytime
planets and stars align, as they do during a solar
eclipse, there is an energy disturbance. If there are
already occurrences of negative beliefs and behaviors,
they become exacerbated and a self-fulfilling
prophecy.” But not everything surrounding solar
eclipses are about doom. In Italy, flowers planted
during a solar eclipse are said to be brighter and more
colorful than flowers planted any other time of the
year! Genna will explain how to protect yourself and
surroundings from the negative effects of a solar
eclipse and turn it into an opportunity to create
prosperity in all areas of your life! Vincent Genna is
a world-renowned psychic medium, healer and spiritual
teacher. Contact Emily Maloney at (661)255-8283;

6. ==> Cruisers Rank Best Destinations

Cruise Critic is out with their annual list of the best
cruise destinations worldwide based entirely on reviews
and ratings from cruisers. Among the findings was that
44% said itinerary is the most important factor when
planning a cruise. “Today’s cruisers are more focused
than ever on where they’re going and what they can do
while they’re there. This year’s list of winning
destinations shows the wide array of adventures
cruising offers. You can sail among the glaciers in
Alaska’s Glacier Bay, feel like a character on Game of
Thrones in Dubrovnik or relax in a private island
cabana in Castaway Cay – the options are endless,”
according to Colleen McDaniel, senior executive editor
of Cruise Critic. McDaniel will run down the list of
the best cruise destinations for singles, families and
seniors, and share the hottest cruises right now.
Cruise Critic is an online cruise guide, and part of
the Trip Advisor family. Contact Aubrey Manzo Dunn at
(609) 583-0054; Aubrey@cruisecritic.com or

7. ==> How to Beat the Online Travel Booking System

Want to know where to find the best travel deals
online? When should you book travel to get the best
price? Do you know how to capitalize if prices drop
after you book? Would you like to learn how to get the
best possible fare using Priceline’s ‘Name Your Price’
feature? Ultra-economical travel expert Russell Hannon
will explain it all. He is a former CBC Budget Travel
Columnist, has appeared at the New York Times Travel
Show, and is the author of “Stop Dreaming… Start
Traveling.” Contact him at (403) 354-0349;

8. ==> World Travel – Would You Survive an Attack?

It’s summertime and many Americans are taking trips to
unfamiliar and foreign places. It’s one thing to find
yourself the victim of a pickpocket, but there have
been numerous stories lately involving deadly
pedestrian attacks on busy city streets. Invite former
British Army Officer Chris Bird to share advice on
staying safe in an unfamiliar city, as well as what to
do if you find yourself in the middle of a dangerous or
deadly situation. Bird says everyone needs to be aware
of their surroundings at all times—but not to succumb
to fear. He’ll explain the 4Ds to avoid as well as why
you should only walk down streets in which there are
parked cars on the same side you are on or walk facing
traffic even on the sidewalk. He’ll detail what to do
if you absolutely must send a text or be on the phone
while on the street. Bird is the author of “Surviving a
Mass Killer Rampage” and a former San Antonio Express-
News crime reporter. Reach him at (210) 308-8191;

9. ==> Expert Helps Baby Boomers Find Work

Baby boomers have it tough when it comes to landing a
new job or keeping their current one. Many need to work
longer to fund their retirements but are hampered by
ageism and low-ball salary offers, just for starters.
Diane Huth knows what boomers need to do to get hired.
In a potentially life-changing interview she’ll share
what to say to an interviewer who suggests you are
overqualified; how to avoid the five biggest mistakes
job-seeking boomers make so they don’t end up working
for Wal-Mart, and 12 key strategies that can help
boomers keep their current jobs or find satisfying
employment for as long as they want to work. This will
include a discussion of how to look younger without
looking silly, how to look tech savvy and why you might
need to hide photos of your grandchildren. She is the
author of the upcoming book “Re-BRAND You to Re-INVENT
Your Career,” due in the fall. Reach her at (210)
601-7852 or diane@BrandYouGuide.com

10. ==> Got an Agent? They’re Not Just for Celebs

You probably aren’t a rock star, a bestselling author,
a celebrity or a professional athlete—the types of
people you normally think of when it comes to having an
agent. But there’s a new kind of agent in town, one
that represents skilled business executives—including
those over 50 who might have been downsized right out
of their jobs. Like any good agent, Spunk Burke helps
these executives find work by determining the value
they can bring to companies on a per-project basis and
then helps them develop a project plan. He also acts as
a go-between with companies looking for gig workers who
make the sharing economy run. Spunk can be reached at
(978) 801-9010 or spunk@gigexecs.com

11. ==> Singer’s Death May Aid Male Sex Abuse Survivors

News of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s suicide
has shocked and saddened friends and fans. Dr. Joan
Cook says, “I don’t think I’m overreaching in saying
that his troubled past may have been a factor in his
death. Bennington had openly said he was a survivor of
childhood sexual abuse that haunted him and, he said,
contributed to his excessive use of drugs and alcohol.”
Cook, who works with trauma survivors, says, “One study
in the United States estimated that one in six males
are sexually abused at some point during their
childhood. For far too long, boys and men who have been
sexually abused or assaulted have been overlooked,
neglected, minimized or stigmatized by society and, at
times, by the health care community. It’s time for that
disregard to stop.” Dr. Joan Cook is an associate
professor in the Yale School of Medicine, Department of
Psychiatry. She has worked clinically with a range of
trauma survivors, including combat veterans and former
prisoners of war, men and women who have been
physically and sexually assaulted in childhood and
adulthood, and survivors of the 2001 World Trade Center
bombing. Contact her at (203) 856-2782;

12. ==> The Role of Soul in Health

Over 81% of medical patients say they wish their
healthcare providers would address spiritual issues as
part of treatment, yet less than 10% of doctors do.
Invite Dr. Katherine Kelly to discuss this missing link
in modern healthcare. Trained as a health psychologist,
Dr. Kelly noticed that wellness models don’t address
several key issues that directly affect a patient’s
experience of health and well-being. She’ll explain her
practical yet groundbreaking way to understand the
soul’s role in overall health and how her Soul Health
Model can provide a blueprint for both radiant living
and the soul’s evolution. Katherine Kelly, Ph.D.,
M.S.P.H. is a licensed psychologist in her own
psychotherapy and consulting practice in Winston-Salem,
North Carolina. She’s the author of “Soul Health:
Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living.” Contact her
at (336) 406-8431; ktkelly101@earthlink.net

13. ==> The Epidemic that Gets No Press

One in seven American adults, or 30 million people, are
estimated to have chronic kidney disease.
Astonishingly, 96% of those with early kidney disease
(stages 1 and 2) don’t even know they have it! With one
in three Americans at risk for this disease, it’s time
to talk about it. Michael Banks will share his own
journey through diagnosis, failure, dialysis,
transplant and recovery. You’ll also hear how his
partner Karin gave him a true gift of love when she
became his living donor. Banks is a Brit who has lived
in the US for the last 28 years. A leadership expert by
profession, he wrote “Gotta Kidney?! A Journey Through
Fear to Hope and Beyond” to turn his painful struggle
into a positive that others can benefit from. Contact
him at (415) 683-8701 (voicemail messages only);
michaelbanks7@gmail.com or skype: michael.banks25

14. ==> Be a Great Parent to Your Inner Child

Just when you thought you had only one inner child,
William Kaplanidis comes along to suggest that you may
have multiple inner children—one for every major trauma
experienced in your early childhood, some of which you
may have pushed away instead of dealing with. “Being
bullied by peers, criticized by parents and living
through a parental divorce are all possible ways
children end up with a damaged heart,” says Kaplanidis.
You’ll learn the real reason some people overreact to
certain situations, the triggers that activate a
person’s normally hidden inner children, and how to
tell if your symptoms and ailments are connected to
stuck energy. With advanced training in psychology,
East-Asian medicine and martial arts, William
Kaplanidis L.Ac., M.S., M.A., fuses Eastern and Western
healing methods. He’s an internationally renowned
healer and teacher who has worked with Olympic
athletes, professional dancers, corporate executives
and many other individuals who have experienced stress
and pain. His new book is “How to be a Great Parent to
Your Inner Child: Connect with Your Heart and Higher
Purpose.” Contact Kaplanidis at (646) 265-0606;

15. ==> Make America Laugh Again!

Tired of the reading depressing news headlines every
morning? For a funny take on the day’s news, invite
stand-up comedian Vinnie Brand to provide humorous
commentary on today’s top local and national news
headlines. Vinnie appears all over New York City
talking about the things he knows best, kids, marriage,
bills and family – the stuff your listeners are talking
about! He his wife started The Stress Factory Comedy
Club in New Jersey more than 20 years ago. Besides his
stand-up act, Vinnie’s appeared on The Rosie O’Donnell
Show, Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd”, and at The
Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival (Best of the
Fest), The New York Comedy Festival, and the Toyota
Comedy Festival. He’s done radio on stations across the
country has starred in a commercial for Direct TV,
released a CD entitled “This is Vinnie Calling” and
done various voice overs. Contact Ryan McCormick at
(516) 901-1103

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