07/26/16 RTIR E-zine: DNC, Wedding Jitters, Surviving Summer

July 26, 2016

01. Why Republicans Should Vote for Hillary
02. Why Did Hillary Pick Kaine?
03. DNC Leaks, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Russia
04. The Congressional Blacklist
05. Hot, Hot, Hot – Heat Survival Tips
06. Extreme Heat Affects Pets Too
07. Got Wedding Jitters?
08. To Prenup or Not
09. Summer Road Trip!! Hit a National Park
10. Have a Happier Wife and Life Post-Baby
11. Critical Health Threat for Millennial and X Generations
12. Take on Aging as a Sport
13. When You Don’t Know What to Say
14. Signs of the Apocalypse?
15. Human X-Ray Tells People How to Heal Themselves

1. ==> Why Republicans Should Vote for Hillary

Douglas Brand says the ‘Donald Dilemma’ facing many
Republicans reluctant to vote against their party can
look to history for help in easing their conscience.
Writing for Fortune magazine, Brand brings Alexander
Hamilton into the discussion. He says, “Donald Trump
would have reminded Hamilton of Aaron Burr, his
political nemesis and the man who would ultimately kill
Hamilton in a duel. Like Trump, Burr had an outsized,
narcissistic personality. Fidelity to principle never
stood in the way of Burr’s self-advancement. His
defining moment came in the presidential election of
1800, when he reneged on a promise to serve as Thomas
Jefferson’s vice president and tried to seize the
presidency for himself.” He adds, “If elected,
Republicans will be blamed for his failures. To support
Trump, we must sacrifice our principles and reconcile
our minds to his. Better we should follow Hamilton’s
example and support an opposing party whose principles
we reject—and remain a principles party of opposition.”
Douglas Brand is professor of political science at the
College of the Holy Cross. Contact him at (508)
793-3402; dbrand@holycross.edu

2. ==> Why Did Hillary Pick Kaine?

William Black says, by picking Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary
Clinton has revealed her true preferences and shown
that her move to the left on policy issues during the
primaries was simply a tactical move to defeat Bernie
Sanders. “It’s not what you say, it’s what you do.
Clinton can talk about caring about the U.S. public,
but this choice cuts through the rhetoric.” He adds,
“The two politicians to whom she gave serious
consideration to choosing as her running mate were
Kaine and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. What
both men share in common is, like the Clintons, being
leaders of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). The
DLC was, on economic and foreign policy issues, a
servile creature of Wall Street — funded by Wall
Street.” William Black is an associate professor of
economics and law at the University of Missouri-Kansas
City. A former bank regulator who led investigations of
the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s, he is the
author of the book “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to
Own One.” Contact him at (650) 743-8835,
blackw@umkc.edu, @williamkblack

3. ==> DNC Leaks, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Russia

For months, Bernie Sanders supporters have complained
about unfair treatment from the Democratic National
Committee—only to have these concerns dismissed by
media observers as petulance and conspiracy-mongering.
But Adam Johnson says hacked emails from within the DNC
now show what the New York Times describes as
“hostility” and “derision” towards the Sanders campaign
from top party officials. Invite Johnson to discuss the
issue including the resignation of DNC head Debbie
Wasserman Schultz and claims that Russia had a hand in
the email leaks. Johnson just wrote the piece “With DNC
Leaks, Former ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Is Now True — and No
Big Deal,” for the media watch group FAIR. Contact him
at (email best) ahubbardjohnson@gmail.com; (646)
756-0056 or @adamjohnsonNYC

4. ==> The Congressional Blacklist

Wouldn’t it be great to know the incumbents in Congress
with the worst record on the economy and health? Judy
Frankel’s Congressional Blacklist will help empower
your audience and tell them who is passing bills that
are hazardous to their job outlook, financial and
physical health. Judy will reveal how the grocery
business used Congress to make sure food wouldn’t be
labeled as genetically engineered, what bills Congress
passed that caused the 2008 financial crisis and what
big deal they’re working on now that will land Big
Pharma, Big Banks, and Big Internet Providers an even
bigger payday — at your expense. Give your listeners
an outrageous and informative show about the backroom
deals in Washington and what they need to know to
insure a prosperous, healthier future. Judy Frankel is
the founder of Writeindependent.org, an interactive
federal elections website. A public speaker and blogger
for the Huffington Post, she helps audiences learn the
specific steps to stop corruption in Congress and
engage in democracy. She’s the author of “In Search of
the P.O.T.U.S.: One Woman’s Quest to Fix Washington.”
Contact her at (310) 750-6686; judyfrankel@gmail.com

5. ==> Hot, Hot, Hot – Heat Survival Tips

At least six heat-related deaths have been reported as
dangerously high temperatures continue to scorch
portions of the Eastern U.S. — where heat advisories
remain in effect. Meantime, two young children died
this weekend in hot cars. Invite Dr. James Hubbard to
share heat

tips and explain why cars are such dangerous places for
kids, especially in the summer. Dr. James Hubbard, aka
The Survival Doctor, is one of the nation’s foremost
survival medicine experts. He writes a popular blog and
is the author of several books including “The Survival
Doctor’s Complete Handbook: What to Do When Help Is NOT
on the Way.” Contact him at (662) 638-3821;

6. ==> Extreme Heat Affects Pets Too

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by extreme heat.
Invite Judy Morgan, a holistic veterinarian, to discuss
how heat affects pets and what you can do to help your
furry friends stay comfortable and safe in this extreme
heat. From traveling with pets to dealing with dogs who
freak out during a storm, she’ll share natural ways to
treat common pet issues and problems. Dr. Morgan
operates two veterinary practices in New Jersey and has
been a guest on more than 50 radio and television
programs. She’s the author of several books including
“From Needles to Natural: Learning Holistic Pet
Healing” and “What’s for Dinner Dexter? Cooking for
Your Dog Using Chinese Medicine Theory.” Contact her at
(856) 881-7470; judy@drjudymorgan.com

7. ==> Got Wedding Jitters?

It’s wedding season and there are a lot of anxious
brides and grooms asking themselves: Am I doing the
right thing? Is this the right person for me? For the
rest of my life? Therapist Kathy Infield says she
wasn’t sure when she married, and neither was her
husband, but after 43 years together she says they’re
pretty sure now! Invite her to talk about clues you may
be making a mistake, why you need to talk about
finances, sex and children long before you get married,
and why most marriages could be better if couples put
in the work. Kathy Infield is a therapist, mediator and
coach. She’s the author of “”Creating Love for A
Lifetime-The Five C’s to A Successful Marriage.”
Contact her at (602) 739-0549; kathydinfeld@yahoo.com

8. ==> To Prenup or Not

Let’s face it: it’s not easy to ask for a prenuptial
agreement when you’re about to get married. Future
spouses may wrongly assume it’s a statement of
distrust.  But Josh Bennett says avoiding a fight isn’t
the only reason you may want to forgo a prenuptial
agreement.” “First, a prenuptial agreement requires
full financial disclosure. Even couples ready to
completely share their lives with each other are
uncomfortable sharing every aspect of their finances
with each other or anyone.  Second, prenuptial
agreements can be challenged and deemed invalid by a
judge come the event of divorce.” Bennett will discuss
how to safeguard your finances with or without a
prenuptial agreement – and with or without your future
spouse even knowing about it. Josh Bennett is an
attorney specializing in asset preservation planning.
Contact him at (954) 779-1661; Josh@JoshBennett.com

9. ==> Summer Road Trip!! Hit a National Park

The National Park Service marks its 100th anniversary
this year and Larry Powalisz says it’s not too late to
pack up the family and explore one of America’s parks.
The author of the book series “Exploring Our National
Park Treasures” will share where to go, when
to visit and why. He says, “The crown jewels of the
National Park System are the 59 national parks; but
there are over 400 national seashores, monuments,
historical parks, and others located all over the
United States. They’re inexpensive, educational,
historical, and the spectacular views and vistas can be
life changing. There is no better classroom for
children to learn from or enjoy. This could be the
epitome of family bonding, togetherness and enjoyment!”
Powalisz is a career law enforcement officer. He and
his wife have written several books about the national
parks after visiting a number of them with their own
children. Contact him at (414) 801-8158;

10. ==> Have a Happier Wife and Life Post-Baby

Having a new baby at home can be rough on dads too,
especially if their wives are moody, too tired for sex
and unhappy with how they look. Trying to reassure
their wives that they are still attractive, answering
such questions as “Does this dress make me look fat?”
while coping with less sleep can take a toll on
fathers. Physical therapist Marianne Ryan can help
couples adjust better and more quickly, providing
invaluable help for women who are troubled by their
flabby tummies, persistent back pain and other symptoms
making them feel off their game. In fact, she has a
plan that can help new (and not so new) mothers go from
flab to fab in four weeks. Her tips even work for women
who gave birth as many as a dozen years ago. Ryan is a
board certified orthopedic clinical specialist with
more than 30 years’ experience treating prenatal and
postpartum women. She’s taught at Columbia University
School of Nursing and appeared on dozens of national TV
and radio shows. She has also been featured in Redbook,
Fitness, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. Ryan
has developed the Baby Bod program which consists of
her book, “Baby Bod: Turn Flab into Fab in 12 Weeks”
and coaching. Contact her at (212)

11. ==> Critical Health Threat for Millennial and X
The Millennial Generation, today’s largest and youngest
workforce, already represent seven percent of cancer
survivors. The X Generation is contracting cancer at
alarming rates (not smoking or genetics related). After
graduating from law school, Vera Gilford was diagnosed
with cancer and lost a kidney. Her new mission: to
discover how this resulted from what she thought was a
healthy life style. Her research reveals a common
denominator between weight gain and the top five
leading health threats in America, including heart
attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and
cancer. Learn what ingredients you eat every day that
harm your health and how this can be avoided and reduce
weight and healthcare costs. Vera Gilford is the co-
author of “Secrets to Losing Weight & Better Health.”
Contact her at (305) 877-9470; Vera4Speaker@gmail.com
or vera@veragilford.com

12. ==> Take on Aging as a Sport

Boomers will be turning 65 at a rate of between 8-
and10-thousand per day and our older population is
expected to almost double in 2050. Are we ready?
Sharkie Zartman, a former All American volleyball
athlete and professor of health offers a novel,
athletic approach to the challenges of aging—take on
aging as a sport. She suggests a new paradigm in
viewing aging as a challenge and privilege instead of
an inevitable period of decline. Viewing the common
symptoms and conditions as opposing competitors is an
empowered approach that any athlete or sports fan can
identify with and use an effective game play to take
charge of their lives instead of letting age strip away
their quality of life. She can discuss the mind-body
connection, why we need to change our attitudes about
aging, training principles, how to clean up our diets,
why we need to exercise every day, and more.  She’ll
motivate your audience to get off the bench, put on
their helmets, and get into the game. Sharkie Zartman
is the author of five books, including “Take on Aging
as a Sport; The Athletic Approach to Aging” Contact her
at (310) 415-0190; sharkiezartman@yahoo.com

13. ==> When You Don’t Know What to Say

Everyone has suffered loss. Maybe it was a parent, or
grandparent. Maybe it was a dream job. So why is it so
hard to know what to say to someone who’s grieving?
Whether you’re in the midst of grief, or know someone
who is, David Knapp will share not only how to cope in
the darkest of days, but how to go through the process
(or support a grieving friend), find relief, and
embrace a winning attitude for the next chapter in
life. Knapp knows what it is like to grieve the loss of
loved ones after losing two wives to cancer. He’s the
author of “I Didn’t Know What to Say: Being a Better
Friend to Those Who Experience Loss.” Contact him at
(480) 289-8442; dkworld@yahoo.com

14. ==> Signs of the Apocalypse?

Given all that’s happening in the U.S.—presidential
election uncertainty and dissatisfaction, racial
violence and tensions peaking—many are starting to
wonder if what we’re seeing is the beginning of the
fall of the West … and the fulfillment of biblical
prophecies ushering us into the ‘end times.’  Author
and scholar Dr. Tim Dailey says the recent coup in
Turkey is just the latest in a long line of events
further destabilizing the Middle East. Yet, he says,
there is reason for hope. “The world is also witnessing
an unprecedented spiritual revival and outpouring of
the miraculous. Read the signs and take a stand,
knowing that Jesus has promised to be with us to the
end of the age.” Dailey’s latest book is “Apocalypse
Rising: Chaos in the Middle East, the Fall of the West
and Other Signs of the End Times.” Contact Jason Jones
at (512) 720-2996; jason@press.prbythebook.com

15. ==> Human X-Ray Tells People How to Heal Themselves

Mada Eliza Dalian is a medical intuitive who can
identify the root cause of someone’s problem by simply
listening to their breath in-person or by phone. Mada
can work with a radio host or callers to demonstrate
how her light-speed Dalian Method can release and
transform the root causes of fear, anxiety, stress and
sickness. Once the person learns this technique they
can quickly erase the self-sabotaging belief-patterns
and emotions that cause chronic pain, depression, and
illness and can quickly restore their physical and
mental health, she says. Mada has already helped
thousands of people find their inner strength, life
purpose, and live more meaningful lives. She is the
author of “In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into
Consciousness” and “Healing the Body & Awakening
Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-
Healing System for a New Humanity.” Reach her at (250)
930-7799; (778) 370-2445 (cell) or

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