07/19/16 RTIR E-zine: RNC and Donald Trump, Mars landing, Post Baby Bodies

July 19, 2016
01. The Absurdities of Terrorism
02. Sanders’ Delegates and Clinton’s VP Pick
03. Donald Trump’s Tribal Thinking
04. Race and Police: Where Black and Blue Intersect
05. Former Judge on Black, White and Blue Lives
06. Bad News on Superbugs
07. 40th Anniversary of Mars Landing
08. Post-Baby Bodies – What Nobody Talks About
09. Bet You Can’t Pass This Women CEO Quiz
10. Take a Nostalgic Trip with a Former TWA Stewardess
11. Travel On Purpose – Take a Soul Retreat
12. Fun Summer Show – Ketchup on Hot Dogs?
13. How to Talk to Your Kids about Prejudice
14. Are We Raising Mass Murderers?
15. Scared of Spiders and Snakes?

1. ==> The Absurdities of Terrorism

Police in France say a link between the man who killed
84 people on Bastille Day in the French Riviera city of
Nice and ISIS has “yet to be established.” But French
author and physicist Jean Bricmon says, “At this
moment, we do not know what the motivations of the
truck driver were. But, speaking of Islamic terrorism
in general, one can at least ask what the root causes
of that terrorism are.” He says, “Our policies are a
veritable series of absurdities: we invent enemies like
Putin and Assad who have done nothing to us, and we
help our real enemies, like the Islamic terrorists, in
order to fight our imaginary ones. On top of that, all
our politicians are fighting each other to prove that
they are more pro-Israel than the guy next to them,
which would make us hated in the Muslim world if there
were no other reasons… As long as ISIS appears
successful, it will attract alienated Western
youngsters. And terrorism will continue.” Jean Bricmont
is author of Humanitarian Imperialism: Using Human
Rights to Sell War. He is also a mathematical and
statistical physicist at the University of Louvain, and
the co-author of Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern
Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science. Contact him in France
at 011-33-6-6234681, jean.bricmont@uclouvain.be,

2. ==> Sanders’ Delegates and Clinton’s VP Pick

The first major survey of Bernie Sanders delegates
reveals big concerns about Hillary Clinton’s pending
choice of a vice presidential candidate, with many
delegates expressing their willingness to publicly
denounce prospective running-mates and even protest on
the convention floor. The nationwide survey was
conducted by the independent Bernie Delegates Network,
an initiative launched by RootsAction.org in
partnership with Progressive Democrats of America.
Donna Smith, director of PDA, says, “While Trump has
moved to unify his party by selecting a running-mate
who is trusted by the Republican activist base and who
had endorsed his top opponent, we fear that Secretary
Clinton is looking in the wrong direction for her
running-mate. Democratic and independent voters
throughout the nation could be lost if the party’s
presidential ticket fails to truly reflect strong
progressive positions.” Contact Donna Smith at

3. ==> Donald Trump’s Tribal Thinking

The same thinking that used to protect us from wild
animals and marauding invaders—tribal thinking—is
increasingly placing the world in a precarious place.
So says Donald Pet, a psychiatrist dedicated to
promoting world peace through his nonprofit The
Educational Community. Pet cites Donald Trump’s rise to
Republican presidential nominee as evidence of tribal
thinking run amuck. “Donald Trump is one of the most
tribal people we can imagine,” Pet says. He’ll discuss
how we’re all born to think “my way is the only right
way”—the hallmark of tribal thinking—and why, if Trump
is elected, it won’t be long before we enter into a
war. Pet also cites Britain’s exit from the European
Union as a territorial issue. “The Brits don’t want to
be part of a larger system. But we are no longer
tribes. We are interrelated and we need to solve our
interrelated problems.”  Donald Pet, M.D., is a retired
Johns Hopkins-trained psychiatrist, an expert on
addiction and a former consultant to the White House.
He is director of The Educational Community, a
nonprofit dedicated to promoting Albert Einstein’s
solution to preventing human catastrophe and promoting
world peace. Contact him at (860) 324-9991 (CT);

4. ==> Race and Police: Where Black and Blue Intersect

Black Lives Matter and the Thin Blue Line can come
together and real change is possible with help from one
important group of people: police whistleblowers. So
says Washington, D.C.-based attorney, whistleblower and
whistleblowing expert Michael McCray, author of “Race,
Power & Politics.” McCray will explain why, under the
present system, bad cops are considered good and cops
that try to do good by speaking up when colleagues do
wrong, are considered bad, He’ll talk about what it
would take to break through the “blue wall of silence”
and how we can reform our broken court system. McCray
is organizer of the July 27-29 Whistleblower Summit for
Civil & Human Rights in D.C., and a July 30 TEDx talk
in Wilmington, in celebration of National Whistleblower
Appreciation Day. Reach him at (870) 543-0024;

5. ==> Former Judge on Black, White and Blue Lives

Audrey Thomas believes black lives matter but she says
white lives also matter and so do the lives of men and
women in blue. She’ll discuss the issue from her
perspective as a former Federal Prosecutor, retired
Superior Court Judge, and an African-American. “My
heart bleeds every time I hear another black man has
been gunned down. It means another family has been
deprived of another black male as our black males are
becoming an extinct species.” So what do we do? She
says, “As a practical matter we should have every
police department in every city immediately prepare a
video demonstrating exactly the response expected from
all people when pulled over by the police. Then,
distribute those videos everywhere: schools, churches,
businesses, community centers, etc.” Contact her at
(340) 514-7176; audrey.thomas26@gmail.com

6. ==> Bad News on Superbugs

Researchers have found bacteria resistant to the
antibiotic of last resort in a sample from a second
patient in the United States. The latest news comes as
scientists intensify efforts to find threats to their
antibiotic arsenal. Are we all doomed to die from
resistant infections? Or are there strategies that
greatly diminish risk that anyone can implement? Invite
Dr. Jim Roach, a leading integrative practitioner, to
share ways to ‘super-size’ your immune system so that
it’s Teflon to ‘super-bugs’! Jim Roach, MD, has
appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. He’s a
speaker, consultant, educator, researcher, and widely
sought clinician with patients from across the country.
He is also author of “God’s House Calls” which
discusses spiritual near-death experiences of his
patients and seeks to de-stigmatize spiritual
experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at (859) 846-4453
(office);  jproach@aol.com

7. ==> 40th Anniversary of Mars Landing

Wednesday marks the 40th anniversary of the first
successful landing on Mars by Viking 1. Space and NASA
historian Rod Pyle will take you back to what we knew
about Mars before Viking (not much), what we discovered
when we landed (a lot), and how we did not–or perhaps
DID–find life on the red planet (the results of these
first experiments are still under debate!). Rod managed
to sneak into Caltech’s media facility that July
afternoon in 1976 to see that first picture come back
from Mars, one strip at a time; and his memories that
day and the mission overall are compelling and magical.
Rod Pyle has written several books and produced
numerous documentaries for the History Channel and
Discovery Communications, including the acclaimed
Modern Marvels: Apollo 11. He has lectured at NASA’s
Johnson Space Center, and written for the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech, LiveScience, and
Space.com. He’s the author of numerous books including
“Curiosity: An Inside Look at the Mars Rover Mission”
and the upcoming “Amazing Stories of the Space Race.”
Contact him at (626) 399-4440; rodpyle@yahoo.com

8. ==> Post-Baby Bodies – What Nobody Talks About

Women get lots of information on what to eat during
pregnancy and what to expect after the baby comes. But
when it comes to dealing with their changed bodies,
health-care professionals often drop the ball, says
physical therapist Marianne Ryan, who specializes in
prenatal and postpartum treatment. Unfortunately, many
women then make the mistake of thinking they have to
live with flabby tummies, persistent back pain, leaking
bladders and other unpleasant symptoms. Invite Ryan to
share tools that can help new (and old) mothers go from
flab to fab in weeks. You’ll learn which exercises tone
stretched out tummies best, how to restore weakened
bladder muscles, and why you should employ a gentle
approach to core strengthening exercises.  Whether you
had a C-section or gave birth a dozen years ago, Ryan
says the same tips and tricks work for everyone.
Marianne Ryan is a physical therapist and board
certified orthopedic clinical specialist with more than
30 years’ experience treating prenatal and postpartum
women. She’s taught at Columbia University School of
Nursing and appeared on dozens of national TV and radio
shows. She has also been featured in Redbook, Fitness,
USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. Ryan has
developed the Baby Bod program which consists of her
book, “Baby Bod: Turn Flab into Fab in 12 Weeks” and
coaching. Contact her at (212) 661-2933;

9. ==> Bet You Can’t Pass This Women CEO Quiz

There are a lot of myths about women in the boardroom
and Janna Valencia will cheerfully debunk them one by
one as she entertains your listeners with a challenging
CEO quiz. For example, will you and your audience
members know who makes more money, female or male CEOs?
The No. 1 CEO in the U.S. is a woman. Can you name her?
To what minority group does she belong? Can you
identify the only person to be featured at the same
time in Fortune magazine’s Businessperson of the Year,
Most Powerful Women, and 40 Under 40 lists? Which
beauty company’s publicly traded shares are up 65
percent since its female CEO took over in 2013?
Valencia is an expert on women who rise to the top of
their industries and has personally built and sold
million-dollar businesses. Contact her at (903)
431-5657 or valencia.janna@gmail.com

10. ==> Take a Nostalgic Trip with a Former TWA

Back in the 1960s when Trans World Airlines took people
“up, up and away,” air travel was more glamorous than
it is today. So too were the stewardesses who made
travelers feel at home. Whether they lived through the
era or just know about it from “Mad Men,” former TWA
stewardess Anneros Valens will transport your audience
back to the time when stews’ standard uniforms included
white gloves, high heels, stockings, miniskirts,
scarves and hats and they prepared food on the plane
and served first-class passengers on real china. It was
also a time when stewardesses were weighed monthly,
required to wear their hair a certain length, use the
same color nail polish and fired when they became
pregnant. Anneros can talk about what it was like to
see the world, live with six stewardesses in one
apartment, and encounter a scruffy looking celebrity.
She’ll also share why she believes air travel then was
more special than it is today. A German native who has
lived in the Bronx for many years, she is the author of
the upcoming book “America the Beautiful: Through the
Eyes of an Immigrant.” Reach her at (718) 549-1407;

11. ==> Travel On Purpose – Take a Soul Retreat

Many of us take a vacation during the summer but
Cathleen Miller says there may be a better way to use
your vacation days. “Shake up the typical
overindulgence, texting aimlessly by the pool, going
home exhausted to a wellness adventure that will
rejuvenate and inspired you like never before.” An
intuitive lifestyle expert, Cathleen will share how the
new trend in wellness travel can be a ‘healthy
lifestyle’ upgrade, to improve your energy, explore
your potential and more. As a wellness travel group
program expert, she’ll share how to find the right
program for your needs. From distance alternative
energy therapies and life energy/career coaching,
Cathleen can read and shift magnetic and electrical
frequencies in and around the body to assist in illness
or addiction recovery and activate energies to create
the life you were meant to live. Cathleen also has
extensive media experience. Contact her at (913)
499-8514; aloha@intuitivelifestyleexpert.com

12. ==> Fun Summer Show – Ketchup on Hot Dogs?

Need to fill some down time this summer with a fun, but
surprisingly controversial subject? Everyone has
opinions of proper hot dog toppings and July’s
“National Hot Dog Month” serves as a timely tie-in. Get
ready to hear from Shark Tank alumni and the “queen of
condiments,” Julie Busha, who turned a head of cabbage
into a million-dollar idea. She’ll talk about proper
hot dog eating etiquette, the crazy new “haute dogs” at
baseball stadiums and what celebs and experts say about
eating ketchup on a hot dog. Does it wreck the wiener
or is that just food fascism? Have your listeners
introduce themselves with their favorite topping and
weigh in. As a bonus, hosts can do a blindfold tasting
of the newest hot dog topper to hit the market… one
that may just put traditional toppers in the trash.
Contact Julie Busha at (704) 879-4411;
jbusha@slawsa.com. 704-756-3661

13. ==> How to Talk to Your Kids about Prejudice

Recent events have left many Americans frightened,
angry, and divided. In this day and age, it’s
impossible to shelter our children from the constant
influx of information from the media. Influences from
television, magazines, newspapers, social media and the
internet are so ubiquitous, even the most vigilant
parent may not be able to completely shield their child
from disturbing, adult-appropriate news. So how do
parents talk to their kids about the frightening,
violent, and prejudiced acts flooding our media?
Parenting expert Thomas Gagliano can discuss how to
talk to your kids about the violence and prejudice in
the media and what an age-appropriate discussion should
include. Tom will also touch on whether we should – and
can – limit a child’s exposure to the Internet and
media, and share ways to ensure your children feel safe
and not overly fearful. Tom Gagliano, MSW, is a mentor,
speaker and author. Contact him at (732) 266-4952;

14. ==> Are We Raising Mass Murderers?

After the recent string of tragic mass shootings across
the country, many people are asking, “What can we do to
prevent these shootings?” Emily Slingluff says there is
something that almost every one of us can do to help
prevent mass murders in the future. “Individual people
are the cause of mass murders. So, why do some people
want to kill others and some do not want to kill
others?  How can we help make people happy instead of
confused, insecure, and unhappy, wanting to lash out
and hurt others?” Slingluff says parents have more
influence than anyone in raising a kinder, happier
generation. She’ll discuss clear and easy ways to help
kids be happy with life. She says, “The formative years
of life are called formative for a reason.  And the
main influence in those first years is the parent.”
Emily Slingluff is the author of several parenting
books including her latest, “Parenting without
Punishment.” Contact her at (757) 428-6167;

15. ==> Scared of Spiders and Snakes?

Millions of people are afraid of snakes and spiders. In
fact, when Gallup asked, 51 percent of Americans
admitted being afraid of snakes. The good news is
there’s no need to jump out of your seat, scream, or
run away when faced by the real thing this summer or
even in a picture, not when Kalliope Barlis, an expert
on releasing phobias, is in the house. Barlis can
explain why we fear what we do and how we can gain
control of our feelings and reactions to live happier
lives, whether we are terrified of writhing snakes,
biting spiders or anything else. Barlis is a Licensed
Trainer of NLP and doctor of acupuncture whose upcoming
book is “Replay Your Game.” Reach her at (718)
751-5105,  ask@buildingyourbest.com

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