07/12/16 RTIR E-zine: Democratic Platform, Olympics 2016, Pet Training Tips

July 12, 2016

01. The Escalating Militarization of Police
02. How to Talk to Your Kids about Prejudice
03. Clinton/Warren – Time for a Two-Woman Ticket?
04. Democratic Platform – What’s On, What’s Not
05. Fear of Clowns: More Common Than You’d Think
06. Any Bad Habit Cured in 2 Minutes
07. Should You Call Off the Wedding?
08. Lost in the Middle Class – Making College Affordable
09. Job Hunting – What Grads Didn’t Learn in College
10. Hurricane Survivor Helping Other Disaster Victims
11. Olympics 2016: New Competitive Edge for Gold
12. How to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back Fast
13. The Science of Raising Brilliant Children
14. Make Money from Your Passion
15. The Dog Days of Summer – Pet Training Tips

1. ==> The Escalating Militarization of Police

Over 300 demonstrators, angry at the latest killings of
black men by police officers, were arrested in a
weekend of intense, sometimes violent nationwide
protests. The two men’s deaths in turn spurred a lone
shooter in Dallas to kill five police officers during a
Black Lives Matter protest. What is going on? Invite
Peter Kraska, a noted authority and expert on police
militarization to discuss the issue and how it plays
into the current atmosphere of fear and hate. Kraska is
professor and chair of Graduate Studies and Research in
the School of Justice Studies Eastern Kentucky
University. He is author or co-author of numerous books
including “Militarizing The American Criminal Justice
System: The Changing Roles of the Armed Forces and
Police.”  Contact him at (859) 358-8619;

2. ==> How to Talk to Your Kids about Prejudice

Recent events have left US citizens frightened, angry,
and divided. In this day and age, it’s impossible to
shelter our children from the constant influx of
information from the media. Influences from television,
magazines, newspapers, social media and the internet
are so ubiquitous, even the most vigilant parent may
not be able to completely shield their child from
disturbing, adult-appropriate news. So how do parents
talk to their kids about the frightening, violent, and
prejudiced acts flooding our media? Parenting expert
Thomas Gagliano can discuss how to talk to your kids
about the violence and prejudice in the media and what
an age-appropriate discussion should include. Tom will
also touch on whether we should – and can – limit a
child’s exposure to the Internet and media, and share
ways to ensure your children feel safe and not overly
fearful. Tom Gagliano, MSW, is a mentor, speaker and
author. Contact him at (732) 266-4952;

3. ==> Clinton/Warren – Time for a Two-Woman Ticket?

Who will Hillary Clinton choose as a running mate?
Robert Kuttner says Elizabeth Warren is an attractive
candidate for several reasons. “Warren brings a verve
and a gusto to the campaign that has partly eluded
Clinton until now. Clinton may conclude she needs
Warren to assure her own election. Only on that basis
is she likely to turn to Warren. All other
considerations pale in comparison with that one. Warren
will get the nod if and only if Clinton decides that
Warren will make a major difference in November. Would
Warren take the job? Yes.” Robert Kuttner is a
journalist and writer and the co-founder of The
American Prospect, a liberal political magazine.
Contact him at (202) 776-0730 (DC) or (781) 736-531;

4. ==> Democratic Platform – What’s On, What’s Not

The full Democratic Party platform committee met in
Orlando this weekend. CommonDreams.org reports that:
“Supporters of Hillary Clinton successfully voted down
amendments supporting a single payer healthcare system,
a nationwide ban on fracking, as well as an amendment
objecting to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and
characterizing the settlements as illegal.” Rania
Khalek, associate editor at the ElectronicIntifada.net
and co-host of the “Unauthorized Disclosure” podcast,
live tweeted much of the meeting this weekend. Contact
Rania at (571) 239-4683 (DC), raniakhalek@gmail.com,

5. ==> Fear of Clowns: More Common Than You’d Think

Imagine what life would be like if your heart raced and
you broke out in a sweat and experienced terror anytime
you saw a clown in a movie, a circus or on the street.
Kalliope Barlis, an expert on releasing phobias, says
this experience is more common than you’d expect and
recalls treating one woman who was so upset by a clown
sighting on the street that she abandoned her infant in
his carriage. Invite Barlis, a licensed NLP trainer and
doctor of acupuncture, on your show to talk about clown
phobia (coulrophobia), what causes it and how it can be
treated; the same process can be used to treat other
phobias too. Her upcoming book is “Replay Your Game.”
Reach her at (718) 751-5105; ask@buildingyourbest.com

6. ==> Any Bad Habit Cured in 2 Minutes

Every one of your listeners has at LEAST one bad habit.
Invite Scott Spackey, an international addiction
expert, life-coach and counselor, on your show and in 2
minutes He’ll teach ANYONE how to break their bad habit
with a custom formula made just for that habit—just for
that person. Scott was involved with a notorious
organized meth, sex and counterfeiting ring in 80s &
90s Los Angeles and has spent over a decade as a
private counselor. He’s a registered, certified
addiction specialist who treats and presents on
everything from alcohol to ecstasy, shopping to
shoplifting, snacking to sex! He’s the author of
“Project Addiction—The Complete Guide to Using, Abusing
and Recovering from Drugs and Behaviors” and “The Habit
Master.” Contact him at (661) 904-5353;

7. ==> Should You Call Off the Wedding?

We’ve all been to at least one wedding where we left
and wondered if the pair would last as long as their
new blender. It’s wedding season and brides and grooms-
to-be are lining up to take their vows, but what if
there are lingering doubts? Does having ‘cold feet’
mean your union is destined to disintegrate? Invite
DateMeister Mary Reilly to help daters identify the red
flags in a relationship before they move in together,
buy a dress, or get married. Mary herself ditched a
live-in, long-term boyfriend and is auctioning off her
would-be wedding dress to raise money for a community
ginger farm run by women in Uganda. A dating and
relationship expert, Mary has co-written along with Dr.
Martin Kelly “Dating Defensively: How To Know When To
Get Off At The Next Exit.”  Contact her at (917)
363-9860; thedatemeister@gmail.com

8. ==> Lost in the Middle Class – Making College

No matter where you study, a college tuition is pricey
and the cost of attending school just keeps climbing.
Graduating seniors often leave campus with staggering
student loan debt. There are grants and scholarships
available, but millions of American families don’t
qualify for any financial aid. Even under Hillary
Clinton’s proposed College Plan, 38 million households
– that’s 30% of Americans — wouldn’t qualify. Invite
Adrian Ridner, CEO and co-founder of Study.com, to
explain secrets colleges don’t want you to know that
could save you thousands on your degree. Plus, you’ll
learn simple things you can do to reduce the cost of
college, even if you don’t qualify for financial aid.
Contact Jennifer McHam at (650) 288-2381;

9. ==> Job Hunting – What Grads Didn’t Learn in College

Looking for a job is hard– especially for college
graduates entering the job market for the first time.
“One of the most important conversations you will ever
have in your lifetime is the job interview
conversation,” says Debbie Silverman, a human behavior
specialist. From body language to using the right
verbiage, Silverman says, “The words we use in a
conversation and how we understand the silent
conversation—facial expressions, body language—is the
difference between dreaming about what you want and
actually getting it, in a job interview and in life!”
She’ll discuss how five simple steps will give you an
unfair advantage in the job market and explain the
difference between showing up to interview and showing
up to win! Debbie Silverman is a human behavior
specialist, NLP practitioner and the author of “It’s
Just a Conversation – What to Say and How to Say It in
Business.”  Contact her at (954) 610-1403;

10. ==> Hurricane Survivor Helping Other Disaster

C. Naomi Covington is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina
and FEMA first responder. She knows firsthand the pain
of suddenly losing everything and the gaps that can
occur in getting help so she’s working to raise money
for other disaster victims. The Tohubohu Project is a
new Indiegogo campaign hoping to raise $5 million to
assist families worldwide who are victims of natural
disasters like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and
wildfires. Covington recalls, “After Katrina, many were
not allowed access to their homes for weeks. … There
was a disconnect between the local, state and federal
government for over a month. So many of us were without
money, jobs, and income, and taken in by strangers.
Some of us even pitched tents and lived on air
mattresses for weeks until local hotels either had
availability or reopened.” The Tohubohu Project, under
the auspices of the nonprofit Texas Disaster Recovery
and Relief, hopes to support families by purchasing and
installing storm shelters for homes in tornado prone
regions; assisting with relocation, temporary housing
and home repairs; and providing reemployment services,
counseling, and flood-proofing modifications. Contact
Covington at (214) 530-0648;

11. ==> Olympics 2016: New Competitive Edge for Gold

Olympic trials are underway to determine who is heading
to Rio later this summer to compete on the US team.
Whether it’s gymnastics, track and field or tennis, the
level of competition is fierce as these world-class
athletes go head-to-head. What makes an Olympian?
Invite Intuitive Life Energy Coach & Wellness Expert
Cathleen Miller to share how the competitive edge to
achieve gold is so much more than physical training.
She’ll reveal the visualization techniques, animal
therapy and body-mind techniques that athletes are now
using to assist them in rising to their full potential.
From distance alternative energy therapies and life
energy/career coaching, Cathleen can read and shift
magnetic and electrical frequencies in and around the
body to assist in illness or addiction recovery and
activate energies to create the life you were meant to
live. Cathleen also has extensive media experience.
Contact her at (913) 499-8514;

12. ==> How to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back Fast

Women get lots of information on what to eat during
pregnancy and what to expect after the baby comes. But
when it comes to dealing with their changed bodies,
health-care professionals often drop the ball, says
physical therapist Marianne Ryan, who specializes in
prenatal and postpartum treatment. Unfortunately, many
women then make the mistake of thinking they have to
live with flabby tummies, persistent back pain, leaking
bladders and other unpleasant symptoms. Invite Ryan to
share tools that can help new (and old) mothers go from
flab to fab in weeks. You’ll learn which exercises tone
stretched out tummies best, how to restore weakened
bladder muscles, and why you should employ a gentle
approach to core strengthening exercises.  Whether you
had a C-section or gave birth a dozen years ago, Ryan
says the same tips and tricks work for everyone.
Marianne Ryan is a physical therapist and board
certified orthopedic clinical specialist with more than
30 years’ experience treating prenatal and postpartum
women. She’s taught at Columbia University School of
Nursing and appeared on dozens of national TV and radio
shows. She has also been featured in Redbook, Fitness,
USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. Ryan has
developed the Baby Bod program which consists of her
book, “Baby Bod: Turn Flab into Fab in 12 Weeks” and
coaching. Contact her at (212) 661-2933;

13. ==> The Science of Raising Brilliant Children

Does ‘how’ you answer a child’s question make a
difference? Some scientists say it most certainly does.
Two distinguished psychologists are putting forward a
new framework, based on the science of learning and
development, to help parents think about cultivating
the skills people really need to succeed. Leeza
Steindorf says it’s no surprise that the first – and
most important—part of the formula involves
collaboration. Leeza, an expert in parenting and
communication, will explain what that means in terms of
day-to-day interactions with kids, how it changes as
kids age, and why teaching kids to collaborate is such
an integral part of raising them to become happy,
successful adults. Leeza Steindorf is a communications
and conflict resolution expert, international
consultant and speaker.  She’s founder and director of
CORE Success, a training program that uses proven,
practical tools and insights to achieve one’s goals, no
matter the circumstances. She’s the author of
“Connected Parent, Empowered Child: Five Keys to
Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids” and “CORE
Success® for Schools: The Practical Guide Book for a
Positive School Climate.” Contact her at (541) 550-
0451; Leeza@CoreSuccess.com

14. ==> Make Money from Your Passion

What happens when your paycheck no longer motivates
you? Dreading each day in the same predicted routine
that offers no motivation, wondering where all the
excitement that made life worth living had gone? Carol
Wokoh says, “Your destiny is in your hands. Your life
belongs to you. Nothing in the Universe happens by
accident!” Invite her to help empower your listeners
retrace back the dotted lines of childhood to discover
their real passion. She’ll share how to develop
networks that are in line with your inclination and how
to stay focused on your goals. Carol Wokoh is a
professional and personal development coach. Contact
her at ceo@caranetconsult.com

15. ==> The Dog Days of Summer – Pet Training Tips

Summer is here and everyone wants to be outdoors having
fun. You can have even more fun with your favorite
companion, your dog, by your side. Having a calm dog
who has good manners doesn’t just happen. Dogs don’t
come with obedience behaviors. Dogs need training and
socialization. A key responsibility of being a pet
parent is to provide training for your dog. Invite
Donna Chicone to share positive training techniques
that not only help your dog learn how to live in our
human, but strengthen the bond between you and your
pet. She says, “Take this journey with your dog and
learn how to be best friends, understanding each other
on a heightened level of communication. Most of all you
will have fun together. What are you waiting for? Leave
the stress of your day and the crazy world we live in
behind and just be with your dog.” Donna has extensive
media experience both on and off camera and has worked
as a corporate speaker and voice-over artist. She’s the
author of “Being a Super Pet Parent.” Contact Donna
Chicone at (651) 226-4301; dchicone@tcq.net

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