07/06/17 RTIR E-zine: North Korea, Family Reunion Month, Soul’s Role

July 6, 2017

01. Averting Catastrophe: Best North Korea Option
02. Another Cuban Missile Crisis?
03. What Does North Korea Want?
04. My Medicaid: My Life
05. Should Millionaires Decide Our Health Care?
06. Women Send Silicon Valley a Message
07. Got an Agent? They’re Not Just for Celebs Anymore
08. July is Family Reunion Month
09. Single’s Guide to Weddings
10. Find Your Summer Mojo
11. Failure: Embrace the Power!
12. Bored Already? Get Kids in on Summer Decisions
13. Are Supplements a Waste of Money?
14. The Soul’s Role in Health
15. How Mutts Help You Live Longer

1. ==> Averting Catastrophe: Best North Korea Option

According to Evans Revere, “North Korea’s isolated
dictators have long believed that nuclear weapons will
ensure regime survival against U.S. military power,
enabling it to unite the Korean Peninsula on its terms.
But no U.S. administration, working with regional
leaders and the inter­national community, has ever
arrayed all its tools and advantages simultaneously and
over­whelmingly to end North Korea’s nuclear-weapons
program, forcing the regime to choose between nuclear
weapons and regime survival.” He says, “Compelling
Pyongyang to make that stark choice offers the best way
forward. A successful U.S. strategy will entail risk,
but a growing North Korean nuclear threat and the
possibility that miscalculation could lead to war means
that we must do all that we can, and soon, to deal with
the challenge of Pyongyang.” Evans Revere is senior
director with the Albright Stonebridge Group, with a
specific focus on Korea, China and Japan. From
2007-2010, Revere served as president and CEO of The
Korea Society. Contact him at (202) 797-6055; (202)
797-6103 or (202) 759-5100;

2. ==> Another Cuban Missile Crisis?

What will the next move be for the US as it deals with
the North Korea situation? National security and
defense policy expert Graham Allison says, “What we see
unfolding now is a Cuban Missile Crisis in slow motion.
In the most dangerous moment in recorded history, to
prevent the Soviet Union from placing nuclear-tipped
missiles in Cuba, John F. Kennedy was prepared to take
what he confessed was a one-in-three chance of a
nuclear war with the Soviet Union.” He wonders, “What
risk will Mr. Trump run to prevent North Korea
acquiring the ability to strike the United States?”
Graham Allison is a leading analyst of U.S. national
security and defense policy with a special interest in
nuclear weapons, terrorism, and decision-making. He was
assistant secretary of defense in the first Clinton
administration and is the author of “Destined for War:
Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap?”
Contact him at (617) 496-6099;
graham_allison@Harvard.Edu or Simone O’Hanlon at (617)

3. ==> What Does North Korea Want?

Christine Hong says there is still the chance for de-
escalation on both sides. “North Korea has repeatedly
asked the United States to sign a peace treaty that
would bring the unresolved Korean War to a long-overdue
end. It has also proposed that the United States cease
its annual war games with South Korea — games, we must
recognize, that involve the simulated invasion and
occupation of North Korea, the ‘decapitation’ of its
leadership, and rehearsals of a … nuclear strike. In
return, North Korea will cap its nuclear weapons
testing. China has reiterated this proposal. The United
States maintains that its joint war games with South
Korea are simply business as usual and has not seen fit
to respond.” She’ll debunk the widely repeated notion
that the Obama administration had a policy of
‘strategic patience’ toward North Korea, noting that it
launched cyber-attacks and had massive military
exercises targeting North Korea. Christine Hong is an
associate professor at the University of California,
Santa Cruz, and an executive board member of the Korea
Policy Institute. Contact her at cjhong@ucsc.edu

4. ==> My Medicaid: My Life

Republicans say their GOP health plan doesn’t cut
Medicaid, it just slows its growth, but critics of the
plan, including the group AARP, say the Senate bill
would lead to major, harmful reductions in both federal
and state Medicaid spending. Alice Wong says that would
have a huge impact on the disabled. “‘Program
flexibility’ is code for the decimation of Medicaid
that will put lives like mine at risk. Some people with
disabilities may have to live in nursing homes if
community-based services wither away under this
flexibility and reform. We cannot disappear again after
a history of segregation and institutionalization. When
Republicans talk about freedom and choice, they don’t
realize that Medicaid gives those very things to people
with disabilities.” She adds, “When I was young, I felt
shame and embarrassment at being one of ‘those people’
on benefits. Today I am unapologetically disabled and a
fully engaged member of society. None of that would be
possible without Medicaid.” Alice Wong is the founder
of the Disability Visibility Project and a co-partner
in Disabled Writers, a resource created by reporter
s.e. smith to help editors connect with disabled
writers and journalists. Contact her at
disabilityvisibilityproject@gmail.com, @SFdirewolf

5. ==> Should Millionaires Decide Our Health Care?

The Senate will hold off on fixing its health care bill
until after it returns from recess. But what can we
expect upon their return? With our health care in the
hands of 51 millionaires, Steven Wightman says the
adjusted bill is likely to continue to benefit the
wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. “Why is
Washington dodging its responsibility to put health
into their health care plan?” he asks. The Senate bill
as presently written is a boon for the top 1 percent
who would receive lower incomes taxes while the bottom
40 percent would lose via higher premiums, deductibles,
and copays. States, employers and employees face higher
costs as well. Wightman is a veteran certified
financial planner, blogger and author of the upcoming
book, “Don’t be “Trumped: 7 Ways to Protect Your Assets
and Retirement Savings Now.” He is often quoted in the
press on financial topics like health insurance and
employee benefits. Reach him at (305) 340-1459;

6. ==> Women Send Silicon Valley a Message

Could it be that the tide is turning when it comes to
men and women in the American workplace? There’s been a
string of resignations in Silicon Valley recently tied
to sexual assault and harassment scandals. The message
in all this? Peggy Drexler says, “When it comes to
unwanted sexual advances of any kind, or in any
context, women are becoming less likely to suffer in
silence.” Drexler will discuss the issue, and why, even
though the problem won’t go away, this could help.
“There will be fewer women who are unclear that such
moves are an abuse and fewer women who will decide to
let it go. Will would-be harassers take note? It’s too
soon to tell.” Peggy Drexler is an assistant professor
of psychology at Weill Medical College of Cornell
University and a former gender scholar at Stanford
University. She’s the author of “Our Fathers,
Ourselves: Daughters, Fathers, and the Changing
American Family” and “Raising Boys Without Men.”
Contact her at @drpeggydrexler

7. ==> Got an Agent? They’re Not Just for Celebs

You probably aren’t a rock star, a bestselling author,
a celebrity or a professional athlete—the types of
people you normally think of when it comes to having an
agent. But there’s a new kind of agent in town, one
that represents skilled business executives—including
those over 50 who might have been downsized right out
of their jobs. Like any good agent, Spunk Burke helps
these executives find work by determining the value
they can bring to companies on a per-project basis and
then helps them develop a project plan. He also acts as
a go-between with companies looking for gig workers who
make the sharing economy run. Spunk can be reached at
(978) 801-9010 or mailto:spunk@gigexecs.com

8. ==> July is Family Reunion Month

Half of all family reunions take place in the summer
when children are out of school; weather conditions are
less restrictive; and people are more willing to travel
to meet up with cousins, uncles, aunts and assorted
other relatives they may see infrequently, if at all,
according to the travel booking website
GroupTravel.org. Event planner Lynn Fuhler is a big fan
of family reunions. “If they’re done right, they can
bridge the geographical and emotional distance in
today’s mobile society.” She adds, “Thanks to online
surveys and online invitations, pulling off a well-
received family reunion is now easier than ever!”
Invite Lynn and learn how long you should plan in
advance, great places to hold reunions for families of
all ages, and how to delegate tasks so you’re not doing
all the work! Lynn Fuhler is the former tourism
director of Clearwater Beach, Fla., and former chairman
of the largest free jazz festival in the Southeast. She
is the author of “Secrets to Successful Events: How to
Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and
Festivals,” which has been used as a college textbook.
Contact her at (336) 499-6372; contact-

9. ==> Single’s Guide to Weddings

Summer weddings can be beautiful, but maybe not so much
so when you’re still in search of your own soul mate.
You’ve been patiently enduring the months-long deluge
of engagement ring photos, wedding proposal videos,
shower announcements, wedding invitations and party
photos and just can’t take it anymore. All these
reminders of true love can be particularly challenging
for single people who haven’t found their “one and
only” and struggle with feelings of envy, loneliness
and unworthiness. Jennie Lynn can empathize and hopes
to empower millions to finally find their soul mate
this summer. Invite the author of “Magnetic Love: Stop
Chasing What You Want…Start Attracting It” to share
simple principles that helped her find the love of her
life almost instantly. Jennie Lynn is a writer,
professional model and a worldwide triple pro champion
in natural figure, physique, and bodybuilding. Contact
her at (508) 965-3053; JennieLynn@JennieLynn.com

10. ==> Find Your Summer Mojo

Summer is much too good to waste. Ensure that your
listeners get the most from the season by interviewing
Andro Donovan, the author of “Motivate Yourself: Get
the Life You Want, Find Purpose and Achieve
Fulfilment.” Her advice will help people take their
lives far even if their vacation plans keep them at
home. Andro will share how to improve your life by
establishing a digital detox hour to connect with your
family; a ten-minute routine to get your mornings off
to the best possible start; and ways to nourish and
indulge your inner child even if you are too old to
cannonball into the pool or run under the spray of a
fire hydrant. Contact her at +4407711238410;
andro@trend.co.uk; andro@androdonovan.com; Skype:

11. ==> Failure: Embrace the Power!

Lennox Cornwall, author of “Embracing Failure: Your Key
to Success,” knows what it’s like to lose everything
and start over. After the devastating failure of his
first business, he began to study the science of
success, but what he discovered was so much more… By
harnessing the power of failure, we can transform our
relationships, our businesses, and our lives. He says,
“One of the first steps in understanding something is
to clearly define what it is. So, instead of seeing
failure as the final nail in your coffin of hope, see
it as a lesson. It’s like turning lead into gold!” He
adds, “With this mind-shift, we’re able to change how
we feel about failure and changing how we feel about
something can change the course of our lives. As Wayne
Dyer once said, ‘When you change the way you look at
things, the things you look at change.’” Lennox
Cornwall is an author, speaker and coach. Contact him
at (304) 702-7399; Lennox@LennoxCornwall.com

12. ==> Bored Already? Get Kids in on Summer Decisions

“I’m bored!” tops the list of dreaded phrases parents
are likely to hear this summer with “Are we there yet?”
coming in a close second. But what if there was a way
for elementary school aged children to creatively
brainstorm their own ideas of what they wanted to do
this summer so that their parents and caregivers don’t
have to constantly try to entertain them? Carol
Clifton, Ph.D., will describe her entertaining and
creative way to keep kids busy AND teach them the
valuable skill of decision-making. She’ll explain how
to get kids involved in making summer plans using a
‘decision tree’, how that can reduce sibling rivalry,
and why everyone benefits from learning better problem-
solving skills! Carol Clifton is a licensed
psychologist in the Portland, Ore.-area. She has been
treating trauma, depression, anxiety and working with
couples for 30 years. She is the author of “Unstumped!
Think Through and Solve Almost Any Problem”, an easy
reader for young children. Contact her at (503)
724-1722; carolclifton@earthlink.net

13. ==> Are Supplements a Waste of Money?

Americans spend billions of dollars on supplements each
year. But what is more, these same supplements are
doing more than wasting people’s money. They are also
confusing people’s bodies, says Marie Knoetig, making
them lazy and stopping them from doing what their
bodies are born to do. A healing arts practitioner in
private practice, Marie says too many people are fooled
into thinking that if “it’s all-natural, it can’t hurt
them.” Some people take as many as 20 supplements a day
thinking that they will help them stop aging, improve
their skin and rid their body of toxins. She says they
buy into the concept of supplements without
understanding how they work or even if they work.
People who take magnesium supplements, for example,
which act like a relaxant, may have trouble getting up
off the couch, robbing them of the energy they need to
cook real food and exercise, while those who take
probiotics are unwittingly interfering with their
body’s natural way of digesting food. But more than
just pointing out the dangers of supplements, Marie can
explain ways of listening to your body that along with
a healthy diet and exercise can do a better job than
supplements without wasting money or ruining your
health. Marie is the author of the upcoming book “The
Missing Piece to Health and Aging Gracefully.” Reach
her at (603) 289-9015, marieknoetig@gmail.com

14. ==> The Soul’s Role in Health

Over 81% of medical patients say they wish their
healthcare providers would address spiritual issues as
part of treatment, yet less than 10% of doctors do.
Invite Dr. Katherine Kelly to discuss this missing link
in modern healthcare. Trained as a health psychologist,
Dr. Kelly noticed that wellness models don’t address
several key issues that directly affect a patient’s
experience of health and well-being. She’ll explain her
practical yet groundbreaking way to understand the
soul’s role in overall health and how her Soul Health
Model can provide a blueprint for both radiant living
and the soul’s evolution. Katherine Kelly, Ph.D.,
M.S.P.H. is a licensed psychologist in her own
psychotherapy and consulting practice in Winston-Salem,
North Carolina. She’s the author of “Soul Health:
Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living.” Contact her
at (336) 406-8431; ktkelly101@earthlink.net

15. ==> How Mutts Help You Live Longer

July 31 is National Mutt Day, a day that celebrates the
considerable benefits of mixed-breed dogs. These dogs
make up approximately 95 percent of the dogs in
shelters but are least likely to be adopted. Bring
Carlyn Montes De Oca on your show to share why adopting
a mutt is a win-win for humans and dogs! This animal
health expert will explain that mutts live longer, give
just as much love as pure-breeds and you will feel good
about saving a life. In addition, bringing home a mutt
can extend your life five ways. For example, the
exercise you get from walking and running with your
mutt decreases obesity and spending time with your mutt
tames the tension you experience in other aspects of
your hectic life. Carlyn is the author of “Dog as My
Doctor, Cat as My Nurse: An Animal Lover’s Guide to a
Healthy, Happy and Extraordinary Life.” She is also the
founder of The Animal-Human Health Connection, which
focuses on bringing awareness to the many powerful ways
that animals enhance human health, happiness, and
longevity. Reach her at (415) 306-1853 or

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