07/06/16 RTIR E-zine: Shark Tank, GMO Labeling, Super Pet Parents

July 6, 2016

01. Americans Are Fuzzy on History
02. Is Administration Whitewashing Drone Killings?
03. GMO Labeling: Senate May Undo New VT Law
04. Juno, Welcome to Jupiter!
05. Should You Call Off the Wedding?
06. Soccer Star Marcelo Balboa
07. Shark Tank Alum – Throw an Awesome, Slawsome BBQ
08. As Seen on Dateline – Big Pharma Loves Kids
09. New Report – 65 Million Refugees
10. Summer Weight Saboteurs
11. The Science of Raising Brilliant Children
12. The Root Cause of Orlando Shooting
13. A Better Way to Date
14. Yoga for Baseball Players
15. How to Be a Super Pet Parent

1. ==> Americans Are Fuzzy on History

We waved our flags, wore our red, white and blue and
celebrated all that is the U.S. this weekend, but Ivan
Eland says true patriotism demands more work from the
American people. “The Declaration of Independence
wasn’t even signed on July 4, 1776, and it wasn’t
considered an important document until its lead
plagiarizer, Thomas Jefferson, became a prominent
national politician. He adds, “Americans should
probably instead celebrate September 17, 1787—the date
the newly signed Constitution brought forth the
resilient system of popular government Americans have
enjoyed for well over 200 years—even over July 2, 1776,
the important date on which the Continental Congress
voted for independence from Britain. That Constitution
was designed to make the country a peaceful republic,
not a voracious globe-girdling empire, which it became
only after World War II—because its citizens sought
imperial glory, because they had the power to do so,
rather than remembering the history of why the country
was founded.” Ivan Eland is the author of several books
including “Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents
on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.” Contact him at
(703) 282-3484 (cell); ieland@independent.org,

2. ==> Is Administration Whitewashing Drone Killings?

The Obama administration on Friday said it believed
that airstrikes it has conducted outside conventional
war zones like Afghanistan have killed 64 to 116
civilian bystanders and about 2,500 members of
terrorist groups. The official civilian death count is
hundreds lower than most estimates compiled by
independent organizations that try to track what the
government calls targeted killings in chaotic places
like tribal Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya. Human
rights attorney Jennifer Gibson says, “The only thing
those numbers tell us is that this Administration
simply doesn’t know who it has killed. Back in 2011, it
claimed to have killed ‘only 60’ civilians. Does it
really expect us to believe that it has killed only
four more civilians since then, despite taking hundreds
more strikes?” Gibson is an attorney at Reprieve, an
international human rights organization that has
studied U.S. government drone killings. Contact
Katherine Oshea at (917) 855-8064;
katherine.oshea@reprieve.org, @reprieve

3. ==> GMO Labeling: Senate May Undo New VT Law

Vermont’s historic GMO labeling law just went into
effect last week but Senators are now set to vote on a
bill that would undo everything. Founder and executive
director of Food & Water Watch Wenonah Hauter says
Vermont’s law is the first enacted in the U.S. that
provides clear labels identifying food made with
genetically engineered ingredients. But, she says, “The
federal bill will nullify the law, and other state
labeling efforts percolating, thanks to the heavy hand
the ag-biotech industry wields over congress. The
Senate should not vote to roll back the popularly
enacted Vermont law and replace it with a giveaway to
the agriculture industry. The majority of Americans
support labeling for GMOs and will hold their elected
officials accountable if they vote to strip away
transparency about how their food is produced.” Contact
her at @WenonahHauter or Darcey Rakestraw at (202)
683-2467, drakestraw@fwwatch.org

4. ==> Juno, Welcome to Jupiter!

After spending five years traveling to Jupiter, NASA’s
Juno probe entered the gas giant’s orbit Monday night
by executing a make-or-break maneuver that was accurate
within a second. Invite NASA expert Rod Pyle to discuss
the spacecraft, which is only the second to ever orbit
Jupiter. “Juno will spend the next 20 months making a
total of 37 orbits to give scientists an unprecedented
look at the planet and its atmosphere and will conclude
with a suicidal dive into Jupiter on Feb. 20, 2018, to
eliminate the possibility of the probe crashing into
the moon Europa and contaminating it with microbes from
Earth.” Rod Pyle has written several books and produced
numerous documentaries for the History Channel and
Discovery Communications, including the acclaimed
Modern Marvels: Apollo 11. He has lectured at NASA’s
Johnson Space Center, and written for the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech, LiveScience, and
Space.com. He’s the author of numerous books including
“Curiosity: An Inside Look at the Mars Rover Mission”
and the upcoming “Amazing Stories of the Space Race.”
Contact him at (626) 399-4440; rodpyle@yahoo.com

5. ==> Should You Call Off the Wedding?

We’ve all been to at least one wedding where we left
and wondered if the pair would last as long as their
new blender. It’s wedding season and brides and grooms-
to-be are lining up to take their vows, but what if
there are lingering doubts? Does having ‘cold feet’
mean your union is destined to disintegrate? Invite
DateMeister Mary Reilly to help daters identify the red
flags in a relationship before they move in together,
buy a dress, or get married. Mary herself ditched a
live-in, long-term boyfriend and is auctioning off her
would-be wedding dress to raise money for a community
ginger farm run by women in Uganda. A dating and
relationship expert, Mary has co-written along with Dr.
Martin Kelly “Dating Defensively: How To Know When To
Get Off At The Next Exit.”  Contact her at (917)
363-9860; thedatemeister@gmail.com

6. ==> Soccer Star Marcelo Balboa

According to a recent ESPN survey, soccer ranked as the
#2 most popular sport behind football for 12-17 year-
olds, and Major League Soccer tied in popularity with
Major League Baseball among the same group.  In
addition, last year’s Women’s World Cup Final in which
the U.S. defeated Japan was the most-watched soccer
game in history with 26.7 million U.S. viewers.  That
said, has soccer finally “made it” in the U.S.?  US
National Team Soccer Hall of Famer Marcelo Balboa is
available to discuss soccer in the U.S., where the
sport goes from here, and his new Nickelodeon TV show
Soccer Superstar, where he’s a judge searching for the
best teen female soccer player in the country.  Now
retired from playing, Marcelo is a commentator for
ESPN, ABC and Univision.  He is also the head boys’
soccer coach for Monarch High School in Louisville,
Colo. For interviews in English or Spanish contact John
Angelo at john@premieretv.com.

7==> Shark Tank Alum – Throw an Awesome, Slawsome BBQ

Whether you’ve got a big outdoor kitchen or a portable
charcoal grill you take break out for tailgates and
beach parties, everyone loves to grill in the summer!
Not only is it too darn hot to turn on the stove, but
it’s prime season for getting outside and socializing.
Invite Julie Busha to share some great ways to up your
BBQ style and wow your guests with easy, creative
recipes and tips for everything from appetizers to
brunch ideas. Julie is the inventor of Slawsa, and was
featured on Season 5 of ABC’s Shark Tank. She may not
have walked away with a deal on the show, but she’s
since been named Progressive Grocer’s Top Woman in
Grocery and is killing it! She can talk about Slawsa (a
cabbage relish with a salsa twist that’s getting rave
reviews), her experience on the show, and how she took
an old family recipe and turned it into a business. If
you want an interactive show, Slawsa samples are
available for hosts to try and listeners can call in
with their favorite—or craziest—hot dog and burger
toppings. Contact Julie Busha at (704) 756-3661 (cell);
(704) 879-4411 or jbusha@slawsa.com.

8. ==> As Seen on Dateline – Big Pharma Loves Kids

Children with emotional or mental disorders have become
a gold mine for the drug industry. Psychiatric
medicines for children account for billions of dollars
in sales annually, and the market has boomed. Steven
Francesco is a longtime pharmaceutical industry
executive and consultant who lost his 15-year old son
to side effects from overmedication. He says the larger
problem is a sector that sometimes puts profits above
public well-being. For parents facing the difficult
choice of medicating their child, Francesco can discuss
how to know if it’s really ADHD, how to say no, not now
on the prescription, how to properly research to make
the best decision for your child, and the hidden
economic levers that could result in improper
treatment. Steven Francesco has been interviewed by
numerous media outlets and was recently featured on
NBC’s Dateline. He’s the author of “Overmedicated and
Undertreated.” Contact him at (973) 985-0589;
Steven@DoNoHarmNetwork.org (NYC) Available on short

9. ==> New Report – 65 Million Refugees

The U.N.’s refugee agency has released a sobering
report: The total number of displaced people is at its
highest ever — surpassing even post-World War II
numbers. At the end of 2015, 65.3 million — or one out
of every 113 people on Earth — was either an asylum-
seeker, internally displaced or a refugee. The report
offers three main reasons for the increase in the rate
of forced displacements, including long-term situations
like the conflict in Afghanistan. Originally from
Kenya, Joseph Oloimooja knows what it’s like to be
displaced because of war. He’ll share the unintended
consequences that occurred when that country sent
troops to protect its border with Somalia. Now a U.S.
citizen, he’ll also explain why foreigners need to be
educated about life in the U.S. before they come here.
Joseph, pastor of Christ the Good Shepherd Episcopal
Church and the manager of spiritual care services at
Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center, will
discuss his nine-year journey to citizenship and the
work he does helping other people achieve citizenship.
Reach him at (323) 687-2167; oloimooja@yahoo.com

10. ==> Summer Weight Saboteurs

It’s summer and there are many opportunities to wreck
your willpower. Whether at a BBQ or on vacation, Renee
Jones says you can still have fun—and eat well—without
overindulging and feeling guilty the next day. First
off, she says, take a second look at what you are
mindlessly putting on your plate. “It’s familiar, so we
fill (or pile) our plates with all the old favorites.
But, are the old favorites still favorites? Have we
stopped to taste them lately? Are we tasting the food
or the memory?” You’ll learn a four-step process to
disarm the triggers of comfort eating, so when your
sister-in-law says something snippy, you won’t reach
for the potato salad (or glass of wine!) Renee Jones is
an ordained minister and counselor who spent 40 years
yo-yo-ing up and down on a diet, until she faced her
stuff so that she no longer has to stuff her face.
Contact her at (817) 938-6250; renee@packyourownbag.com

11. ==> The Science of Raising Brilliant Children

Does ‘how’ you answer a child’s question make a
difference? Some scientists say it most certainly does.
Two distinguished psychologists are putting forward a
new framework, based on the science of learning and
development, to help parents think about cultivating
the skills people really need to succeed. Leeza
Steindorf says it’s no surprise that the first – and
most important—part of the formula involves
collaboration. Leeza, an expert in parenting and
communication, will explain what that means in terms of
day-to-day interactions with kids, how it changes as
kids age, and why teaching kids to collaborate is such
an integral part of raising them to become happy,
successful adults. Leeza Steindorf is a communications
and conflict resolution expert, international
consultant and speaker.  She’s founder and director of
CORE Success, a training program that uses proven,
practical tools and insights to achieve one’s goals, no
matter the circumstances. She’s the author of
“Connected Parent, Empowered Child: Five Keys to
Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids” and “CORE
Success® for Schools: The Practical Guide Book for a
Positive School Climate.” Contact her at (541) 550-
0451; Leeza@CoreSuccess.com

12. ==> The Root Cause of Orlando Shooting

How do you explain the cause of the horrific Orlando
shooting? There are many opinions, but parenting expert
Emily Slingluff says the answer is both simple, and
complex. “People who choose to kill other people are
not happy with life. Probably because of the influences
on them in their formative years. They’re called
formative for a reason.” Invite Emily to discuss the
importance of raising children who are happy to be
alive instead of confused, insecure and unhappy. “It’s
so easy for a parent to help their child be happy with
life.  Be on your child’s side instead of against him.
Work with your child instead of being a dictator.”
Emily will explain how to replace hard-and-fast rules
and punishment with guidelines and communication. Emily
Slingluff is a pre-school parenting specialist and the
former assistant editor of the Virginian-Pilot. She’s
the author of three parenting books, including her
latest, “Peace.” Contact her at (757) 428-6167

13. ==> A Better Way to Date

Millions of people go online to use dating services to
find true love, but Cathleen Miller says she’s got a
better way to find your love match. Miller, an
intuitive lifestyle expert, says the key is in your
chakras. She’ll explain how to find out if your date is
a good chakra personality match and how you and your
partner’s chakra personalities can affect sex,
communication style and much more. From distance
alternative energy therapies and life energy/career
coaching, Cathleen can read and shift magnetic and
electrical frequencies in and around the body to assist
in illness or addiction recovery and activate energies
to create the life you were meant to live. Cathleen
also has extensive media experience. Contact her at
(913) 499-8514; aloha@intuitivelifestyleexpert.com

14. ==> Yoga for Baseball Players

Most people don’t think of baseball players as yogis,
but Teresa Anne Power says incorporating some yoga
moves will give you a better chance at hitting a home
run! “When a player steps up to home plate, it is
actually the rotation of one’s hips that generates the
power, not the swinging of the bat. In other words, the
better range of motion one has in their hips, the
better the chance for a stronger hit!” Invite Teresa to
share three yoga postures that will help open tight
hips and other ways yoga can help everyone whether they
play sports or not.
Teresa Anne Power is a children’s yoga expert who has
appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. She’s the
author of “The ABCs of Yoga for Kids” and “The ABCs of
Yoga for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers.”
Contact her at (310) 266-7705 (cell);
(310) 573-0100 (office)or teresa@abcyogaforkids.com

15. ==> How to Be a Super Pet Parent

Summer is here and everyone wants to be outdoors having
fun. You can have even more fun with your favorite
companion, your dog, by your side. Having a calm dog
who has good manners doesn’t just happen. Dogs don’t
come with obedience behaviors. Dogs need training and
socialization. A key responsibility of being a pet
parent is to provide training for your dog. Invite
Donna Chicone to share positive training techniques
that not only help your dog learn how to live in our
human, but strengthen the bond between you and your
pet. She says, “Take this journey with your dog and
learn how to be best friends, understanding each other
on a heightened level of communication. Most of all you
will have fun together. What are you waiting for? Leave
the stress of your day and the crazy world we live in
behind and just be with your dog.” Donna has extensive
media experience both on and off camera and has worked
as a corporate speaker and voice-over artist. She’s the
author of “Being a Super Pet Parent.” Contact Donna
Chicone at (651) 226-4301; dchicone@tcq.net

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