06/28/16 RTIR E-zine: Celebrating America, Surviving Summer, Healing Hounds

June 28, 2016

FR: Lauren Healy and Chris Morabito, Editors, Radio-TV
Interview Report Magazine

01. Survivor Reveals Orlando Shooter’s Motive
02. Don’t Spend July 4th in the ER
03. July 4th – Celebrate the All American Hot Dog
04. Politics and Baby Names
05. Vacation without Packing on Pounds
06. Survive Summer with a Teen
07. Heartwarming Stories about Dogs that Heal
08. 5 Ways to Avoid Airline Fees
09. Would You Move to Canada?
10. How Our ‘Inner Terrorists’ Influence World Events
11. Listeria – How to Protect Your Family
12. In Business, think Globally
13. Interview America’s Funniest Grandpa
14. World War II Survival Story
15. An Inspiring Story of Faith and Hope

1. ==> Survivor Reveals Orlando Shooter’s Motive

According to author James Bradley, Omar Mateen
announced his motive while holding more than a dozen
people hostage in a blood-streaked bathroom of the
Pulse Orlando nightclub, yet we continue to debate
semantics on what his motive was. Bradley says, “Near
him sat a young African-American woman — Patience
Carter — bleeding from the bullet wounds in each of
her legs. Ms. Carter remembered, ‘I could see piles of
bodies lying over the toilet seat and slumped over.’
Omar said to Ms. Carter, ‘You know I don’t have a
problem with black people, this is about my country
[Afghanistan], you guys have suffered enough.’ Then
Omar dialed 911 from his cellphone. He spoke loudly and
clearly and everyone in that hellish bathroom heard him
declare his motive. Ms. Carter wept as she recalled,
‘He wasn’t going to stop killing people until he was
killed, until he felt like his message got out there.’”
Bradley is author of several books including “Flyboys,”
“Flags of Our Fathers” and “The Imperial Cruise: A
Secret History of Empire and War.” Contact him at (808)
375-8555, james@jamesbradley.com

2. ==> Don’t Spend July 4th in the ER

Parades, fireworks, swimming, BBQs, what’s not to like
about the 4th of July? It’s a great, patriotic holiday
but unfortunately, it’s fraught with danger. From
sparklers and fireworks gone awry to drowning
accidents, car crashes and household fires, July 4th is
often a deadly holiday. Invite Hon. Nancy Harvey
Steorts, the former Chairman of the U.S. Consumer
Product Safety Commission, to explain how to have a
fun, healthy, safe 4th of July. Hon. Nancy Steorts is
the nation’s foremost authority on safety. She is the
author of several books including “Your Home Safe
Home.” Steorts has appeared on national networks
including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.
Contact her at (240) 401-7782 (VA);
3. ==> July 4th – Celebrate the All American Hot Dog

July is National Hot Dog Month! Whether you call them
frankfurters, wieners or hot dogs, one thing’s for
sure, they’re arguably the most all-American food and
according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council,
this coming 4th of July we’ll eat about 150 million of
them! Celebrate National Hot Dog Month by inviting Eric
Mittenthal to share hot dog facts and trivia. He’ll
answer common questions like how hot dogs are made and
where the term hot dog originated. He’ll also reveal
the TV star who credits her longevity to eating a hot
dog every day for lunch! Contact Eric Mittenthal at
(202) 587-4238; emittenthal@meatami.com

4. ==> Politics and Baby Names

According to an analysis of the more than 115,000 baby
names registered on BabyCenter.com so far this year,
the two presumptive presidential nominees are
influencing parents’ name choices, and there is an
overall sense of patriotism affecting naming decisions.
Hillary and Donald are trending (as well as Bill,
Chelsea and Ivanka) and Linda Murray, BabyCenter Global
Editor in Chief, says, “In a sense, parents are already
voting for their favorite candidate. Time will tell
whether they picked a winner or the next John Kerry or
Mitt Romney.” She also says parents are finding
inspiration from Broadway. “The name Hamilton is
soaring nearly 60 percent since this time last year.
The Broadway show’s multi-ethnic, cross-culture story
speaks to millennial parents. Hamilton is the new
Lincoln or Madison.” Murray will run down the most
popular boys’ and girls’ names and share some
surprising results from the survey. BabyCenter.com is
an online resource for new and expectant parents.
Contact Nicole Centinaro at (973) 588-2000.

5. ==> Vacation without Packing on Pounds

Here you are, kicking butt on your program; finally
starting to see some progress you can feel good about
…. when BAM! The reality that you leave for summer
vacation in a week smacks you right in the face! What
will you do for food? How will you get your workouts
in? And the alcohol! Bikini Boss Theresa Depasquale
says although losing weight may be unrealistic on
vacation, there are a lot of things you can do to help
you maintain your progress so you can hit the ground
running when you return home. Her number one tip is to
aim for consistency, not perfection. “Vacations are
supposed to be a time for relaxation, socializing,
excitement and fun. The last thing you should be doing
is stressing so much about your diet and fitness that
you aren’t living in the moment and miss out on half of
the fun!” Theresa will share simple exercises you can
do anywhere, tips for eating out and what to pack to
help you stay on track. Theresa Depasquale is an
entrepreneurial fitness expert, author, wife, and
mother of 2 young children. She’s CEO and founder of
Bikini Boss Fitness. Contact Carolynn Smith at (813)

6. ==> Survive Summer with a Teen

School’s out and everybody is home! Summer can be a
satisfying relationship building opportunity with teens
or it can be a mid-summer’s nightmare! In an interview
that can be conducted in Spanish or English, Laura
Reagan will share how parents can survive the summer –
and beyond – by adopting a more robot-like attitude.
She’ll also discuss where to draw the line-in-the-sand
and how to get a grip on teen culture without your teen
thinking you’re lame. Discover Laura’s unique co-
creation strategy where parents and teens jointly
identify problems and solutions and make collaborative
decisions that help teens prepare for adulthood. Laura
Reagan is a parenting expert, speaker, experienced
media guest and author of the upcoming book “How to
Raise Respectful Parents.” Contact her at (956)
250-3689; laura@lauralreagan.com.

7. ==> Heartwarming Stories about Dogs that Heal

Dogs have long been known as Man’s Best Friend, but
M.R. (Marion) Wells will share stories of dogs that
help heal. Invite her on your show and hear
inspirational stories about dogs who have coaxed
miraculous responses from the sick; dogs who have
become a lifeline for children with special needs; and
dogs who helped open up communication to those numbed
by crisis. “Doctor Dog: Healing Touches from Pets We
Love,” is Wells’ latest book. It’s a collection of
heartwarming stories about special dogs who bring a
unique brand of healing to those who need it most.
Marion can share some of the most inspirational stories
from her These uplifting tales will be sure to raise
listeners’ spirits and brighten their day.  Contact
John Angelo at john@premieretv.com.
8. ==> 5 Ways to Avoid Airline Fees

Airline baggage fees can put a dent in your travel
budget, not to mention a crimp in your style when
you’re trying to fit everything in a small carry-on.
Ultra-economical travel expert Russell Hannon finds
luggage hassles totally unacceptable and says there are
ways to bypass pesky baggage fees and surcharges.
Invite him on your show to learn savvy travel tricks
that will help you save money on your summer vacation
without scrimping. Once feeling unable to afford to
travel, Russell applied lean principles to visit some
of the world’s most expensive cities for less than the
cost of living at home. Today he regularly shares
travel tips on several national radio and TV shows.
He’s also been featured in Consumer Reports’ ShopSmart
Magazine, by CNBC and travel expert Johnny Jet. Contact
him at (403) 354 0349; media@breakthetravelbarrier.com
9. ==> Would You Move to Canada?

The U.S. presidential election is producing excellent
press for our northern neighbor. Both candidates are so
unpopular, Google reported a record number of searches
for “move to Canada” since Super Tuesday. But are
Americans truly prepared to live the life of a Canuck?
Author Robert Martichenko can offer helpful advice and
tips for Americans considering fleeing the country. He
can discuss these and other common questions: Does
running away from a dysfunctional election enable you
to qualify for refugee status? Are all Canadians
obsessed with hockey? What the heck is poutine? Where
are the igloos? You mean the U.S. is not the biggest
country in the world? Martichenko was born in Ontario
and has lived in the U.S. for 20 years. An
entrepreneur, speaker, writer and poet, he is the
author of several business books and a novel, “Drift
and Hum: The Great Canadian-American Novel.” Contact
Marcia Jones at (859) 308-8689; marcia@karmackpub.com

10. ==> How Our ‘Inner Terrorists’ Influence World

According to Susan Trammell, we may all be responsible
for terrorist acts. But, she also says, that also means
we can play a part in ending it. “The answer to how to
rid our world of violence resides within each and every
one of us; and that at a collective level we can raise
the consciousness of our planet and its inhabitants so
we no longer need to experience the horrors we so often
do.” Invite Susan to discuss how one person can make a
difference, why we all need to examine our own
conscious beliefs and thoughts and determine what in
our lives we hate, condemn, and judge negatively. A
self-proclaimed 21st century alchemist, Susan will
demonstrate how to transform your consciousness from
something less to something greater. Combining
spirituality, psychology, science, and even a little
“magic,” she will help your listeners discover and live
an authentic, fulfilling, and meaningful life – from
the inside out. Contact her at (404) 376 – 9852;
11. ==> Listeria – How to Protect Your Family

Outbreaks of Listeria, a bacteria that grows well in
cooler temperatures, have caused a frozen food company
to recall close to 360 frozen food products sold under
42 different brand names—and that’s just the latest
recall of popular foods people keep in the fridge.
Brands of sunflower seeds, salad dressings and trail
mix are also recalled due to a separate listeria
contamination. But there are ways to keep yourself
protected from Listeria, even beyond making sure you
are not eating recalled food. According to Dr. James
Hubbard, there’s no need for panic. “There are steps
you can do to prevent it and antibiotics to treat it if
you know the symptoms.” Dr. Hubbard can discuss
listeria contamination along with other food-borne
illnesses and how to keep your family safe from the
food in your fridge. Dr. James Hubbard, aka The
Survival Doctor, teaches easy-to-follow, makeshift ways
to survive disasters and in the wild, and is the author
of several books including “The Survival Doctor’s Guide
to Wounds.” Contact him at (719) 576-2353;
12. ==> In Business, think Globally

Consultant, trainer and workshop leader Barbara Weaver
Smith says millions—and possibly billions—of dollars
are being lost when sales leaders focus on selling to
the local offices of giant corporations instead of
viewing them as a global account. “So much of sales and
advice and training is superficial,” she says. “It
focuses on your own product and your own sales.
However, when you are doing large account sales, they
are so complex you just have to know so much more about
your customers and their business than you think.”
Weaver Smith, whose clients do business with such
global companies as Verizon, McDonald’s, Capital One
and Bayer, can discuss 4 strategies for global sales
success, why members of sales teams need to be
specialists and generalist, and how businesses are
morphing and why sales professionals need to know where
buyers are going. Barbara Weaver Smith, Ph.D., is
founder and CEO of The Whale Hunters®, a consulting
business that teaches small and midsize companies to
rapidly increase their revenue through bigger sales to
bigger customers. She’s the author of “Whale Hunting
with Global Accounts: Four Critical Sales Strategies to
Win Global Customers.” Contact her at (480) 584-4012;

13. ==> Interview America’s Funniest Grandpa

Living with a toddler isn’t easy but it is often funny
and always survivable. This is important to keep in
mind this Father’s Day. So says Howard Eisenberg, who
as a onetime father of three toddlers, grandfather of a
half-dozen, and now, great-grandfather of a two-year-
old, knows whereof he speaks. Who else can tell you
what distinguishes toddlers from puppies and bunnies,
riff about dining out with rugrats in tow, and man chat
about tantrums and toddlers joining you in bed?
Recently featured in the New York Observer, Eisenberg
is the author of “Adorable Scoundrels,” from which he
can read some short bits on the air. His late wife and
daughter co-wrote “What to Expect When You Are
Expecting,” and “What to Expect in the Toddler Years.”
Eisenberg’s work has also appeared in Sports
Illustrated, Parenting Magazine, and The Wall Street
Journal. Reach him at (212) 362-8040;
14. ==> World War II Survival Story
It’s been 70 years since the end of World War II and
many of today’s younger generation know little of the
conflict. Invite Anneros Valensi, a 78-year-old
survivor of the war, to tell her story of living under
Russian occupancy in 1946 with her mother and four
siblings, when she was just seven. It’s a story of war,
but also of overcoming the insecurity and fear everyone
feels after harrowing circumstances in life. Valensi is
the author of “Where is Home: How a Childhood in East
Germany during World War II Shaped my Life.” Contact
Anneros Valensi at (718) 549-1407;

15. ==> An Inspiring Story of Faith and Hope

As a child in rural Mexico, Obdulia Marini faced many
dangers from wild animals and poverty. The greatest
danger, however, was her own family. Mocked by her
siblings, almost abused by her father, taken away from
her mother at seven, living in caves and under trees,
Marini learned early to depend on no one but herself
and God. She attended school a month here and there.
More than once cried she wanted to go to school, like
the other children, but she never had that chance.
Finally, at ten, she attended school for the first
time. Separating from her family at 16, Marini went to
a boarding school, and finally gained her independence.
She continued to work several jobs and served as a
teacher herself. Determined to live in America, Marini
spent all her money on a passport and entered the
United States in 1966 – finally able to pursue her
dreams through her faith in God. Her inspiring
memoir, “Baby Blue’s Destiny: Part One,” shares in
intimate details her challenges and hard work. Contact
her at mariniluly24@yahoo.com and (619) 573-7093.

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