06/27/17 RTIR E-zine: Trumpcare Threats, Veteransand PTSD, Summer Puppy Lovin

June 27, 2017

01. Overlooked Trumpcare Threat: A Medicare Time Bomb
02. Healthcare – If We Cared about Health
03. Iraqi Christians Under Fire
04. Great July 4th Show – Veterans and PTSD
05. Is America Independent Anymore?
06. Anson Williams, Dr. Heimlich & Drowsy Driving
07. July is Family Reunion Month
08. Green Summer Travel: Save Money & the Planet
09. Before You Dive In – Summer Swim Safety
10. Bored Already? Get Kids in on Summer Decisions
11. Do You Hide Every Summer?
12. Summer is the Best Time to Adopt a Dog
13. ‘Trumpertension’ – It’s a Real Thing
14. Failure: Embrace the Power!
15. How to Get the Most Out of Summer

1. ==> Overlooked Trumpcare Threat: A Medicare Time

Nancy Altman, president of the group Social Security
Works, says when Donald Trump ran for president, a
centerpiece of his campaign was a promise that he
wouldn’t cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid.
“But six months into his presidency, Trump has already
betrayed those voters by breaking his promise. Indeed,
rather than protecting those programs, he has already,
in his short tenure, gone after all three! The
destruction of Medicaid and the cutback to Social
Security have gotten media attention. The broken
promise on Medicare is in danger of slipping by beneath
the radar, though.” Altman says the Affordable Care Act
(Obamacare) improved Medicare’s long-term finances by
requiring the wealthiest Americans to pay somewhat
more. But Trumpcare repeals that increased funding.
“Paul Ryan, Trump and their fellow Republicans are like
the proverbial murderer who kills his parents and
pleads for leniency because he is an orphan. In this
case, they are raiding Medicare of necessary revenue,
only down the road to argue that they must cut Medicare
because it has insufficient funding!” Altman has
appeared on numerous national TV and radio programs.
She’s the author of several books including “Social
Security Works! Why Social Security Isn’t Going Broke
and How Expanding It Will Help Us All.” Contact Linda
Benesch at lbenesch@socialsecurityworks.org, @ssworks

2. ==> Healthcare – If We Cared about Health

As health care costs skyrocket out of control,
Americans increasingly wrestle with how to come up with
the money. Solutions — whether Obamacare or deadly
Trumpcare — focus mainly on responding to disease once
it has struck. We can do much better by focusing more
on preventing disease from striking in the first place.
Ellen Moyer, Ph.D., author of “Our Earth, Our Species,
Our Selves: How to Thrive While Creating a Sustainable
World,” says, “It’s hard to imagine any good way to pay
for all the irresponsibility and senseless waste in our
current health care system. Some schemes are of course
better or worse than others. Citizens should condemn
the Republicans’ current effort to slash health care
coverage in order to further enrich the wealthy. But
fixing health care for real will require fundamental
changes and putting health at the top of our priority
list.” Moyer is an environmental consultant and
registered professional engineer with an MS in
environmental engineering, a PhD in civil engineering,
and more than 30 years of environmental engineering
experience. She is a regular contributor to The
Huffington Post. Contact her at (413) 862-3452;

3. ==> Iraqi Christians Under Fire

When Donald Trump won Michigan, he did so with the
support of the Christian Iraqi community because the
president promised to protect Iraqi Christians, who as
minorities in their home country are subject to torture
and possible death. But the president, ICE and the
Justice Department have gone back on that promise and
more than 100 Iraqi Christians—also known as
Chaldeans—from Detroit have been threatened with
deportation. While last week a district judge halted
their deportation for two weeks now is a good time to
discuss this unfolding humanitarian crisis with Weam
Namou, the Baghdad-born journalist who has been
covering the story for The Chaldean News. She will
explain why she sees the rounding up of Iraqi
Christians in the U.S. as an attack on Christians, and
why what is happening in Detroit is likely to spread to
other major cities in which Iraqi Christians reside
hoping for better lives. Weam has been a guest on a
hundred radio talk shows. She’s the author of “The
Great American Family: A Story of Political
Disenchantment.” Contact her at (586) 212-4490;

4. ==> Great July 4th Show – Veterans and PTSD

Chad Robichaux, Force Recon Marine and Pro MMA
Champion, had successes and failures both in
Afghanistan and in the MMA cage, but his biggest fight
was coming home and struggling with PTSD, a near
divorce and almost becoming another veteran suicide
statistic. Invite Robichaux, now the founder/president
of the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, to share glimpses
of his life in special operations and professional
fighting and the spiritual battles into which he was
thrust and that nearly took his life. Chad Robichaux’s
new book is “”An Unfair Advantage.” A certified
pastoral counselor, he’s appeared on national radio and
TV and testified in Veterans’ Court regarding combat
trauma and PTSD. The Mighty Oaks Warrior Program is a
Christian peer-based program for veterans suffering
PTSD. Contact Judy McDonough at (615) 243-5994;

5. ==> Is America Independent Anymore?

Independence Day is meant to commemorate America’s
securing its independence from Great Britain but all
these years later, James Stuber says America has let
that independence slip away, and unwittingly become the
victim of a new, self-imposed “reverse colonialism,”
reliant on countries like China for manufactured goods,
while exporting raw materials, farm goods, and scrap.
Stuber will recount how the United States secured its
borders and set the terms of trade, intentionally
building up its domestic manufacturing capabilities and
then, after 150 years, set out on the road of free
trade following World War II, with disastrous results.
He’ll discuss how, in the last 30 years, the U.S. sent
$16 trillion and six million jobs offshore, and what
this dependence on other countries has done to American
workers, families and communities. Fortunately, he
says, consumers have the power to solve the problem.
James Stuber is an attorney and entrepreneur and
formerly served as legislative assistant to a member of
the United States House of Representatives. He’s the
author of “What If Things Were Made in America Again:
How Consumers Can Rebuild the Middle Class by Buying
Things Made in American Communities.” Contact him at
(610) 608-5074; jstuber@miaa.us

6. ==> Anson Williams, Dr. Heimlich & Drowsy Driving

Best known for his role in Happy Days, Anson Williams
is part of the upcoming ‘Battle of the Network Stars’
on ABC. But Williams is currently promoting something
closer to his heart, the dangers of drowsy driving.
With people working longer and harder than ever,
falling asleep at the wheel has become a serious
problem resulting in more deaths per year than drunken
driving. Hear Williams’ own story and how his uncle,
Dr. Henry Heimlich, inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver,
shared little-known advice that he is now passionate
about sharing. “I was having considerable trouble
staying awake while driving home after long 15-hr
workdays. My uncle recommended keeping a lemon or a hot
pepper in the car and whenever I started to feel drowsy
to simply bite into it. I chose the lemon and it
instantly worked, making me naturally alert and awake
at the wheel.” Williams will explain how capsaicin from
pepper or natural, citric acid from a lemon are the
only two ingredients that stimulate the tongue’s
sensory neurons, immediately alerting the brain to
wake-up, and how simple drops could save lives. Contact
Harlan Boll at (626) 296-3757; h.boll@dcpublicity.com

7. ==> July is Family Reunion Month

Half of all family reunions take place in the summer
when children are out of school; weather conditions are
less restrictive; and people are more willing to travel
to meet up with cousins, uncles, aunts and assorted
other relatives they may see infrequently, if at all,
according to the travel booking website
GroupTravel.org. Event planner Lynn Fuhler is a big fan
of family reunions. “If they’re done right, they can
bridge the geographical and emotional distance in
today’s mobile society.” She adds, “Thanks to online
surveys and online invitations, pulling off a well-
received family reunion is now easier than ever!”
Invite Lynn and learn how long you should plan in
advance, great places to hold reunions for families of
all ages, and how to delegate tasks so you’re not doing
all the work! Lynn Fuhler is the former tourism
director of Clearwater Beach, Fla., and former chairman
of the largest free jazz festival in the Southeast. She
is the author of “Secrets to Successful Events: How to
Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and
Festivals,” which has been used as a college textbook.
Contact her at (336) 499-6372; contact-

8. ==> Green Summer Travel: Save Money & the Planet

Traveling light used to mean cramming clothes into a
carry-on bag to avoid baggage fees. But this summer, it
means something more, as Jennie Lynn will explain.
She’ll tell your listeners that more travelers are
helping to literally light the world in Third World
nations while the travelers themselves save big bucks
on their travel costs and offset their carbon
emissions. As a member of the travel website Viridian
and owner of its Travel Light franchise, Jennie Lynn
can share why Viridan is giving Expedia a run for its
money by doing good works and providing members with
the lowest guaranteed public prices on their
destinations. She has saved $6,000 on her own travel
costs since December. Reach her at (508)965-3053 or

9. ==> Before You Dive In – Summer Swim Safety

A big part of summer is being outside, playing at the
pool and beach, and swimming! But along with the sun
and fun comes countless horror stories about kids and
drowning incidents. Carolanne Caron says everyone
should be able to enjoy the water, but there are
definitely safety issues that need to be taught to
everyone, especially kids. She says, “Many children
don’t know what rules they should follow when they’re
near water and end up getting in a situation over their
skill level.” Carolanne, a swimming and water safety
expert, can share 10 rules to teach children to be
safer around the water. She’s the author of “Water
Safety with Swimmy” and “Swimmy’s Water Safety Coloring
Book.” Contact her at (603) 424-4100;

10. ==> Bored Already? Get Kids in on Summer Decisions

“I’m bored!” tops the list of dreaded phrases parents
are likely to hear this summer with “Are we there yet?”
coming in a close second. But what if there was a way
for elementary school aged children to creatively
brainstorm their own ideas of what they wanted to do
this summer so that their parents and caregivers don’t
have to constantly try to entertain them? Carol
Clifton, Ph.D., will describe her entertaining and
creative way to keep kids busy AND teach them the
valuable skill of decision-making. She’ll explain how
to get kids involved in making summer plans using a
‘decision tree’, how that can reduce sibling rivalry,
and why everyone benefits from learning better problem-
solving skills! Carol Clifton is a licensed
psychologist in the Portland, Ore.-area. She has been
treating trauma, depression, anxiety and working with
couples for 30 years. She is the author of “Unstumped!
Think Through and Solve Almost Any Problem”, an easy
reader for young children. Contact her at (503)
724-1722; carolclifton@earthlink.net

11. ==> Do You Hide Every Summer?

No one wants to spend the summer dieting, yet the
collision of winter weight with summer clothes makes
many people just want to crawl into their sofa and
munch. Don’t let another summer go by dreading beach
parties and swearing at your closet, invite Renee Jones
to share ways to get free from comfort eating and get
into your summer clothes (without becoming a slave to
the gym.) “When we stop stuffing down our feelings and
following it with a food chaser, it saves a whole bunch
of calories,” says Jones. She’ll share strategies for
navigating a snack-filled home or office environment,
ways to recognize comfort eating triggers, and reveal
the number one reason diets fail. Renee Jones is the
author of “What’s Really Eating You: Overcome the
Triggers of Comfort Eating.” Contact her at (817)
938-6250; reneepj@yahoo.com

12. ==> Summer is the Best Time to Adopt a Dog

They don’t call them the dog days of summer for
nothing. Summer is a great time to spend more hours
outdoors and away from social media. Add in the
season’s slower pace, kids being off from school,
readily available vacation time for adults and a wider
selection of pets available for adoption from shelters
and you can see why summer is the perfect time to adopt
a puppy or dog, says Lisa Overcash, a wellness coach
and author of “My Fur-Ever Family.” She can discuss how
to make the most of long summer days to establish new
routines, offer tips on how to introduce a new pet to
your family, and share how to prepare children for
their role in taking care of their new four-legged
friend. Lisa was inspired to write her book after
adding a Yorkshire terrier to her pet family of three
dogs and two rescue cats. Contact Lisa at (919)
308-8889 or lfovercash@gmail.com

13. ==> ==> ‘Trumpertension’ – It’s a Real Thing

It’s been months now, but a lot of people are having a
hard time accepting Donald Trump’s administration. In
fact, many Americans are seeking medical help for the
anxiety they’re experiencing due to the change of
occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Palm Springs-
based internal medicine physician Kiran Dintyala
(a.k.a. Dr. Calm) has seen patients with Post-Election
Stress Disorder, including some with previously well-
controlled blood pressure who are coming in with
alarmingly high numbers. He calls it “Trumpertension”
describing it as “a substantial increase in blood
pressure unrelated to diet, sodium intake or exercise
that is solely attributable to worries over what a
Trump presidency may mean for your future and
America’s.” In response, he’s written “Seven Keys to
Surviving the Trump Presidency,” sharing tips to stay
calm amidst the seemingly endless flow of unsettling
news and ways to remain positive and hopeful, no matter
who’s in the Oval Office. Kiran Dintyala is a Board
Certified Internal Medicine Physician currently
practicing at Eisenhower Medical Center. He’s also the
author of “Calm in the Midst of Chaos.” Contact him at
(860) 375 0446; stressfreerevolution@gmail.com

14. ==> Failure: Embrace the Power!

Lennox Cornwall, author of Embracing Failure: Your Key
to Success, knows what it’s like to lose everything and
start over. After the devastating failure of his first
business, he began to study the science of success, but
what he discovered was so much more… By harnessing
the power of failure, we can transform our
relationships, our businesses, and our lives. He says,
“One of the first steps in understanding something is
to clearly define what it is. So, instead of seeing
failure as the final nail in your coffin of hope, see
it as a lesson. It’s like turning lead into gold!” He
adds, “With this mind-shift, we’re able to change how
we feel about failure and changing how we feel about
something can change the course of our lives. As Wayne
Dyer once said, ‘When you change the way you look at
things, the things you look at change.’” Lennox
Cornwall is an author, speaker and coach. Contact him
at (304) 702-7399; Lennox@LennoxCornwall.com

15. ==> How to Get the Most Out of Summer

Summer is much too good to waste. Ensure that your
listeners get the most from the season by interviewing
Andro Donovan, the author of “Motivate Yourself: Get
the Life You Want, Find Purpose and Achieve
Fulfilment,” a Wiley imprint. Her advice will help
people take their lives far even if their vacation
plans keep them at home. Andro will share how to
improve your life by establishing a digital detox hour
to connect with your family; a ten-minute routine to
get your mornings off to the best possible start; and
ways to nourish and indulge your inner child even if
you are too old to cannonball into the pool or run
under the spray of a fire hydrant. Contact her at
+4407711238410; andro@trend.co.uk;
andro@androdonovan.com; Skype: andro.donovan1

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