06/22/17 RTIR E-zine: Independence Day, Potsie and Summer Travel

June 22, 2017

01. ‘Nightmare’ Cyber Weapon Warning
02. Great July 4th Show – Is America Independent Anymore?
03. The Fastest-Growing Refugee Crisis
04. Anson Williams – Happy Days’ Potsie
05. Love, Sex and the Summer Solstice
06. How to Survive a Pedestrian Attack
07. Is Social Media Turning Trump Haters Violent?
08. Uber CEO Gone – Will Culture Change?
09. Zero Carbon Summer Travel: Save Money & the World
10. Fun Ways to Prevent Summer Slide
11. College Kids Are Home for the Summer
12. 3 Best Things to Do This Summer
13. Summer – Do You Have the Courage to Run Away?
14. The Best Summer Food Festivals
15. Woof Woof! Bring Your Dog to Work Friday

1. ==> ‘Nightmare’ Cyber Weapon Warning

Researchers at two security companies have finally
found and analyzed the malware that triggered a Kiev
blackout last December, and it’s far worse than
imagined. The only thing that’s certain, says security
researcher Robert Lee, founder and CEO of the cyber
security company Dragos, is that the malware wasn’t
built as a one-time weapon. “It’s a nightmare,” Lee
says. “The malware in its current state would be usable
for every power plant in Europe. This is a framework
designed to target other places.” “What makes this
thing a holy-crap moment is the understanding of grid
operations encoded within it,” he says. Robert Lee is
also a non-resident National Cybersecurity Fellow at
New America focusing on policy issues relating to the
cyber security of critical infrastructure. Contact him
at Rob@Dragos.com; @RobertMLee

2. ==> Great July 4th Show – Is America Independent

Independence Day is meant to commemorate America’s
securing its independence from Great Britain but all
these years later, James Stuber says America has let
that independence slip away, and unwittingly become the
victim of a new, self-imposed “reverse colonialism,”
reliant on countries like China for manufactured goods,
while exporting raw materials, farm goods, and scrap.
Stuber will recount how the United States secured its
borders and set the terms of trade, intentionally
building up its domestic manufacturing capabilities and
then, after 150 years, set out on the road of free
trade following World War II, with disastrous results.
He’ll discuss how, in the last 30 years, the U.S. sent
$16 trillion and six million jobs offshore, and what
this dependence on other countries has done to American
workers, families and communities. Fortunately, he
says, consumers have the power to solve the problem.
James Stuber is an attorney and entrepreneur and
formerly served as legislative assistant to a member of
the United States House of Representatives. He’s the
author of “What If Things Were Made in America Again:
How Consumers Can Rebuild the Middle Class by Buying
Things Made in American Communities.” Contact him at
(610) 608-5074; jstuber@miaa.us

3. ==> The Fastest-Growing Refugee Crisis

More than 3 million people have been forced from their
homes in the war-torn nation of South Sudan, according
to a report published Monday by the United Nations
Refugee Agency. Of that group, 1.9 million are
internally displaced and 1.4 million are refugees. The
country is now home to the fastest-growing refugee
population, ahead of Syria and Afghanistan. Challiss
McDonough of the World Food Program says the vast
majority flee across the country’s southern border into
Uganda, which is now home to the world’s largest
refugee camp with a population that hovers around
250,000. McDonough says, “You’ve got people directly in
the line of fire who have fled because they’re afraid
for their lives. And you’ve got people who have fled
because they can’t get food.” Sometimes both are
happening in the same place, she added. McDonough can
discuss the crisis, as well as the silver lining, with
experts saying Uganda’s compassion towards refugees has
enabled South Sudanese newcomers to quickly begin anew.
The World Food Programme (WFP) is the leading
humanitarian organization fighting hunger worldwide.
Contact McDonough at 254 207 622 179; 254 707 722 104
(cell) or Challiss.McDonough@wfp.org

4. ==> Anson Williams – Happy Days’ Potsie

Best known for his role in Happy Days, Anson Williams
is part of the upcoming ‘Battle of the Network Stars’
on ABC. But Williams is currently promoting something
closer to his heart, the dangers of drowsy driving.
With people working longer and harder than ever,
falling asleep at the wheel has become a serious
problem resulting in more deaths per year than drunken
driving. Hear Williams’ own story and how his uncle,
Dr. Henry Heimlich, inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver,
shared little-known advice that he is now passionate
about sharing. “I was having considerable trouble
staying awake while driving home after long 15-hr
workdays. My uncle recommended keeping a lemon or a hot
pepper in the car and whenever I started to feel drowsy
to simply bite into it. I chose the lemon and it
instantly worked, making me naturally alert and awake
at the wheel.” Williams will explain how capsaicin from
pepper or natural, citric acid from a lemon are the
only two ingredients that stimulate the tongue’s
sensory neurons, immediately alerting the brain to
wake-up, and how simple drops could save lives. Contact
Harlan Boll at (626) 296-3757; h.boll@dcpublicity.com

5. ==> Love, Sex and the Summer Solstice

Yesterday marked the summer solstice, the longest day
of the year in the Northern hemisphere when daylight
lasts over 15 hours. The celestial event has long been
celebrated and associated with love, sex and fertility.
Donna Henes, author of “Celestially Auspicious
Occasions: Seasons, Cycles and Celebrations” says, “In
ancient times, when we didn’t have light and heat
indoors or stores where we could buy food, winter was a
bare, cold and very hard time,” Henes says. “If your
baby was born in the beginning of winter, it had a much
less chance of survival. It became a tradition to have
mating season around the solstice so your child would
be born in early spring instead. This is where the June
wedding legacy comes from.” Henes also describes the
solstice as a lover’s holiday which coincides with
nature’s harvest. “The relationship between the
solstice and the powerful, fertile energy of the sun is
reflected in nature,” she says. “Flowers are the sexual
organs of the plants. Not only is nature blooming and
the sap rising, but the libido rises as well.” Donna
Henes is an internationally renowned urban shaman,
contemporary ceremonialist, spiritual teacher, author,
speaker and workshop leader whose joyful celebrations
of the cycles of the seasons and the seasons of life
have introduced ancient traditional rituals and
contemporary ceremonies to millions of people since
1972. Contact her at (718) 857-1343; CityShaman@aol.com

6. ==> How to Survive a Pedestrian Attack

In the latest terror attack in London, a rented van was
driven into a crowd leaving a mosque during Ramadan.
That, just weeks after terrorists drove into
pedestrians walking across London Bridge and, in New
York City’s Time Square, a drunk driver slammed into
pedestrians who were in the wrong place at the wrong
time. It seems the simple act of walking on the
sidewalk has become more dangerous than ever. Former
British Army Officer Chris Bird says everyone needs to
be aware of their surroundings at all times—but not to
succumb to fear. He’ll explain the 4Ds to avoid as well
as why you should only walk down streets in which there
are parked cars on the same side you are on or walk
facing traffic even on the sidewalk. He’ll detail what
to do if you absolutely must send a text or be on the
phone while on the street. In a related matter, Bird
can talk about the recent shooting of Republican
congressmen, the police response to it, and why it is
not realistic for ordinary people to expect police can
protect them while an attack is underway. Bird is the
author of “Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage” and a
former San Antonio Express-News crime reporter. Reach
him at (210) 308-8191; cjbird@satx.rr.com

7. ==> Is Social Media Turning Trump Haters Violent?

An innocent baseball practice turned violent last week
when James Hodgkinson opened fire in Virginia on a team
of Republicans getting ready for a charity event.
Before Hodgkinson was killed he wounded five people
including Sen. Steve Scalise (R-La.). Dintyala, M.D.,
believes the man’s social media pages say it all;
Hodgkinson was a Trump hater who took his anger,
resentment and frustration out on the nearest
Republicans. Dintyala says we may see more of this in
coming days unless we take real steps to deal with our
own acidic emotions. He’ll point out three ways that
social media is exacerbating the problem, what Trump
can do on his end, and how calmness can be experienced
by people on all sides of the political divide.
Dintyala is a Board Certified Internal Medicine
Physician with a master’s degree in public health. He
is the author of “Seven Keys to Surviving the Trump
Presidency.” (860) 375 0446;

8. ==> Uber CEO Gone – Will Culture Change?

Uber is now known just as much for its scandals as it
is for its cheap rides. Why do things continue to go
terribly wrong at the San Francisco ride-sharing
company whose CEO just stepped down? Gerald Leonard, a
Washington, D.C.-based consultant on corporate culture,
says you don’t have to be a fan or critic of Uber to
learn from its mistakes; these include an aggressive
and unrestrained culture where harassment and phobias
were ignored. Leonard says the company lacks the vision
and values to put its employees and customers first
that would have prompted management to openly address
its problems at the first sign of trouble. As more
customers continue to delete their Uber accounts,
Leonard can share the three unifying principles that
are hallmarks of great company culture and why so many
companies fail the test. He is the author of “Culture
is the Bass: 7 Principles for Developing a Culture That
Works.” Reach him at (443) 622-4740 or

9. ==> Zero Carbon Summer Travel: Save Money & the

Traveling light used to mean cramming clothes into a
carry-on bag to avoid baggage fees. But this summer, it
means something more, as Jennie Lynn will explain.
She’ll tell your listeners that more travelers are
helping to literally light the world in Third World
nations while the travelers themselves save big bucks
on their travel costs and offset their carbon
emissions. As a member of the travel website Viridian
and owner of its Travel Light franchise, Jennie Lynn
can share why Viridan is giving Expedia a run for its
money by doing good works and providing members with
the lowest guaranteed public prices on their
destinations. She has saved $6,000 on her own travel
costs since December. Reach her at (508)965-3053 or

10. ==> Fun Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

Summer can mean vacations, pool time and relaxation,
but it can also mean summer learning loss – the
phenomenon where students can lose up to three months
of academic skills during the summer break. Adrian
Ridner, CEO and co-founder of Study.com believes that
not only can summer learning loss be prevented, but
students can even use the summer months to get ahead of
the academic year. Chat with Ridner about how students
(and their parents) can use quick and easy learning
tools on their smartphones to make progress on math,
reading and so much more, without giving up the
freedoms of summer. Ridner can also touch on how short
lessons and convenient video material can motivate
students to continue learning while in “summer mode.”
Fed up with the high cost of education, Adrian Ridner
started Study.com in 2002 with the mission of making
education affordable, effective and engaging. Today,
the company helps over 25 million students a month,
from middle school through college, with short video-
based online courses. Contact Chandni Brunamonti at

11. ==> College Kids Are Home for the Summer

Summer is officially here but parents and college
students are apt to have very different ideas of how
these few languid months will be spent. College
students, whether they are 18, or returning to live at
home for a few months, often face a barrage of
questions and expectations that clash with their
newfound independence. Invite Poppy and Geoff Spencer,
parenting experts, ‘Millennial Translators’, and
parents of five millennials who navigated the
transition during summer break, to offer tips to help
everyone get through the summer. From holding family
meetings to creating ‘practiced freedom’ and embracing
failure, Poppy says parents need to allow teens to make
mistakes. “We suggest that you use the summer months as
practice time to make decisions, pause to consider
options, while still providing a loving safety net at
home. Allowing failure can be one of the most loving
things you can give to your college student this
summer.” Poppy and Geoff Spencer, CPC, are licensed New
Life Story Coaches, relationship and parenting experts,
and the authors of “1 Billion Seconds,” based on years
of research on hundreds of people and offers a formula
for a flourishing relationship by developing
exceptional communication. Contact them at (941)
586-2911; poppyandgeoff@relationalexperts.com

12. ==> 3 Best Things to Do This Summer

Summer is much too good to waste. Ensure that your
listeners get the most from the season by interviewing
Andro Donovan, the author of “Motivate Yourself: Get
the Life You Want, Find Purpose and Achieve
Fulfilment,” a Wiley imprint. Her advice will help
people take their lives far even if their vacation
plans keep them at home. Andro will share how to
improve your life by establishing a digital detox hour
to connect with your family; a ten-minute routine to
get your mornings off to the best possible start; and
ways to nourish and indulge your inner child even if
you are too old to cannonball into the pool or run
under the spray of a fire hydrant. Contact her at
+4407711238410; andro@trend.co.uk;
andro@androdonovan.com; Skype: andro.donovan1

13. ==> Summer – Do You Have the Courage to Run Away?

Summer is a time to let go, relax and get away. Time to
let go of what is not serving you anymore. Have you
ever wanted to just chuck it all and run away? Lucetta
Zaytoun says, “If you have it’s because that job,
situation or relationship isn’t working for you. If you
do run away, it means you are actually running back to
you, and then you have the opportunity to recreate that
relationship, job or situation in a way that does work
for you.” Lucetta says, “Most people think running away
is weak and cowardly, but the truth is it takes a lot
of courage to walk away. Gather up your bravery and
give yourself permission to run. This could be the
season of a new you.” Lucetta Zaytoun is an
international speaker, coach and the founder of Your
Life in Bold, llc. She’s the author of “It’s Already
Tomorrow Here: Never Underestimate the Power of Running
Away.” Contact her at (919) 450-8944;

14. ==> The Best Summer Food Festivals

Along with summer comes a multitude of food festivals
honoring locally grown, made, bred, caught or naturally
found products. To the delight of foodies everywhere,
cherries, peaches, asparagus, rhubarb, seafood,
barbecued pork, cheese and more are served with
regional wines and craft beer while toes tap to jazz,
blues and rock ‘n’ roll. From this month’s Key Lime
Festival in Key West to the Yarmouth Clam Festival,
event planning expert Lynn Fuhler can talk about why
everyone is packing their bags to discover a local
experience. You’ll learn how to maximize your next food
event experience, what to look for when you search an
event’s website, and why chefs love to participate in
food festivals. Lynn Fuhler is the former tourism
director of Clearwater Beach, Fla., and former chairman
of the largest free jazz festival in the Southeast. She
is the author of “Secrets to Successful Events: How to
Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and
Festivals,” which has been used as a college textbook.
Contact her at (336) 499-6372; contact-

15. ==> Woof Woof! Bring Your Dog to Work Friday

This Friday, June 23rd is the 18th annual Bring Your
Dog to Work Day, a day in which corporate America is
encouraged to officially go to the dogs. Carlyn Montes
De Oca, an author, animal advocate and human health
expert, argues that you should bring your dog to work
every day! She says, “From a business perspective, they
create happier workplaces, helping with employee
retention!” Invite her to discuss the healing
properties of dogs and the many reasons why they belong
in the workplace. “Dogs encourage people to talk face-
to-face instead of through emails or phone calls, and
they’re natural stress busters. Just stroking a dog’s
fur lowers people’s blood pressure!” Carlyn Montes De
Oca is an author, speaker, acupuncturist and plant-
based nutritional consultant in private practice near
San Francisco. She’s the author of “Dog as My Doctor,
Cat as My Nurse: An Animal Lover’s Guide to a Healthy,
Happy & Extraordinary Life.” Contact her at (415)
306-1853; cmdo@animalhumanhealth.com

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