06/16/16 RTIR E-zine: Clinton-Warren, Father’s Day, Wedding Fever

June 16, 2016

01. Clinton/Warren – Can Two Women Top the Ticket?
02. Hillary’s Haiti Problem
03. Statehood for D.C.?
04. Dads Love Duct Tape!
05. What Else Do Dads Love? Sausage!!!
06. Interview America’s Funniest Grandpa
07. Stop Hassling Dad about His Beer Belly
08. Father’s Day – Defending Dad’s Rights
09. How to Talk to Your Kids about Terrorism
10. Helping Orlando Survivors Heal
11. Make More Money Loving the Job You Hate
12. June 21 – World Music Day
13. Wedding Fever – Best & Worst Ways to Propose
14. OB/GYN on her Pro-Life Choice Stance
15. How to Look & Feel 20 Years Younger

1. == > Clinton/Warren – Can Two Women Top the Ticket?

Who will Hillary Clinton choose as a running mate?
Robert Kuttner says Elizabeth Warren is an attractive
candidate for several reasons. “Warren brings a verve
and a gusto to the campaign that has partly eluded
Clinton until now. Clinton may conclude she needs
Warren to assure her own election. Only on that basis
is she likely to turn to Warren. All other
considerations pale in comparison with that one. Warren
will get the nod if and only if Clinton decides that
Warren will make a major difference in November. Would
Warren take the job? Yes.” Robert Kuttner is a
journalist and writer and the co-founder of The
American Prospect, a liberal political magazine.
Contact him at (202) 776-0730 (DC) or (781) 736-531;

2. ==> Hillary’s Haiti Problem

Haiti appeared to enter into another leaderless drift
Wednesday as the provisional president’s 120-day
mandate came to a close amid backroom negotiations and
delays by the deeply polarized country’s political
class. Nikolas Barry-Shaw says, “The mandate of Haiti’s
interim president expired yesterday with no successor
to take his place, raising questions about who will
carry forward the country’s stalled electoral process.
Dates for new elections were announced last week, after
a verification panel ruled that the previous rounds of
voting were so riddled by fraud and irregularities that
the process should recommence at zero.” Invite the
voting rights associate to discuss the situation and
why he believes Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to
deflect attention from her involvement in the elections
while she served as Secretary of State. Nikolas Barry-
Shaw is the voting rights associate for the Institute
for Justice & Democracy in Haiti. Contact him at (514)
825-2263 (Canada); nik@ijdh.org, @haitivoteblog

3. ==> Statehood for D.C.?

While campaigning before the D.C. primary, Sanders
brought up the issue of statehood for the District of
Columbia. He said, “The state of Vermont which I
represent has about the same number of residents that
Washington, D.C. has, except we have two United States
senators and one congressman with full rights, while
D.C. does not. That does not make any sense.” Anise
Jenkins agrees, “It’s a ridiculous situation: 600,000
people have no voting representation in Congress or
real autonomy. The fact that we’ve not been able to
determine our own policies has done real damage to the
people of the city. There’s some attention paid to
Congress running roughshod over the public’s attempts
to have gun control or medical marijuana, but that’s
just the tip of the iceberg.” Jenkins is with the Stand
Up! for Democracy in D.C. Coalition (Free D.C.).
Contact her at (202) 361-9739;
standup_freeDC@yahoo.com, @msfreedc

4. ==> Dads Love Duct Tape!

Does anybody love duct tape more than dads? We think
not. Do a fun show on how duct tape could actually save
a life with Dr. James Hubbard, aka The Survival Doctor.
You’ll learn why duct tape is his #1 recommended
makeshift medical supply. You’ll learn how to make
eyeglasses—lenses and all (through “pinhole”
technology), remove a ring from a swollen finger and
cactus spines from a foot, make an ankle brace, wrist
splint, and sling, and even how to use duct tape to
stop a lung from collapsing! “After a natural disaster,
while camping, or when the grid goes down, you may not
have the best medical supplies,” Dr. Hubbard says.
“With a little know-how, you can make a surprising
variety of supplies, as long as you have some duct
tape.” Dr. Hubbard is a long-time family physician and
survival medicine expert. He shares his common-sense
health advice on dozens of radio shows, podcasts and
blogs nationwide, teaches easy-to-follow, makeshift
ways to survive disasters and in the wild, and is the
author of several survival guides including “Duct Tape
911,” the ultimate duct tape survival guide. Contact
him at (719) 576-2353; thesurvivaldoctor@gmail.com

5. ==> What Else Do Dads Love? Sausage!!!

This weekend, as you plan your Father’s Day grilling,
don’t forget the sausage and dogs! For a fun show about
Dad’s favorite meat (and meat products) invite the
Queen of Wein, Janet Riley of the National Hot Dog and
Sausage Council (NHDSC) to talk about everything – and
anything – about wieners, frankfurters, or whatever you
call them! From bratwurst to chili cheese dogs, there’s
something for everyone. Janet can talk about regional
ballpark favorites, the history of hot dogs and
sausage, and even what’s really in those meat tubes!
Contact Janet Riley at (202) 587-4245;
jriley@meatinstitute.org or Eric Mittenthal at (202)
587-4238; emittenthal@meatinstitute.org

6. ==> Interview America’s Funniest Grandpa

When you talk about Father’s Day don’t forget the
grandpas! Sure, toddlers are tough, but grandpas today
have some great insight into how to deal with the
terrible twos and beyond. Invite Howard Eisenberg, a
onetime father of three toddlers, grandfather of a
half-dozen, and now, great-grandfather of a two-year-
old, to share the funny side of living with little ones
– and reassure young fathers that parenthood is
survivable! Who else can tell you what distinguishes
toddlers from puppies and bunnies, riff about dining
out with rugrats in tow, and man chat about tantrums
and toddlers joining you in bed? Recently featured in
the New York Observer, Eisenberg is the author of
“Adorable Scoundrels,” from which he can read some
short bits on the air. His late wife and daughter co-
wrote “What to Expect When You are Expecting,” and
“What to Expect in the Toddler Years.” Eisenberg’s work
has also appeared in Sports Illustrated, Parenting
Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. Reach him at
(212) 362-8040; sirhowardeisenberg@gmail.com

7. ==> Stop Hassling Dad about His Beer Belly

If Dad wants to have another beer, let him! With
Father’s Day coming up, it’s time someone told the
truth about beer—and more importantly—beer bellies.
That someone is R. Belldon Colme, a nutritional
wellness expert who lost more than a hundred pounds and
is now making his life’s mission to deliver straight
advice the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to
hear. Who else would tell you that calories have
nothing to do with weight loss or wellness? He’ll
expose the lies that are posing as weight loss truths,
what’s really behind the making of a beer belly, why
eating less and working out more sets you up for
disaster and what dads everywhere need to know about
their unique bodies. He’s the author of “No One Ever
Got Fat from Calories: The Real Truth Behind Weight
Loss, Your Body and Wellness.” Contact him at (909)
363-6566; belldoncolme@gmail.com

8. ==> Father’s Day – Defending Dad’s Rights

35 years ago on Father’s Day in 1981, Jeffery Leving
decided to make it his life’s mission to fight for the
legal rights of fathers after attending a meeting where
fathers shared their experiences in the family court
system.  All too often in child custody cases, the
father is left out in the cold.  However, the ultimate
victims in parental alienation of fathers are the
children.  The fact is that father involvement is
essential to the healthy development of a child.
Numerous researchers have found that father-child
contact is associated with better socio-emotional and
academic functioning. These studies indicated that
children with more involved fathers experienced fewer
behavioral problems, scored higher on reading
achievement and were less likely to be at risk for
adolescent drug use.  Jeffery Leving is the author of
“Fathers’ Rights: Hard-Hitting and Fair Advice for
Every Father Involved in a Custody Dispute” and “How to
Be a Good Divorced Dad: Being the Best Parent You Can
Be Before, During, and After the Break-Up” which has
garnered praise from President Barack Obama and an
endorsement from Francis Cardinal George of the
Archdiocese of Chicago.  He played a key role in
reuniting Elian Gonzalez with his father, has
previously appeared as a special guest on Anderson
Cooper, Nancy Grace, The O’Reilly Factor, Larry King
Live, among others and co-authored the Illinois Joint
Custody Law, Illinois Virtual Visitation, Right to DNA
Testing Notice, and Unlawful Visitation or Parenting
Time Interference Laws. Contact him at (312) 296-3666;

9. ==> How to Talk to Your Kids about Terrorism

Everyone is talking about the horrific Orlando
shooting, even the kids. Whether it’s at school or from
the TV or computer, they’re getting information that’s
unsettling and scary. Tom Gagliano says there are
several things to consider when you talk to your kids
about a terrorist attack. “Do not assume your child
feels the same way you do. With limited life
experience, your child does not have the experience or
tools to process and understand the why or how of
terrorist activity and motivation the way you do.”
Gagliano says, “Ask the child how he feels. Listen and
do not judge or deny his feelings, whatever they may
be.” “Lastly,” he says, “teach your child to be
cautious and aware of his surroundings, and assure him
that you and all the other authorities in his life-
teachers, principals, police- are all aware of the
situation and doing their best to protect everyone.”
Tom Gagliano, MSW, is a mentor, speaker and author.
Bullied as a kid, he now helps others who suffer from
negative childhood messages. He says his goal with his
own children is to give them what his father couldn’t;
a safe place to share their feelings, whatever they
might be. Contact him at (732) 266-4952;

10. ==> Helping Orlando Survivors Heal

As the nation continues to be in shock over the
senseless massacre of young, healthy people in the
Orlando Pulse nightclub, their survivors will face a
lifetime of loss as they struggle to cope with their
loved ones’ absences. What can we do to help them? How
can we show our support in a truly meaningful way once
the marches and candle lightings are finished? Pastor
and health-care chaplain Joseph Oloimooja has two
powerful suggestions for consoling the grieving and
comforting those that are hurting. He can address how
to create a sacred space that allows healing to take
place and the importance of sharing memories. Joseph is
pastor of an Episcopal church and manager of spiritual
care services at Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical
Center. Reach him at 323-687-2167; oloimooja@yahoo.com

11. ==> Make More Money Loving the Job You Hate

Chances are many of your listeners are among the 68
percent of U.S. workers who are disengaged; many hate
their jobs … and their boss. Business consultant Greg
Jacobson can make a real difference in their lives, as
he explains how changing their attitude toward work,
their job and their boss will not only make them
happier but earn them more money. He’ll say that
happiness on the job is related to focus and once you
stop focusing on what you don’t like about work (and
start focusing on what you want to happen) amazing
things occur. Jacobson will also share who the most
promotable people at work are and why they are not the
people who work the hardest or get the most done. The
author of “Think Yourself Happy” is available as a
last-minute guest and has been on CBS, ABC, Bloomberg
News, CNN and more. Reach him at (805) 302-0692;

12. ==> June 21 – World Music Day

The Summer Solstice is almost upon us and it’s also
World Music Day! Launched in 1982 in France as the Fête
de la Musique, World Music Day will take place on
Tuesday June 21st in more than 700 cities in 120
countries around the globe. Invite Vincent James from
Keep Music Alive to talk about the unique festival
where every kind of musician—young and old, amateur and
professional—will pour onto streets, parks, plazas, and
porches to share their music with friends, neighbors,
and strangers. Vincent says it’s a wonderful way to
draw attention to the importance of music in all of our
lives: academically, therapeutically and just overall
making us a happier society. Vincent will share
inspirational stories of many well-known artists and
songwriters from the book “88+ Ways Music Can Change
Your Life.” 50% of the book’s proceeds benefit the 88+
Ways Program which helps donate musical instruments and
lessons into schools and communities in need. Contact
Vincent James at (610) 812-5231;

13. ==> Wedding Fever – Best & Worst Ways to Propose

June may be known as the unofficial wedding month, but
many couples also become engaged in June. For some it’s
the next life move after graduation while others get
caught up in the romance that comes with wedding
season. Whatever the reason, there will be a lot of
proposing going on this month. Bring Dr. LeslieBeth
Wish on your show to talk about the best—and—worst ways
to pop the question and discuss ‘too little’ and ‘too
much’ proposals, how to avoid them, and what to do if
you’re on the receiving end of a not-to-so great
proposal.  A licensed clinical psychotherapist, Dr.
Wish is a frequent repeat guest on radio shows and an
expert on relationship and family issues. Contact her
at (941) 363-0505 (FL); (941) 928-1547 (cell) or

14. ==> OB/GYN on her Pro-Life Choice Stance

Over the years, OB/GYN Carolyn Purcell counseled
hundreds of women as they made and lived with decisions
about abortion. She says the political arguments
surrounding the issue are harmful to women as they
decide and try to heal. “My position is that abortion
should be legal early, but the Pro-Choice movement does
women a disservice by denying the humanity of the fetus
or that the moral issue should be considered.” Purcell
says she has a moderate stance on the issue that she
calls Pro-Life Choice. Invite her to discuss how, as a
doctor, she came to terms with abortion both morally
and legally. Now retired, Dr. Carolyn Purcell is the
author of “Saving Jane Doe.”  Contact her at (859)
335-5226; cpurcellret1998@gmail.com

15. ==> How to Look & Feel 20 Years Younger

When Valerie Youngblood was a young doctor she noticed
that some of her 70-year-old patients looked like they
were 50. She wondered why they were aging much slower
than others. After studying them for decades Youngblood
was able to identify patterns she could follow to age
much slower herself. She says, “I have identified at
least five things you can do every day that cost
absolutely nothing, yet faithfully followed they’ll
lead to the mindset you need for a long, healthy life.
And if you want to live to be 100, the two most
important aspects of your life to concentrate on are
happiness and optimism.”  Youngblood will discuss the
ultimate doable routine for starting your day and why
it’s worth getting up earlier to do it. Valerie
Youngblood, M.D., is an integrative medicine specialist
with emphasis on age management and lifestyle medicine.
She is a speaker, yoga teacher, meditation instructor
and the author of “The Youngblood Code: Proven
Strategies to Optimize Your Health and Longevity By
Bending Time to Your Advantage” Contact her at (888)
673-6336; youngbloodmd@gmail.com.

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