06/15/17 RTIR E-zine: Wonder Women, Pride Month, Dads and Daughters

0/15/17 RTIR E-zine

01. Is Social Media Turning Trump Haters Violent?
02. Journalist – Saudi Arabia is Destabilizing the World
03. Exec Producer of Nat Geo’s ‘Year Million’
04. Trump’s Reckless Withdrawal from Climate Accord
05. Fathers, Sons and Sports
06. Dads, Daughters and Successful Women
07. Dealing with a Bad Dad on Father’s Day
08. A Simple Test Could Save Dad’s Life
09. Wonder Woman Rules!
10. Pride Month – TCM’s ‘Gay Hollywood’ Host
11. Single’s Guide to Surviving Wedding Season
12. Biggest New Grad Danger: Poor Judgment
13. Why Do Smart People Fall for Scams?
14. How to Profit from New Business Trend
15. Eat Up! The Best Summer Food Festivals

1. ==> Is Social Media Turning Trump Haters Violent?

An innocent baseball practice turned violent yesterday
when Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson, 66,
opened fire in Virginia on a team of Republicans
getting ready for a charity event. Before Hodgkinson
was killed he wounded five people including Sen. Steve
Scalise (R-La.). Hodgkinson cannot explain his actions,
but Kiran Dintyala, M.D., believes the man’s social
media pages say it all; Hodgkinson was a Trump hater
who took his anger, resentment and frustration out on
the nearest Republicans. Dintyala says we may see more
of this in coming days unless we take real steps to
deal with our own acidic emotions. He’ll point out
three ways that social media is exacerbating the
problem, what Trump can do on his end, and how calmness
can be experienced by people on all sides of the
political divide. Dintyala is a Board Certified
Internal Medicine Physician with a master’s degree in
public health. He is the author of “Seven Keys to
Surviving the Trump Presidency.” (860) 375 0446;

2. ==> Journalist – Saudi Arabia is Destabilizing the

While President Trump boasts about his Saudi arms deal,
Stephen Kinzer reminds us that for years Saudi Arabia
has waged a multi-faceted, and lavishly financed
campaign to pull Indonesia away from moderate Islam and
toward the austere Wahhabi form that is state religion
in Saudi Arabia. He says, “Successive American
presidents have assured us that Saudi Arabia is our
friend and wishes us well. Yet we know that Osama bin
Laden and most of his 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, and
that, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote in a
diplomatic cable eight years ago, ‘Donors in Saudi
Arabia constitute the most significant source of
funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.’ Saudi
Arabia has used its wealth, much of which comes from
the United States, to turn entire nations into hotbeds
of radical Islam. By refusing to protest or even
officially acknowledge this far-reaching project, we
finance our own assassins — and global terror.” Stephen
Kinzer is a senior fellow at the Watson Institute for
International Studies at Brown University and a
columnist at the Boston Globe. He spent more than 20
years working for the New York Times, most of it as a
foreign correspondent. His books include “Overthrow:
America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq”
and most recently “The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt,
Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire.” Contact
him at kinzer.stephen@gmail.com; @stephenkinzer

3. ==> Exec Producer of Nat Geo’s ‘Year Million’

Year Million, a six-part documentary-drama series
airing on National Geographic, explores what it will be
like to be human one million years into the future.
Today’s brightest futurists, scientists, scholars and
notable science fiction writers guide viewers through
the very latest advances in technology, ideas and
innovations that likely will power the evolution of our
species. Invite executive producer Dave O’Connor on
your show and hear about the amazing series that
propels us into an odyssey of unfathomable choices
humans will face while questioning the kind of lives
we’ll live and the people we’ll become a million years
from now. Year Million airs Mondays on the Nat Geo
channel. Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137;
(703) 400-1099 (cell) or johanna@jrbcomm.com

4. ==> Trump’s Reckless Withdrawal from Climate Accord

The United States was the lone hold-out during Monday’s
G7 environment ministers’ joint pledge to ramp up
efforts to curb global warming and mobilize financial
aid for poorer countries coping with climate change.
Ellen Moyer says “President Trump just rejected science
and put America last in the green technology revolution
already underway. While he walks away from America’s
world leadership position, the green technology train
has already left the station, and other countries and
numerous American states and cities have vowed to honor
the goals of the accord.” Ellen Moyer, Ph.D., is the
author of “Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to
Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World,” She’ll
explain the implications of Trump’s move, how Puerto
Rico, a dozen states and hundreds of municipalities
have stepped up to fight climate change in response to
the withdrawal, and what could happen next. Dr. Moyer
is an environmental consultant and registered
professional engineer with an MS in environmental
engineering, a PhD in civil engineering, and more than
30 years of environmental engineering experience. She
is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.
Contact her at (413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com.

5. ==> Fathers, Sons and Sports

Invite journalist and sports fan Rich Manieri to share
poignant, funny and powerful insights into the
tumultuous father-son relationship and how sports
become a way to bond. Manieri says a mutual love of
sports can help forge family relationships, even in the
worst of times. And what teenage boy wouldn’t prefer
watching a game with dad than talking about their
future, school or even sex? Manieri is the author of
“We Burn on Friday: A Memoir of My Father and Me.” Ask
him about his first job at a radio station and how it
inspired the book’s title. Contact Mike Onorato at
(856) 489-8654 ext. 304;

6. ==> Dads, Daughters and Successful Women

Connie Rankin set out to interview nine women who had
overcome tremendous odds to be successful. She expected
their stories would be varied, but she didn’t
anticipate how large a role the women’s fathers had
played in the strong women they had become. She says,
“Fathers are crucial to their children’s emotional
well-being because children base their foundational
ideas about how to relate to others and what to
consider acceptable and loving in future relationships
on this primary relationship.” Learn how Oprah
Winfrey’s father nurtured her reading habit and
provided calm in her chaotic life, the life challenge
Laotian girl Keo Chan accepted from her father that
shaped her life, and other stories of how a dad’s
influence matters. A nationally recognized leader in
female empowerment and sought-after media guest, Connie
Rankin is the author of “God Gave Us Wings: A Journey
to Success: Theirs, Mine, and Yours.” Contact Megan
Salch at (713) 864-1344, ext. 1;

7. ==> Dealing with a Bad Dad on Father’s Day

No one gets to choose their parents but certain
holidays, like Father’s Day, make it especially
difficult for some children to honor their dads the way
society expects them to. Carol-Ann Hamilton, whose late
father was demanding, knows the guilt and conflicting
emotions some adult children will face on Father’s Day.
The author of “Coping with Un-cope-able Parents: Loving
Action for Eldercare” advises such children to refuse
to accept society’s messages about how to treat a
father, especially if that dad was physically, mentally
or emotionally abusive. She’ll share tips for
approaching the holiday without feeling guilty, ways to
make the day more enjoyable for everyone, and how to
deal with issues that arise even after your parent is
gone. Carol-Ann Hamilton spent 25 years as an
organizational development consultant in Fortune 500
and entrepreneurial settings and has written several
books on business and personal growth topics. An only
child with a demanding, inflexible, formerly alcoholic
father, she spent three years caring for him until his
death at age 89 in 2012. Contact her at (905)
822-2503; carolann@carolannhamilton.com

8. ==> A Simple Test Could Save Dad’s Life

Sudden first-time heart attacks claim the lives of many
men with no apparent risk factors. Men who have healthy
cholesterol levels, normal blood pressure, active lives
and no family history of heart disease may still be at
risk, points out Victoria Dupuy. Victoria’s husband
Dean died in 2013 at 46 of a heart attack even though
he was a runner and had been proclaimed in excellent
health during a routine physical just a few months
before his sudden death. In time for National Men’s
Health Month in June and Father’s Day, Victoria wants
to tell your audience about a simple, noninvasive,
affordable test that detects heart disease in its
earliest, most treatable stage. It’s called a Coronary
Artery Calcium Scan (CACS) and it detects calcium
buildup in arteries. She’ll explain why your physician
is unlikely to suggest you have this test, how to
demand that he or she order it for you or even how to
arrange for the man in your life to have the test as a
Father’s Day present that could keep him around for
many extra years. Victoria heads the nonprofit No More
Broken Hearts, whose mission is to promote awareness of
the CACS. Reach her at (408) 981-1744 or

9. ==> Wonder Woman Rules!

The big screen superhero flick Wonder Woman is cleaning
up at the box office. Based on the D.C. Comics
character, the movie is an epic action/adventure, with
a heavy emphasis on female empowerment. “Wonder Woman
is a goddess, literally!” says Cat Dolls. “She
transforms from not knowing who she really is, to
owning her power and finally being able to defeat the
darkness! We all have a darkness in our life somewhere
and women can really relate to the movie’s story. The
discovery of the goddess within is what changes
everything.” Dols says, “The whole story is so powerful
and beautiful, but there was a great deal of conflict
along the way. Wonder Woman is inspiring, uplifting and
shows us everything we can all be, in our own ways.”
Cat Dols is the author of “Get Your Goddess On: Own
Your Power. Love Your Life!” The former Ford model is a
life coach, home stager, decorator, master gardener and
art class teacher. Contact her at (262) 388-3222;

10. ==> Pride Month – TCM’s ‘Gay Hollywood’ Host

In honor of Pride Month this June, Turner Classic
Movies is airing the series ‘Gay Hollywood.’ Hosted by
Dave Karger, the series spotlights LGBT actors and
artists throughout film history. Dave can discuss the
new series, the history of Hollywood’s “celluloid
closet,” and the contributions LGBT individuals have
made in film. Dave Karger is a Hollywood’s
entertainment journalist and film expert, and a regular
contributor on Today, Access Hollywood and the E!
Network, and a regular fixture on the Academy Awards
Red Carpet. Karger spent 17 years as senior writer for
Entertainment Weekly, hosted original series for
Fandango, and sits on the juries of top film festivals
across the country. Contact John Angelo at

11. ==> Single’s Guide to Surviving Wedding Season

Now that wedding season is here, it is nearly
impossible to ignore the steady drumbeat of engagement
ring photos, wedding proposal videos, shower
announcements, wedding invitations and party photos.
Yet all these reminders of true love can be
particularly challenging for single people who haven’t
found their “one and only” and struggle with feelings
of envy, loneliness and unworthiness. Jennie Lynn can
empathize and hopes to empower millions to finally find
their soul mate just in time for summer. Invite the
author of “Magnetic Love: Stop Chasing What You
Want…Start Attracting It” to share simple principles
that helped her find the love of her life almost
instantly. Jennie Lynn is a writer, professional model
and a worldwide triple pro champion in natural figure,
physique, and bodybuilding. Contact her at (508)
965-3053; JennieLynn@JennieLynn.com

12. ==> Biggest New Grad Danger: Poor Judgment

Graduation season has come and gone and now a flock of
millennials are seeking their fortunes. The problem is,
we aren’t doing enough to protect them from their own
poor judgment, suggests Akram Alashari, a 31-year-old
trauma surgeon known as the Peak Performance Doctor.
Akram is saddened by seeing young people arrive at his
hospital with life-threatening injuries because they
texted and drove, got in a car with a drunk driver, car
surfed, dove out of a tree and did other immature
things simply because they thought they were
invincible. Akram, who became a doctor at 23, wants to
reach young people’s parents to help them better
prepare their graduates for a safe future. He’ll reveal
what parents can do to ensure that their children will
be goal oriented and less likely to be swayed by peer
pressure. His views make up the “graduation speech”
today’s graduates and parents need to hear. He is the
author of “The Power of Peak State: Massively Enhance
Your Personal Potential.” Contact him at (407) 617-4795
or thepeakperformancedoctor@gmail.com

13. ==> Why Do Smart People Fall for Scams?

While the rest of us take vacations, scammers never do.
Now is the perfect time to interview Bill Francavilla
to learn the latest financial scams and why even
intelligent people fall for them. Francavilla spent 30
years in the financial services industry and he knows
exactly how the bad guys’ operate to push your greed
and fear buttons. He’ll reveal the top six scams going
on right now and how to protect yourself from them.
He’ll also offer sobering statistics: did you know that
after being fired, 44 percent of financial advisors are
working for another company within a year or that scam
artists steal more than $100 billion from Americans
each year? Francavilla is the author of the upcoming
book “The Madoffs Among Us: Make Better Financial
Decisions and Protect Your Future.” He’s a CFP and
former senior vice president, director of Wealth
Management for Legg Mason who has extensive media
experience. Reach him at (757) 870-4590;

14. ==> How to Profit from New Business Trend

There’s a sweet new trend going on in C-suites, the
executive offices of CEOs, CFOS and COOs. Your
listeners will want to know about it and Spunk Burke is
the right man to share it with them. Upper-level execs
are increasingly comfortable using contractors to get
work done that they used to do in-house. The idea has
spread beyond IT and engineering to many other
departments and it presents many opportunities for baby
boomers and other people who are willing and able to
work by the project to meet these business needs. Spunk
is a staffing veteran who links companies to
contractors who can address their needs and helps
individuals get started with this kind of work. Being
able to address the topic from both sides makes him the
perfect guest. Spunk can be reached at (978) 801-9010;

15. ==> Eat Up! The Best Summer Food Festivals

Along with summer comes a multitude of food festivals
honoring locally grown, made, bred, caught or naturally
found products. To the delight of foodies everywhere,
cherries, peaches, asparagus, rhubarb, seafood,
barbecued pork, cheese and more are served with
regional wines and craft beer while toes tap to jazz,
blues and rock ‘n’ roll. From this month’s Key Lime
Festival in Key West to the Yarmouth Clam Festival,
event planning expert Lynn Fuhler can talk about why
everyone is packing their bags to discover a local
experience. You’ll learn how to maximize your next food
event experience, what to look for when you search an
event’s website, and why chefs love to participate in
food festivals. Lynn Fuhler is the former tourism
director of Clearwater Beach, Fla., and former chairman
of the largest free jazz festival in the Southeast. She
is the author of “Secrets to Successful Events: How to
Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and
Festivals,” which has been used as a college textbook.
Contact her at (336) 499-6372; contact-

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